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How big is Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil's oeuvre?
Started By: JoeKv99
411,2101/5/13 9:58pm
Has anyone done rush for The Mystery of Edwin Drood lately?
Started By: wonderfulwizard11
512,0821/5/13 9:18pm
Samantha Barks as Elphaba?
Started By: TheGingerBreadMan
3455,0681/5/13 8:39pm
New Poll: Which 1970's musical should be revived on Broadway next?
Started By: nrosky
1519,6691/5/13 8:33pm
Cat on a hot tin roof rush
Started By: navnisinger
112,6121/5/13 8:31pm
Nottage to attend Intimate Apparel benefit reading
Started By: sskeats2
130,5891/5/13 8:03pm
Full cast announced for London's A Chorus Line revival
Started By: ACL2006
716,3221/5/13 6:07pm
Matilda Day Seats
Started By: JerseyBoy4
111,3611/5/13 3:12pm
Jackson and Arianda perform Music of the Mad Men Era
Started By: EgermanArmfelt
515,3361/5/13 3:01pm
Extra ticket for The Mikado at City Center TONIGHT
Started By: Yero my Hero
011,0941/5/13 2:20pm
Yero my Hero
Other Desert Cities- Mark Taper Forum
Started By: TheatreFreak05
2149,9901/5/13 1:24pm
My Oh My
Recordings of Broadway Plays
Started By: faithzilla
1316,6041/5/13 1:11pm
CARRIE movie remake news
Started By: a-mad
3579,5761/5/13 12:49pm
Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius, I don't feel any pain
Started By: CarlosAlberto
316,4231/5/13 11:34am
Broadway vs. Off-Broadway
Started By: NewYorkTheater
312,6401/5/13 11:13am
Started By: ACL2006
416,8171/4/13 11:23pm
Lea Salonga reviews "Les Miserables"
Started By: CarlosAlberto
1441,8201/4/13 10:07pm
Michael Feingold is worried...
Started By: Borstalboy
114,5711/4/13 9:11pm
The Dance & the Railroad
Started By: whatever2
012,8251/4/13 8:04pm
Former Billy on Big Screen
Started By: Outoftowner2
220,2691/4/13 5:20pm
How do you pronounce Oeuvre?
Started By: tazber
3175,9241/4/13 5:05pm
Is ANNIE considered a box office disappointment?
Started By: zamedy
43129,1611/4/13 5:02pm
THE WOMAN IN WHITE - Why All The Hate?
Started By: DEClarke
2125,8291/4/13 2:55pm
What was the first B'way show that offered a lottery?
Started By: ooliveros
429,5321/4/13 1:20pm
Why did the factory women all hate Fantine so much?
Started By: Leadingplayer
29105,2201/4/13 1:16pm
Chaplin Rush during last weekend of performances
Started By: Rainbowhigh23
316,4361/4/13 12:37pm
Another Show Help Question
Started By: abstract19
118,3351/4/13 12:33pm
Will we see a new Boublil and Schonberg musical?
Started By: Iheartchipotle
634,2521/4/13 9:25am
Leo Burmester in Les Mis
Started By: PennybankBill
1343,0271/4/13 3:48am
1977 Audio Q&A with Sondheim
Started By: EricMontreal22
228,3851/4/13 3:40am
Shows with Nudity...
Started By: robactorguy
107111,3751/4/13 3:22am
Whatever Happened To The New CABARET Movie??
Started By: Jordan Catalano
68139,2691/4/13 2:31am
HS production of "All Shook Up" cancelled for being sexually suggestive
Started By: PastorErnst
1629,4241/3/13 11:57pm
PR: Bye Bye Birdie
Started By: cinemediapromo
126,0361/3/13 11:49pm
Moving to NY. Where to start looking for theatre work?
Started By: TheHappyPhantom
740,6051/3/13 9:45pm
Booth Theatre - Woolf - Post Dated Ticket
Started By: craig238
870,1391/3/13 9:41pm
For Colored Girls revival
Started By: Younger Brother
847,9731/3/13 9:38pm
Michael Musto's Advice To Broadway Producers
Started By: Patti LuPone FANatic
1028,7141/3/13 4:13pm
Why did The Producers close?
Started By: Gmerchant123
31103,1861/3/13 4:09pm
Blythe Danner in "Nice Work"
Started By: muscle23ftl
1131,5081/3/13 2:27pm
Started By: TheatreKid3
027,9161/3/13 1:46pm
Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy
Started By: ratherbewhaling
30119,0451/3/13 12:34pm
Mildred Plotka
Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/30/12
Started By: Rob
1939,4201/3/13 11:25am
Started By: mamaleh
38245,2931/3/13 11:22am
Richest Broadway Star
Started By: ucjrdude902
33135,6451/3/13 10:57am
ONE Ticket to 'Picnic' for tomorrow (1/3)
Started By: jnthnxlent
130,6361/3/13 9:30am
Steve Kazee -- In or out?
Started By: regnad kcin
50143,2141/3/13 7:54am
DCMetroTheaterArts names its Best Plays & Musicals and Musical Performances of 2012
Started By: hockeynut2
023,4001/3/13 5:31am
Carolee Carmello sings Fifty Percent from BALLROOM
Started By: morosco
229,2201/3/13 2:38am
Evita Mistresses
Started By: Becks3
021,5151/3/13 2:19am

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