Wicked Lotto

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Wicked Lotto
Posted: 12/17/11 at 05:01pm
Has anyone done the Wicked lottery at the Pantages yet? What's the turnout like?

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Wicked Lotto
Posted: 12/18/11 at 01:45am
I've done it twice since it opened both on Tuesday nights which had smaller crowds than what I experienced during the sit down run maybe less than 100. Won both times getting front row center seats although seats have changed daily. On a Saturday matinee, the 3rd seats were in NN center and on Sunday evening, the 11th in row Z center. The matinee crowds have been much smaller than in the evening. That may change I would expect now that the holidays are here. They are also offering tickets for lotto losers. On both Tuesdays I went they were $25, whereas on the weekends they were $45 which my friend bought after losing lotto last night. They were in the Center Mezzanine. I say go for it as this group of performers are really excellent and worth paying even $25 or $45 to see.