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Birthday: 4 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Philadelphia
Occupation: Student
Favorite Show(s): Assassins
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Guys and Dolls
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sweeney Todd
The Book of Mormon
The Producers

Favorite Performer(s): Gary Beach
David Bologna
Norbert Leo Butz
Jason Danieley
Gregory Jbara
Nathan Lane
Norm Lewis
Jesse L. Martin
Cristin Milioti
David Hyde Pierce
Mark Rylance

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  • What will Saoirse Ronan do?  Feb 5 2016, 01:12:53 AM

    Yeah, I was one of those who thought they would have done this a while ago if they were going to do it at all.

  • What will Saoirse Ronan do?  Feb 1 2016, 04:26:51 PM

    Well, she doesn't "open" the day after the Academy Awards, she starts previews. I also don't think she necessarily has "a lot of potential", I think Brie Larson is the one to beat at the moment. That being said, they have probably worked it into their schedule to fly her to California for the day.

  • Encores! A New Brain to get recording!  Jan 26 2016, 08:25:35 PM

    "And They're Off" sounds....awful. Based on that I will be sticking with the original recording.

  • Minor yet memorable roles and salaries for actors  Jan 18 2016, 02:05:05 AM

    I'm not saying he isn't a millionaire (how should I have the foggiest idea how much money the man has), but there is no way he got paid a great deal for the two lines he had in American Sniper.

  • 4 Broadway Shows Debuting in 2016 That Could Bomb or Blow Up  Jan 16 2016, 05:10:11 PM

    Why are we getting a new thread for every silly article on medium now?

  • Should I see Marjorie Prime or The Skeliton Crew????  Jan 12 2016, 04:55:52 PM

    Is it bad that I don't want to see Skeleton Crew solely because of the "award winning playwright almost slapping a theatre patron" incident? Oh well...

  • Lazarus Cast Album Confirmed!  Jan 12 2016, 02:54:22 PM

    I will say, though, that Sophia Anne Caruso made a social media post (that she deleted/edited soon thereafter) a couple weeks ago saying that she was making her Broadway debut this year. However a recent Playbill feature hints that maybe it is Little Dancer? Her quote on that: "Caruso: Little Dancer was an incredible experience. Being directed by five-time Tony winner Susan Stroman was absolutely amazing. There are many rumors about Little Dancer moving to Broadway, but my lips are seale

  • Lazarus Cast Album Confirmed!  Jan 12 2016, 02:42:14 PM

    I really don't see it finding an audience to sustain a run on Broadway.

  • Steve Pasquale in Robber Bridegroom!  Jan 12 2016, 02:04:12 PM

    Full cast list:


  • Lazarus Cast Album Confirmed!  Jan 12 2016, 12:29:20 AM

    Glad to hear this as well. The music was really wonderful.


    I was actually just thinking about this today and figured it would most likely be happening. Since who knows if the show itself will have a future, why wouldn't they record an album that would feature new Bowie songs (that he now, unfortunately, will never record himself).

  • HAMILTON's Digital Lottery--Just for the Winter  Jan 5 2016, 05:44:17 PM

    Oof. What an awful mess.

  • HAMILTON's Digital Lottery--Just for the Winter  Jan 4 2016, 11:58:38 PM

    The in person lotto line is absurd. I've done it a few times to no avail, so at least now I can enter and lose without having to go through that madness.

  • Was THE FLICK's original cast better?  Jan 3 2016, 11:56:29 PM

    Haven't seen the new cast, but the original cast was great. If I'm not mistaken, the role of Sam was written with Matthew Maher in mind, so it'd be hard for him not to be perfect for it.

  • Bullets Over Broadway tour -- first review  Jan 2 2016, 11:06:19 PM

    Different people with the same name. The Jeff Brooks from Broadway's BatB is 65 years old (though, ironically, the Bullets' Jeff was in the show on tour), and the Michael Williams from On the Town is an African American actor as opposed to Bullets' caucasian. 


    Yay Google!

  • Aladdin Casting Announcement?  Jan 1 2016, 03:27:06 AM

    ILOHTFAHA (Aida Man) said: "Are you sure?



    It would certainly appear so, judging by the photo of the script with his name on it that he tweeted, with the caption "guess who is joining Aladdin on Broadway"

  • King Charles III - Rush  Dec 31 2015, 12:23:41 AM

    Yeah. I went at 5pm for an 8pm Saturday show and got a ticket.

  • New Cast in The Flick starts next week, 9/1  Dec 28 2015, 01:39:00 PM

    I would say this was probably my favorite show I saw in 2015. Really fell in love with it and hope to see it with the newer cast before it closes.

  • King Charles III - Rush  Dec 28 2015, 02:22:07 AM

    bfreak said: "Did you miss anything from there?


    I don't believe so.


  • King Charles III - Rush  Dec 27 2015, 09:14:15 PM

    I went the Saturday before Christmas around 5pm and got a rush ticket, row D all the way to the side but the view was perfectly fine.

  • Visiting NYC Dec 28 need help with tickets  Dec 22 2015, 12:03:46 AM

    I don't think I would expect Fun Home to be on TKTS that week.


    As for going to TKTS, if you are up for it, I very much recommend going to the South Street Seaport location, where the wait will be MUCH shorter, and also they sell matinee tickets the day before, so you could get them on Monday as well.