Sleep no more masks...glasses?

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Sleep no more masks...glasses?#1
Posted: 10/2/12 at 6:32pm
I'm considering try to get into Sleep no More but I have a couple or concerns about it. I wear eyeglasses...what is the best way to wear the white mask with those on?
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Sleep no more masks...glasses?#2
Posted: 10/2/12 at 6:52pm
There's a monster thread on this, and from the first page, there's this:

"the masks aren't too bad. There's an elastic strap around the back, and though they fit close around the eyes, they aren't stifling below that. I admit that the fit over my glasses was uncomfortable, but I'd imagine that without glasses, they're totally fine".

I seem to recall others weighing in, but I wasn't in the mood to wade through 20 some odd pages to find them.

Good luck and enjoy!

Sleep no more thread
Updated On: 10/2/12 at 06:52 PM
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Sleep no more masks...glasses?#2
Posted: 10/2/12 at 9:02pm
I forgot to put my contacts in when I went and was stuck with my glasses. It's uncomfortable but didn't ruin the show. Just use the string to adjust the tightness and then move your mask around until you find a position that feels comfortable and works with your glasses. Once you get into the show you'll forget all about it. My glasses also lifted up the mask just enough off of my face so that the mask wasn't sitting directly on my nose. Made it easier to breathe (I was running all around and was out of breath in the beginning) and made my face less sweaty.


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