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  • Broadway Star Solo Albums  Jun 17 2017, 10:07:50 PM

    Aaron Tveit's 54 Below live album "The Radio in My Head" is great.


    Also, going back, I remember going through an Adam Pascal phase and listening to his "Model Prisoner" and "Civilian" albums.

  • Golden Gate Theatre  Jun 17 2017, 10:04:23 PM

    broadwaysfguy said: "Got my Cole Fix one last time before the show closes. No substantive changes since opening night. Jarrod Spector was out and and the understudy (who normally plays the head of security for the princess) had far better comedic timing and a more thoughtful interpretation of "Night and Day". Today was the matinee audience, a much older crowd than I see in the evening, and they had a great time and few people near me were singing along to the Cole Porter so

  • Ben Platt Put On Vocal Rest for now  Jun 13 2017, 12:30:23 PM

    After seeing the show for the first time on Friday (with Colton not Ben), I would be curious to see Ben Fankhauser as Evan. He can definitely handle the songs. Acting-wise, I think he can do well, too.

  • Paper Ads for Broadway Shows  Jun 13 2017, 09:05:22 AM

    If you ever bought a ticket to a Broadway show online (among other specific things but this is the most common), you are a list of theatre ticket buyers. That list can be used based on demographics and other factors to send other show mailers. 


    Say... you bought a ticket to Les Mis and Newsies. Based on that, you may receive a mailer from Comet and Anastasia.


    Some marketing/ad agencies may buy a general list from a marketing research agency of pe

  • Dreamcast Harry Potter  Jun 13 2017, 12:47:41 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "I love the idea of Gabriel Ebert as Harry. He's experienced with plays and portraying a British man so I think he'd do a great job in this, but like Scarlet said JK has always kept the cast strictly British. I hope tradition is broken, though."


    I would love for Gabe!Harry but sadly, he's too tall. I think the height requirement was under 5'10"/5'11"... 


    John Tif

  • Is Cursed Child actually any good?  Jun 9 2017, 11:42:46 AM

    ScottyDoesn'tKnow2 said: "As a huge, obsessed Harry Potter fan, I was incredibly disappointed in the text of Cursed Child. It was one of those classic examples of something needing to be seen live with a great director and skilled actors rather than read. I'm also used to reading plays that deal with weighty themes that are actually about something with scenes that are useful in promoting the themes and character studies. I found Cursed Child 

  • Is Cursed Child actually any good?  Jun 9 2017, 08:26:12 AM

    I feel like Cursed Child is a packaged deal, like many other shows.


    Is the script that greatest? No. Not by a longshot but I wouldn't call it terrible.


    John Tiffany had given some wonderful direction to give meat to scenes that don't necessarily stand out in the script. 


    The OLC (I haven't seen the new one) definitely brought nuances to their characters that came across flat in the script.


  • Shows with the best Scenic Design?  May 26 2017, 12:16:58 AM

    I appreciate Comet's, but I actually miss the tent version. I mean, I was there for Les Mis' last performance and Comet's first preview so I was greatly impresses by the transformation but I liked the tent better.


    Rocky's set was also quite good, in my opinion. 

  • ABC is doing Little Mermaid  May 16 2017, 12:21:14 PM

    Yeah. I would think Laura is too old as well. Maybe Sabrina Carpenter?

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  May 9 2017, 03:49:35 PM

    Not much but the casting notice listed these dates:

    • First Rehearsal: O/A February 1, 2018
    • First Preview: O/A March 22, 2018
    • Opening Night: O/A April 19, 2018 
  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD to Take the Lyric Theatre in 2018  May 5 2017, 08:35:10 AM

    PepperedShepherd said: "sorano916 said: "I kinda appreciate the way that the ticketing is done for the London version.

    Your seats are the same for both parts and you can't select your seats, just the area/price point."

    You initially select the area/price; you do, however, know your seats before finalizing the transaction, so it's not quite a blind buy.

    Yes, it's not a blind buy. But I was thinking that in comp

  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD to Take the Lyric Theatre in 2018  May 4 2017, 05:23:46 PM

    A Canadian in NYC said: "Thanks everyone for your comments - I think I'll want to see it all in one day.  Very much looking forward to this!   I'm thinking that the ticket purchasing process is going to be a bit of a gong show."

    I kinda appreciate the way that the ticketing is done for the London version.

    Your seats are the same for both parts and you can't select your seats, just the area/price point.

    And while it sells out quite

  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD to Take the Lyric Theatre in 2018  May 4 2017, 12:28:16 PM

    RippedMan - true... the set isn't much. Kinda reminds me of Wicked's set. However, they do need something for the lake so that might take a lot of understage (is there a proper word for this?) space that other theaters might not have. Plus the height for the flying elements.

    Canadian - I saw it split up... Thursday night and Friday night. And I'll be seeing it one last time before the cast change all on one date. The plus side of the split days is that you're

  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD to Take the Lyric Theatre in 2018  Apr 10 2017, 12:14:55 PM

    TheQuibbler said: "It's not immersive at all, very traditional proscenium staging, with one exception.


    Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content
    There is one moment of something descending from above, but I wouldn't say that counts as immersive. 



  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 03:37:07 PM

    Call_me_jorge said: "I wonder if they will bring over the main cast of Harry Potter since they have received this much praise."

    Both Jamie & Noma hinted something during their post-win interviews. The majority is leaving the show next month so it gives them some rest if they're going to do Broadway in 2018.

  • BCEFA Spring Collections 2017  Mar 18 2017, 01:19:13 PM

    Phillytheatreguy10 said: "^^^Price? "


    Don't know. I saw someone on the subway with one in Broadway Cares bag last night.

  • BCEFA Spring Collections 2017  Mar 18 2017, 01:45:13 AM

    Phillytheatreguy10 said: "Out of curiosity PThespian, were the Sunset posters of Glenn or the new one with the credits? This is like the one thing I want to splurge on, heading to the show again next week."


  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 17 2017, 02:51:57 PM

    abbagirl said: "Btw, has anyone received their email yet about rebooking?"


    I just got mine.


  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 17 2017, 01:12:13 AM

    During Act 2, when they were just singing selected songs along with the scenes around some of them, the director did come out & say what happened between songs. Apparently, we missed out in a delightful tap number. LOL. 


    They did their best with what they had. I had thought Andrew Call was petting the groundhog at one point (based on the laughs from the audience, I might not have been the only one) but it wasn't until Josh Lamon used Rebecca'

  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 16 2017, 08:57:34 PM

    Still holding. Turntable issues.


    They're giving free drinks at the bar now.