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Birthday: 8 - 14
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Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Billy Elliot
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Sunday in the Park with George
The Light in the Piazza
West Side Story
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Favorite Performer(s): Laura Benanti
Michael Cerveris
Kristin Chenoweth
Judy Garland
Cheyenne Jackson
Patti LuPone
Audra McDonald
Idina Menzel
Lea Michele
Jessie Mueller
Alice Ripley
Sherie Rene Scott
Aaron Tveit

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • So What Musicals Should Jake Gyllenhaal Do?  Jul 3 2015, 02:12:38 AM

    I would love to see him take a stab at Bobby (whatever happened to that gay Company? Did anything come of that reading?) or maybe Guido Contini. I would see him do Floyd Collins, as well. In addition to the previously mentioned roles, of course.

  • The Wild Party: Lippa vs LaChiusa  Jul 3 2015, 01:59:47 AM

    A year ago, I was almost completely unfamiliar with both versions, but now I have been lucky enough to see a production of each version in recent months. I much prefer LaChiusa's version. The score is grounded in the period much more, and it's a dream for a music geek like me. All the mixed meter, dissonant harmonies, and that one crazy moment with eight completely different vocal lines layered on top of each other... it really makes Lippa's score seem tame by comparison. Also, stru

  • SPEECH AND DEBATE by Stephen Karam to be filmed in Mississippi?  Jul 1 2015, 10:03:15 PM

    Is this for the film adaptation that was announced way back when the play was running off-Broadway, which we have heard nothing about in the past seven or eight years? If this is actually going forward, I would be thrilled. I think Karam is one of our finest young playwrights, and Speech & Debate would make a wonderful indie comedy.

  • Your favorite shows you've seen in 2015 so far  Jul 1 2015, 09:56:48 PM


    I have seen 62 shows so far this year (including student productions). Here are my top ten (all in Chicago)

    1. Mr. Burns (Theater Wit)

    2. Balm in Gilead (Griffin Theatre)

    3. The Hammer Trinity (House Theatre)

    4. The Diary of Anne Frank (Writers Theatre)

    5. Sondheim on Sondheim (Porchlight Music Theatre)

    6. Airline Highway (Steppenwolf)

    7. The

  • Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best Plays (and 10 Greatest Musicals) Over the Past 100 Years  Jul 1 2015, 03:46:53 AM

    "You're a constant marvel. Nobody under the age of 70 like The Skin of Our Teeth."

    Speak for yourself. I'm very far from that age, and I adore that play.

    I think it's ridiculous that this list ignored Cat on a Hot Tin RoofAll My SonsThe Normal HeartYou Can't Take it With YouPrivate Lives... I understand there are limited slots, but are The Lieutenant o

  • A View From the Bridge to Broadway  Jun 29 2015, 09:21:13 PM

    "I saw the NT live and thought Phoebe Fox' accent was horrible. I do hope the cast decide to work on their accent a bit more. "

     Yes, that bothered me, but not nearly as much as the choice not to have Rodolpho use an Italian accent. Marco did have his proper accent, which made it all the more confusing.

  • Fun Home - Deaf Accessibility  Jun 29 2015, 03:17:00 AM

    Yes, that link is the script of the show. Just make sure when you order, you select "Acting Edition" at the side of the page, instead of "Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (Graphic Novel)" which is the graphic novel upon which the musical is based (which is a great read I'd highly recommend, but not the script you are looking for).

  • A View From the Bridge to Broadway  Jun 28 2015, 02:39:26 AM

    Well, having seen the National Theatre Live broadcast, I have an opinion very different from the rest of those here. I found Ivo van Hove's staging choices to be cheap ploys for attention which were unnecessary, distracting, and frequently irritating. The early scenes of the play were drained of all humor, yet I found myself laughing at the final moments. I won't go into detail about these choices for the sake of those who wish not to be spoiled, but I found this production to be a dread

  • Amateur productions vs. professional counterparts  Jun 27 2015, 10:47:10 PM

    "Amateur productions can never compare to professional ones... if we are talking about set, lights, stage, and all that minus the actual actors.
    Any production can have better actors, singers, dancer.."

    Often, a play can benefit from the simplicity created by financial necessity. I once worked on a musical with basically no budget, and it was a very frustrating experience, but then a close and trusted friend told me that he found the use

  • THE QUALMS Previews  Jun 26 2015, 03:36:07 AM

    "Does every Bruce Norris play eventually devolve into a the cast getting in a semi-circle and just berating each other?"

