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TV: Burstein && Stout perform BLUES in FOLLIES!TV: Burstein && Stout perform BLUES in FOLLIES!
Started By: CurtainPullDowner
09,0185/26/12 12:43am
Started By: krcasteel1986
2627,9435/25/12 10:57pm
Goldie & Liza - All That JazzGoldie & Liza - All That Jazz
Started By: madbrian
2013,3875/25/12 10:45pm
Orchestra Or Mezzanine? Orchestra Or Mezzanine?
Started By: Phantom of London
625,0045/25/12 10:24pm
AEA question AEA question
Started By: THEATRICAL100
1410,7325/25/12 10:19pm
Creating 'Ragtime'Creating 'Ragtime'
Started By: goofy108
3836,0425/25/12 10:04pm
Ghost is down!Ghost is down!
Started By: everythingtaboo
2627,9505/25/12 9:06pm
Started By: THEATRICAL100
412,5985/25/12 9:02pm
BWW Boston Review: AVENUE QBWW Boston Review: AVENUE Q
Started By: tapfrog
18,4895/25/12 8:05pm
ONCE SeatingONCE Seating
Started By: ucjrdude902
69,7295/25/12 6:54pm
1971 Fiddler Recording Better Than 19651971 Fiddler Recording Better Than 1965
Started By: Jay94
119,2975/25/12 5:13pm
Glen Cook's 'Stage Dad' column: 'What I Wish I had Known' on DC Metro Theater ArtsGlen Cook's 'Stage Dad' column: 'What I Wish I had Known' on DC Metro Theater Arts
Started By: hockeynut2
08,4735/25/12 5:12pm
Book of Mormon SRO/Lottery QuestionBook of Mormon SRO/Lottery Question
Started By: mschwager
38,2765/25/12 4:46pm
Started By: taboo123
67,8625/25/12 4:31pm
Tour grosses?Tour grosses?
Started By: jetts7
08,3745/25/12 4:25pm
Love Never DiesLove Never Dies
Started By: gottadance2
39,2175/25/12 3:47pm
Broadway Cleans House Yard Sale?Broadway Cleans House Yard Sale?
Started By:
09,1345/25/12 3:45pm
ASSASSINS Revival Reunion Concert In December...?ASSASSINS Revival Reunion Concert In December...?
Started By: Jordan Catalano
38,2945/25/12 3:41pm
No messageNo message
Started By: Devinmd
08,6695/25/12 3:25pm
Angela Lansbury: Angela Lansbury: "I知 never left behind. I知 the bionic woman"
Started By: Will42
1312,4605/25/12 2:24pm
Question About Rushs on SaturdaysQuestion About Rushs on Saturdays
Started By: Joe Dee
08,1965/25/12 2:23pm
Joe Dee
Tony Award Musical Performances for 2012Tony Award Musical Performances for 2012
Started By: jacobsnchz14
3529,5215/25/12 2:21pm
"Rapture, Blister, Burn"
Started By: HBBrock
18,1435/25/12 2:18pm
Lindsay Mendez sings Lindsay Mendez sings "Wizard and I" at Godspell Sings Schwartz
Started By: jacobsnchz14
1111,6135/25/12 2:11pm
Jean Smart - I guess it is not Annie.Jean Smart - I guess it is not Annie.
Started By: DAME
8958,9625/25/12 1:45pm
New Poll: What Are Your Tony Night Plans?New Poll: What Are Your Tony Night Plans?
Started By: nrosky
06,8935/25/12 1:36pm
How Can Musical Theater Be Saved?How Can Musical Theater Be Saved?
Started By: gypsymal56
48,2395/25/12 12:54pm
Best Little Whorehouse begins sit down Las Vegas engagement tonightBest Little Whorehouse begins sit down Las Vegas engagement tonight
Started By: DAME
2630,6595/25/12 12:46pm
Current Sleep No More CastCurrent Sleep No More Cast
Started By: GlindatheGood22
319,5845/25/12 12:04pm
Which cast recording could you listen to over and over again?Which cast recording could you listen to over and over again?
Started By: budfrump
8857,3425/25/12 11:37am
Is anyone looking to give away playbills?Is anyone looking to give away playbills?
Started By: jamiekennywicked
38,0045/25/12 11:08am
If If "Prince of Broadway" is off till next year...
Started By: E.Davis
1210,6185/25/12 10:28am
The Millers Son2
Iceman Cometh at Goodman ChicagoIceman Cometh at Goodman Chicago
Started By: jon5202
2929,7545/25/12 10:20am
3 great single seats for shows May 26-273 great single seats for shows May 26-27
Started By: indytallguy
06,6865/25/12 10:19am
Aaron Lazar, For Your Viewing Pleasure...Aaron Lazar, For Your Viewing Pleasure...
Started By: xoffender45
3041,9185/25/12 10:17am
FIORELLO! at Encores!FIORELLO! at Encores!
Started By: jayinchelsea
48,7865/25/12 9:20am
We won BOM lottery!!!We won BOM lottery!!!
Started By: madbrian
2111,5455/25/12 8:49am
NY Times Tony Predictions Are UpNY Times Tony Predictions Are Up
Started By: bjh2114
9461,0495/25/12 7:51am
If there was a runner-up Tony?If there was a runner-up Tony?
Started By: Jay94
47,1325/25/12 6:32am
After Eight
So, this happened at Streetcar tonight...So, this happened at Streetcar tonight...
Started By: Yero my Hero
5536,2315/25/12 5:16am
Why do we love theatre so much?Why do we love theatre so much?
Started By: THEATRICAL100
4649,9565/25/12 1:02am
Tribes RushTribes Rush
Started By: RippedMan
17,4755/25/12 12:50am
Stage DoorsStage Doors
Started By: krcasteel1986
1113,1465/25/12 12:49am
Possible BOM cast on Tony DayPossible BOM cast on Tony Day
Started By: musicalphd
78,0075/24/12 11:55pm
Elaine Strich @ Disney Hall.......Oh boy :-(Elaine Strich @ Disney Hall.......Oh boy :-(
Started By: DAME
9460,2825/24/12 11:31pm
In this new Porgy and Bess, is it the key changes...?In this new Porgy and Bess, is it the key changes...?
Started By: inlovewithjerryherman
39,8515/24/12 11:21pm
GREASE: The long-run champ without a TonyGREASE: The long-run champ without a Tony
Started By: Paul W. Thompson
3521,7905/24/12 11:08pm
Paul W. Thompson
PR: Debut Album of Ramin KarimlooPR: Debut Album of Ramin Karimloo
Started By: cinemediapromo
27,6265/24/12 11:04pm
Brantely reviews MY CHILDREN! MY AFRICA!Brantely reviews MY CHILDREN! MY AFRICA!
Started By: playlover2010
07,1205/24/12 10:42pm
Incident at STREETCARIncident at STREETCAR
Started By: Dollypop
37,5275/24/12 9:12pm

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