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  • Need help with a play  Nov 25 2015, 05:35:09 PM

    "Curious Incident..." is also stunning, if also about autism. There's rush available if you're local to NY. If not, you can read the novel.

  • Need help with a play  Nov 25 2015, 03:42:34 PM

    Double post.


  • Need help with a play  Nov 25 2015, 03:42:34 PM

    I don't remember the playwright's name, but there's a wonderful play entitled "Falling" about a young man with autism and how his challenges affect the family.

    I've worked with families and children with autism for nearly a decade, and yes, I know know it's not classified as an Axis I mental illness. But the play shows how one family member's unique challenges have an impact on the family.


  • Monologues from musicals  Nov 20 2015, 02:24:01 PM

    This may technically be dialogue, but I've always loved the "butterfly" monologue and Bobby's "motel room" exchange from "Company." 

    My favorite monologue from a musical, though, is the "Have it Your Way" one from "Assassins." I'm so grateful it was recorded in its entirety on the revival album!

  • Broadway Halloween costumes  Nov 2 2015, 11:03:57 PM

    Me as Sally Bowles from the film version of "Cabaret."

  • best horror themed show  Oct 18 2015, 11:15:06 PM

    --I have to second "Let the Right One In," "Carrie," "Little Shop of Horrors," and "Sweeney Todd,"

    --Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" has a number of truly revolting scenes and disgusting actions, though the only time I've seen the play done effectively is in Julie Taymor's 1999 film "Titus."

    --"The Pillowman:" I didn't even see it, and some of the dialogue and visuals are burned into my brain fr

  • Spring Awakening: Triggering?  Oct 3 2015, 11:33:21 AM

    @VintageSnarker - it's definitely "more problematic than romantic!" The way this production plays it makes that clear without having to go to the less subtle, less dramatically interesting, and more potentially camp "her hitting him as he overpowers her," route. In addition, it makes it believable when Wendla later tells her mother that she "just wanted to be close to him," and felt like that was the way to do it, even if she wasn't really comfortable/cle

  • Spring Awakening: Triggering?  Oct 1 2015, 11:46:11 PM

    I saw this in previews last Saturday, so it may be changing nightly, but I clearly remember that after Wendla lies back, Melchior asks and signs, "yes?" And Wendla signs and her "voice" says, "yes." Of course, by today's standards, Wendla is both too young and too naive/uneducated to consent to sex without understanding the consequences and I'm not making a statement that this was an act between consenting adults in terms of the conventions of t

  • Rasheeda Speaking airing on PBS THIRTEEN  Oct 1 2015, 11:33:45 PM

    I thought it was dreadful, despite the excellent performances by Pinkins and Weist.

  • Spring Awakening Seating  Oct 1 2015, 11:30:49 PM

    I got tickets through TDF and was seated in orchestra row N, dead center. I found it to be a great view. I was able to see all the staging and the projections, but still see the actors' faces, A few rows closer would have been even better, but I can tell you that rear orchestra is a fine place to sit,especially if there's a significant price difference between that option and your others.

  • Flea Market Finds!  Sep 29 2015, 10:27:43 AM

    This was my second flea market, the first being the year it rained and everything was moved inside. I found a few things I was looking for, and a bunch of things I wasn't!

    Cast Recordings:

    • "The Fortress of Solitude" - $5
    • "Side Show" Revival - $5


    • RENT Hollywood Bowl "Diva" shirt - $1
    • "Peter . . . Starcatcher" unisex logo - $1
    • "Peter . . . Starcatcher" ladies navy - $1
    • Happy Musicals vs Sad Musicals  Jul 20 2015, 10:21:33 PM

      "I think MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, while an inherently flawed musical somewhere in it's construction, has a juxtaposition of emotions I've never found in another show that's solely due to it's unusual structure. Having the jaded cynics age backwards into hopeful young dreamers is frisson enough, but specifically the "Not a Day Goes By (Reprise)" which manages to feature not just the repurposing of a couple's bitter demise into the (soon-to-be-thwar

    • Happy Musicals vs Sad Musicals  Jul 20 2015, 10:06:38 PM

      And I never thought that way about A Chorus Line's ending. That is amazingly interesting!"

      Have you ever seen a professional production of this show performed live? Its tone is incredibly different as a complete work seen live compared to just listening to the cast recording (especially the OBC).


    • Happy Musicals vs Sad Musicals  Jul 20 2015, 07:27:32 PM

      "A Chorus Line" is something like that as well.  The finale number "looks" so happy, and "sounds" so happy, but if done correctly, it should make you cry.

      "Follies," too, toes the line between happy and sad brilliantly--especially if you're just listening to the cast recording. So many upbeat songs compared to ballads, but even the "happy" songs read "sad" on stage if the production is a good one. "Mirror, Mirror," I think is the best example in that show.

    • Fun Home Standing Room?  Jun 11 2015, 12:58:03 AM

      I stood for "Fun Home" about a month ago. I agree with the other posters that it's an extremely comfortable standing room experience as they go, and that the view is spectacular. It's easily worth the $30!

    • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:43:39 PM

      YES, Michael Cerveris!

    • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 09:30:29 PM

      I guess Judy and Sydney split the votes. I was rooting for Sydney, but Ruthie Ann Miles was fantastic and Tony-worthy.

    • Favorite Pro Shot Versions of Stage Musicals?  May 22 2015, 08:12:42 PM

      Going back to the original question for a moment: one of my favorite proshot performances was of "Contact." I know many here aren't fans of the show, but I first saw it through an old VHS copy made by a friend years after the Best Musical controversy, and absolutely loved it. The third act does for me emotionally what "Company" takes the full length of a show to accomplish (and I LOVE "Company!).

    • Official Broadway merchandise Sale!  May 21 2015, 08:36:13 AM

      PMed you.

    • On the Twentieth Century Audience Opinions and Stage Door Info  Mar 24 2015, 12:27:36 PM
      I saw James Moye's first performance, so my opinions are based on having seen the show during that somewhat tumultuous time for the cast. Like VintageSnarker, I understand there's love for the show here, and I certainly don't want to spoil it for anyone. All theater love is good love, and in this case, I simply don't share it for this show.

      Overall, I didn't enjoy "On the Twentieth Century," and was even fairly bored during much of it--especially the big production numbers, which I felt