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  • Trip of Love  Jul 30 2016, 09:19:16 AM

    Anybody catch Nia Soux? I have a sad, sad obsession with "Dance Moms" and am so curious about her performance.

  • Box seats/rush for Fiddler  May 30 2016, 07:00:57 AM

    3 weeks ago, I got a rush ticket at 10:30 on a Saturday and got rear orchestra full-view seats.

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 17 2016, 09:22:02 AM

    BenThomas said: "I got home from NY today....and my husband and I were at this performance of Fiddler.  We were up in the mezzanine.  We didn't hear the entire encounter as described up there, but it did get loud enough and continued long enough that I honestly thought they were going to stop the show.  As it was happening there was a pause from Perchik, who never threw focus away from Hodel, but could obviously hear what was happening, and almost se

  • Looks like Cindy Adams is a regular reader of this board  May 16 2016, 09:46:09 PM

    ...this is the most bizarrely-written thing I've ever seen.

  • Looks like Cindy Adams is a regular reader of this board  May 16 2016, 09:44:49 PM

    Go me?

  • Favorite line/part of a musical that isn't the lyrics of a song?  May 16 2016, 03:25:27 PM

    The Bobby/Kathy scene in "Company."

    The dressing room scene at the end of "Gypsy"

    "Let's us just be friends" from "The Color Purple"

    The barn scene through the end of "Fiddler on the Roof"

    So many others!

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 16 2016, 12:00:15 PM

    Ushers certainly don't have easy jobs these days.

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 16 2016, 11:29:20 AM

    That's wonderful, Rebeccmam31! Indeed, it's a timely moment in history to have THIS production of "Fiddler" on Broadway. I'm so glad you and the girls loved the show and that it spurred some important and salient conversation for you all.

  • Boxes  May 16 2016, 09:14:01 AM

    bwayandstuff said: "I could be wrong but I believe that the stacked boxes are already put together in one half of the box which is separated by a divider or something. So the actor fills the one half with the "free boxes" during the song. When he opens the box from the other end, the stacked boxes are already put together in that half and they come out all tied together! 




  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 16 2016, 09:11:15 AM

    Comden Green said: "OP   What an incredible family history and important that you know as much as you do.  Fiddler is an important show in that respect for those historical and human connections.  It is powerful.   How many have learned of these horrible situations because of this musical?   

    That being said, without a doubt, the weakest part of this show is the pogrom.   While impossible to portray the horror on stage, many may be left w

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 08:15:09 PM

    Thank you! (And of course, my best comment ever has an autocorrect misspelling. :-P)

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 07:46:34 PM

    Thank you! Truly, thanks for commenting: I intended to relate the story in a way that would entertain and delight rather than just complain about the incident. That's my favorite sentence of the tale, too. :)

    Many thanks also to those expressing sympathy for the ruination of my Act I experience. My great-grandfather on my mother's side was a Jew from the Russian Pale. He had bred horses and was a learned man, and the Tsar sized his land, and had used his horses as Pogrom cavalr

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 03:59:25 PM

    BroadwayFan12 said: "I'm confused about the timeline. Perchik and Hodel get engaged in Act 2 and Tzeitel and Motel's wedding is Act 1. Regardless, what an awful situation. I'm glad you at least got comps.


    "You are correct: I just edited my post to reflect that. It was during the scene in which Perching and Hodel dance after Perchik gives the younger sisters their lesson about "never trust an employer" that the trouble started.

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 11:58:46 AM

    It was much more than 10 minutes. From the "I have a political question of marriage" line to halfway through Tzeitel's wedding, there was some sort of disruption. I've never experienced anything like this, and I've attended about 15-20 shows a year in NY and Boston for about 10 years or so. I'm still stunned.

    I'm not sure what the actors saw/heard. Ben Rappaport said he heard it but thought it would die down. Other actors said he didn't hear anything.

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 11:48:19 AM

    I was at last night's performance of "Fiddler on the Roof," sitting in row T house left. Behind me were three empty rows, and behind them were the trouble makers. A couple minutes before Perchik dances with Hodel (right after the "never trust an employer" line), a man began speaking in a normal tone of voice, asking the woman next to him to turn off her phone, saying "I've asked you to turn that thing off several times" and other things. The woman re

  • "The Wild Party" Boston (LaChiusa)  Apr 24 2016, 01:21:56 AM

    Thought some of you folks might be interested to know that there's an exceptional production of LaChiusa's "The Wild Party" running through May 1st at Boston's Calderwood Pavillion. Discounted tickets are everywhere from Groupon to Goldstar and elsewhere (some less than $10 if you're lucky, and it's a tiny house with no bad seats). I just saw it today, and immediately purchased tickets to go back next weekend.

  • BLACKBIRD Reviews  Mar 20 2016, 10:08:57 AM

    Thank you!

  • Blackbird Rush  Mar 20 2016, 09:06:33 AM

    Arrived at 10:20 yesterday (Saturday) and got 2 rush for the evening. The box office had only a single ticket for the matinee at that time. Seats were 4th row, all the way house right. Excellent seats for the price: didn't miss any action, and while there were a couple minutes here and there that a set piece would block my view of an actor's face, they move around quite a bit, and it was great being able to see facial expressions that close.

  • BLACKBIRD Reviews  Mar 20 2016, 09:02:08 AM

    Saw this last night and wanted to post a question without starting a new thread.

    So, maybe I'm dense, but...why is this play entitled Blackbird? The only reference I can think of is the Beatles'song, but neither it, nor they, nor the word itself is ever mentioned in the play.

    Had mixed feelings about the show itself, but am on board with all who are praising Williams's performance.


  • Call me odd... most disturbing plays?  Mar 1 2016, 08:18:00 PM

    "Let the Right One In"