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PHANTOM questionPHANTOM question
Started By: Quiche2
2640,48411/26/12 11:08pm
The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Excitement Level?The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Excitement Level?
Started By: Broadway Bob*
202402,75211/26/12 10:44pm
Kinky Boots vs MatildaKinky Boots vs Matilda
Started By: MattDe
2426,15111/26/12 10:37pm
Marty Richards DiedMarty Richards Died
Started By: loverly
211,92011/26/12 7:22pm
Did Anyone See Swados' RUNAWAYS?Did Anyone See Swados' RUNAWAYS?
Started By: Borstalboy
1224,10211/26/12 5:58pm
Christmas gifts for theatre-lovers to help a good causeChristmas gifts for theatre-lovers to help a good cause
Started By: Forget-Me-Not2
010,86811/26/12 5:53pm
annie understudy in 2nd act todayannie understudy in 2nd act today
Started By: theatrefan18
731,13411/26/12 5:25pm
TDF ticketing questionTDF ticketing question
Started By: followspot
419,76811/26/12 4:52pm
A Civil War Christmas with Alice RipleyA Civil War Christmas with Alice Ripley
Started By: Dangerous Jade
826,40111/26/12 4:39pm
Best TYA shows?Best TYA shows?
Started By: aces25
313,81211/26/12 4:38pm
Jay Lerner-Z
Review of Labyrinth Theater Company's RadianceReview of Labyrinth Theater Company's Radiance
Started By: AndrewAndrew
010,57611/26/12 4:10pm
Lesbians in Musical TheatreLesbians in Musical Theatre
Started By: ahhrealmonsters
515,34511/26/12 4:00pm
Anyone into Miss Saigon?Anyone into Miss Saigon?
Started By: canadianguy2
39118,59511/26/12 3:32pm
BWW Reviews: Houston Ballet's THE NUTCRACKER is Opulent, Charming & MagicalBWW Reviews: Houston Ballet's THE NUTCRACKER is Opulent, Charming & Magical
Started By: DEClarke
010,05611/26/12 3:22pm
Do you think telecharge will let me exchange GlenGarry for different dateDo you think telecharge will let me exchange GlenGarry for different date
Started By: MickSeven
517,99111/26/12 2:48pm
Anyone get TDF for Drood yet?Anyone get TDF for Drood yet?
Started By: Wee Thomas2
1019,21811/26/12 2:09pm
Wee Thomas2
Is TDF worth it?Is TDF worth it?
Started By: wickedlyfantine
2994,78311/26/12 2:06pm
Wee Thomas2
Christmas week performance schedules?Christmas week performance schedules?
Started By: luvtheEmcee
313,66211/26/12 1:59pm
Wee Thomas2
Broadway documentaries Broadway documentaries
Started By: Younger Brother
1326,54311/26/12 1:54pm
Do Annie and Daddy Warbucks Take Baths Together?Do Annie and Daddy Warbucks Take Baths Together?
Started By: Mildred Plotka
915,24311/26/12 1:12pm
Looking for a Broadway song about JudaismLooking for a Broadway song about Judaism
Started By: Inigomontoya
2325,71311/26/12 12:35pm
Les Mis Filming Has StartedLes Mis Filming Has Started
Started By: Fan2
505812,32411/26/12 12:20pm
Started By: jmnpublications
111,31111/26/12 11:57am
Peter & Star Catcher Los AngelesPeter & Star Catcher Los Angeles
Started By: RemlapLBC
711,45011/26/12 9:51am
Exclusive: Local Disney Princesses Make it to MISS SAIGON Final Auditions Exclusive: Local Disney Princesses Make it to MISS SAIGON Final Auditions
Started By: ooliveros
1025,81711/26/12 3:51am
Mildred Plotka
Deirdre Lovejoy to join Tom Hanks in LUCKY GUYDeirdre Lovejoy to join Tom Hanks in LUCKY GUY
Started By: SondheimFan5
010,67111/26/12 1:30am
Started By: Almira
820,11211/26/12 12:44am
Annie vs DroodAnnie vs Drood
Started By: Phantom of London
1714,54811/25/12 9:41pm
Broadway Christmas SongsBroadway Christmas Songs
Started By: jacobtsf
2027,64211/25/12 9:26pm
Post Show EntertainmentPost Show Entertainment
Started By: tobiasragg
419,80511/25/12 9:23pm
Bruce Anthony DavisBruce Anthony Davis
Started By: Missy37
310,34211/25/12 7:23pm
Broadway Blows Back Benefit Postponed until Dec 10th?Broadway Blows Back Benefit Postponed until Dec 10th?
Started By: beacon1
316,15311/25/12 6:28pm
Golden Boy..where there is nudity..there is..Golden Boy..where there is nudity..there is..
Started By: behindthescenes2
2235,44111/25/12 6:20pm
how much is Bare at TKTS? how much is Bare at TKTS?
Started By: winston89
1016,85511/25/12 5:01pm
Weekend train to Paper MillWeekend train to Paper Mill
Started By: AHTC
312,23311/25/12 10:47am
Has anyone seen SCANDALOUS lately...?Has anyone seen SCANDALOUS lately...?
Started By: LimelightMike
141467,86911/25/12 2:31am
This Doesn't Sound GoodThis Doesn't Sound Good
Started By: Timmer
6549,72211/24/12 11:56pm
Breaking News: NBC & Craig Zadan/Neil Meron to Present Live Broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC!Breaking News: NBC & Craig Zadan/Neil Meron to Present Live Broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC!
Started By: Rob
111237,05211/24/12 10:20pm
Who is going to replace Sierra Boggess in Les Mis?Who is going to replace Sierra Boggess in Les Mis?
Started By: broadwayboy222
718,48411/24/12 10:19pm
"Laura Osnes Sings Maury Yeston" half price tickets!
Started By: HBBrock
717,18211/24/12 10:18pm
Addams Family tour to be filmed for release?Addams Family tour to be filmed for release?
Started By: philly03
2546,53211/24/12 10:16pm
ROCKY to make Broadway Debut in 2013ROCKY to make Broadway Debut in 2013
Started By: PlayItAgain
1826,14011/24/12 10:10pm
Doreen Montalvo and The Off Broadway Cast of GIANT Cabaret Cares Dec 3rdDoreen Montalvo and The Off Broadway Cast of GIANT Cabaret Cares Dec 3rd
Started By: cabaretman24
115,94811/24/12 9:22pm
Sondheim's new musical - All Together Now...Sondheim's new musical - All Together Now...
Started By: chewy5000
922,62011/24/12 9:13pm
Started By: Younger Brother
818,05711/24/12 8:57pm
Worst pies....Worst pies....
Started By: Lenstersf2
113,04511/24/12 8:27pm
Pre-Order CHAPLIN Cast Recording; Set for 1/8/13 ReleasePre-Order CHAPLIN Cast Recording; Set for 1/8/13 Release
Started By: jacobsnchz14
311,45111/24/12 7:50pm
Started By: bstrumwasser
011,24511/24/12 7:28pm
The St. James Audience CapacityThe St. James Audience Capacity
Started By: bandit964
915,93011/24/12 6:39pm
Edwin Drood ReviewEdwin Drood Review
Started By: CarrieEmmy
318,63111/24/12 5:33pm
Lil Crazy

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