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  • "The Wild Party" Boston (LaChiusa)  Apr 24 2016, 01:21:56 AM

    Thought some of you folks might be interested to know that there's an exceptional production of LaChiusa's "The Wild Party" running through May 1st at Boston's Calderwood Pavillion. Discounted tickets are everywhere from Groupon to Goldstar and elsewhere (some less than $10 if you're lucky, and it's a tiny house with no bad seats). I just saw it today, and immediately purchased tickets to go back next weekend.

  • BLACKBIRD Reviews  Mar 20 2016, 10:08:57 AM

    Thank you!

  • Blackbird Rush  Mar 20 2016, 09:06:33 AM

    Arrived at 10:20 yesterday (Saturday) and got 2 rush for the evening. The box office had only a single ticket for the matinee at that time. Seats were 4th row, all the way house right. Excellent seats for the price: didn't miss any action, and while there were a couple minutes here and there that a set piece would block my view of an actor's face, they move around quite a bit, and it was great being able to see facial expressions that close.

  • BLACKBIRD Reviews  Mar 20 2016, 09:02:08 AM

    Saw this last night and wanted to post a question without starting a new thread.

    So, maybe I'm dense, but...why is this play entitled Blackbird? The only reference I can think of is the Beatles'song, but neither it, nor they, nor the word itself is ever mentioned in the play.

    Had mixed feelings about the show itself, but am on board with all who are praising Williams's performance.


  • Call me odd... most disturbing plays?  Mar 1 2016, 08:18:00 PM

    "Let the Right One In"

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/21/16  Feb 23 2016, 08:45:13 AM

    Also, it's Febuary, and it's to be expected that there'd be a drop for a show like "Fun Home" that's been running a year. They had that $59 weeknight deal for a while, and those were excellent full-view seats. I went on Thursday, and there were about 20 empty seats. It may not be the hot ticket of the moment, but people are still seeing the show and experiencing its story.

  • The Color Purple (New Broadway Cast Recording)  Feb 21 2016, 09:49:32 AM

    Remedial tech question here: I don't have access to a computer right now, but I have an iPad. If I buy the digital record from Broadway Records, will my iPad be able to download and play the album? I already checked iTunes, and didn't see it there. Thanks!

  • Color Purple Rush?  Feb 20 2016, 05:50:08 PM

    They sell SRO when sold out: someone in front of me wanted to get SRO instead of partial rush, and the BO declined.

  • Color Purple Rush?  Feb 20 2016, 11:26:48 AM

    Rush today had 3 "groups:" $35 boxes, $35 "very partial" according to the gentleman in the box office, and $59 "less partial" when the first two groups sold out. The girl in front of me got the last $35 rush ticket, and I picked up the first pair of $59 "partials," which are actually full view center orchestra, just separated by the sound board so my friend and I can't sit together. (Which is fine with me! It's not like my friend and I are going

  • Color Purple Rush?  Feb 20 2016, 08:33:24 AM

    On line now (Saturday, got here 8:15). About 30th in line (planning to get $59 PV). They're doing the load-in for "American Psycho," which is making the line a little hectic, but definitely less monotonous!

  • Color Purple Rush?  Feb 18 2016, 05:32:53 PM

    At the box office today, I was informed that rush is only in the boxes, but they also have a limited number of same-day $59 partial mezz  and partial orch seats. She told me people start lining up around  7-8 a.m. Cheapest seats if those are all sold out are $85.

  • She Loves Me - HIPTIX  Feb 10 2016, 10:21:43 PM

    If it helps anyone, the discount code SLMFB1 works, and there's $30 same-day rush if there are rear mezz seats available. I used the above code for $67 tickets for front row of the mid mezz slightly off-center for next Sunday.

  • It's time for a Seussical Revival  Feb 9 2016, 09:12:36 PM

    To piggyback off ClydeBarrow's post, the Gallery Players production is on TDF for $9.00. I'm seeing it next Saturday, and would be happy to report back here on it.

  • What happened to BroadwaySpotted?  Feb 8 2016, 12:03:03 AM

    Thanks for the info, and ditto re: missing the rush report.

  • What happened to BroadwaySpotted?  Feb 7 2016, 03:38:41 PM

    It now redirects to , apparently? What's Ken Davenport up to?

  • Len Cariou's  Jan 31 2016, 01:56:11 AM

    Thanks for posting! I'm visiting NY in a few weeks and was considering this show. Glad to read your positive review!

  • One Nice Fish Ticket  Jan 17 2016, 09:37:33 AM

    I'll take it if you haven't given it away yet! Thought I had to work a job today but it was canceled so I'm free now. I live 30m away from the theater and can definitely make it!

  • New theater talk episode discussing al Pacino and Bruce Willis not remember lines  Jan 11 2016, 10:52:49 PM

    I saw Mr. Pacino in "The Merchant of Venice" at the Broadhurst, and he was excellent as Shylock. Granted, he's also in a film version of that play so he was quite familiar with the text, but he certainly wasn't using an earpiece for that show. He may just be falling victim to the ravages of time.

  • Curious Incident Ticket Giveaway Questions  Jan 9 2016, 03:23:44 PM

    It's been about a week, and I've sent two.

  • Curious Incident Ticket Giveaway Questions  Jan 9 2016, 09:21:55 AM

    I just got a "Congratulations" message from their Facebook page, asking me to send my full name, email, and mailing address so they could send me tickets. This is the official CI page, not a fan one. I messaged back with my info, and haven't heard back since.