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  • Bette's Dolly Cast Uninspired?  Sep 25 2016, 11:03:35 AM

    Count me in as one who is thrilled with the casting (just saw Taylor Trensch this summer as Tyler Clementi in POSTER BOY, he was great and will be a great Barnaby, assuming he can dance), but also sort of shocked that there is NO diversity at all. That is so wrong in 2016, particularly when we have Trump and his kind to contend with. In the 60s a big deal was made when Pearl Bailey and company came to do the all-black version; have we really not moved forward at all? Colorblind casting should

  • Just listened to  Sep 25 2016, 10:45:55 AM

    I first saw the show at Williamstown, and because my husband hated the book and film so much, he refused to go with me. It totally killed me, and even without Kelli (the show had been written for her, but she was very pregnant at the time it played at WTF), Elena Shaddow and Steven Pasquale were amazing, and I remember being angry that Shaddow wouldn't get the chance to repeat it on Broadway. Of course, Kelli was magnificent (and I believe that Shaddow was her unlisted standby, is that co

  • THE FRONT PAGE Previews  Sep 25 2016, 10:31:53 AM

    I love John Slattery, but isn't he a bit old to be playing Hildy? He's only a few years younger than Nathan, and certainly reads older. But hey, glad to hear other posters think he's really good.

  • Imelda as Rose coming to NY?  Sep 25 2016, 10:29:05 AM

    Heard a rumor that one of the not-for-profts, either MTC or Roundabout, might bring in this production of GYPSY as part of their season. Of course, the great Imelda has just been announced for Martha in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? in London. Any news?


  • Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon alternating in LITTLE FOXES  Sep 25 2016, 10:26:22 AM

    Very intrigued by the double casting, both terrific stage actresses. Yes, I saw Stockard in that last revival, and her white trash performance was totally wrong. Best thing about that production was Brian Kerwin. I actually liked Elizabeth Taylor's movie star performance years ago, with the  great Maureen Stapleton as Birdie. And still fondly recall the great Mike Nichols production at Lincoln Center many years ago, with Anne Bancroft, Margaret Leighton and George C. Scott, amazing.<

  • THE FRONT PAGE Previews  Sep 25 2016, 09:52:42 AM

    I am now totally confused. Which part is Nathan playing? Is he Walter? Is Micah Stock playing Hildy? Would greatly appreciate someone posting a cast list from the playbill or wherever. Frankly, the producers have been very secretive about casting, other than listing all the actors above the title. Audiences will be mightily disappointed that Nathan doesn't enter until the end of Act 2. I keep thinking of the film HIS GIRL FRIDAY, and how perfectly cast, written and played it was, and how

  • WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread  Aug 23 2016, 11:49:13 AM

    LeTigre said: "Perhaps, JayInChelsea, you're just a curmudgeonly old queen. Obviously, the word of mouth--perhaps among women-- is fueling the hot box office; it's the highest grossing show in the theater's history.


  • Guys and Dolls w. Rebel Wilson to Broadway?  Aug 19 2016, 12:22:23 PM

    There was an amazing one-night concert performance at Carnegie Hall two years ago with a great cast: Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, Sierra Bogess and Patrick Wilson. Now that's the cast that should do a revival! There are some clips from it on YouTube. 

  • LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES discount?  Aug 15 2016, 11:37:33 AM

    Surprised that I haven't received a flyer on this. Is it selling that well? Anyone out there know if discounts are being offered? Thanks!

  • WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread  Aug 11 2016, 04:04:08 PM

    jayinchelsea said: "Went to Chicago specifically to see WAR PAINT, extremely disappointing, even after reading the less than rapturous reviews for the show. Yes, Patti and Christine were great, and in great voice, but if the only laughs came from Patti's "funny" accent, and the score droned on all night (only song I liked was "If I'd Been a Man," touching and provocative), and Chis Gattelli was hired to do non-existent choreography for four non-dancing pri

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Aug 11 2016, 03:59:49 PM

    A lot of fun, extremely well sung, everyone was really good, and the Papp version can't be beat. Totally worth the trip to Barrington, where Rando and Bergasse last gave us the spectacular ON THE TOWN.

  • WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread  Aug 10 2016, 06:51:11 PM

    Went to Chicago specifically to see WAR PAINT, extremely disappointing, even after reading the less than rapturous reviews for the show. Yes, Patti and Christine were great, and in great voice, but if the only laughs came from Patti's "funny" accent, and the score droned on all night (only song I liked was "If I'd Been a Man," touching and provocative), and Chis Gattelli was hired to do non-existent choreography for four non-dancing principals and a small ensemble

  • Any news re War Paint transfer?  Aug 3 2016, 10:45:06 AM

    Went to Chicago specifically to see this, and aside from the two women, who were in wonderful voice, a total disappointment. The authors failed to mine the dynamic quality of their careers, which according to the show, were almost identical in nature and time frame, and distills any emotion down to almost nothing. Patti gets what few laughs there are because she has a "funny" accent; Christine is saddled with so much seriousness that any fun that this show might be is lost. Mos

  • MOTOWN Will Conclude Broadway Run Early on July 31  Jul 22 2016, 02:02:01 PM

    Do not understand how this show ran so long, and then came back. The epitome of what's wrong with jukebox musicals (55 songs? Holy s**t!), with a totally homogenized evening of watered-down songs that all of us over 50s know really well, but with no real sense of any song or period at all.

    Good riddance.


  • James Corden - general perceptions?  Jul 22 2016, 01:44:45 PM

    Just before his TV success, Corden was seriously considering playing the lead in a revival of KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, not to add to the metrosexual aspect being discussed. Sad he didn't do it, he would have been brilliant, and he would have gotten all the pathos and humor of the role, and sang it beautifully. 


  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 01:41:23 PM

    Kelli was great in the concert version of MFL several years ago with Kelsey Grammer, but LB is probably a better choice now, and is a much better comic actress. Just saw Elizabeth Stanley in the tour of  BRIDGES and she found far more humor than Kelli did (of course, Kelli sang it like a dream).

  • Cats Previews  Jul 22 2016, 01:35:11 PM

    Unless the critics are honest this time around, you can bet that CATS will indeed be here forever. The Times gave the original production a very large pass. It is a one-song score (and I liked that one song more when Puccini wrote it first). Is there any question at this point that ALW is a hack? Each show he has written has one hummable song, and a great deal of dross. Even SCHOOL OF ROCK has only one song ("You're in the Band"

  • THE HUMANS: really?  Jul 17 2016, 12:32:14 PM

    I've been going to the theatre for more than 50 years now, and I'm still astonished that this play has garnered so much praise. When I saw VIRGINIA WOOLF as a kid, I certainly didn't get it all, but in subsequent viewings, I came to understand its importance as a milestone in theatre. Don't think I'll come to that "aha!" moment with THE HUMANS. I have seen countless variations on the "dysfunctional family" theme over the years, many of them far more int

  • Jamboree - What A Mess  Jul 17 2016, 12:25:09 PM

    I've read all the comments, and frankly left me confused. I had a good time, it was fun, great to see Sutton and Jonathan, loved the opening, loved most of what they did (not the Fred and Ginger, though), and still think Jeanine is extraordinarily talented. Like most of the new material. Thrilled that I was there. Sorry!


  • THE HUMANS: really?  Jul 16 2016, 07:03:55 PM

    Now that THE HUMANS has been pronounced the great play of this millennium, is there anyone else out there who found it a 95-minute cliche? We've seen these kitchen-sink dramas over and over for countless years, what makes this one so special? I never cared for or about these characters, not from beginning to end. Extremely well-acted, to be sure, and Mantello certainly stages it well on an atmospheric set. And although Karam is a favorite playwright (loved SPEECH AND DEBATE and SONS


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