Sound of Music - Papermill

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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/3/12 at 08:00pm
They also added some songs that were in the movie but not in the original Broadway production ("I Have Confidence," "Something Good")
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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/3/12 at 08:18pm
Hrm--but were the Captain's two cut songs, for the movie, in? They're faves of mine (it's nice to have some slightly cynical moments in the show). I admit, I think An Ordinary Couple is almost like a funeral dirge, and if Something Good replaced it, despite not loving some of the lyrics, I'm all for that.
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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/7/12 at 01:56am
I finally saw the show tonight. It's actually super easy and accessible to get there from NYC. I was there and back in no time.

I got the $34 dollar seats just to make sure I had a ticket, and then moved for a better view.

The show was great. Eric, the Captain barely sang at all, and only had Eidelweiss as his solo.

I thought the show looked great. Nice production values, and all the leads were great. The picture/posture they're using is awful, but thankfully the Maria doesn't wear that awful wig in the show.

I haven't seen the show before so I don't have much to say about it. It's kind of a strange ending, but I kind of like that. Thought the beginning song with the Nuns went on too long, and the wedding sequence was kind of slow, but other than that it was great. I hated the Max/ Captain / other Lady song.
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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/7/12 at 10:22am
How bad are the $34 ticket views? I've never been out to Paper Mill and I'd love to see a show there but they charge nearly Broadway prices.
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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/7/12 at 10:53am
A little advice about Papermill: avoid the mezz, it's VERY far away. I usually love front row mezz in Broadway houses, but not at the Papermill.
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Sound of Music - Papermill
Posted: 12/7/12 at 11:01am
I actually preferred mezzanine to my $34 seat in the orchestra. In the orchestra, I had a tall person sit in front of me and block part of the stage, but their mezzanine has a steep slant and a great line of vision. Bring binoculars if you are worried about being too far.
But if it was not for that tall person in front of me, my $34 seat in the orchestra would have been great.