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Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
next to normal
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

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  • JRB writing a musical for Ariana Grande?  May 24 2016, 03:08:14 AM

    Well I for one have no issue with JRB apparently only caring money if the outcomes of which continue to be as enjoyable as his Tony Award winning score for BRIDGES. 



  • 2016 Drama League Nominations & Awards  May 20 2016, 11:07:17 PM

    LMM's win is a classic example of cognitive biases in effect.

  • Finding Neverland Really Struggling  May 18 2016, 08:38:41 AM

    I loved the movie but the musical has such bad buzz about it. I assume the 'haters' don't like it because of the quality of the adaptation as opposed to the source material?

  • Kelli O'Hara to depart King and I April 17, Marin Mazzie joins cast May 3  May 17 2016, 04:21:15 AM

    Slightly off-topic and I know I've said it before, but hearing how easily Marin has replaced Kelli makes me wish that Bridges of Madison Country was more successful so that Marin (and her husband Jason) could have gone in as replacements. I LOVED Kelli in the role, but I think Marin would have turned in a very very fine performance. It feels like a role she was born to play. 

  • THE VISIT cast performance & signing  May 17 2016, 04:14:42 AM

    So I understand that the character is supposed to be old, and probably should sound aged - there is a demo recording of "Love and Love Alone" sung by someone (not sure who) that is a lot younger than Chita and Lansbury (who also recorded a demo), and it is much less impactful in my opinion (it's harder to really believe in this case that the character really is offering the perspective of a woman reflecting on a lot of life experience). Had it were sung by a younger person with

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/15/16  May 17 2016, 12:06:11 AM

    EvanK said: "Really the Color Purple gross is in line with what the gross usually is. There was just a drastic climb up last week for Jennifer's last week. If you look at the attendance, it's usually in the 80%+ range. 



    Last week's grosses were the lowest of any 8-show week the show has had so far. It was over 200k less than the average 8-show week gross so far. Last week was a relatively bad week for this show (com

  • What are the chances War Paint transfers to Broadway?  May 14 2016, 07:42:48 PM

    Great thanks. Any idea if it is a fall or spring opening?

  • What are the chances War Paint transfers to Broadway?  May 14 2016, 07:22:20 PM

    With Hello Dolly, Dear Evan Hansen and (potentially) War Paint, it's hard for me not to think about visiting NYC. Perhaps it's too early to tell, but does anyone have any 'inside' information on if/when War Paint may transfer? It's selling pretty well already, and I feel like there is no way you assemble that cast and creative team without having bigger things in sight than Chicago.

    Given Michael Greif is involved in both projects, does it prevent them from open

  • Scherzinger backs out of CATS, Lloyd Webber furious  May 14 2016, 12:20:47 AM

    Kad said: "I don't think playing Grizabella in the Broadway revival of Cats is the golden ticket to fame and awards that some people apparently think it is.



    Totally agree - we are not casting Rose in GYPSY here. This is a musical that has already had its limelight come and go, and from the perspective of people I have encountered on this forum at least, the show has not exactly held up well over time. Now that everyone knows the s

  • Bright Star...indeed!!  May 13 2016, 11:11:44 PM

    I can't stop listening to "If You Knew My Story" and "Woah, Mama"! 

  • Create The  May 12 2016, 08:09:18 AM

    rosscoe(au) said: "Marin was amazing in Next To Normal when she took over as well, why this woman never given the leads to start with is a mystery to me 



    Agree, she deserved a best replacement Tony that year (even more so than Bernadette in my opinion, and that is saying something coming from me!). 


    But let's not forget she did get a leading, or at least highly coveted role, in Bullets. It's a shame t

  • How Did You First Hear About Hamilton?  May 11 2016, 04:12:39 AM

    I was out
    In the yard,
    Taking down the bed sheets,
    When my neighbor yelled across

    "Hamilton the Musical"

    I remember where I was,
    Just exactly where I was,
    In the yard out back--

    "Opening on Broadway"

    I was getting me a shoeshine--
    --Folding sheets--
    --When I heard--
    Suddenly there's shouting in the street--

    "I can't get tickets to Hamilton t

  • Writing the Book for a Musical: A Misunderstood Art  May 10 2016, 11:01:21 PM

    Sondheim has said in the past that he often gets too much credit for his work (e.g., when people speak favourably of the complex characters he has written etc.). He has tried to make it clear that he didn't actually write any of the characters - his collaborators do. 

  • Bright Star's financial troubles  May 10 2016, 10:11:00 PM

    Up In One said: "How many shows have come in and done poorly in its early run and got turned around by reviews or awards? I'm thinking not many. Gentlemans Guide is probably the best example, it struggled got the Tony moved into hit status and then trickled off - not a great run for a Tony winner. 


    I was just thinking about this. Gentlemen's Guide is a good example. They had heavy losses until the Tony Noms and eventual win. 

  • Writing the Book for a Musical: A Misunderstood Art  May 10 2016, 10:09:26 PM

    It's funny and sad because it's one of those roles that never seem to get any credit or praise, only blame if the show isn't working. (Sound Design is another that comes to mind). 


  • Fran Lebowitz proving she doesn't know what she is talking about  May 10 2016, 10:06:27 PM

    aaaaaa15 said: "I don't see why a fan of Hamilton wouldn't find things to love in shows like Spring Awakening, Next to Normal, Rent, Dear Evan Hansen, In the Heights, Fun Home etc. etc. 


    I would think so too, but I can think of one reason - they have made no effort to see anything except Hamilton and find something to like! (e.g., Lebowitz).

    Of course, this apparently doesn't matter, her 'opinion' that Hamilton is the bes

  • Fran Lebowitz proving she doesn't know what she is talking about  May 10 2016, 05:34:01 AM

    haterobics said: "qolbinau said: "Lebowitz: "The thing I hate most in the world are musicals. Among the many awful inventions of human it is in the top 2."

    How can one be wrong about their opinion?



    A good question. I think the idea that ‘opinions cannot be wrong’ is an oversimplification of the issue here. To me, it is one of those clichés people often say in every day langu

  • Fran Lebowitz proving she doesn't know what she is talking about  May 9 2016, 07:07:47 PM

    I am listening and responding. We've already discussed (and I have acknowledged) that her subjective experience watching the show cannot be 'wrong'. The fact that she has only apparently enjoyed Hamilton is necessarily true. However, when giving an appraisal or evaluation about something, of course some opinions can be less informed than others. 

    If I were to say "in my opinion" Broadwayworld is the only good forum on the internet, just because it is

  • Fran Lebowitz proving she doesn't know what she is talking about  May 9 2016, 06:14:18 PM

    Musicals being in the top 2 awful inventions is a hyperbole. The other claim re: Hamilton is too modest to be a hyperbole...had she said something like "Hamilton is so good it cures cancer", "Hamilton is the only musical that doesn't make me want to riddle up and die in the theatre" etc. etc. - they are hyperboles. She was serious (and ignorant) when she said Hamilton is the only good musical in her lifetime. 

    The entire quote is something like: &q

  • THE VISIT cast performance & signing  May 9 2016, 01:52:10 AM

    broadwayboy223 said: "I love this show and the album. It truly is a beautiful score. I hope when another diva tackles it (Patti, Bernadette etc) they raise some of the keys. I Walk Away would be thrilling if it ended on a belt note.


    I agree "I Walk Away" is a great diva moment that should end on a big belt...and I actually think that is exactly what Chita was trying to achieve in her performance. Perhaps this reflects a weakness in her vocal perfor