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Cynthia Erivo on Stephen Colbert tonight...
Started By: Broadwaystar2
383,0395/24/16 6:20pm
Breaking News: TUCK EVERLASTING to Close This Weekend
Started By: Rob
72795/24/16 6:19pm
NSFW American Psycho Instagram
Started By: Johnnywhatwhat2
11005/24/16 6:15pm
Jordan Catalano
How long will fiddler last?
Started By: Notreallysilent 2
101,2025/24/16 6:09pm
Saddest Bway Performances
Started By: sofiaur8
604,2475/24/16 6:07pm
Hamilton Cancellation Line
Started By: Buddy Plummer2
2,140435,9445/24/16 6:01pm
Shuffle Along & The Color Purple
Started By: pushdabutton
125805/24/16 6:00pm
Best new (rush) shows for Dad and 3 Teens???
Started By: Malatenj
178225/24/16 5:54pm
Only in amateur theater...
Started By: Javi
0785/24/16 5:49pm
Official Kickstarter to get Spring Awakening to perform on the Tonys
Started By: JBroadway
432,9345/24/16 5:48pm
Diane Paulus and new musicals....
Started By: BroadwayBen
105985/24/16 5:45pm
Lena Hall to play HEDWIG on tour for 1 performance a week!
Started By: JBroadway
281,7495/24/16 5:43pm
Best Songs Cut From Broadway Musicals
Started By: Mr Roxy
11264,9375/24/16 5:25pm
Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park
Started By: neonlightsxo
553,4475/24/16 5:23pm
Wildhorn's Monte Cristo
Started By: Pauly3
116265/24/16 5:23pm
Mr Roxy
Songs that were cut from musicals
Started By: BroadMagTech
31135/24/16 5:23pm
Stage Door at A Streetcar Named Desire @ St Annes Warehouse
Started By: Nicole Bermeo
21595/24/16 5:23pm
Songs that were cut from musicals
Started By: BroadMagTech
51315/24/16 5:13pm
One night on Bway: Waitress or The Color Purple?
Started By: mollyml052
269105/24/16 5:09pm
Matthew Morrison with special guest Kelli O'Hara @ Feinstein's 54 Below
Started By: ren598
94565/24/16 4:54pm
Broadway in Chicago Season Tickets - Hamilton
Started By: mtchairs
386,7405/24/16 4:49pm
Anastasia coming to Broadway
Started By: BroadMagTech
548,3275/24/16 4:47pm
Unpopular opinions you hold
Started By: aasjb4ever
600516,7645/24/16 4:41pm
frustration with the Public theatre
Started By: JBroadway
211,1765/24/16 4:37pm
A Salute to Sardi's
Started By: MarkBearSF
51645/24/16 4:27pm
Sydney James Harcourt left Hamilton?
Started By: Wick3
395,5145/24/16 4:18pm
Started By: gypsy101
598,7625/24/16 4:02pm
Darren Criss to lead Hedwig tour
Started By: oncemorewithfeeling2
384,6235/24/16 4:01pm
And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???
Started By: Rob
406,4325/24/16 3:20pm
Someone in a Tree2
Rebel Wilson to join West End's Guys and Dolls
Started By: LesWickedly
171,3745/24/16 3:16pm
What's up with
Started By: Wee Thomas2
57225/24/16 2:55pm
Window Card Frames
Started By: itis2l84u
11205/24/16 2:42pm
Past dating at Roundabout?
Started By: ljay889
256,3235/24/16 2:22pm
TDF - When do tix come down?
Started By: Trina55
76115/24/16 2:22pm
Steve Martin at BRIGHT STAR 5/17/16
Started By: alliesinger
343,1695/24/16 2:17pm
JRB at Subculture
Started By: Jshan05
21425/24/16 2:07pm
Jesus Christ Superstar
Started By: asmith0307
207915/24/16 1:52pm
What's the best amateur performance of a musical you have ever seen?
Started By: mormonsandglindas
231,5505/24/16 1:30pm
2016 Songbook Academy - APPLY TODAY!
Started By: TheSongbook
51,4175/24/16 1:21pm
The Official TDF Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
13922,0585/24/16 1:16pm
Long Days Journey Ticket Swap 6/23
Started By: sondmon
11615/24/16 12:54pm
Barbara Cook's Memoir
Started By: Miranda3
107735/24/16 12:46pm
RENT Opened On Broadway 20 Years Ago Today
Started By: Jordan Catalano
221,7865/24/16 12:11pm
Actors that deserved Tonys and weren't even nominated
Started By: muscle23ftl
13885,6775/24/16 12:08pm
Is it possible that She Loves Me will extend again?
Started By: icecreambenjamin
162,1535/24/16 12:02pm
New Amsterdam Seating Question
Started By: minicko88
21215/24/16 11:54am
She loves me seating
Started By: brdwybuff
179145/24/16 11:43am
The New Broadway Merchandise Trade Thread
Started By: wdwfreak
5211,537,6385/24/16 11:30am
Best Off Broadway Show?
Started By: Debra Ritter
83,7165/24/16 11:21am
Happy 50th Anniversary to MAME!
Started By: Mr. Nowack
52255/24/16 11:08am

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