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  • Harry Potter 2016  Jun 26 2015, 11:02:47 AM

    "Very conflicted on how to feel about this. I love Harry Potter and I love plays, obviously, but can the two successfully mix? I am definitely encouraged by the involvement of John Tiffany, I think he is a terrific director who could handle the material well. I would love if this turns out to be an amazing piece of theatre. I think it has potential. I think it is smart to have the main characters of the play be characters that we didn't see so much in the movies/b

  • Newsies to open in Italy!!!  Jun 25 2015, 04:30:56 PM

    "So the question is could and will Newsies come to the Westend?"

     Last I heard, not until after Aladdin.

  • Movie adaptations of plays that starred the original actors  Jun 24 2015, 10:42:22 AM

    Arsenic and Old Lace - Josephine Hull, Jean Adair, and John Alexander did the film while given time off from the play

  • This Season's Subscriptions  Jun 17 2015, 11:34:49 AM

    I've been getting a good number of mail and emails from theatre companies like Second Stage and Atlantic Theater Company to become a subscriber/member.

    As much as I love to subscribe to all of them, financially, that's just not possible. :)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on whose season would be a good to subscribe to? Any general pros & cons to any? Is there a show coming in that will be best to secure tickets through being a subscriber than a general audience mem

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:30:18 PM

    RE: Finding Neverland performance... throughout all of it, I couldn't help by think "I wonder how Michael McGrath and Jeremy Jordan would have been."

    Also, who was the third person who presented the award (not J. Lo or Nick)?

  • American in Paris: $30 Tkts?  May 14 2015, 08:05:40 AM


     Actually, when my friend & I rushed and were given last row balcony, it wasn't terrible. Because it was a dance-centric show, you could see everything that was happening on stage. Yes, you don't see the details but that didn't take away from the fine performances.

  • swing? understudy? heirarchy  May 12 2015, 11:24:49 PM

    Thanks, BroadwayGuy!

    One more question: For Off-Broadway, do understudies have to be listed in the program/Playbill credits? For instance, in the Hamilton Playbill, only Javier Munoz was listed as a standby while understudies weren't listed at all. I assume when understudies went on (such as Alysha Deslorieux for Eliza) there was an understudy slip & a cast board notice.

  • swing? understudy? heirarchy  May 12 2015, 09:57:19 PM

    Is there a limit on how many roles a standby can cover? I remember in "American Idiot" that Van Hughes was standby for the three main male roles (Johnny, Will, Tunny) and then there was an also an understudy in the ensemble for each role.

    Also, can there be only one cover per principal role or must there be at least two? And I don't mean when an understudy or standy requests not to be listed, but that there actually is only one cover.

    And off-Broadway shows rarely have o

  • Lost Ticket  May 6 2015, 02:02:25 PM

    I bought a Wicked ticket with cash once, but the day of the show, when I got to the theater I couldn't find it in my bag. I went to the box office and I told them I misplaced my ticket and gave the date/day and time that I purchased it. They tried to look it up but they couldn't find the transaction. However, I remember the seat number so they gave me one of the seat slips that they use for lost tickets and I was good to go.

    If you can, go by the box office now and see if they

  • 2016 - 2017 Touring Season  May 6 2015, 01:53:38 PM

    "Anyone else get the email blast about this (previously mentioned, but I hadn't seen the site)? "

     I don't recall an eblast but I know of two people who were cast in it (Liesel and Rolfe).

  • Something Rotten Ushers and House Manager  May 4 2015, 03:07:37 PM

    I had seen American Idiot far more than I would care to admit, but after it closed, the next time I returned to the St. James (for On A Clear Day), the house manager actually remembered me and welcomed me back.

    Also, back when How To Succeed was still playing, I had bought tickets from Givenik (which is ran by Jujamcyn). I was excited and tweeted to them that it was for my birthday (it was still with Daniel so decent tickets were kinda hard to come by). When my family & I got t

  • Has anyone ever tried asking for a different rush seat?  May 3 2015, 06:55:49 PM

    Rush or lotto? For the former, if there isn't anyone waiting behind you, you might have a better chance getting different seats, depending on how willing the box office personnel are and how many seats total are set aside for rush (usually more than lotto allotment). For the latter, you're kinda stuck with what you get since there is a line and they have already pulled a set amount of tickets to give for lotto.

    However, if you go to that theater a lot, see the same box office peopl

  • Tony Predictions: No Guts No Glory  Apr 27 2015, 11:16:27 AM

    Michael Esper and Alysha Umphress receive nominations in their respective categories.

    Any actors/actresses from An American in Paris and Kelli O'Hara don't receive nominations.

  • Dream Hedwigs  Apr 22 2015, 01:34:26 AM

    I thinking maybe Michael Esper or Joey Taranto.

  • 2015 Easter Bonnet Presentation!  Apr 20 2015, 10:19:15 PM

    I agree that the Les Mis one was the best. I loved that John Rapson was able to perform as Javert even for one song; if you get to chance to see him in the role at the Imperial, go. Having Josh Colley as JVJ was fantastic. 

  • Rebecca Naomi Jones as Yitzhak in Hedwig Performance Review Thread  Apr 20 2015, 12:46:41 AM

    Here's Rebecca's finale look from Stephen's Twitter, minus her wig:


  • Gentleman's Guide Rush  Apr 18 2015, 08:21:44 PM

    "Has anyone rushed Gentleman's Guide lately? I'm thinking of taking a friend tomorrow and wanted to get a recent gauge on how crowded the rush has been. The Rush Report makes it sound like it has quieted down!"

     I rushed today as I wanted to see Kevin Massey as Monty (Greg Jackson was on for the D'Ysquith Family). I got there around 10:15am and got left box, row B, seat 3 for the matinee. It wasn't a bad view, missed a few things

  • re: Walter Kerr Seating advice ?  Apr 18 2015, 01:06:23 PM

    How are the boxes at the Kerr for Gentleman's Guide?

  • Rebecca Naomi Jones as Yitzhak in Hedwig Performance Review Thread  Apr 14 2015, 11:49:22 PM

    The only other time I've seen the show was with Michael & Lena so I was taking in both John's and Rebecca's performances. I thought she did a great job. She didn't wear a wig but had her naturally super curly hair in cornrows. She sounded great. Acted maybe a tad angrier than Lena.

  • Easter Bonnet Collection Period  Apr 13 2015, 02:58:03 PM

    It's the last week of collections. I highly doubt if they haven't collected before that they will be collecting now.

    So, Gigi and Skylight are probably not participating or going to participate.

    The Bway shows that are:


    The Audience


    Curious Incident

    Fish in the Dark

    A Gentlemen's Guide

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Heidi Chronicles

    It's Only A Play