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Hi everyone. I'm wondering what products the singers out there use for the occasional (or not so occasional) dry / tired throat. I have a big singing job coming up and want to prepare myself if need be. Singers Saving Grace? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Ive always been told to use honey, lemon and water for throat problems when singing. There are also some really powerful sweets you can get especially for singers with soar throats, not sure what they were called though sorry
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When my daughter met Bernadette Peters in January- she asked her that same question. Bernadette said she uses Throat Coat and that it's sold in health food stores. (I know I'm sorta name dropping but if that's what a true professional uses- it's worth passing on that knowledge!)
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Throat Coat is definitely the singer's go-to drink for a sore throat. I have never had it (never had to sing with a sore throat--I'm lucky enough to have vocal chords that can withstand almost anything as long as I'm using good technique, although my friends aren't quite so lucky), but I have a few friends who use it religiously whenever they're in a show and singing a lot. It's not just Bernadette who uses it--it's rare that you find a seasoned performer who hasn't heard of it.
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I should probably use honey or tea or something like that, but I just rely on frequent glasses of water.
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when i'm doing a show i make sure i have grether's pastilles. they are great to keep your voice lubricated without drinking water so you don't have to worry about having to pee!
i also drink throat coat. the licorice kind is kind of terrible, i mostly drink the ginger tea because it helps a great deal with my acid reflux.
also lots of honey.

i have also heard that lemon is actually not good for your voice. and that the acid paralyzes your vocal chords or something like that. i don't know how true that is, so i guess you should try it out when you don't have a performance.
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I use Entertainer's Secret and I love it. It's a throat spray for singers. Here's a link to the website
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Another vote for a thermos of throat coat with TONS of honey and lemon.
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