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  • A View From the Bridge to Broadway  Jul 27 2015, 08:54:07 PM

    This isn't technically a Lincoln Center show, in the same way that The Nance or Golden Boy were Lincoln Center productions. They are just co-producers of this production (like was the case with Clybourne Park and Disgraced on Broadway).

  • Megan Hilty, Rob McClure etc to join RTC NOISES OFF!  Jul 24 2015, 09:33:36 AM

    That's a really great cast!

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 13 2015, 10:36:52 PM

    You don't have to like hip hop or rap in the slightest to adore this show.



  • Hamilton Rush or Lottery  Jul 3 2015, 04:26:39 PM

    Their website says they'll have a lottery, but it doesn't have details yet.

  • Jesse Eisenberg on FLOYD COLLINS (and other musicals)  Jun 13 2015, 09:45:52 PM

    That is a very interesting interview. I wonder how well he can actually sing; I'd have been very interested to see him do Parade. It seems like we may see him in a musical one day.

  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 29 2015, 09:13:24 AM

    The merchandise booth had the new cast recording last night!

  • SIGNIFICANT OTHER Previews  May 24 2015, 12:52:24 PM

    I loved Bad Jews, so I'm really looking forward to this.

  • Tesori Cast Albums?  May 22 2015, 11:47:07 PM

    I got my copy of the original cast recording of Violet from The Broadway Store last summer. They have it for $7.95

  • Will Lincoln Center Theater return to doing shows downtown ?  May 20 2015, 05:03:11 PM

    Seeing as though the Beaumont will be occupied for the foreseeable future, it seems quite likely that they will do shows next season downtown (relative to their home space).

  • Shows For Days  May 17 2015, 08:45:36 PM

    No singing. It's a straight play. LuPone plays "a headstrong community theatre diva." How can that not be worth seeing?

  • re: EXIT THE KING Reviews  May 15 2015, 09:15:10 AM

    I saw this production twice and adored it. It made the material so accessible without dumbing it down at all. Very funny. Geoffrey Rush was utterly brilliant.

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman  Apr 12 2015, 10:08:23 AM

    I wonder what will become of that reading with Audra McDonald, Alan Cumming,and Steven Pasquale...

  • Broadway question about the film Birdman.  Mar 25 2015, 09:02:29 AM
    You know how some people will talk about a Batman or sci-fi movie and be like "This isn't scientifically accurate because...."
  • FISH IN THE DARK: Lottery? Rush? Standing Room?  Mar 23 2015, 07:26:15 PM
    Has anyone gotten standing room? How early did you get there?
  • Any rush stories?  Mar 22 2015, 04:14:25 PM
    The references to Cambodia are super, super relevant. How could one think otherwise?
  • DISENCHANTED at The Westside  Mar 21 2015, 11:20:03 AM
    Disney is definitely not involved. They don't own copyrights on these characters. And they can sing pieces of songs, as Buddy Plummer says, since it's parody.
  • SKYLIGHT Previews  Mar 20 2015, 11:25:26 PM
    Surprised you liked it so much Whizzer. It starts out quite promising, but ultimately I didn't find it engaging, emotionally or intellectually. The social issues discussion felt so heavy handed, and not ultimately connected to the story in a very meaningful way. I meant it IS connected, but it felt so superficial. I like Nighy and Mulligan as actors very much but didn't find either of them great. In fact, I think Matthew Beard gives the best performance, albeit in a much smaller role.
  • NYTimes: Sex & Violence, Beyond the Script  Mar 15 2015, 10:02:57 PM
    Thank you somethingwicked.
  • The Acting Company Presents The Rose Tattoo with Patti LuPone and Bobby Cannavale?  Mar 9 2015, 07:51:59 AM
    Interesting. Acting Company Present at the Friedman, though? That's odd. Could it be a benefit reading?
  • THE HEIDI CHRONICLES Previews  Mar 2 2015, 09:10:42 AM
    I can't believe people are calling this dated. It felt fresh and relevant; it could have been written yesterday. Acting was excellent. Pinkham will probably win a Tony.