Da'Vine Joy Randolph

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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/18/12 at 01:55pm
Since GHOST closes tonight, I was wondering what roles you think that she could play in the future. She certainly deserves a career after her unforgettable performance as Oda Mae Brown. Curious to see what others think her future holds. Try to stay positive!
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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/18/12 at 02:05pm
If only We Will Rock You was opening on Broadway...she'd be an amazing Killer Queen!
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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/18/12 at 02:37pm
Her future is the same as any of the myriad of exceptional character actresses with great voices. She is now in the pool with them. She's young but she's not an ingenue so she'll have to look for character roles.
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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/18/12 at 03:55pm
Mama Morton in Chicago.

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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/19/12 at 05:57am
I believe she had a part in the Betty Boop musical workshop/reading.
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Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Posted: 8/19/12 at 11:10am
She has challenges ahead, as many character actors to. Aside from being African-American, she is not Jennifer Holiday. She studied in the Yale MFA program and apparently was never a musical theater student (and had vocal problems in previews, no doubt because she was still acquiring 8 shows a week technique, which she mastered). I wonder if she'll move away from singing roles. Just a guess. She's a highly trained actor, and it would lovely to see her turn up at, say, Classic Stage or the Public, in Shakespeare or something miles from Oda Mae. How quickly actors of color are pigeonholed.
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