Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies
Posted: 9/27/12 at 01:46am
Do you think it will ever make it to Broadway and if so, how do you think it'll do?
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 9/27/12 at 09:07am
If it ever does, by the time it does it will be considered a revival....and odds are it won't open until Phantom closes...meaning never..
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 9/27/12 at 10:05am
I thought when the Australian production opened to positive reviews that he would have done it then. The fact that the show was a modest success down there, and the Blu-Ray release seemed to do well I was still thinking he would bring it over... if he hasn't done it now I'm starting to think it is not even close to being on the radar.
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Justin D
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 9/27/12 at 11:16am
as much as I would like to see it live, I think if it comes it will be sort of like what happened with Evita, you had a London production and it took forever to reach Broadway and when it did, it sort of did so out of the blue.

As for how long it will run, I think it really depends on where it plays and how it is marketed. If it can get a tourist following it will have a good run, but these days it is not easy to predict what will be a sure hit or not.

Also, I believe they probably will use the Aussie design (Unless they do a 3rd total re-design) and I dont know if there is any president regarding a show being on DVD BEFORE it comes to stage, and how that might help or hinder the production. Usually we have it the other way around. Phantom at the Royal Empire Theatre
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Mister Matt
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 9/27/12 at 11:24am
Unless it has a new book, I just don't see any design of this show being profitable on Broadway.
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 10/24/12 at 03:47pm
This post is on a LND facebook fan page:

"Breaking news Paul Murphy from RUG confirms negotiations are underway with an American producer and a German production will also take place within 18 months!!!!"
There is no link or other attribution. There is a Patrick Murphy at RUG but no Paul Murphy.

So, will LND finally make it to Broadway?
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 10/24/12 at 06:12pm
I hope so!
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 10/25/12 at 08:28am
I would like to see this on Broadway.

Whether or not it is well reviewed by the critics and more importantly well received by the audiences, I can not say.

Updated On: 10/25/12 at 08:28 AM
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 10/26/12 at 01:24pm
LND opened two days ago in Copenhagen to great reviews:
In Denmark the rating is from 1-6 stars.

CPH Culture: ******
Politiken: *****
Berlingske: *****
BT: *****
EkstraBladet: *****
BÝrsen: *****
JyllandsPosten: ****
MetroExpress: **

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Love Never Dies
Posted: 11/3/12 at 03:51pm
as much as I would like to see it live, I think if it comes it will be sort of like what happened with Evita, you had a London production and it took forever to reach Broadway and when it did, it sort of did so out of the blue.

The reason it took so long for the Evita revival to materialise on Broadway is because the producers wanted Ricky Martin in it; he was involved as early as 2007 and they were just waiting for his schedule to free up (plus they wanted Elena Roger too and she was committed with taking Piaf all over the world).

As for Love Never Dies, I suspected it was highly unlikely from the get-go given the premise and the source material; too much of it was first-rate ridiculous that it made Springtime for Hitler look vaguely sober. It was obvious the show was going to be slaughtered even in London, where critics tend to be kinder, since there's hardly much to praise. It's the stage equivalent of a straight-to-DVD film release.
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 11/3/12 at 03:55pm
Nobody wants it - theater owners, producers and investors.
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Phantom of London
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Love Never Dies
Posted: 11/3/12 at 04:07pm
Then again, what is the name of the movie theater, opposite the American Airlines theater?
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