LES MISERABLES - THE MOTION PICTURE is finally back on track!

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Has anyone considered the fact that Johnny Depp is probably the first choice for Thenardier?
The character is literally Jack Sparrow in France.
Scuse me while I go vomit.
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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While I'm sure Depp would have a ball playing Thenardier, I doubt they'll go in that direction. It's a relatively small part and Depp would break the bank, and distract from the main characters. If they were going to get him at all, it'd have to be for Valjean or Javert, and I can't see him being interested in either one. They aren't quirky enough. But hey, we'll see!

I do hope that whoever they get can do the menacing, sinister side of Thenardier as well as the comedic side. It's sort of a shame that they couldn't keep his fate from the book in the show. In the novel, Thenardier takes the money Marius gives him and becomes a slave trader. It's just the sort of thing a scumbag like him would do!
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This thread is a fun read now that the movie has finally been made.