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  • New Fantine at Les Miserables?  Nov 24 2015, 10:23:17 AM

    I honestly enjoy the understudies more than the actual leads. 


    I hope the new Fantine is Betsy Morgan because she was amazing, but I doubt it'll be her.

  • GENTLEMAN's GUIDE Tour  Nov 17 2015, 04:41:04 PM

    I saw it in Schenectady, and the show's in good & capable hands. I've seen it on Broadway (once with Bryce & Jefferson and once with Kevin, who's Monty on tour, & Greg) and the tour is right up there. 

    Kevin is delightful as Monty. John is doing justice to what Jefferson started and making it his own. Kristen Beth is excellent as Sibella and Adrienne has been my favorite Phoebe. The rest of the cast is really good, too.

  • Hamilton Box Seats  Nov 16 2015, 05:35:18 PM

    macnyc said: "I'm curious as to what that metal piece embedded in the stage that has ropes coming out of it. That's not there during performances, right? Everyone would be tripping over it!"


    It's removed during the first song. :)

  • Will Swenson Temporarily Returns to Les Mis  Nov 16 2015, 01:07:07 PM

    Will is stepping in, starting Wednesday, as Earl is injured.

    I must say, though, the Javert understudies (Andrew Love and Joe Spieldenner) are wonderful and extremely talented. However, with them being usually the Bishop and Grantaire, respectively, it's kind-of a hassle putting in swings/covers for them each night, so it's understandable them bringing in a full-time temporary Javert.

    Hamilton Box Seats  Nov 13 2015, 01:59:19 PM

    Sam2 said: "Even for the 167 dollar face value? I want to see this so bad. "


    It looks like they're now $177. I just went to the box office during my lunch break to grab a single ticket for a friend who's visiting in March and for me for the first performance after the Tonys.


  • Alfie Boe is leaving Les Miz on February 28th  Nov 13 2015, 12:21:38 PM

    TheGingerBreadMan said: "Any word on who is replacing him?"


    I wouldn't be surprise if Peter Lockyer took over, but maybe he's done with Les Mis after his London run.

  • Hamilton Box Seats  Nov 10 2015, 12:13:58 PM

    wndmom said: "I just purchased three box seats for my husband and two 12 year old boys.  Are there just three seats in the box?  Do they have any extra leg room?  I'm concerned that my boys might get a little antsy, so I'm hoping they are a little insulated here."


    Yes, it's just three seats in a box and they're free-standing chairs so they can be moved around as needed.


    mikem said: "Is there a pre

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/8/15  Nov 9 2015, 03:28:24 PM

    Does Hamilton's 9 performances include the Democratic fundraiser on Monday the 2nd? If so, how do they figure out the grosses for that? Just every seat be the regular price. I know that the DNC mentioned buying out the theatre but it seems interesting how that was factored into grosses.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/1/15  Nov 2 2015, 06:18:39 PM

    Patti LuPone FANatic said: "Jakee...would you please explain the meaning of "split track mode"?"


    Clearly not Jakee, but I'll answer your question: A split track is when a swing or ensemble goes & does two (or more) different tracks/roles and it sometimes means a track/role is eliminated during a scene or so. 


    You can see Les Mis' Sunday night's cast here and note the split track: BCEFA's Gypsy of the Year Collection Period  Nov 1 2015, 05:04:26 AM

    Carols For The Cure CD is out and is being sold at most collections.

  • Hamilton January Tickets Sold Out - Help  Oct 29 2015, 12:00:09 PM

    maxkko said: "I may just do that. Do you mind me asking how much the box seats are? Also how much do you miss in the boxes?


    Box seats are however much the regular ticket price is. So it could be $167 or it could be $199, depending on what's happening. And you don't miss much. Just any extreme side action, but you're close  enough to see facial expressions, etc. which you aren't able to see in the rear orchestra. Plus the seats are just cha

  • The Thread for HAMILTON Fans/Obsessives [SPOILERS AHEAD]  Oct 27 2015, 11:24:50 AM

    Since Andrew Rannells is starting tonight, here's him, Groff, & BDJ singing at the #Ham4Ham show from this weekend:

  • KING CHARLES III Previews  Oct 20 2015, 07:48:18 PM

    Thanks for that, ggersten!

    Now with the spoiler tag, can someone say what the last image was? I also had partial view seats and (B12) so I definitely missed whatever was in the back of the stage.

  • Hamilton Box Seats  Oct 13 2015, 01:11:35 PM

    neonlightsxo said: "I was unaware that the box seats were box office only. And they're the regular $177 price? "

    I first bought a box office for Javier's first show (it was the first Saturday matinee) and it was $167. I also bought out a box (3 seats) for my parents and I for Thanksgiving weekend and it was $199 a piece, but I believe that's the regular price for that weekend.

    So, whatever the regular price tickets are is the price of the box.

  • Hamilton Box Seats  Oct 12 2015, 03:36:39 PM

    As someone who actually sat and watched the show from the box seats, they're perfectly fine for Hamilton. Granted, yes, you'll miss something on the extreme sides, but most of the show is centered. 

    Plus, you're closer in the boxes than say, the rear mezz or orchestra. You can see expressions and emotions in the boxes. 

    You'll get the light and the direction and choreography fine.

  • Pick-a-Tick Trade  Sep 28 2015, 02:46:21 PM


    I have tickets for Les Mis for Friday, October 9th and I was wondering if anyone had another date that they would be willing trade for.

  • Hamilton absences  Sep 25 2015, 10:47:00 PM

    disneybroadwayfan22 said: "sorano916 said: "disneybroadwayfan22 said: "According to Laura Osnes's photo, Lin was out yesterday. Telling from his Twitter, it was to write a new song for Moana. 


    Out of curiosity, which Laura photo are you referring to?  


  • Hamilton absences  Sep 25 2015, 10:26:29 PM

    disneybroadwayfan22 said: "According to Laura Osnes's photo, Lin was out yesterday. Telling from his Twitter, it was to write a new song for Moana.


    Out of curiosity, which Laura photo are you referring to? 

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 24 2015, 10:57:44 PM

    Last time I saw Hamilton was Javier's first Bway show, and during "Washington On Your Side", Jefferson's last line was "It's nice to have something to really oppose". In the OBCR, it's now "The Emperor has no clothes". Does anyone know when that lyric was changed?

  • Dames at Sea Previews  Sep 24 2015, 10:53:01 PM

    For those there tonight, did anyone notice this?

    Lesli's Twitter: "So karma got me @mattoverthere and I stood onstage w only a wig cap on..."


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