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Birthday: 8 - 28
Gender: Male
Occupation: Graduate student
Profile: I love Sondheim

Favorite Show(s): Chicago
Grey Gardens
Into the Woods
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The King and I
West Side Story
Wonderful Town

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Cerveris
George Hearn
Angela Lansbury
Patti LuPone
Luba Mason
Audra McDonald
Bebe Neuwirth
Kelli O'Hara
Ann Reinking
Chita Rivera
Gwen Verdon

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Patti LuPone trashes Sherie Rene Scott?  Mar 22 2017, 09:53:51 AM

    What a pointless bump...... figures.

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 22 2017, 12:35:00 AM

    Brantley already reviewed it in Chicago. He loved both leading ladies but was mixed on the show and production. Nothing was torn to shreds, so keep fantasizing. 

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 21 2017, 08:13:08 PM

    Yup. The ushers were extremely strict  about any photos during the show and curtain call at the first preview. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing a phone around me light up to film or take photos.

    At the nederlander, the ushers actively warn the audience that Patti will stop the show if she's sees a cell phone. 

  • Box Office Representatives  Mar 20 2017, 05:51:13 PM

    AC126748 said: "Does it matter what the OP did or said? She's a customer service representative. Even if she was in the middle of another task, a simple "I'll be right with you" or any acknowledgement of the presence of customers is called for. That is literally the job. There is no way to spin this as a failure on the part of the customer.

    It's blatantly rude to be standing in front of someone whose job it is to wait on you and not even have them ack

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/19/17  Mar 20 2017, 04:49:05 PM

    Sunday was dark this past week. 

  • Groundhog Day TDF  Mar 20 2017, 01:06:35 PM

    Last week, I had second to last row center orchestra for Come From Away. It was a good seat. 

  • Sweet Charity to transfer next season  Mar 19 2017, 08:15:16 PM

    And the good news is......

    “I’m pretty happy with what Leigh did,” said Coleman. “I think she is speaking to a modern audience. But one thing I did learn from Cy is to fight for the orchestra, fight for every instrument you can get in there.”

    And so when “Sweet Charity” moves to Broadway next season, “we’re going to have a lot more brass,” she said.

    I am so happy to hear that. I liked aspects of

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 19 2017, 07:30:16 PM

    icecreambenjamin said:  She is one of the strongest singing actresses to ever grace the Broadway stage and will always be remembered as such."

    I can't argue this whatsoever! 

  • Sunday in the Park Ticketing Question  Mar 19 2017, 07:16:29 PM

    Tickets are on The Hudson Theater's website. Telecharge was only given an limited amount for the run. 

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 19 2017, 07:15:33 PM

    And? Patti certainly has the talent to back up her strong training. 

  • Comparisons Are Odorous  Mar 19 2017, 04:35:06 PM

    Bette likely wouldn't have had the chance to do this if the proposed LuPone revival directed by Jack O'Brien didn't fall through. Funny how things work out, now they're competitors. LuPone and O'Brien weren't interested in replicating the original production, as this new revival certainly does.

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 19 2017, 11:23:23 AM

    When you have a larger than life performer and personality, there will always be traces of their persona in their performance, and that's usually what the audience wants. Elaine Stritch once wisely said something similar to that.

    Also, if Patti were playing herself, make no mistake, she'd be playing a proud fiery Italian woman, not a Polish Jew. 

  • Sunday in the Park Ticketing Question  Mar 19 2017, 11:17:15 AM

    Yes. They start dropping them the day before the show. 

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 19 2017, 12:52:56 AM

    Yep. The Juilliard classically trained Patti LuPone can't act. Ok. 

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 18 2017, 09:41:03 PM

    GavestonPS said: "Donna Murphy, if he knows her (she hasn't headlined on Broadway for awhile either, except for the very odd LOVE MUSIK), may only confuse the OP. I love both ladies, but I wouldn't have expected Murphy to be cast as Midler's "fill in". (And perhaps that was the point: to bring in someone who won't play the part like Midler plays it.)


    Donna did headline the new Roundabout musical "The People in the Picture&q

  • Any TIckets for any shows available?  Mar 18 2017, 05:54:27 PM


  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 17 2017, 07:35:22 PM

    icecreambenjamin said: "I'm really excited to see this.  A friend of mine just saw it and said that it reminded her of the old "star vehicle" shows from the golden age, but with a Sondheimesque score.  She also said that the show felt very non-linear and almost surreal, but in a good way.  It'll be thrilling to see Mrs. Lupone and Ebersole again.  Can't wait!!"

    I agree with your friend but the show is NOT non-linear. The

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 17 2017, 12:17:28 PM

    youcantnotloveme said: "I have been a member of the message boards here for quite a while but I rarely post. 

    I was at the performance last night and loved everything about it. The one thing that stood out to me though was a serious concern as to whether Bette will have the vocal longevity to perform this show 7 shows a week. She sounded good last night but there we more than a few times where she seemed to be really struggling to hit certain notes. Does anyone else h

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews (seat locations)  Mar 16 2017, 02:24:19 PM

    They are not using the 1994 overture whatsoever. I actually love that one though.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 16 2017, 09:02:07 AM

    divarobbie2 said: "@bk, She is doing something different with the eating scene that isn't the original Gower Champion staging, but its own thing and VERY funny. (I remember that scene in the 95 revival VERY well.)



    Could you please explain the difference with a spoiler alert?