OFFICIAL: REBECCA Is Officially Delayed Indefinitely; Producers Blame Anonymous Email for Scaring Away New Investor This Week

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DAMMIT!!! I was looking forward to seeing what the set looked like
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^ Yes! They look awesome. I was looking forward to seeing how they looked in real life!
"There’s nothing quite like the power and the passion of Broadway music. "
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Such a shame...
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I think this guy is a pathological Liar,
another "story" about an email?
C'mon guys.

Sorry for all who had high hopes.
This producer should be banned!
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I'm so disappointed. This was the show I was looking forward to the most this year
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The entire story is complete BS. Can't wait till the lawsuits.
Where's the email?? Easy enough to trace....
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“Why anyone would be so hateful and cruel and would go to such a huge amount of effort to uncover confidential information, including the details of a private transaction and the identities of an individual and his attorneys, and send such an e-mail with the goal being to shut down a production that involves the jobs of over a hundred people and their families, is something I am having a terrible time grasping."

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No good can possibly come from using this vast wasteland of error and deliberate deceit. You should get off of it and warn others away. You should make sure your children and grandchildren know what a corrupt and morally bankrupt institution it truly is.
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What a mess. I feel bad for the cast and crew who have been in limbo for weeks and are now being left high and dry.
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This producer guy is one piece of work. This reminds me of how that Internet firm made all sorts of promises about having the ABC soap "One Life To Live" in an online format. Then, they backed down because of lack of financing. Who promises a Broadway show without having all his financial ducks in a row? from RC in Austin, Texas
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As horrible as this is for the many performers, designers, etc. left in the lurch, Broadway shows need real producers who know what they're doing. If this is what happened during pre-production, just imagine how horrible things would've been once they were up and running.

Producing is a very difficult job. The show depends on you to be a success, and you can't just go pointing fingers when things go wrong. Never meeting a person who's giving you four and a half million dollars is just silly. It's that kind of poor decision making that ultimately would've tanked the production, even if it did end up hitting the stage after all its troubles.

I hope everyone involved finds other work very soon. The cast is certainly a talented bunch.
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I really feel bad about all that these people have been going through. Unfortunate to not see your show and its stars on Broadway... and I really wanted an album in English to accompany the production. Oh, well... maybe some day.
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"Why would anyone be so hateful and cruel and go through such a huge amount of effort to verify my dubious claim?"
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So, how does this work? like, is the cast getting paid? Or are they just put on hold? Are they free to look for other jobs? etc.
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I wonder if anything can book the Broadhurst and start previews by the holidays? Or if it'll remain empty until the spring?/
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That SUCKS for the cast, especially Mr. Silverman as I believe this would have been his "big break-out role". I can only imagine the cast's mood now being told only a few days ago, "Oh yeah, see ya on Monday when we will start rehearsals", and then hearing "sorry, no show, have a nice day".

This is a process that clearly they will not look back on fondly. IDIOT lead producer.

The Stuttgart production, which looked great and has a very strong cast including the incredible Pia Douwes singing the crap out of the score as Miss Danvers, is closing early and is being considered unsuccessful there. Mamma Mia will replace it later in the year.

Will the actors get paid? Probably not. With what money? Maybe 2 weeks, but I cannot imagine them getting more than that.
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God forbid these wannabe producers admit that they just don't have the skills to raise funds to mount a show. They didn't even go the easy route and blame the economy; instead they made up a weird, implausible fairy tale. Perhaps that is smartest; at least people may remember them (not in a good way, but people like this value publicity above actual productivity, anyway).
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I was really looking forward to seeing it in November when I'm going to be there.
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Because of how close they were to rehearsals the cast will receive at least their two weeks' pay, which luckily for them would have been posted as a bond to Equity quite some time ago. Unfortunately for them it does mean back to the grind of auditioning, and looking back at regret to the various opportunities they may have turned down for this project. However, it is the nature of the business and anybody who enters into it and remains in it for any length of time knows there is going to be heartbreak along the way. Best of luck to them in finding their next projects.
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Ben Sprecher shouldn't be allowed near a Broadway theatre again, I qualify that to off off Broadway even, the bloke is complete pond-life, who is always looking to find someone else to blame, to hide his own inadequacies as a failed producer.
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Ben Sprecher shouldn't be allowed near a Broadway theatre again, I qualify that to off off Broadway even, the bloke is complete pond-life, who is always looking to find someone else to blame, to hide his own inadequacies as a failed producer.
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New developments. Sprechers "go-between" guy has been named and has a history with fraudulent business...
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