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Birthday: 8 - 28
Gender: Male
Occupation: Graduate student
Profile: I love Sondheim

Favorite Show(s): Chicago
Grey Gardens
Into the Woods
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The King and I
West Side Story
Wonderful Town

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Cerveris
George Hearn
Angela Lansbury
Patti LuPone
Luba Mason
Audra McDonald
Bebe Neuwirth
Kelli O'Hara
Ann Reinking
Chita Rivera
Gwen Verdon

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 7 2015, 12:02:24 PM

    I don't remember why but Cody Green left very early in the run. John Arthur Green (who was much better) started going on a few months into the run. 

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 7 2015, 11:50:41 AM

    Riedel was responsible for that story. Riedel wrote this in 2012 about Arthur's posthumous book.

    Frankly, I always liked Arthur. He made for good copy, especially when he screamed at the “West Side Story” cast for missing performances. Or when he fired leading man Matt Cavenaugh after he married his girlfriend.

    Laurents says my columns about Cavenaugh were “all lies,” adding that my epitaph should be “Here Lie

  • News on Gypsy coming to Broadway  Jul 5 2015, 11:40:34 PM

    ^ That's an interesting piece of information. 

  • TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras, Play By Play  Jul 5 2015, 10:53:33 PM

    Yes, Philly, please join Gold Club!!

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 03:57:41 PM

     I believe some others said Karen was the worst Anita to ever play Broadway. 


    Not sure if that really was said. It was a nasty time around here, but not sure how one could make that assertion without having seen every Anita on Broadway. Even Karen's biggest critic, Pal Joey, noted that she is a very talented woman, just not what he expects from an Anita. Plus most posters here haven't even seen every Anita on Broadway, given that the original pr

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 11:33:14 AM

    I was probably the production's biggest champion on this board. There was a lot of negativity and hate spewed at the production and Tony winner Karen Olivo when she had attendance problems.

    Also, the Spanish lyrics were not completely removed. They were changed to a Spanglish mix which worked much better with "A Boy Like That/I Have a Love."

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 01:29:33 AM

    here we go

  • HONEYMOON IN VEGAS struggling on Broadway  Jul 3 2015, 10:23:59 PM

  • So What Musicals Should Jake Gyllenhaal Do?  Jul 3 2015, 12:50:59 AM

    If that SUNDAY movie ever happens, I'm sure he'd be cast quickly!

    He's probably going to get an endless amount of stage musical offers now.

  • So What Musicals Should Jake Gyllenhaal Do?  Jul 3 2015, 12:47:46 AM

    Wow... Carl-Magnus, Merrily, and Giorgio are actually great choices. Doubt it would ever happen though.

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jul 2 2015, 03:33:39 PM

    "In The Forest Again" is one of K&E's most brilliant compositions. Wow, what a song. 

  • Encores! Little Shop of Horrors Review Thread  Jul 2 2015, 11:41:36 AM

    Wow. Murray RAVED.

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jun 30 2015, 11:28:03 PM

    I'm perhaps most surprised by how much I love "A Confession" on this recording. It's a memorable moment in the show, for sure, but I don't remember it being this menacing when I saw it.  One of Chita's many highlights in this show.

    Exactly! That's why I said she really came with guns blazing on this recording. She's practically horrifying in "A Confession." 

     And yes, "I Must Have Been Something" became

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jun 30 2015, 10:48:58 PM

    If you're trying to follow the plot by listening to the recording, it won't work. Like I mentioned, they cut two major pieces of dialogue that set and get the plot moving....

    1. The Townspeople's dialogue before Claire's entrance

    2. Claire's critical proposal to the town between "Winter" and "Yellow Shoes."

    The plot can't really be followed properly without these two bits. But still a lovely recording. 

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jun 30 2015, 09:28:58 PM

    It really is an excellent recording. Chita delivered these songs with guns blazing for this recording. Wow. I love that they turned "Winter" into a proper song. 

    It's a little light on the dialogue that gets the plot moving, but I appreciate that "Yellow Shoes" was recorded in its entirety (with dialogue). 

    Can't wait to get some more listens in. 

  • On Your Feet at the Marqius  Jun 30 2015, 07:34:00 PM

    Yup, Roger's casting really ruined that revival. Her performance might have been a smash in London, but Broadway was not having it. It blows my mind that we have TWO cast recordings of her excruciating vocals. 

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jun 30 2015, 08:31:22 AM

    Can't wait to listen to it in full!

  • Shows for Days Previews @ LCT  Jun 29 2015, 11:57:02 PM

    Big rave for LuPone from Brantley!

  • Next to normal  Jun 28 2015, 01:01:19 AM

    "I've unfortunately never seen the musical & I've never gotten into the score but I feel like the only person who was completely obsessed with this show when it opened. "

     Wait. What?

    For a first listen, I would start from the beginning. 

  • AMAZING GRACE Previews  Jun 27 2015, 08:47:42 PM

    "Honeymoon in Vegas 2.0"

     Huh? Honeymoon had many glowing reviews, including Brantley's.  This definitely sounds like Zhivago 2.0.