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Favorite Performer(s): Jan Maxwell
Cristin Milioti
Donna Murphy

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  • People Audra Beat  May 29 2015, 10:49:57 PM

    -Your mom

  • Does Kinky Boots Have a New Lola  May 29 2015, 09:36:19 AM

    I mean Billy Porter's contracted through 2016 so

  • Post Tony Noms Death Toll  Apr 29 2015, 12:55:52 PM


  • Team Madonna vs. Team Lin-Manuel  Apr 19 2015, 11:51:31 PM

    WOW that's terrible. Why bother going if you're just going to waste the experience? Booooo. 

  • New Broadway Musical Announcement Tomorrow  Apr 15 2015, 10:26:02 PM

    It sure would be AMAZING if the next show to GRACE the NEDERLANDER would be A NEW MUSICAL. 

  • Honeymmon over, lives on Forever  Apr 5 2015, 10:51:07 AM

     What you’ve written in this thread reads like ****postgenerator. Bye.

  • Tim Gunn Left At Intermission  Mar 23 2015, 04:27:49 PM
    A few weeks ago I was at a new revival and I ran into some friends who are Tony voters before the show, chatted with them at their seats, and then when I turned back a few times during the second act, they were long gone.
  • Mandatory bag check at Curious Incident?  Mar 17 2015, 01:50:03 PM
    OP are you Tony Vincent
  • Honeymoon Rush/Standing Room  Feb 7 2015, 01:58:16 AM
    I told my friend about this thread and she said "There is PLENTY of sitting room"
  • Next for the Rodgers?  Jan 29 2015, 12:54:46 PM
    Something is transferring to the Rodgers just before the cutoff date.
  • Where's Chita's Tuba?  Jan 8 2015, 07:35:38 PM
    (I only heard good reports from Williamstown, my beginning this thread is just part of a bit with a friend.)
  • Where's Chita's Tuba?  Jan 8 2015, 07:31:39 PM
    My unbridled faith in Doyle is faltering. Give me stripped-down, actor-musician productions or GIVE ME DEATH!
  • Revisioning A Musical  Dec 26 2014, 08:15:22 AM
    I'm sorry is nobody picking up on the fact that the op wrote "revisioning"
  • Side Show: Stating The Obvious  Dec 13 2014, 05:45:20 PM

    tell that to them face to face instead of behind the confines of your anonymous username and then get back to us.
  • How Many Of The 40 Broadway Theaters Have You Been To?  Dec 12 2014, 09:29:23 AM
    Palace (2x)-Legally Blonde, West Side Story
    Hilton-Young Frankenstein
    Wilson (2x)-Jersey Boys (2x)
    St. James (2x)-Gypsy, American Idiot
    Rodgers-In The Heights
    Marquis (3x)-9 to 5, Follies, Evita
    Booth (3x)-Next to Normal (2x), Other Desert Cities
    Kerr-A Little Night Music
    Belasco-Women on the Verge
    Hirschfeld-How to Succeed
    O’Neill (2x)-The Book of Mormon (2x)
    Friedman-Master Class
    Sondheim (3x)
  • How do you start up a theatre troope?  Dec 6 2014, 09:42:26 PM
    Tip 1: Keep spelling it as “troope”
  • Fun Home to Open at Circle in the Square on April 22nd  Dec 1 2014, 09:37:16 AM
    Can anyone post a picture of the seating chart?
  • Bragging Rights  Nov 30 2014, 10:47:47 PM
    ^^^How was THAT?!
  • Bragging Rights  Nov 30 2014, 10:19:58 PM
    Phillypinto I do!
  • Bragging Rights  Nov 30 2014, 08:48:16 PM
    My college is putting up Dogfight in the spring, so I’m going to sit and bitch about how it’s not like the original production, which I saw while sitting in the same row as the composers, Marla Mindelle and all of their University of Michigan friends.