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Profile: I work as a music director for educational and non-profit theater and as a freelance writer. My main webhub is my entertainment media blog Cue the Media.

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  • Cats allegedly headed for big screen  Feb 9 2016, 01:21:00 PM

    I actually think a film version could work very well. The whole show is spectacle. A film can go so much further with special effects and locations and just commit to presenting these songs as wild as the original production. It could even have an anthology feel to it, presenting the different songs as self contained short films about the cats singing them, tying them to the junkyard as a framing device. 

    Now, I don't think Tom Hooper is the director to go with, but I don't

  • Palace Theatre to be raised  Jan 11 2016, 06:48:31 AM

    Basically, the Palace Theater as it exists is its own self-contained structure nested inside two larger exterior buildings. The space above the self-contained theater is empty until it hits the second/third exterior layers. The self-contained theater space can be moved very carefully as a unit so long as everything is kept level on the jacks. When it's high enough, they'll add in the new support structures and it will be perfectly stable.


    The structure of the buildi

  • Liz Swados has died  Jan 6 2016, 05:59:42 AM

    So sad. I'm a fan of her scores (especially Runaways and Alice in Concert). Her writings on music and collaborating with young people on theater have influenced so much of my approach as a theater educator. 

  • Mother Courage at CSC  Dec 30 2015, 05:59:08 PM

    I believe she was speaking metaphorically when she wrote the director neutered Mother Courage and left her powerless and delusional. I believe that was Tonya Pinkins saying the director was trying so hard to micromanage and control her actions as an actor, leaving her with no agency or power as an actor to give the kind of performance she is capable of. She means her performance was left with no agency to engage with the revised setting in a way that felt true to her as an African A

  • Will we ever hear Broadway on mainstream radio again?  Dec 17 2015, 10:25:40 AM

    21 Guns from the American Idiot cast recording got a good amount of mainstream radio play when the show was on Broadway.

  • Horror Musicals  Dec 9 2015, 08:19:36 PM

    MadAbouttheBoy: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

  • Horror Musicals  Dec 9 2015, 01:21:06 PM

    There have been a few different Frankenstein musicals. Same with Night of the Living Dead musicals. The one I saw off-off-Broadway forever ago included a scene where George W. Bush got gored to death on a golf course because of course he did.


    There are also two different Poe musicals called Nevermore. Both are small, chamber musicals. One is Poe and four women representing his muses; the other is a steampunk adaptation.


    Shockheaded Peter was horror.

  • Whorl Inside a Loop to Broadway?  Dec 7 2015, 09:00:35 PM

    I really enjoyed this off-Broadway and I'm glad that the material continues on. I think it could work if the celebrity is going into Scott's role. She was good in the role. The role is central to the show. The rest of the cast steals the show with the much more interesting and exciting material. 

  • Spelling bee at circle on the square  Nov 30 2015, 10:02:59 AM

    Thrust staging. The whole theater was redesigned to look like a school gymnasium, with a basketball hoop retracted into the ceiling above the audience. The contestants sat on a fourth set of moving bleachers onstage. The center section in front of the stage was sunk below stage height so the audience had to look up and the actors could climb down to interact. The rest was raked seating surrounding 3/4 of the stage. It worked really well. 

  • Hip Hop Broadway Musicals  Nov 10 2015, 06:07:26 AM

    A few other musicals have included rap or hip/hop numbers, but not as the driving force of the score. "Enterprise" from Runaways comes to mind. I think it might just be those four for hip hop musicals. 

  • Nikki blonsky  Sep 12 2015, 08:16:42 PM

    You're mistaken, TrChSpHa, her MOTHER punched the model at the airport. Nikki was arrested as an accessory.

  • GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE Sets Closing Date!  Sep 8 2015, 10:25:36 PM

    I only just saw this show for the first time recently and really loved it. I'm a big fan of music hall and was thrilled to hear a score largely sung by two sopranos and a high tenor. The projections and sets were great. They toyed around a lot with Gothic and Edwardian horror tropes with the silly sensibility of the 1970s height of Hammer sensationalism. I'll try to squeeze this one in again before it closes.

  • Sutton Foster Possible Broadway Return This Spring?  Sep 7 2015, 02:09:16 PM

    See, I wasn't sure. Carolee makes much more sense in that show.

  • Aida the Musical  Sep 7 2015, 01:43:22 PM

    I music directed a production of this a few years ago. The score is great. The book is ok. It works well enough. If you have the right trio of leads, you have a great show. 

    I loved it on Broadway. I saw it (I think) 4 times. Michelle Williams was my favorite Aida. She just went for it.

    I also really like the museum framing. Audiences go nuts for it. The final moments in the tomb before the Every Story reprise are so damn sad that the museum ending feels like the happiest fin

  • Sutton Foster Possible Broadway Return This Spring?  Sep 7 2015, 01:39:59 PM

    Has any of the casting been confirmed for Tuck Everlasting? I know that was trying to come in the spring. Casey Nicholaw is directing and Beth Leavel has been attached for a while. Could that possible be it? 

  • Musicals you love but many don't  Sep 6 2015, 09:10:32 AM


    I'll show myself out. 

  • Allegiance coming to Broadway  Sep 3 2015, 10:33:39 AM

    Even the more liberal states have to downplay the horrendous nature of large areas of US History to make the subject matter more palatable. The textbooks schools buy and the curricula they approve are very tame on the whole. You don't really get to encounter the more brutal historical details until college, and then it's up to the discretion of the professor.

    I know we spent very little time in my school discussing the Japanese interment camps. Part of it was the absurd nature o

  • WHORL INSIDE A LOOP Starts Tonight at Second Stage  Sep 3 2015, 10:26:09 AM

    EthelMae, that would be the twist exactly. I also didn't think it was really a twist. I thought it was clearly established at the beginning what was happening and saw it more akin to [Title of Show], with the characters in the story telling their own stories while the larger narrative unfolds in real time. 

  • WHORL INSIDE A LOOP Starts Tonight at Second Stage  Sep 1 2015, 03:06:53 PM

    The boxes should be fine for this production. You might miss a little of bit of the actors changing or grabbing props right underneath you but none of the story is told from there. 

  • WHORL INSIDE A LOOP Starts Tonight at Second Stage  Aug 30 2015, 11:08:22 AM

    I saw the matinee yesterday and really enjoyed the show. Great acting and a strong script. I also really liked the lighting design and subtle inclusion of key sound effects. 

    An added bonus was getting to meet some of the proud families of the actors. They were seated all throughout the audience and were telling anyone who would listen "My son is in the show" and pointing him out on the Playbill cover. It was so sweet. Quite a few new each other from their children being