Looking for great Performance Vocal Coach

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Can someone recommend a great vocal coach?

I am looking for someone to "direct" my performance and guide me to the material.

Someone who can whip you into shape to
perform it with integrity and honesty. Yes I know only you yourself can feel the song
but there are talented people out there to guide you to the material and perform it to the best of my ability. . I just have to find the right one.

Looking to switch coaches as I feel mine has their hand more in my pocket more than in my best interests. I hate this feeling.

Someone who will not make me mortgage my house for the right feedback.

Yes if you sense frustration here.. there is.

Any suggestions?
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Mike Costa
Try contacting Steve Potfora in Manhattan.
He is a great guy and has had students get into dozens of Broadway shows.
I think he is on FaceBook.
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She's not a vocal coach, but she's an acting coach and does exactly what you said you want:
Jodie McClintock

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Try Miranda Sing's online series. It's free and AMAZING!
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Robert Dagny offers a Performer Audition package, check him out at: Capes Coaching is also very good, Dave the coach there does good acting thru the songs sessions.

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