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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/15/12 at 08:32pm
Including Gavroche.

>>Bertie Carvel, one of our best stage actors who all but steals the musical Matilda, has a tasty part as Bamatabois, the snarky dandy who attacks Fantine and then claims she assaulted him.

Carvel will get to push snow down the front of Anne Hathaway’s dress.

Daniel Evans, the two-time Olivier Award-winning actor - now director of Sheffield Theatres - is also in the cast, along with Adrian Scarborough

Several actors who have performed on stage in Les Miserables (past and present) have parts in the film.

They include Caroline Sheen, Hadley Fraser, Killian Donnelly, Mike Jibson, Linzi Hateley, Gemma Wardle, Katy Secombe, Gina Beck, Fra Fee, Alexia Khadine and Katie Hall.

‘It’s what happened when they made the film version of Oliver!,’ Mackintosh told me.

‘Everyone who was in a West End musical auditioned for the film. It means you’ve got the cream of London in the film.’
Several of the actors have been rehearsing along- side Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

Members of the student ensemble, such as Matt Corner and Jos Slovick, will be manning the barricades next to Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit.

And as already revealed on this page, Colm Wilkinson and Frances Ruffelle - stars of the original production - have small, but significant roles, while a veteran (aged 12) has landed the coveted part of cheeky Parisian street lad Gavroche. Daniel Huttlestone, who began his career as a nipper with Rowan Atkinson in Oliver!, has already played Gavroche on stage.<<

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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/15/12 at 11:28pm
Is anyone still minding the stores ( theatres) at the West End - LOL!
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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/16/12 at 08:00am
Carvel is perfect for that role (albeit a fairly small one).
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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/16/12 at 01:36pm
The rumors of Sacha Baren Cohen of playing Thenardier can be put to rest.

"The cast of the film musical "Les Misérables" will feature "Borat" star Sacha Baron Cohen as Thenardier, U.K. Oliver! actor Daniel Huttlestone as child-hero Gavroche, as well as Tony Award nominee Daniel Evans and London stars Hannah Waddingham, Hadley Fraser and more, Universal has confirmed."
Sacha Baron Cohen, Daniel Evans, Linzi Hateley and More Confirmed for "Les Miz" Film
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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/21/12 at 03:57pm
Post in the thread below yesterday if you want to read everyone's reactions.
Hugh as JVJ
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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/21/12 at 04:17pm
Oh thanks - I totally missed that thread xD
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More Les Mis Casting
Posted: 3/21/12 at 04:29pm
I have been on a Les Mis high since yesterday. I think it's because it's coming back to Philly next year! And knowing that the movie is also being worked on is another contribution
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Posted: 3/21/12 at 06:00pm
The Pone had better have nabbed herself a cameo.
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Posted: 3/22/12 at 05:01pm
Saw this on IMDb:

Young Cosette has been cast
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Posted: 3/22/12 at 05:18pm
she looks exactly like amanda seifred. cool