re: POP songs for a Tenor??

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POP songs for a Tenor??
Posted: 9/10/09 at 04:59am
(I put this on the student and off topic as well, but no help...does anyone even look at those?)


POP music is def not my forte, at least picking a song.

Do any of you have any suggestions for a GREAT POP song for a tenor (can belt to a D above staff)

Any help would be amazing!!!
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re: POP songs for a Tenor??
Posted: 9/10/09 at 01:08pm
If you're looking for high tenor songs, you might start by looking at songs by Journey (Steve Perry), Queen (Freddie Mercury), and Styx (Dennis DeYoung). Those guys were all super high tenors and have some great songs that work really well in auditions. Listen to samples on iTunes and then whole songs on YouTube and you can probably find one you like.

For more current pop, listen to the radio a bit. Listen to songs in commercials and songs in the background of TV/Movies. If you hear something that catches your ear, find out what it is and look for the music and recording. And seriously, check out old episodes of American Idol for ideas, especially the early rounds. Literally hundreds of pop songs being used for auditions.

Best of luck.
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re: POP songs for a Tenor??
Posted: 9/10/09 at 01:45pm
Check out Mika
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re: POP songs for a Tenor??
Posted: 9/10/09 at 09:15pm
Innuendo by Queen in particular is a vocal-range showcase for tenors.

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