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Member Name: willep
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Birthday: 4 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Philadelphia
Occupation: Student
Favorite Show(s): Assassins
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Guys and Dolls
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sweeney Todd
The Book of Mormon
The Producers

Favorite Performer(s): Gary Beach
David Bologna
Norbert Leo Butz
Jason Danieley
Gregory Jbara
Nathan Lane
Norm Lewis
Jesse L. Martin
Cristin Milioti
David Hyde Pierce
Mark Rylance

Currently Listening To: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Are There Any Composers Out There?  Sep 1 2015, 06:10:18 PM

    Oh lord, help us.

  • SHE LOVES ME Casting  Sep 1 2015, 05:50:40 PM

    I have to say, I was interested when it was Josh, but now it is one I don't want to miss.

    I've been a fan of Zac's since I was in college and watched "Chuck" and thought he was wonderful in First Date even though the material was better suited for Off-Broadway. I am really excited to see him take on this show. I think him and Laura will be great together (not to mention the terrific supporting cast they've assembled).

  • Zac Levi replaces Josh Gadnor in She Loves Me  Sep 1 2015, 02:47:59 PM

    Ha. Fixed. :-P

    Interesting to see how that kid would turn out, though.

  • Zac Levi replaces Josh Radnor in She Loves Me  Sep 1 2015, 02:28:08 PM

    Not going to lie. I am more excited. LOVE me some Zac Levi


    Edit: I see now this is being discussed in the She Loves Me casting threa

  • TodayTix Discount Decreasing  Aug 29 2015, 12:31:24 PM

    Here is the confirmation on their Twitter account:

    (My code, by the way, is ACMIB if anyone would so like to use it )



  • TodayTix Discount Code!  Aug 29 2015, 12:55:17 AM



  • Sylvia Previews  Aug 25 2015, 02:32:46 PM

    Yeah...there probably isn't one since the previews don't start for another month?

  • Free BroadwayBox Lotto?  Aug 25 2015, 11:46:24 AM

    Les Miserables today.

  • WAITRESS Will Officially Bow on Broadway in Spring 2016  Aug 21 2015, 12:06:46 AM

    Apparently Nathan Fillion was there and enjoyed it...according to his Instagram, at least...

  • The Illiad Live Reading  Aug 14 2015, 07:17:50 PM

    I caught Oliver Chris and a few others who I wasn't familiar with earlier. Very cool stuff.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/9/15  Aug 10 2015, 03:49:15 PM

    "Book of Mormon is making way more money than Hamilton and it has hundred of seats less than the Rodgers. Goes to show that people would rather see musical comedy than a musical about the founding fathers even if it is wildly entertaining and moving"



    Well, this is a bad week to judge by because of the press and opening night for Hamilton. If you look at last week, they are more comparable with Hamilton having made slightly more than BOM

  • Just finished my 9 shows in 5 days marathon  Jul 26 2015, 06:27:07 PM

    Sounds like a pretty fun marathon!

    I very much agree with your assessment of Something Rotten. It was amusing. I also wish that Hand to God was selling out. I love that show.

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jul 9 2015, 11:36:15 PM

    Ha, nice try, RW3, Tag made a tiny typo, whoop-dee-doo. His point is still valid, they aren't doing the Broadway production, so why would they go through the extra effort to record the Broadway songs just for the soundtrack? Some of you can't seem to wrap your head around the fact that this movie is not based on the Broadway version...

  • Aaron Tveit to Star as Danny Zuko in Fox's GREASE LIVE!  Jul 9 2015, 12:13:59 PM
    Definitely grab viewers? Uh, think again. Sure, he may be great for the role, but he is by no means a household name that will grab viewers.
  • Harry Potter 2016  Jun 26 2015, 11:09:24 AM
    Ha, true. But I think the difference is that his show is meant to be silly and fun, whereas I feel like if I went to see a "serious" play about Harry I would have a harder time accepting other actors playing characters like the trio, Dumbledore, etc. maybe that is just me though. If done well, it could work, I'm sure. But I still think it is smart of them to focus on minor characters who are still important characters that we have an interest in hearing more about.
  • Harry Potter 2016  Jun 26 2015, 10:55:18 AM
    Very conflicted on how to feel about this. I love Harry Potter and I love plays, obviously, but can the two successfully mix? I am definitely encouraged by the involvement of John Tiffany, I think he is a terrific director who could handle the material well. I would love if this turns out to be an amazing piece of theatre. I think it has potential. I think it is smart to have the main characters of the play be characters that we didn't see so much in the movies/books. Can you imagine a play wher
  • Samantha Barks as Amelie  Jun 21 2015, 07:18:40 AM

    I think Cristin Milioti would have been perfect. Regardless, I am curious to see how this show turns out and hoping it is great!

  • TodayTix Discount Code!  Jun 20 2015, 02:05:47 PM


  • Favorite Bway Cast Albums of the 2014/15 Season  Jun 13 2015, 08:05:46 PM

    The Last Ship for me.

  • SOMETHING ROTTEN! - first listen to the full cast album  Jun 4 2015, 06:02:50 PM

    "I think the people posting all the hate for this show probably need more dick in their lives."


    Or, you know, we just don't find the show as clever and amusing as it thinks it is.