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  • Dear Evan Hansen Rush  Dec 28 2016, 08:22:25 PM

    It's definitely NOT a thing if more than 2 total tickets are being purchased! Switching out is cool, or meeting a friend on line IF it doesn't impact the people behind you is cool, but it's definitely not okay to save spots for people to cut the line. (It's one thing if someone is running a little bit behind and you inform whoever is behind you, or someone leaves for 15m to bring back food or get coffee, but what you're describing is not cool.)

  • Better off with rush  Dec 27 2016, 09:08:25 AM

    It closes 1/8/17, but I entered the "Falsettos" lottery for 2 Sat performances and a Sunday performance (all for the same weekend) and won twice. Great front-mezz seats. I wish undo up going twice because I loved it so much!

  • Rush tickets are not affordable anymore  Dec 15 2016, 12:15:23 AM

    You can blow $40 on two drinks in Manhattan if you're a civilized tipper. Would it be lovely if rush were still $20? Sure. But I'm extremely grateful that most Broadway shows can be seen for $30-40, and as said before, Off-Broadway rush prices average even lower. Grateful, grateful, grateful, is the word of the day on $40 Rush prices for a Broadway show! Ditto for TDF, TodayTix, AudienceRewards, etc. For the great blessing a theatrical experience can bring into my life, $40, while not

  • Dear Evan Hansen Standing Room  Dec 15 2016, 12:09:19 AM

    There are partials that do not show up on Telecharge that may affect the SRO situation. I got SRO on Saturday morning12/10 for the evening show. (Arrived at 9:20 am.) There was a single partial ticket left unsold (despite Telecharge stating that the show was sold out for that performance), but the BO sold SRO anyway since it was just a single partial. If there are additional partials unsold for future performances, they may not sell SRO until those are gone.

    Btw, SRO for

  • Evan Hansen Seating Question  Dec 14 2016, 08:36:09 PM

    Not totally related, but I can report that the view from SRO is excellent for this show, so consequently, any seat in the orchestra centerline ought to be , too.

  • Selling Falsettos ticket Sat 12/9  Dec 9 2016, 02:24:06 PM

    Sold! Many thanks to this lovely community of theater aficionados!

  • Selling Falsettos ticket Sat 12/9  Dec 9 2016, 01:19:27 PM

    Thank you! Fixed it.

  • Selling Falsettos ticket Sat 12/9  Dec 9 2016, 01:09:40 PM

    Price is negotiable.

  • Selling Falsettos ticket Sat 12/10  Dec 9 2016, 11:41:52 AM

    I purchased a ticket for tomorrow's matinee, only to have a friend win the lottery and surprise me with a seat for the same performance.

    Balcony A 36. I paid $52.70. I'll sell it for $40 or best offer. 

    We can meet at the theater since I'll be attending the same performance. I'll get the ticket from the BO and hand it right to you.

    If interested, please respond to this post and I'll provide my cell # in a PM. Thank you!

  • Giant musical at the Public  Nov 17 2016, 11:45:03 AM

    I loved it so much I saw it twice in two days during a weekend trip. the cast recording is glorious as well!

  • Hamilton OBC signed poster for sale  Oct 31 2016, 11:39:25 AM

    It was a horse.

  • Anyone purchased tickets from Goldstar?  Oct 23 2016, 10:39:41 AM

    I've also purchased many times from Goldstar. Not only are they legit, their customer service is fantastic!

  • Comedically Misheard Lyrics  Oct 17 2016, 08:53:57 AM

    "Yes you go

    Downtown, where the cabs don't stop

    Downtown, where the food is slop

    Downtown, where the Hobbits flop in the snow

    Down on Skid Row"


  • MISS SAIGON IN THE CINEMA  Sep 22 2016, 11:18:48 PM

    I'm floating. What a great night at the  (movie) theater! I smell Tonys....

  • Marin Mazzie - chemotherapy again  Sep 4 2016, 12:18:50 AM

    Her husband, Jason Danieley, has said that fans can leave pictures of sunflowers or pictures of themselves wearing teal (the Ovarian Cancer Awareness color) on Marin's Facebook page to show support and bring cheer. Truly, miss Mazzie is a goddess. I was lucky enough to meet her at the SD of "n2n." She signed my "Passion" DVD insert and could not have been more classy or lovely.

  • Color Purple Rush?  Aug 31 2016, 04:05:34 PM

    Rushed 2 weeks ago (a Saturday). Arrived at 6:30. 8th in line. Was able to choose the box seat: left front box (house left) gives the best view, IMHO. $35, cash or credit. By the time the B.O. opened, there were about 50 people in line. The gentleman in the box office was awesome.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!  Aug 29 2016, 08:50:28 AM

    "Duck Soup" "A Night in Casablacca,"  and "A Day at the Races" are wonderful Marx Brothers films, too! "A Night at the Opera" is probably my favorite, but every film has at least a few priceless moments. 

  • Broadway props/merch  Aug 28 2016, 10:05:38 PM

    Which shows are you seeking?

  • The Humans - Rush/Limited View  Aug 26 2016, 04:55:22 PM

    It would be fascinating to see that happen. I've had dozens of experiences in which changing seat location vastly altered my perception/experience of a show. With "The Humans," I could have chosen a full-view seat in the rear mezz, but opted for front orch partials because I prefer to be up close, even if I sacrifice seeing some action. I think $30 was a fair price for my seat. If I'd paid $67 (or whatever FV is), I'd have been disappointed with the value.

  • Crowd-sourced version of  Aug 22 2016, 05:40:51 PM

    Submitted 2 responses with weekend experiences. Thank you for doing this!