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Member Name: kec
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Gender: Female
Location: Virginia
Profile: Interests include musical theater, singing, needlework, sewing reading

Favorite Show(s): Hairspray
Mary Poppins
The Boy From Oz
The Pirate Queen
The Woman in White

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Ball
Alfie Boe
Adam Brazier
Gavin Creel
Martin Crewes
Maria Friedman
Hugh Jackman
John Owen-Jones
Jill Paice
Daniel Torres

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Alfie Boe is leaving Les Miz on February 28th  Nov 13 2015, 05:03:10 PM

    Saw him play the role in London and again a few weeks ago in NY. Alfie has really grown into the role,and as you say Lizzie, his singing is phenomenal.    

  • New Les Mis Replacements Review Thread  Sep 2 2015, 10:51:36 AM

    None of the fans I know who  were there last night said anything about a planned standing ovation for Bring Him Home,  but I know when Alfie has sung it in concert (mostly in the UK) he got standing ovations every time he sang it.  

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead at 21  Aug 31 2015, 05:46:15 PM

    Also horrifying are the assumptions that he committed suicide based on his tweet about his last appearance as Valjean.  More than one person claimed that tweet was in essence a suicide note.  *rolleyes*

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead at 21  Aug 31 2015, 05:29:09 PM

    Maybe one of his college friends?  

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead at 21  Aug 30 2015, 10:37:37 PM

    The comments on AOL/HuffingtonPost were indeed disgusting.  

  • R.I.P Edward Herrmann  Dec 31 2014, 06:29:17 PM
    "If you regularly watch the historical shows and specials on PBS and the History Channel, his voice is everywhere. He'll be missed."

    I believe he was the voice of FDR in the recent Burns series on the Roosevelts. Very sad news.
  • Robin Wlliams has died.  Aug 12 2014, 05:50:09 AM
    Jordan that was a wonderful scene...
  • Songs That Have Moved You To Tears  Mar 30 2014, 06:31:35 PM
    "I'm not going to lie... I loved Ashley Brown's portrayal of Mary Poppins and I cried when she flew over the audience."

    That reminded me... the first time I saw Mary Poppins on stage in London, I found myself getting very emotional during Feed The Birds. This happened every time I saw the show both in London and at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Not sure why -- might be a nostalga thing, since MP was the very first movie I ever saw.
  • Songs That Have Moved You To Tears  Mar 30 2014, 10:40:47 AM
    Bring Him Home -- reminds me sometimes of the night we brought my firefighter brother home from the hospital. He was dying (multiple myeloma contracted from working at Ground Zero)& his wife wanted to get him back home -- he died two days later.

    Depending on the performers, in Les Mis, pretty much from Little Fall of Rain to the end.

    Tell My Father from Civil War. I saw the musical at Ford's Theatre in WAshington DC and was fine, but sometime after my father passed away I
  • Marvin Hamlisch Special on PBS  Dec 28 2013, 10:38:06 AM
    Very much enjoyed it. I was reminded of the last time I saw him live, which was when he conducted the Washington Pops (I think)in a salute to Sondheim that included Brian Darcy James and Maria Friedman, among others. At one point during the concert he pointed out two young girls in the front row with their parents, expressing great pleasure that there were young people like these girls in the audience and how great it was that the parents brought them to the show. He invited the family backst
  • Photos of Early 20th Century Theatres in the U.S.  Oct 3 2013, 07:18:35 PM
    Glad to hear Kings is being restored. Hopefully the others will too.
  • Photos of Early 20th Century Theatres in the U.S.  Oct 3 2013, 12:59:39 PM
    From the UK newspaper The Daily Mail
  • Epic video: Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing perform Hello Dolly!/Mame mashup  Sep 15 2013, 09:36:57 AM
    Oh, W.O.W.
  • Les Mis 2014 Casting?  Aug 31 2013, 07:58:24 AM
    "Alfie Boe's concert at Joe's Pub was fantastic. And he did a stripped down acoustic version of Bring Him Home that was absolutely beautiful. I would love to see him in the revival."

  • Les Mis 2014 Casting?  Aug 14 2013, 05:36:12 PM
    Bummer about Andrew Varela...
  • Earl Carpenter cast as Javert in Toronto!  May 11 2013, 09:12:37 AM
    Ah, ok, he was in the tour. I saw the show in London, and someone else played Don Alejandro. Thanks.
  • Earl Carpenter cast as Javert in Toronto!  May 11 2013, 08:37:47 AM
    CONAires, what rold did Earl play in the Zorro musical? I saw that three times and don't remember him being part of the cast.
  • Congratulations to Rob and the BWW team!  Mar 1 2013, 02:31:19 PM
    Wow, fantastic news!!!! Congratulations!!!
  • Les Miserables to return to Broadway!  Feb 19 2013, 03:04:35 PM
    Also hoping for Alfie Boe AND Andrew Varela as Javert.
  • Let's Cast the 2014 Revival of Les Miz! Go!  Feb 19 2013, 03:03:34 PM
    Valjean -- Alfie Boe
    Javert -- Andrew Varela

    These are my top choices for those roles Not familiar enough with those on Broadway now to make a suggestion for the rest, but I do think Stephanie J. Block would be good as Fantine. Would love to see Samantha Barks gets a chance on Broadway.


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