what is the most overrated musical of all time

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"Merrily We Roll Along is pretty meh, although "Not a Day Goes By" is stunning."

Have you seen it?
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"Have you seen it?"

I've seen a few local productions here. They all had phenomenal casts and were overall good productions, and I enjoyed watching the show, but I'm a huge Sondheim fan and it didn't really compare. For me, at least. I know a lot of people like it though!
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The problem with trying to decide whether a musical from an earlier era is overrated is that we cannot view it through the eyes of its contemporaries -- as the Talmud says, we see farther than our ancestors because we are standing on their shoulders.

I happen to think that "My Fair Lady" is one of the greatest musicals of all times, and not overrated at all. In 1956, when it opened on Broadway, the changed ending would have been revolutionary -- an erstwhile misogynist falls for a woman because she exhibits spirit and independence, unlike so many other women of the era. As for why Eliza returns to Higgins: The musical hints that there is much that happened off-stage --"This ring isn't the jeweler's. It's the one you bought me in Brighton. I don't want it now." In other words, they went to the beach, he bought her a ring (a RING) and she's been wearing it until after he ignored her part in "his" triumph. The layers of the story, to me, make it timeless. I think Alan Jay Lerner managed to improve GBS's story by softening it and removing some of the misogyny. In 2013, that's impressive. In the 1950's, it was extraordinary.

As for the most overrated, I'd say "Oklahoma," with the Talmudic caveat in mind. The story makes light of the very serious dispute between the cowboys and farmers, and presents a heroine who is a shallow ninny. On the other hand, the choreography was considered revolutionary, especially with the use of the dance doubles. But, considering "Oklahoma's" numerous revivals, most people apparently disagree with me.
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Jim in Merced CA
For me, it's "the sound of music'

It was made into one of the best movie musicals of all time - but it just hasn't held up well.
financial success/people loving it doesn't make it overrated it makes it popular. Overrated is when a piece has praise lavished all over it although in many peoples opinion it isn't actually the most brilliant piece. Work like 'Spring Awakening' falls into that category. Not because it isn't good but it isnt the ground breaking piece everyone said it was. Wicked on the other hand is not overrated because all the critics and academics hated it.
The musical I have always found overrated is WEST SIDE STORY!

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I'd also have to say JERSEY BOYS? I just saw that this week in Houston. I found the book to be disgustingly thin. Did the writers think the audience wouldn't care or desire a good book? If so, they should just scrap the book and present a staged concert.

I don't see how this musical is so popular.

Also, the sound mixing in Houston was awful!!!
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While Phantom and Les Mis are on the list, I personally think WICKED is the most overrated musical of all time. I mean, it's an alright show, but in my opinion it does not deserve half the attention it gets and should've closed a long time ago.
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one universal definition of most overrated or most underrated is impossible.


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