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  • Hamilton Previews  Aug 5 2015, 04:56:42 PM

    Brantley was there on Monday night, and I feel certain that he liked it more than I did. I am very hesitant to share this opinion, in light of the nearly unanimous praise being heaped on the show, and I tried my best to go in with low expectations, which was nearly impossible. A game-changer? Well, people called HAIR that in 1968, and aside from a bunch of mostly forgettable "rock" musicals, nothing much changed. It was stated again in the 90s when RENT moved to Broadway, but not sure that ch

  • Javier Munoz Will Be Alternate in HAMILTON on Broadway  Jul 6 2015, 10:13:13 PM

    This is a crock. LMM must be reading his own press. If he can't play all the performances of his own show before it even opens, then someone who could should have been cast. This is not about "star worship," this is about a creative who knows no one would dare complain about his appearing whenever he wants to, in a show that is totally pre sold for months in advance. As several people have pointed out, there are no options, as there are no tickets available for any performances. 

  • AMAZING GRACE Previews  Jul 5 2015, 01:15:48 PM

    Just catching up with this thread. Lynn2, if you think Whizzer is "caustic," then you haven't read many of the unkind comments on this blog. Whizzer is by far the kindest, most thoughtful scribe we have, and whether I agree with his comments or not, they are always well-thought-out and provocative, and not personally bitchy or mean. I too look forward to his opening performance reviews, as do most of the readers here, and have never found him to be anything else but perceptive and thoughtful.

  • Kelli O'Hara has won the Tony  Jun 7 2015, 10:54:59 PM

    Great speech...but she should have won last year for BRIDGES. A little early for a "career" Tony. And sorry, but her "British" accent in TKAI made me crazy.


  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:49:53 PM

    Wanted Kristen...not surprised but disappointed. 

  • tony awards rant  Jun 7 2015, 10:30:15 PM

    love, love, love Christian Borle, but yeah, Andy Karl should have won. And all you need is $100,000 or so to get your show spotlighted on the Tony awards, even when your show has been totally shut out, and with good reason.

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT - THE SMELL OF THE CROWD  Jun 7 2015, 09:22:33 AM

    Probably not a great show, but liked it far more than STOP THE WORLD, score was great, Cyril Ritchard was wonderful. I was also an unsophisticated teen at the time, and probably didn't get it all, but remember having a great time watching it (from the Shubert's second balcony). Thanks for all the photos and remembrances.

  • The Lunts in THE VISIT (1958)  Jun 4 2015, 09:04:26 AM

    "It was one of the greatest productions I've ever seen....the Lunts were magnificent, giving extraordinary performances in their finest play.  It also played City Center....Peter Brook directed....I am so fortunate to have seen this...Were they both nominated and did he win (?)...."

     Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne and Peter Brook were all nominated for 1959 Tony awards, but none of them won. How amazing it must have been to see them live

  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 17 2015, 11:52:29 AM

    Have seen THE KING AND I several times on stage, and thought this production was just okay. I love Kelli, and thought she should have won the Tony last year for BRIDGES, did not feel the same sense of passion or commitment here. Of course, she sang beautifully, but her "English" accent was a joke, in and out all night. In the last revival, Lou Diamond Phillips finally broke the "Yul Brynner" mold and gave us a whole new take on the King. Watanabe was back on the same old track, and not nearly

  • HAMILTON on Broadway  May 17 2015, 11:43:16 AM

    "My other option is to book On the Twentieth Century now and Hamilton for another trip in November or December.  I'm really torn.  My mother just saw Twentieth Century and said Cheno is the only reason to see the show.  She felt everything else about it was forgettable and it's not a big loss if I miss it."

     Cheno, whether she wins the Tony or not, is totally worth the price of admission. Her performance is as spot-on

  • Remembering CAMELOT in the Lusty Month Of May  May 16 2015, 12:27:21 PM

    Saw the original production at the end of its long run (two years was considered a long run then), but after the original cast was long gone. Still William Squire, a Welsh actor very much like Burton in looks and speech, was a great Arthur, although Kathryn Grayson, of the 40s MGM musicals, was not very good as Guenevere (they interpolated too many trills and runs into her songs, her long-ago specialty). Saw Burton 20 years later (too old by then) and Goulet on tour as Arthur (ditto), bu

  • ZORBA @ CITY CENTER/ENCORES  May 7 2015, 08:18:44 AM

    The whole purpose of Encores is to recreate the "original" show as much as possible, and not to incorporate changes made by anyone later or in subsequent productions. Yes, I know  that writers like David Ives are often brought in to revise and streamline the librettos, but generally speaking the scores are meant to be intact. For example, when GOLDEN BOY was done some years ago, they did not incorporate the "new" songs that Strouse and Adams had later added to the show ("There's a P

  • ZORBA @ CITY CENTER/ENCORES  May 6 2015, 09:27:46 AM

    Loved the original production, Bernardi and Karnilova were wonderful, that score is amazing. Saw it again a year later, with John Raitt (he sang it very well) and Chita Rivera as the Leader (great). Glad to hear that this production is so good, can't wait!

  • HAMILTON on Broadway  Apr 30 2015, 08:47:23 AM

    I actually was in the process of buying two just-okay orchestra seats last night, and as the purchase was being processed, a note came up to tell me that those tickets had just been sold! So yes, they are "flying off the shelves" and take a look at today's NY Times' article. The last time I recall something like this phenomenon was when A CHORUS LINE opened (again, at the Public) and then moved to Broadway.

  • HAMILTON on Broadway  Apr 29 2015, 11:58:37 PM

    Is it really possible that almost all of the tickets to HAMILTON for the first few months are nearly completely sold out? Does it really have that kind of draw amongst tourists, who have never heard of it? Or is it just New Yorkers rushing to see the show they couldn't get into at the Public? I've checked through the end of August, and there are nearly no tickets for any performance, and the few "prime seats" are going for $277!

  • The Weinstein Effect  Apr 28 2015, 09:57:02 AM

    Tony noms or bad reviews, will not matter. FN is selling big time, audiences seem to love it, and yes, this could be the "critic-proof" and "award-proof" hit of the season.

  • How much are Tony tickets?  Apr 28 2015, 09:54:16 AM

    tombomb31, tried several times and ways, but everything led back to Ticketmaster, which continues to say "no tickets". Did you go to another site? 

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to HALF A SIXPENCE  Apr 27 2015, 09:09:23 AM

    A wonderful show, especially for the performing and dancing of Tommy Steele and the always wonderful Grover Dale, who had been so smashing several seasons before in Noel Coward's SAIL AWAY with Elaine Stritch. Sadly, the film was overdone, the small charming moments blown up and destroyed, and Mr. Steele's stage charm pretty much disintegrated under the camera lens (see FINIAN'S RAINBOW and THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE to see what I mean). Yet another good candidate for Encores.

  • Drama Desk nominations will be announced today  Apr 23 2015, 10:19:22 PM

    I love Kelli as much as anyone, but I don't think this is necessarily one of her best performances (those in BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY and LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA are far more interesting and more challenging). Not that she doesn't belong on the list, but it's hardly time for a "career" award. Sure she will get a Tony nomination, but Kristen and Chita are the real winners this season, imo. And thankfully, the Drama Desk nominations make a lot more sense than the Outer Space ones.

  • LIVING ON LOVE Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 11:33:56 PM

    Will someone out there explain to me where shows like this, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU et al, get their investors from? How do producers convince otherwise intelligent, wealthy people to part with their money? I saw this dog up in Williamstown last summer, it was totally unfunny, the audience hated it, many of us walked out at the intermission, and yet here it is. How does this happen?