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  • Another Richard Rogers Theatre / Hamilton seating question  Jul 25 2015, 11:52:09 PM

    You should be fine in that seat. I was in Row V and didn't miss but a head during one scene.

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste in Les Mis  Jul 25 2015, 09:29:04 AM

    Hey, Zell. You might want to delete that link.

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 24 2015, 11:52:09 AM

    Sadly, Christopher Jackson's father passed away and he's out of the show until next week.

    His two understudies at Sydney Harcourt (who's in the ensemble as Mr. Schuyler/Mr. Reynolds) and Austin Smith (who's a swing).

  • Benjamin Walker Will Officially Lead AMERICAN PSYCHO!  Jul 23 2015, 03:56:44 PM

    Could it be the Ambassador...? From one set of murderers to another one?

  • Bridges of Madison County Tour Casting  Jul 23 2015, 03:52:51 PM

    "The first national tour of The Full Monty closed after only the first few cities. Others since have cancelled engagements and folded early, including Peter and the Starcatcher, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Dreamgirls tour of about 5 years ago, etc."

    For the record, the first national tour of Peter and the Starcatcher didn't close early; it finished its run. You might be referring to the non-equity tour.

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 21 2015, 12:31:58 AM

    I haven't lotto myself but stayed after a matinee to watch it happen and I must say, Lin's pre-lotto pull show - "#Ham4Ham Show" as it's called - is very entertaining. I like how he has different guests each time. When I watched, he had Anthony and he sang his audition song, Bruno Mars' "Grenade". I wonder if Lin is doing it just for previews or if he'll continue after it opens.

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 20 2015, 06:02:42 PM

    So, I've seen both Lin & Javier this past week, and they're both really good. Some inflections are different between the two, but it still works. I know that many have said that Javi's rapping isn't as strong but I thought it was great. I don't think you miss out on anything if you see him instead of Lin.

    May I say that Leslie was on fire on Saturday? I was in the back orchestra on Tuesday but in the box on Saturday, and the tears rolling down his face during "The World Was Wid

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 17 2015, 06:03:07 PM

    "Seating question -- I'm in Orch Row T, extreme side (last 2 seats on side). Nervous about the view - both bc of the overhang and the side... Anyone sat in similar seats yet?  Thanks! "

    I was on the side in Row V, but more towards the center of the section. The overhang didn't bother me. You might have a little issue with the sides but most of the action is towards the center so you won't miss much.

  • Hamilton Previews  Jul 16 2015, 03:02:09 PM

    I was at the show Tuesday night and I just wanted to share understudies and the changes that I noticed.


    Hamilton: Javier Munoz, Jon Rua

    Burr: Sydney James Harcourt, Austin Smith

    Laurens/Philip: Andrew Chappelle, Thayne Jasperson

    Lafayette/Jefferson: Andrew Chappelle, Seth Stewart

    Mulligan/Madison: Andrew Chappelle, Ephraim Sykes

    Angelica: Alysha Deslorieux, Emmy Raver-L

  • HAMILTON Broadway Lottery  Jul 14 2015, 11:43:12 AM

    Oof... I really hope that it's not too insane when Javi is on for Hamilton.

    I wonder if they'll announce that Lin won't be on while people are lining up for lottery. I'm just curious who are the people doing lotto for this show... are they theatre people or regular New Yorkers or tourists? Will they care whether Lin is on or not?


  • Has anyone seen a Broadway musical over 100 times?  Jul 10 2015, 12:30:31 PM

    I might go to see a show once or twice with the regular cast but if I feel strongly about ensemble members who stand out or leads who are a bit lacking, I will go back to see understudies.

    I've also seen on particular show (over 50 times) but that includes pre-Broadway, Broadway (various versions with cast changes), 1st National Tour (Equity), and the two legs of the 2nd National Tour (Non-Equity).

    To me, I find that it's a little bit harder to see a play multiple times

  • broadway replacements  Jul 9 2015, 10:21:05 PM

    The dance captain helps rehearse the replacement and then sometimes when they're doing scenes than involve other characters, those characters' understudies participate in the rehearsals instead of the actual actors who play the characters.

    Then, replacements usually have a put-in, which is when they perform the show, including any costume changes. However, the rest of the cast isn't usually in costumes for someone's put-in.

  • Javier Munoz Will Be Alternate in HAMILTON on Broadway  Jul 9 2015, 10:59:07 AM

    The list isn't mine, I found it on Facebook."

    She also tweeted it. "

    Sidenote: Alysha Umphress never went on for Jessie Mueller. And if Jessie had gone out, it would have been Julie Reiber who was the standby.

  • Javier Munoz Will Be Alternate in HAMILTON on Broadway  Jul 6 2015, 02:17:02 PM

    Just putting it out there, too: If anyone is selling their ticket because Javier is on, especially during previews, I would gladly buy it from you.

  • Harry Potter 2016  Jun 26 2015, 11:02:47 AM

    "Very conflicted on how to feel about this. I love Harry Potter and I love plays, obviously, but can the two successfully mix? I am definitely encouraged by the involvement of John Tiffany, I think he is a terrific director who could handle the material well. I would love if this turns out to be an amazing piece of theatre. I think it has potential. I think it is smart to have the main characters of the play be characters that we didn't see so much in the movies/b

  • Newsies to open in Italy!!!  Jun 25 2015, 04:30:56 PM

    "So the question is could and will Newsies come to the Westend?"

     Last I heard, not until after Aladdin.

  • Movie adaptations of plays that starred the original actors  Jun 24 2015, 10:42:22 AM

    Arsenic and Old Lace - Josephine Hull, Jean Adair, and John Alexander did the film while given time off from the play

  • This Season's Subscriptions  Jun 17 2015, 11:34:49 AM

    I've been getting a good number of mail and emails from theatre companies like Second Stage and Atlantic Theater Company to become a subscriber/member.

    As much as I love to subscribe to all of them, financially, that's just not possible. :)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on whose season would be a good to subscribe to? Any general pros & cons to any? Is there a show coming in that will be best to secure tickets through being a subscriber than a general audience mem

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:30:18 PM

    RE: Finding Neverland performance... throughout all of it, I couldn't help by think "I wonder how Michael McGrath and Jeremy Jordan would have been."

    Also, who was the third person who presented the award (not J. Lo or Nick)?

  • American in Paris: $30 Tkts?  May 14 2015, 08:05:40 AM


     Actually, when my friend & I rushed and were given last row balcony, it wasn't terrible. Because it was a dance-centric show, you could see everything that was happening on stage. Yes, you don't see the details but that didn't take away from the fine performances.