Songs written in minor key?

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Songs written in minor key?
Posted: 9/27/12 at 03:33pm
Can some one give me a list of male songs written in minor key? I have a really big range so any will probably be good for me.

Songs written in minor key?
Posted: 10/1/12 at 08:05pm
I know certain West Side Story Tony songs have a lot of minors. (That's how I memorized minor intervals, haha)
The song "Maria" in particular.
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Songs written in minor key?
Posted: 10/12/12 at 07:58pm
I don't think Maria is minor--you're probably just thinking about the recurring tritone in it.

There are a lot of songs in minor keys--too many to actually list. Assuming you know at least a few songs, think of the ones that sound dark and/or sad, and then look it up if your ear isn' good enough to figure it out.
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Songs written in minor key?
Posted: 10/13/12 at 01:13am
A good rule of thumb is if a song ends on (or sits around) the note a third below the tonic of the key it's in, it's minor. For example if a song is written in C major and ends on an A, it's technically written in A minor.

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