     Yeah, pretty much. I welcome it as a contrast to the silences that annoy me to no end in Annie Baker's work. His signature is presenting well-meaning liberals and pitting them against each other, tearing apart their worst qualities. I think he does this best in The Pain and the Itch, but I've thoroughly enjoye

  • Twilight: Los Angeles  Jun 13 2015, 01:47:25 AM

    I've actually seen it done with an ensemble of actors, much like The Laramie Project. I think it loses something in the beauty of watching the same person transforming again and again, but it gains something in the feeling of community created on stage. 

    Yes, the piece holds an eerie resemblance to events happening today, and yes it can be quite captivating, however I would just like to point out that the PBS version runs around 90 minutes, whereas the play runs

  • Dramas In Need Of A Revival  Jun 9 2015, 09:40:30 PM

    I would love to see a revival of Deathtrap. I also think it's been long enough to bring back Proof now, as well as Closer. And while it may not be the wisest decision for a producer to make, I would immediately book a flight to New York if a revival of Balm in Gilead were announced.

  • TheaterTalk Tony Predictions Episode 2015  Jun 1 2015, 03:42:28 PM

    I don't understand how someone who so clearly hates going to the theatre could decide to make a living from it. When Vincentelli talks about the theatre, it reminds me of the scene in Candide (the novel, this scene is typically omitted from stage adaptations) in which Candide attends the theatre and decides that the men sitting next to him must be of the noblest status because they hate everything. Elisabeth Vincentelli seems to achieve an elitist feeling of superiority whe

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 24 2015, 11:50:10 PM

    If I remember correctly (I don't have my copy with me), in Finishing the Hat, Sondheim made a comparison between Billy Bigelow's "Soliloquy" and Sweeney Todd's "Epiphany" pointing out how both are big solo numbers in which the lead character vows to take extreme ends for their children occupying the penultimate song slot in the first act.

  • Theater in Chicago  Apr 24 2015, 01:58:11 AM

    Bad Jews doesn't start until tomorrow night. If you're asking for "must-see shows" you won't get a lot of consensus, just as all of the "what should I see for my trip to New York" threads spiral into thousands of suggestions. Look at reviews (The Chicago Tribune is my preferred site, though Chicago Reader and the Sun Times both have thorough coverage) and look at what sparks your interest. There's always so much quality work going on I'm sure you'll see stuff you really like (and at

  • Pulitzer goes to Between Riverside and Crazy  Apr 20 2015, 04:13:56 PM

    I haven't seen any of these plays yet, but I am disappointed by the lack of Airline HighwayThe Humans, and Luna Gale, each of which I thought was strong enough to take the award.

    I'll be looking forward to the Steppenwolf production of Riverside next year--fascinatingly, this award means that Steppenwolf's entire season this year is from Pulitzer Prize-winning writers: Guirgis and Baker's award-winning plays are joined by ne

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 10:19:05 PM

    ^Yeah, it's still the standard for opera houses not to use amplification.

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 10:11:39 PM

    "Okay, less aggression. That's my point. The Broadway production doesn't have to use those designs. I'd put down money that part of getting Carousel financed in an out-of-town at the Lyric was Rob Ashford agreeing to go to Houston and direct. I mean, why would he go to direct a co-production between two opera companies? I'm sure he has a lot of love for Carousel, but brother doesn't exactly need to pad his resume.
    And if it comes to that - maybe they wi

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 13 2015, 02:58:34 AM

    Wow, that clip of the Hytner production is really incredible. Sally Murphy really captures an independent spirit unsure of how to enter romance after being known as such a character. These things I felt were lacking in Osnes's performance. The way that scene is played in that clip, there is such fear as they approach the prospect of love, it's really dark and chilling. I can now really understand why that production was praised so highly. It really portrays the complexity of these charac

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 13 2015, 01:50:39 AM

    Wickedfan, I love that you made the Stanley/Stella comparison because that was exactly what I thought when seeing this production. In fact, I left saying I would love to see Pasquale as Stanley. I felt that this production really emphasized that Carousel is so much about desire. Particularly the setting in the depression created a feeling of helplessness which would later transform into... well not quite regret, but perhaps sense of curiosity that felt worthless (hence