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  • Brian Bedford has passed away  Jan 13 2016, 11:05:19 PM

    I first started watching Brian Bedford when we were both young, in 1963 in Peter Shaffer's THE PRIVATE EAR, and he was wonderful, funny and touching. And luckily, I got to see him every time he returned to Broadway over the years, including his Tony Award-winning SCHOOL FOR WIVES. A great actor who will be sorely missed by anyone who knew his work. RIP.

  • NOISES OFF! Previews  Jan 13 2016, 10:59:23 PM

    I've been watching NOISES OFF since its original production. It is built like a clock, with every second perfectly planned, and the hilarity should build and build until the alarm goes off. This production was only mildly funny in Act One, not very funny at all in most of Act Two (almost none of the pantomime worked), and certainly hit its best moments in the free-for-all that is Act Three. I went in wanting to love it, because I know it's a brilliant piece, but too much of it felt la

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Jan 1 2016, 06:47:42 PM

    for those of us who were too damned slow, GYPSY has been removed from YouTube. Thankfully I saw it live in June, but it kills me that I missed this performance. Perhaps I'll try hola...


  • RIP Patricia Elliott, Tony-Award winning actress  Dec 22 2015, 08:30:00 AM

    Ms. Elliott was a sublime actress, who should have been acting on stage every season in another play. Yes, she was the original and quintessential Countess Charlotte in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, and gave notable  performances in 13 RUE DE L'AMOUR opposite Louis  Jourdan and garnered a Drama Desk nomination in the wonderful revival of TARTUFFE with John Wood and Tammy Grimes, as well as a Tony nomination for THE SHADOW BOX. She was also a great replacement for Carole Shelley in the o

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Dec 13 2015, 11:18:39 AM

    PalJoey, I totally agree with your observation, and yes, we should be looking at these preview performances as a "work-in-progress" rather than a finished product. But when you bring in a paying audience at full price, many of them not realizing that work is still going on, it becomes a tricky issue. I saw the first preview, detailed hundreds of posts ago, and it doesn't sound as though much has been done since then, based on the descriptions I've read. Of course, FIDDLER is

  • THE COLOR PURPLE discount code  Dec 11 2015, 08:56:31 AM

    Is there still a discount code out there for this show? If you have one, please post it.


  • Whorl Inside a Loop to Broadway?  Dec 10 2015, 08:15:59 AM

    Saw this during its SS run, very disappointed. Characters were mostly caricatures, and Scott playing herself was pretty self-conscious. Play not really strong enough for a Broadway run, imo, and putting a "star" in it will not make up for its deficiencies as a play.

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 27 2015, 11:32:14 PM

    Here is my Sabbath prayer: please do something with Tevye's dream, it looks ridiculous, and Fruma Sarah seem to be wearing a diaphanous gown,complete with see-through stagehand.

  • School of Rock Previews  Nov 27 2015, 11:28:40 PM

    Let me first say that the many kids, and their young families, seemed to love SOR. For the rest of us, what it really is is THE MUSIC MAN meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC set to rock, and it is every bit as calculated as it sounds (but how could it not be with ALW involved?) What amused me most was that ALW also gets credit for the ear-splitting orchestrations...perhaps that's to drown out the soporific lyrics of Glenn Slater, famous for his LOVE NEVER DIES lyrics (ALW everywhere). In truth,

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 27 2015, 09:59:39 AM

    As I said last week, going to a first preview performance has its pitfalls, and one's expectations should be somewhat lowered. But that wasn't my problem. The performances were assured, especially Burstein, but the whole production felt very muted, very low-key, and the look and feel of the scenic design, as I think back on it, just seemed cheap and lacking in imagination. And although the dancing and choreography were fine, the best of it still felt very much in line with the origina

  • Kelli O'Hara & Kelsey Grammer to Star In MY FAIR LADY On Broadway?  Nov 26 2015, 10:04:21 AM

    Saw Kelli and Kelsey do the concert some years ago, and they were both surprisingly good. No, Kelli is not totally convincing as a Brit (her undeserved Tony for Mrs. Anna notwithstanding), but she played and sang it extremely well, and Grammer really got it. Perhaps after his on-again, off-again Hook, he would relish a good role. Age appropriate? When has Broadway ever cared much about that???

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 22 2015, 09:03:11 AM

    No. If I have to read about something to understand it, it doesn't work for me. And I saw no payoff in it at the end. 

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 22 2015, 08:55:47 AM

    Gaveston, I remember everything you do, except for them climbing over the debris. Great idea, though.

    By the way, I just remembered one more production of FOLLIES that I have carefully blocked out, an earlier Eric Schaeffer take on the show at Signature, where, I think, all the characters were already dead and/or playing their own ghosts. Ghastly.

  • THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG at the Public 1979  Nov 21 2015, 06:30:36 PM

    Sweet, very slight.


  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 21 2015, 06:27:40 PM

    Now that it's been explained to me (no one in our group picked up on this), I can see why Burstein was changing into costume. Perhaps I should have read this thread first...

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 21 2015, 06:12:38 PM

    I've been watching FOLLIES since 1971 at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, 12 times in New York (including one of Hal Prince's several press openings, and the closing night, which is still one of the most amazing theatre experiences I've ever had in nearly 60 years of theatregoing). Also countless productions all over, including the sad stock tour with Vivian Blaine and Robert Alda (Selma Diamond as Hattie, not knowing the words of "Broadway Baby" and letting the company s

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 21 2015, 03:32:24 PM

    I never attend first preview performances, as there is quite enough to do just to get a show this large up on its feet, but out-of-town guests were only here for the first night, so we bought tickets and went. I will admit I am not amongst those theatergoers who think that FIDDLER is one of the great musical of the last half of the 20th century. Yes, way better than most, but so much of its enduring appeal is based on the original productidon, featuring Zero Mostel and the amazing Jerome Robb

  • Discounts for ON YOUR FEET!  Nov 7 2015, 09:37:13 AM

    Kind of surprised that there are still so many discounts for ON YOUR FEET all over the web. While the reviews were mixed-to-positive, pretty much all the reviews were written with "Quote me" in mind, and usually after the opening those discounts are pulled. Sure the pr staff for OYF are busily pulling those quotes for full page Times ads, but wondering if that will do the trick. Thoughts?

  • OFFICAL: Michael Mayer to Helm West End Revival of FUNNY GIRL, Starring Sheridan Smith  Nov 1 2015, 12:37:10 PM

    Very few people writing realize how dull this show is the minute Fanny leaves the stage, and that happens more often than one expects. As it hasn't been done in New York for nearly 50 years, not surprising that most people think that the movie is the template for the show. This isn't the movie, folks; Fanny is off stage quite a bit (maybe just to take an oxygen break), while we sit through interminable other numbers from lesser characters. Through the magic of movies, Fanny

  • Dorothy, All of My Laughter  Oct 25 2015, 08:28:25 PM

    Ms. Louden came to sing with us when I was a charter member of the NYC Gay Men's Chorus many years ago at Carnegie Hall. Arrived at the dress rehearsal looking like a bag lady, marked her way through her  song (Jerry Herman's comic insult song, "Have a Nice Day" and out she went. She returned at curtain time, glam as all get out, did the song with us, and then knocked everyone out of their seats with "Time Heals Ev