Opinions on Musicals

Opinions on Musicals
Posted: 4/9/12 at 12:53am
My college musical theatre group and I are in the process of choosing our next show for next semester. Our top 5 choices are in no specific order:
1.Spring Awakening
2. Sweeney Todd
3. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
4. All Shook Up
5. Into the Woods

What are your opinions on the shows, which would you vote for and why?
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Opinions on Musicals
Posted: 4/11/12 at 01:16pm
Spring Awakening is good bt it may scare the parents of those who see it if they don't know what to expect. All Shook Up I have not seen but I like what I hear. Into the Woods is amazing.
Opinions on Musicals
Posted: 4/15/12 at 12:07pm
Into the Woods is probably your best choice.
I love Sweeney Todd, but the whole cannibalism/murder/rape/suicide/every thing icky under the sun plot will be too much for most parents. Plus you need really strong males (there are only three featured female roles) and Mrs. Lovett needs to be amazing.
Spring Awakening is probably too intense for parents.
Forum is great, but again, it's a mainly male cast.
I haven't seen All Shook Up, but I haven't heard great things about it.

So go with Into the Woods!
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Opinions on Musicals
Posted: 7/5/12 at 09:15pm
I'm going to have to agree with the two lovely people who posted above me. Into the Woods is a better choice when it comes o not freaking out parents and it isn't a male dominated cast.
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Opinions on Musicals
Posted: 8/5/12 at 12:10am
Spring Awakening - Strong message for your community. Easy to sing music. Lots of principal roles. I saw this with my mom and she's a republican. The only thing she didn't like were the boobies.

Sweeney Todd - Do this show ONLY if your community has strong singers, that you would like to show off. You have to balance the startling material with a good chorus and actors.

Into the woods - the music for this show is actually REALLY intense. Your actors need incredible breath control. Namely, "Giants in the sky" is actually one of the hardest musical theater songs. In my opinion, this musical is too mainstream.