Ghost is down!

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Ghost is down!
Posted: 5/25/12 at 08:02pm
> This is what your Union does for you....

um, my union doesn't just change a broken component. it finds a suitable replacement component, SAFELY installs and scales whatever apparatus is required to reach the broken component, SAFELY removes the broken component and SAFELY installs a replacement, SAFELY dismounts and disassembles the rigging required to reach the broken component, and then tests the new component to be certain it isn't going to break and conk someone on the head. and then signs off that show can safely go on.

Homer Simpson can replace a chain in 10 minutes; professionals take their time and do it properly.

now go back to where you belong, and post your half-truths there.
"You, sir, are a moron." (PlayItAgain)
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Broadway Legend
Ghost is down!
Posted: 5/25/12 at 09:06pm
Yeah, she played Sophie in Mamma Mia, so she was giving me full-on musical theater acting. Broad hand gestures, smiles galore, and confusion for sadness.


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