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The Book of Mormon
The Producers

Favorite Performer(s): Gary Beach
David Bologna
Norbert Leo Butz
Jason Danieley
Gregory Jbara
Nathan Lane
Norm Lewis
Jesse L. Martin
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Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Riedel on The Great Comet off stage battle - PART 2  Oct 21 2016, 06:34:25 PM

    I don't have my playbill in front of me, but as I recall, it has all the 20 or so producers in a clump, then on separate lines, something like: 

    "with American Repertory Theatre and Ars Nova present"

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 21 2016, 02:13:57 PM

    December 15 is the other, I believe.

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 21 2016, 01:53:26 PM

    I am glad most people are enjoying Groban. I thought he was a bit weak in the role. I am going to try to catch Stangland during one of the days he is scheduled for.

  • Great Comet Seating Thread  Oct 20 2016, 10:21:22 PM

    orlikethecolorpurple said: "I splurged and got an armchair - stage right, but along the side of "Pierre's Salon" directly in the center (SB, seat 3). Worried I made a mistake. 



    For what it's worth, I don't think you made a mistake. As I mentioned, my armchair (they are mo

  • Great Comet Seating Thread  Oct 20 2016, 09:28:22 PM

    I splurged and sat on one of the stools in the stage left sunken tavern and absolutely loved my seat and would do it again.


    The view from the front mezzanine is probably really amazing. In my opinion, the rear mezz felt a little disconnected (yeah, I have seen it twice, the stage and the last row of the rear mezzanine). More ensemble members spend time in/around the front than the rear section, and in the rear section you are high enough up that heads of people

  • Great Comet Question  Oct 19 2016, 11:16:23 PM

    aimeric said: "Last night they had dumplings, but in the orch section, they only handed them out to a few people, basically whoever jumped first at the invitation.  Did everyone get one in the stage seating section?"


    I'm not sure about the banquets, I was in one of the "sunken taverns" and the person who brought them to us brought enough for everyone in the tavern, it seemed.

  • Great Comet Question  Oct 19 2016, 05:10:51 PM

    They do give out dumplings (I had seen that article about the pierogi picking as well, so was surprised when it was a dumpling). I am not sure if every person in the theatre got them or not.

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 19 2016, 12:26:43 AM

    I just got home and will type up a post with more thoughts, but I definitely connected to the show emotionally and was honestly on the verge of tears a couple times.


    As I said, more thoughts to come, but overall a thrilling night.

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 17 2016, 11:28:49 PM

    Gah, I'm so excited for tomorrow. 

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 15 2016, 05:36:13 PM

    Great to know, thanks!

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 15 2016, 04:10:04 PM

    I'll be there! Had a long week at work and last night I happened to look and there was a single seat calling out to me, so I gave in and splurged. Can't wait! Three years ago this week I first saw the show at the Kazino!

  • Hadestown to receive a live cast album  Oct 14 2016, 10:48:37 AM

    All three of those who left are on it.

  • Selling 1 balcony seat forWendsday night Sunday In The Park...  Oct 14 2016, 01:21:57 AM

    Sent you a PM!

  • Hadestown to receive a live cast album  Oct 13 2016, 12:18:23 AM

    Man, the sound quality is fabulous. I cannot wait for the full album!

  • 3 matildas?  Oct 12 2016, 06:34:04 PM

    itis2l84u said: "It took you five months to notice?"


    He was saving it for a day when he didn't have enough things to fill his quota of number of threads to start per day.

  • Hadestown to receive a live cast album  Oct 11 2016, 09:06:30 PM

    They just sent out an email to those that saw the show, we are getting 4 tracks Friday (the first, Why Do We Build the Wall is included and sounds wonderful). The full album is out in 2017.

  • My Upcoming Trip To NYC: Dec. 25-28, 2016  Oct 10 2016, 11:23:18 PM

    My three words: The Great Comet!

  • who would have been good for Pierre in Comet ?  Oct 8 2016, 11:11:22 AM

    I'm keeping an open mind as well. Really, I'm just ridiculously excited to see this show again. If they have rush, I will probably finally understand those people who see shows over and over again.

  • who would have been good for Pierre in Comet ?  Oct 8 2016, 12:43:09 AM

    CindersGolightly said: "Pierre is described as plump and not thin many times in the musical, so maybe someone who's plump and not thin."


    Groban is wearing padding to plump him up.

  • who would have been good for Pierre in Comet ?  Oct 8 2016, 12:17:33 AM

    Valentina3 said: "Is he, though? He's a phenomenal singer. I mean, his "Dust And Ashes" is already superior than Dave Mallory's version."


    Yes, but I think Malloy's voice is much better for the character.


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