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  • Gentleman's Guide Rush  Apr 18 2015, 08:21:44 PM

    "Has anyone rushed Gentleman's Guide lately? I'm thinking of taking a friend tomorrow and wanted to get a recent gauge on how crowded the rush has been. The Rush Report makes it sound like it has quieted down!"

     I rushed today as I wanted to see Kevin Massey as Monty (Greg Jackson was on for the D'Ysquith Family). I got there around 10:15am and got left box, row B, seat 3 for the matinee. It wasn't a bad view, missed a few things

  • re: Walter Kerr Seating advice ?  Apr 18 2015, 01:06:23 PM

    How are the boxes at the Kerr for Gentleman's Guide?

  • Rebecca Naomi Jones as Yitzhak in Hedwig Performance Review Thread  Apr 14 2015, 11:49:22 PM

    The only other time I've seen the show was with Michael & Lena so I was taking in both John's and Rebecca's performances. I thought she did a great job. She didn't wear a wig but had her naturally super curly hair in cornrows. She sounded great. Acted maybe a tad angrier than Lena. The only thing that I didn't like so much was her outfit for Midnight Radio. It was this black & gold dress with a cape of sorts. It reminded me of Cleopatra or something. I know that they were trying to gi

  • Easter Bonnet Collection Period  Apr 13 2015, 02:58:03 PM

    It's the last week of collections. I highly doubt if they haven't collected before that they will be collecting now.

    So, Gigi and Skylight are probably not participating or going to participate.

    The Bway shows that are:


    The Audience


    Curious Incident

    Fish in the Dark

    A Gentlemen's Guide

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Heidi Chronicles

    It's Only A Play

  • Will Swenson Last Show May 10th  Apr 13 2015, 11:36:53 AM

    Earl Carpenter will be taking over.

  • Congrats to GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE  Apr 6 2015, 04:37:10 PM

    "Count me in the group that loves this show, so I am thrilled with the news.  (But yes, to ANY show recouping.)
    It had been reported that Bryce WOULD be returning to GGLAM when his stint in Heidi was over.  Looking forward to seeing this again with my students next weekend.

     If you're seeing it the 17th-19th, you'll be seeing Kevin Massey as Monty. Pretty sure it will be his debut.

  • Can I borrow $900 For A Signed HAMILTON Poster?  Apr 4 2015, 12:35:50 AM

    Yes, there are still Playbills and posters at The Public.

  • Lucille Lortel Nominations 2015  Apr 2 2015, 08:35:33 PM

    Besides HAMILTON, I thrilled for Mint Theater's FASHIONS FOR MEN nomination for Outstanding Revival. I adore Mint and I enjoyed that show very much. Also, Carson Elrond for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play. I didn't see this production of THE HEIR APPARENT, but I saw him in the same role in the Shakespeare Theatre' production in DC. He was amazing. 

    For the HAMILTON acting nominations, choice for Lead Actor is rough. Both Lin and Leslie are truly amazing in their roles. For Fe

  • Easter Bonnet Collection Period  Mar 31 2015, 11:28:39 PM
    Re: Hamilton Poster… yeah, it's $250 plus I think $10 for shipping. However, I heard the cast were signing a bunch between the two Saturday shows to have some for the evening, so I don't know if they'll run out again soon.
  • Easter Bonnet Collection Period  Mar 31 2015, 02:51:26 PM
    If they run out of window cards, they will have a list where you can put your name and address and you can buy the window card there and they will send it to you when they have more. At least that's what they did at the Saturday matinee.
  • A quick St. James seating question please  Mar 12 2015, 08:57:53 PM
    Climbing up to the balcony at the St. James is the worst trek ever. The steps are very steep and it just seemed like it goes on forever. I've sat up there for American Idiot, front row. It seemed way too far back and way too high. I've never gone up there since.
  • Easter Bonnet Collection Period  Mar 12 2015, 04:31:57 PM
    I was at Cabaret last night & the prices were different.
    Signed Poster (current cast): $100
    Signed Calendar (probably current cast, I couldn't tell): $60
    Signed Playbill (current cast): $40
    Art Print of Alan (signed by him): $40
    Unsigned Calendar: $20
    Cutout Photo: $10

    A guy gave $400 during Alan's BCEFA speech. Heh.
  • TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras, Play By Play  Mar 9 2015, 01:48:39 AM
    Ericg2 - Out of curiosity, what "rules" of seat filling service do you think TGC aren't following? I've never used any of these and I'm just wondering what is considered the rules of seat filling.
  • Hamilton Cancellation Line  Mar 6 2015, 12:17:57 PM
    I was there last Sunday. I arrived at noon and was like ninth in line overall. Since lotto started at 12:30, I put my name in for that and then waited still for the waitlist which started at 1. The first person in the line actually got her name called for lotto so she and her husband left before putting their names on the waitlist.

    The thing about two show days is to put your name on the waitlist for both shows at the same time. While I ended up being eighth for the matinee list, I was
  • Easter Bonnet 2015 - any news?  Mar 2 2015, 11:46:40 PM
    They're going to start collecting this weekend with just a couple of shows and then roll out with more in the following weeks.
  • Jonathan Groff in HAMILTON  Mar 2 2015, 09:55:28 AM
    Groff was sitting next to me yesterday. Such a nice guy. He said for right now he's there for the rest of the Public run. Depending on another show (don't know if he meant Looking or an another actual show), he'll figure out if his transferring. He just said that he's grateful to be a part of it at all, even if it will just be at the Public.
  • Wicked Glinda Standby  Feb 24 2015, 11:54:54 PM
    ^ Meaning she went on for Glinda or that she was officially added to the Playbill/company?
  • "The Last Ship" Magnet?  Jan 24 2015, 11:32:11 PM
    So, I'm one of the those who collect magnets from all the shows that I go to. However, the two times I saw "The Last Ship" they were sold out of the magnets. I've checked their official merch website as well as Playbill's store and they aren't available.

    Would anyone be willing to sell theirs or an extra one? Please PM me. Thanks!
  • GIGI @ Kennedy Center  Jan 19 2015, 09:38:02 AM

  • GIGI @ Kennedy Center  Jan 18 2015, 12:17:14 AM
    I saw the show tonight, too.

    - The costumes & sets were lovely. My only costume qualm was one of Gigi's dresses which looked like she was going to trip on it with each move. The ensemble was great & the choreography was enjoyable.

    - What accent were they trying to do?! It bothered me so much. Not to mention the sound wasn't the best in the theatre with some people's mics going in & out.

    - Victoria & Corey were the standouts to me. They had a good chemistry togeth