One last try. Living Under Drones or Why I Can't Vote for Obama.

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I have to agree with that piece that Joe posted, and some other independent research on my own.

It's the "least bad" choice.
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Remember, Erik, that using drone strikes to kill terrorists was Obama's alternative to capturing them and subjecting them to enhanced interrogation.

The only other alternative would be leaving them alone, which almost no politicians or military leaders, Republican or Democratic, seem to be in favor of.

So before you vote for a third party, knowing that it might be a close election, what would you do?
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I'm anticipating a day when one of our past or current Presidents travels overseas and gets arrested thanks to his foreign policy actions.
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" Part of what we elect a president for is to make the hard awful decisions. If a drone strike prevents another 9/11-- or the terrorizing of a million Pakistanis for that matter- well, I'm pro drone strike. I think Obama is a smart guy with a good mind and he's not sending drones to kill kids because he's bored on a Friday afternoon."
That sounds suspiciously like the type of excuses conservatives used to make for George W. Bush
Plus I think the notion that drone strikes in Pakistan are preventing another terrorist attack is absurd. Did you read the full report Joe? Evidence suggests the exact opposite is happening. Drone strikes are fueling anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, not curbing it. If anything it's making another terrorist attack MORE likely.
Which is just what we need right? Another terrorist attack to justify another pointless war. Who will it be with this time? Iran?

"Remember, Erik, that using drone strikes to kill terrorists was Obama's alternative to capturing them and subjecting them to enhanced interrogation."
I don't think this is any better than enhanced interrogation. In many respects I think it's even worse. The report talks about how drone strikes are terrorizing entire communities 24 hours a day 7 days a week. WE ARE BOMBING RESCUE WORKERS! This is enhanced interrogation on a grand scale.
What's even more sinister than the bombings is that Obama has given himself the power to indefinitely detain and kill American citizens without any type of oversight. Again, if George W. had done this my fellow progressives would be marching on the White House. If we believe the President should have that type of power what power shouldn't he have? Maybe people are OK with Obama having that power because he seems like a nice enough guy. But what he's doing it with it isn't nice at all. And what about whoever becomes President after Obama?
This was not an easy decision for me to come to. I've always been involved in politics. But never like I was for the 08 election. I campaigned for Obama, I made calls, I knocked on doors, and I contributed money I didn't have. But this report on drone strikes was the straw that broke my back. It kept me awake at night.
I certainly don't begrudge anyone voting for Obama. And I do recognize he has done some good things. But I've pretty much dedicated my entire adult life to social justice. And I would feel like a hypocrite casting a vote of Obama. Even if the election is close.
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Yep I read it. Did you read the link I posted about how flawed the "research" involved was?

I found the report you posted to be little more than propaganda. No strike that- Propaganda can be smart and well-written.

This report asks people who are being bombed if they like being bombed. Surprisingly, they did not. They felt that there was no justification for being bombed. this leads me to hypothesize that people on the receiving end of bombs rarely approve of the bombing.

You are absolutely welcome to feel it is wrong to bomb people anywhere any time. That's an absolutely valid point of view and most likely, that Green candidate also holds that view and is a good choice for your vote. I'd MUCH rather you vote what is in your heart and how you believe than just stay home saying "they are all the same."
No good can possibly come from using this vast wasteland of error and deliberate deceit. You should get off of it and warn others away. You should make sure your children and grandchildren know what a corrupt and morally bankrupt institution it truly is.
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"You are absolutely welcome to feel it is wrong to bomb people anywhere any time."
Except I don't feel that way and I never said that.
What I do feel is wrong is for the President of the United States to give himself the power to indefinitely detain and murder US citizens indiscriminately. I also think it's wrong for the President to use that power to indiscriminately drop bombs on civilians of another country.
Jim Colyer
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Obama is leading us "forward." Forward into the ground!
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