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  • Best Revival of a Musical  Apr 18 2015, 08:53:27 AM

    Hope Revival award goes to ON THE TOWN or perhaps ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. In both cases, shows that had been forgotten or perhaps written off as second-class shows, have now been given new life in these productions and brilliantly rediscovered. The current THE KING AND I is, at best, a retread of a very familiar show, and imo, after the spectacular opening scene, settles into a very ordinary production, one that takes no risks and presents the original show, in a sacrosanct manner that

  • FINDING NEVERLAND Reviews  Apr 15 2015, 11:14:27 PM

    Perhaps they should have interpolated "Thank Heaven for Little Boys"...

  • The King and I  Apr 15 2015, 09:09:42 AM

    A friend of mine, who loved the SOUTH PACIFIC revival at LC (I did not, other than hearing the orchestra play the overture, and discovering Paulo Szot), felt as I did about THE KING AND I: perfectly acceptable, nothing especially memorable. Kelli sings perfectly well, but does not bring the passion to the role, as she did in LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and perhaps that's just the way it is written. And her in-and-out "Briitish" accent is very noticeable; some times it s

  • IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU Reviews  Apr 15 2015, 08:57:58 AM

    Not surprised to see Brantley's review. What surprises me is that this show got here at all. Although there have been some changes/additions to the the show since I saw it in 2011, it's sounds as though it's the same tired evening of cliches, with a "twist" that seems even more ridiculous today. A total waste of time, talent and money.

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 12 2015, 12:01:01 PM

    Interesting review, Paul W. Thompson. Thanks for so many in-depth perceptions. I will never forget the last LC production, for its staging and visuals, for the performances of Michael Hayden and Audra McDonald (Sally Murphy? not so much) and for finding a new way to present the story. It made me love a show that I was never all that enamored with (probably because of the lackluster movie, although I did see John Raitt in 1965

  • It Shoulda Been You Previews  Apr 12 2015, 11:49:11 AM

    I guess the real point of getting bad shows like this on Broadway is to secure a place and be able to say it was on Broadway, for amateur rights purposes. There is no other explanation for this being here. Great actors like Tyne Daly and Harriet Harris slogging their way through a sea of jokes and punchlines that were tired 20 years ago. The "twist" is hardl worth the time and money spent on sitting through this.


  • Frank Sinatra Favorite Covers of Musical Theatre and Movie Musical Songs  Apr 11 2015, 10:50:22 AM

    Some great songs from the 1955 TV version of OUR TOWN, by Van Heusen and Cahn, including the big hit, "Love and Marriage," but also ""The Impatient Years," "Look to Your Heart" and the title tune, which is my favorite. The songs are available on various Sinatra recordings, and a b&w kinescope of the program itself (yes, with both Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint singing!) can be found at

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 11 2015, 09:55:51 AM

    Who else was there yesterday? Come on, Chicagoans, we are dying to hear your comments. We're flying in from New York in two weeks just to see this, thrilled to see Pasquale get his next big chance. His performance and singing in BRIDGES, even though ignored by the Tony committee, were amazing.

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman  Apr 10 2015, 09:08:44 AM

    We attended the original production of KISS at Suny Purchase the same night Frank Rich was there, and felt very much as he did. Here is an interesting (and prophetic) quote from his original mostly negative review:

    "Though Mr. Kander and Mr. Ebb have written some typically amusing parodies for their movie musical, even their better numbers are defeated by the routine choreography of Susan Stroman and by the performance of Lauren Mitchell as the star of Molina's celluloid vision

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 8 2015, 11:19:00 PM

    Going to Chicago primarily to see Steven Pasquale, whose turn in BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY is burned into my memory for its searing performance and spectacular singing. Can't wait to see this. 

