Neil Patrick Harris Hosting the Tonys Again

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Personally, I'm down for this. He brought it both times he hosted, plus he's funny, charming, and can sing and dance really well...I'm actually glad this is happening again.
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He was already old news the last time he did this. Get someone else. PLEASE.
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I love him...but they really couldn't find someone else?
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He's been great the past 2 times he's hosted and always gets great reviews from the non-Broadway media, which is what the Tonys are really aiming for. They're very smart to keep asking him back, no matter how bored some Broadway obsessives might be by him.

Looking forward to the Smash jokes.
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Are you kidding me... I wish they'd stop pandering to the non-Broadway people, they don't watch it anyway.
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It should be Whoopi.
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I also think they need someone new. I haven't really had complaints with NPH but the Tonys could use a bit of a change.
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I was thinking today that Conan might be a good host, if it wasn't a really far-fetched idea.
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I'm excited for NPH again. I thought he was great last year and know he'll do a good job again. For future consideration, I'd love to submit Stephen Colbert.
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Not sure if this confirms it or not.
NPH Tweet
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A NYT article and a corresponding tweet by Neil Patrick Harris are more than enough to confirm it.

Whoopi would be interesting. My issue with Colbert is I wonder how seriously he'd take his duties. Part of the problem with having a comedian host who is actually funny can mean that the show itself can be upstaged or feel more like an afterthought. That's why I like someone like NPH (though I want someone different.) Yes, he's funny and entertaining but he doesn't have the potential to have some sort of uproarious skit or antics that will upstage the whole show and ultimately the performers and all of the nominees, the people who the show should ultimately be about. Whoopi could definitely pull that off. I think Ellen Degeneres could be fun too, but there's no point making suggestions if the Theatre Wing has already decided.
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NPH would be a great host again, just as he was prior. I have to say, I'd rather that the Tonys stick to a successful host rather than flop in their attempts to pander to a younger crowd or pander to an older crowd, as the Oscars did the last two years to dismal results
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I've often thought that they should ditch the whole comedy element for the host completely. It's just convention, and totally unnecessary. Somebody like Anderson Cooper could host it straight, without any gimmicks or schtick, and maybe bring an extra layer of gravitas.

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I'm so over NPH in general. Why can't we get someone like Jimmy Fallon to host?
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I heard they're looking into Raven (true story).
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The Tony Awards were actually incredibly entertaining last year, so I'm glad to hear that he'll be hosting again.
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Ugh. Get Kathy Griffin.
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>>"Somebody like Anderson Cooper could host it straight..."

snicker snicker

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Kathy Griffin would be f*cking amazing.
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I like him. I like him hosting the Tony Awards.

Be on the lookout for NPH sightings all over b'way.
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*sigh* While I love NPH, I do think it's time for someone else to host. That being said I fully understand the reasoning behind this choice (ratings), I enjoyed the 2009 and 2011 broadcasts and I'm sure NPH will do a great job once again.
Also I 3rd the idea of Stephen Colbert hosting the Tonys
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I honestly don't care who hosts it as long as it's someone I have tolerance for and I do have tolerance for Neil because he's amazing. He was fabulous both times and I'm sure he will be again. I mean considering this is the only Awards show I actually care about, I enjoy a decent host. I loved Whoopi and Sean Hayes too. I hope they bring Whoopi back again soon.
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While I'm sure NPH will do another terrific job, Colbert is an inspired choice. Colbert and Audra could recreate their duet from her appearance on his show.
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