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Birthday: 4 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Philadelphia
Occupation: Student
Favorite Show(s): Assassins
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Guys and Dolls
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sweeney Todd
The Book of Mormon
The Producers

Favorite Performer(s): Gary Beach
David Bologna
Norbert Leo Butz
Jason Danieley
Gregory Jbara
Nathan Lane
Norm Lewis
Jesse L. Martin
Cristin Milioti
David Hyde Pierce
Mark Rylance

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  • Josh Groban to star in The Great Comet of 1812 on Broadway in September  Apr 24 2016, 08:18:24 AM

    PerfidiousRaoul said: "Weird that they chose to exclude 'and' on the poster, it just says Natasha Pierre the Great Comet of 1812. Maybe they are opting for just The Great Comet of 1812. Groban and Benton's costumes look awesome though!"

    I thought that at first too, but there is an ampersand after "Pierre".


    I don't love the glossy feel to the poster. I am partial to the rough around the edges logo from the off Broadway ru

  • 420 on Broadway  Apr 20 2016, 08:24:03 PM

    Guys, there is a Sleepy's at 420 Broadway...that's why there will be line flubs? Everyone went to Sleepy's?

  • Once question: which songs does Girl play piano in?  Apr 19 2016, 08:12:49 PM

    She plays a bit of Mendelssohn too.

  • Royal Court production of Martin McDonagh's  Apr 19 2016, 07:54:58 AM

    Not sure what your source is, but I hope this turns out to be true. I love me a good McDonagh play.

  • Could Hamilton be streamed live on TV?  Apr 18 2016, 07:55:10 PM

    Yeah...that's not going to happen.

  • Hamilton Lottery  Apr 18 2016, 11:43:15 AM

    KathyNYC2 said: "
    Also Today's Tix does not call you when you win. They may call you if you didn't win at the first pick.. and then some last minute lottery tickets open up - and they'll call the next people on the list. But normally you just get an email or text.


    TodayTix certainly does call you. The one time I won one of their lotteries, my phone was dead and by the time I got it charged (still within the hour) I had gotten the original em

  • Hamilton Lottery  Apr 18 2016, 09:53:26 AM

    As someone who hasn't won yet, I wish that they would monitor to make sure people weren't winning multiple times. I know some lotteries in the past have not let people win more than once a month, etc. I'm sure with the number of entries Hamilton gets, people are rarely winning more than once, but still...

  • Broadway Stars Read Mean Tweets  Apr 13 2016, 11:42:48 PM

    Everything about this, down to the graphics, is completely ripped off from Jimmy Kimmel, except not funny.

  • 2016 Muny Cast Lineup  Apr 13 2016, 10:15:50 PM

    Boy, I would actually love to see Vicki Lewis as Frau Blucher.

  • Daniel Radcliffe Will Return to the Stage This Summer in PRIVACY at The Public Theater!  Apr 13 2016, 05:44:51 PM

    JBroadway said: "I know this is sort of off-topic, but for a couple years now, I've had this dream of seeing Radcliffe play Hamlet (or do any Shakespreare). "

    I don't remember where, but I'm almost positive I have heard or read an interview where he discussed Shakespeare. I don't remember exactly what he said, but the takeaway was that it probably isn't something that will happen. I will see if I can find the interview. I will say I'v

  • Daniel Radcliffe Will Return to the Stage This Summer in PRIVACY at The Public Theater!  Apr 12 2016, 10:11:42 PM

    I've seen him in Equus, Inishmaan and How to Succeed and I think he is quite good on stage.

  • Daniel Radcliffe Will Return to the Stage This Summer in PRIVACY at The Public Theater!  Apr 12 2016, 09:02:09 PM

    Ah, my bad. I missed that and was going off the fact that it was a co-production. I still don't really think it sounds like something that would be aiming for Broadway, but who knows!

  • Daniel Radcliffe Will Return to the Stage This Summer in PRIVACY at The Public Theater!  Apr 12 2016, 06:10:35 PM

    10086sunset said: "Is it safe to say this could be something they would be looking to transfer over to Broadway?



    I very much doubt it. Sounds like it's headed to the Donmar in London.

  • The HAMILTOME  Apr 11 2016, 04:53:29 PM

    I overheard some chatter about it at the Drama Bookshop yesterday. Apparently it is really gorgeous, and they have 1200 copies that are all spoken for (they even said something about having to buy out Barnes and Noble's stock?).

  • WHAT is up with all the pop up ads when accessing site by phone???  Apr 7 2016, 07:59:12 PM

    Agreed, it is ridiculous how often I get the pop up ads. I've had the BOM one five times and I haven't even been on here for 20 minutes, more like 5 minutes.

  • Josh Groban to star in The Great Comet of 1812 on Broadway in September  Mar 30 2016, 10:53:56 AM

    So glad to see so many castmembers returning. Interested to see how they adapt the theatre...can't wait to see the show again.

  • NPH in Netflix's  Mar 14 2016, 08:47:30 PM

    I loved the books as I was growing up, and was thrilled when Netflix announced they were doing this. I have high hopes. That being said I hate this casting. I just think that it is really wrong. I'm not saying NPH isn't talent, obviously he is, but he is always NPH. On his Best Time Ever show, whenever he got dressed up in a disguise, he always tried to speak as little as possible because his voice would give him away. He always sounds like NPH. Count Olaf should be able to disappear

  • Hamilton free ticket  Mar 13 2016, 03:42:50 PM

    Yeah, nowhere is it really implied that the ticket was free.

  • TodayTix Code?  Mar 10 2016, 12:55:36 AM

    ACMIB is a top notch code to use.

  • TKTS Last Minute Tickets  Mar 7 2016, 11:54:00 PM

    I saw Next to Normal with a last minute tkts ticket, maybe an hour before curtain on the last week of the run, fourth row dead center. Amazing seat for my first time seeing the show.