Five Time Grammy Award Nominee Meryl Streep Donates 1 Million Dollars To The Public Theatre

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I said this on Facebook:

"Now can I get one? Pretty please? I promise to only praise and worship the Goddess that you are. PRAISE MERYL!"
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Her back-end deal on the MAMMA MIA film (i.e., she took a low upfront salary in return for a larger percentage of both the gross and the profits) netted her the kind of money most people can only dream of.

She and her husband took some of that money and set up the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts.

In addition to the Public Theater, in the last three years, they have donated $1 million each to Vassar College and the National Women's Museum and a generous amount to a number of other organizations including, Oxfam America, New York City Meals on Wheels, and the Coalition for the Homeless.

If only more wealthy celebrities were this generous. (Kudos to Sam Waterson and his wife who used part of his Law & Order money set up a foundation for the arts.)
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There are many, many celebrities who donate plenty of money and time to the arts that remain anonymous. Meryl is wonderful, but just because some celebs choose not to receive recognition for their donations, doesn't mean it isn't happening behind the scenes. You can ask many theater and arts directors where a good portion of their funding comes from.
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