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Gender: Male
Location: Australia
Profile: I'm Australian (24-Male), but travel to NYC and catch shows occasionally.

Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
next to normal
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • GROUNDHOG DAY vs Hamilton  Oct 2 2015, 08:25:56 PM

    I can understanding comparing shows in the same season when they are literally competing for Tony Awards and (sometimes) audience. But this seems like an odd comparison given they are opening like 2 years apart? 

  • Musical Moments You Will Always Remember  Sep 27 2015, 12:43:11 AM

    Bernadette singing "Send in the Clowns" in the Night Music revival. PERFECT.

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 25 2015, 11:52:16 PM

    I'm finding myself stuck listening to songs in Act 1. What are some of the highlights from Act 2? (except The Room Where it Happens).

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 24 2015, 10:03:03 PM

    So I just bought on iTunes, no digital book?

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 24 2015, 07:42:03 PM

    I'm also loving "Satisfied" and "You'll be Back". Jonathan Groff is hilarious - love his accent and vocal performance.

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 24 2015, 06:24:46 PM

    I need to listen to this more but my first impressions's definitely just a musical (I know this sounds ridiculous but given the hype around this show, sometimes it's hard to forget), though a high quality musical with an interesting and sometimes addictive score. As an Australian who has never really studied US history at all, I can't say I find it to be the most engaging subject matter. But this might build with time.

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 14 2015, 06:43:58 AM

    I've become obsessed with Austin McKenzie's cover of this great Australian song, ASL (I think) included!



  • Audra McDonald will be out of Shuffle Along for almost the ENTIRE summer  Sep 12 2015, 11:05:14 PM

    Ask for a refund, you should be entitled to it (yep, opening this can of worms again). 

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 12 2015, 09:11:22 PM

    Excuse my extreme ignorance, but just to clarify do the actors with hearing impairment sing at all? How does it 'work'?

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 12 2015, 08:41:06 PM

    "One moment that REALLY struck me was the moment that Arden (I'm assuming) had him mock the real voice of one of the deaf students. Horrifying and chilling (END SPOILER)"

    That sounds pretty interesting. I suppose it's too early to tell but any word on whether there will be a cast recording of this production?


  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 12 2015, 08:05:14 PM

    Anyone can cares whether a show is making a profit (I personally find it interesting).

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 12 2015, 07:59:10 PM

    "With crowds like that, we'll run till January!"

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 12 2015, 07:34:21 PM

    Despite Andy M's tweet and the hype behind this show (including being a former best musical winner), there is sadly an abundance of tickets available. Is this show having a slow start? 

  • MATILDA Original Broadway Cast Recording coming in October...why?  Sep 12 2015, 07:27:30 PM

    This recording is clearly 'better' than the original, in that it is far more complete and better represents what is heard on stage. Some of the performances are also stronger (e.g., Miss Honey's performance of "My House" has improved so much; I'm aware it's the same actress). However, I'm finding it difficult to enjoy the Matildas. They do sound more like what I've heard whenever I've seen the show, but in the worst way - the vocal performances don

  • Follies: more on the London production  Sep 12 2015, 02:54:46 AM

    Thanks so much for posting this! 

  • Best Cast Recording of Gypsy?  Aug 30 2015, 01:33:08 AM

    Yeah that "bounce" in Lansbury's Rose's Turn cracks me up every time. But for me I also wish Lansbury made some different acting choices at times. For example, maybe it's because they keep taking it further/exaggerating it in recent revivals or recordings, but her "Everything's Coming Up Roses" isn't quite as ferocious as Patti's or Bernadette's in my opinion (Patti's probably being the most ferocious I've heard). I know L

  • Could  Aug 22 2015, 03:48:24 AM

    "I always thought showing more of that vaudeville history in "Gypsy" would be a good idea - even going to the extent of a staged overture. But, as we all know, that can come across as very laboured - and shows off every flaw of the piece (a la Mendes, 2003)"

    Not sure I get the comparison. Pretty sure 2003 overture was with the curtain down?

  • The One Cast Album Never Recorded You Want  Aug 14 2015, 09:59:38 PM

    Bernadette Peters in A Little Night Music

  • Amateur rights to Wicked now available in Australia  Aug 9 2015, 01:47:59 AM

    I enjoyed the STC Spring Awakening! We've just had two tours of Wicked though here, would any professional theatre company really tackle this any time soon? It's going to go to the bottom of the barrel first.

  • Sally Mayes Stars as 'Mama Rose' in Harbor Lights' GYPSY,  Aug 7 2015, 11:32:04 PM

    Indeed, a revival is long overdue for this rarely seen show.