  • Actress in a Musical Tony predictions ?  Apr 6 2015, 09:09:14 PM

    I've been watching the Tonys since I was a kid, when the local stations broadcast it here in New York 1n 1960 (and Ethel Merman in GYPSY was robbed of a Tony in favor of Mary Martin in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, still unbelievable). So who knows anything, really? I've been surprised, and some times shocked (Joanna Gleason in INTO THE WOODS over Patti Lupone in ANYTHING GOES? Hooray!) Yes, it's pretty clear that this is a three-way question: Chita, Kristin or Kelli? The other nominees really aren't g

  • 39 Steps to return to New York for open-ended run  Apr 6 2015, 08:25:45 PM

    why is this show back so soon? they ran it into the ground last time, till there were practically no paying customers. True, I didn't for it very much, but it doesn't sound like a smart financial move.

  • Casting for Zorba at Encores  Apr 6 2015, 08:22:06 PM

    Why would this still be a secret? The show opens in about a month, and rehearsals would be starting soon. Do Turturro or Wanamaker sing? Love Santino, one of the best new performers on Broadway. And love this show, and hope it will be a wonderful production. The bar was set very high with PAINT YOUR WAGON, hope this matches it in quality.

  • Rest in Peace, Julie Wilson  Apr 6 2015, 09:01:33 AM

    I knew her work as a kid, growing up in a movie theatre, and remember her from her early work in films in "This Could Be the Night" as a nightclub singer, and "The Strange One." But clearly her forte was cabaret and clubs, with an occasional visit to the theatre. Saw and loved her in JIMMY years ago, but the show was pretty terrible. I remember seeing her at Brothers and Sisters back in the 70s, where many of the great women came to perform, and she was wonderful. Some years later s

  • Living on Love Previews  Apr 4 2015, 09:20:12 AM

    Doesn't sound as though it has improved since Williamstown last summer. We left after the first act then too. How did this ever get to Broadway? Who in their right minds thought people would play top dollar (or even $19.57) to see this feeble attempt at the art of drawing room comedy? From the sounds on this board, there will be very few "hits" front the spring season...

  • Miranda Taking Off Performances  Apr 3 2015, 10:32:32 AM

    I haven't seen the show, but of course am eager to do so. Was not a big fan of IN THE HEIGHTS (second act pretty much a repeat of the first), and did not think Miranda was an exceptional performer. And if he thinks his understudy is good enough to do the show, I would have no problem NOT seeing Miranda.

  • PAINT YOUR WAGON! Encores!@City Center  Mar 20 2015, 07:37:54 AM
    It's been many years since Encores was a specific springboard for a move to Broadway (the last one I recall was THE APPLE TREE, which was terrific at Encores, and mostly a broad, boring mess at Roundabout), and of course CHICAGO is the cornerstone of that concept. But Encores' mission was never to produce shows that were "fit" or commercial enough to move to Broadway, but rather to find those shows that were largely forgotten and breathe new life into them for their limited run at City Center. T
  • FINDING NEVERLAND Previews  Mar 19 2015, 11:01:26 PM
    Harvey Weinstein is so desperate to have a hit, he really doesn't care how he gets there. It sounds pretty formulaic, and who needs yet another film-to-theatre second-rate adaptation with unnecessary songs? It may do well, considering how mediocre so many of the new shows and revivals seem to be. It kind of has the family trade business locked, so what can you do? If you're me, you can avoid it.

    Take your money this weekend and go see PAINT YOUR WAGON, a slight show with a gorgeous scor
  • PAINT YOUR WAGON! Encores!@City Center  Mar 19 2015, 10:50:48 PM
    This is exactly what Encores should be doing, and it is as good as any production they're likely to do. A totally first-rate production for a less-than-first-rate show, which still has one of the most gorgeous scores of its period. Rob Berman conducts the peerless Encores orchestra splendidly, and can we talk about the singing? All the principles are terrific, and Nathaniel Hackmann sings arguably the best song, "They Call the Wind Maria" wonderfully.

    If you love musical theatre, do no
  • AN AMERICAN IN PARIS Previews  Mar 19 2015, 03:43:21 PM
    Wow, bdn223! That was an amazingly written yet concise review. I haven't seen the show yet, and still can't decide if I should, but loved reading what you wrote.