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Gender: Male
Location: Australia
Profile: I'm Australian (23-Male), but travel to NYC and catch shows occasionally.

Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
next to normal
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

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  • THE VISIT to offer $19.75 seats through June 7th  May 22 2015, 11:44:35 PM

    I really think there is no hope for this show financially any more, unless it wins Best Musical. However, I am so glad they recorded this and I hope everyone involved is proud of their efforts. Has the Lincoln Archive stopped by yet? 

  • The Movie The Visit versus the Musical The Visit  May 22 2015, 11:39:05 PM

    "In the movie, however, a pregnant Claire brings her lover to court to prove paternity. In order to get out of marrying Claire and marrying wealthy, the lover hires two men (with a bottle of brandy) to lie in court and say they slept with Claire many times. They ran her out of town in shame and she became a whore in Trieste where she married the wealthy Mr. Zachanasian."

    I believe this is recounted in the musical...

  • SUNSET BLVD with Donna Murphy?  May 20 2015, 05:18:49 PM

    Bernadette's voice is a thousand times stronger than Alice Ripley's at the moment. If Glenn Close can sing it, Bernadette can sing it. I know I'm bias but reports of Bernadette's lack of vocal ability are highly exaggerated, in my opinion. She can still belt, and she still has a wide range. She isn't in the same category of people whose voices are severely limited due to ageing or other reasons (e.g., Alice Ripley, Chita Rivera, Elaine Stritch, Angela Lansbury etc.). She is no LuPone tho

  • 2010 Tony for Best Actress in a Musical  May 7 2015, 06:54:40 PM

    Did Barbara Cook really say that? Makes me annoyed/bitter, given she was barely able to sing the song around the corner in Sondheim on Sondheim at the same time CZJ was singing it (although I suppose some people think that's the 'point' of the song, but still). 

    That Tony performance was unfortunate. CZJ's performance will not go down in history as an iconic performance IMO (cf. Alice Ripley in N2N etc.), but it was warm, funny and elegant/glamorous. I miss that revival! 

  • How long will The Visit last?  May 6 2015, 05:28:35 PM

    Below the belt? I just mean descriptively. When theatre attracts an older audience, and the star of a theatre show is >80, it follows that many of the fans may be no longer be living. That's a bad thing, if I were to provide an evaluation. 

  • How long will The Visit last?  May 6 2015, 04:19:15 PM

    I do think a lot of Chita's fan base must literally be dead. 

  • An Open Letter To All Posters on This Board  May 5 2015, 07:55:17 PM

    "You're blanketing the entire creative industry (and I don't even know if you're only referring to theater, or all arts) as bitter people. And you seem to have an idea why they're bitter."

    Yeah, I mean obviously it would be incorrect to generalise like that, and my post was vague. So I suppose, to be more specific - I am referring to my personal experience encountering people who work in theatre and theatre students, in real-life, on this board, and on ATC. When I say "bit

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/3/15  May 5 2015, 05:40:47 PM

    PatrickDennis92, I appreciate what you are saying. It does seem odd that this show is doing as badly as it is (to me at least). However, I don't think it's a good argument to conclude it's "poor producing" simply because the sales are bad. That's a very outcome focussed approach, which can be affected by so many factors that are out of the control of the producers.

    To me, the producing doesn't seem that poor from what I

  • An Open Letter To All Posters on This Board  May 5 2015, 05:35:55 PM

    I always feel that people who work within the creative industry seem especially bitter, and I don't doubt that in some cases dissatisfaction with their own career might be one reason.

    I can't tell for sure if I'm categorised in the 'snarky' type - I would say I generally like most things I see. But sometimes, I can have a particular negative reaction to a show (e.g., Dr Zhivago). Theatre is just a hobby for me though, I'm in no way associated professionally with this industry. Any

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/3/15  May 5 2015, 05:56:54 AM

    "I feel that The Visit is just poorly produced. While, in my opinion, not the greatest show, it was certainly passable and holds it's own as a new musical-- these numbers are shameful. Not to say it ever had the potential to be a huge commercial splash, but this just seems lazy and sloppy to me, with all this tremendous talent involved, the producing seems very amateurish."

    How is it poorly produced? How is it very amateurish? 

  • An Open Letter To All Posters on This Board  May 5 2015, 05:50:18 AM

    It's easy to forget sometimes that there are real people with real emotions trying very hard behind the scenes to make it work.

    However, the criticism is nothing personal. I paid $133.40 AUD to watch Dr Zhivago in Australia, and felt like I wasted my time and money. Worst of all was the disappointment because the creative team and cast involved were first-rate . I'm not sure why I'm reiterating this here - I think it's because I wa

  • THE VISIT Reviews  May 4 2015, 06:37:26 PM

    Unless the show wins Best Musical or there is a box office heavyweight replacement I don't think the show has much longevity, which is disappointing . It really seems like they have done everything 'right' with producing this show, but I guess sometimes shows don't appeal to the mass audience. I assume everyone involved will still be proud of this achievement. 

  • Next To Normal lyric question  May 1 2015, 07:18:07 PM

    "But doesn't "You don't have to be happy at all" and "to be happy you're alive"  contradict each other? She has come to the realization that she will never be happy but she doesnt have to be happy to keep going in life. She is resigning herself to a zombie and giving up cause she knows you dont have to be happy to get through life."

    Happy is not a binary/categorical variable with two stages: happy and not happy. The whol

  • Tony Snubs  Apr 29 2015, 05:26:01 AM

    Bernadette Peters - FOLLIES :p. 

  • Rant about the 2015 TONY NOMINATIONS here  Apr 28 2015, 05:30:05 AM

    Bernadette Peters was robbed!!!!

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/26/15  Apr 27 2015, 05:59:51 PM

    I'm really surprised that THE VISIT isn't doing better. Great marketing, classic songwriting team, Broadway "star". It looks like Chita's name isn't that much of a draw (anymore, at least). Or at least, it's not a draw to the people who buy full-price tickets. 

  • Rob Marshall to Bring FOLLIES to the Big Screen?  Apr 22 2015, 06:05:14 PM

    Would love Rob Marshall to do Kiss of the Spider Woman with CZJ in the title role...

  • More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical  Apr 22 2015, 08:43:06 AM

    I think that is the fatal flaw with the show. Trying to explain that he loves her because of his 'narcissism' is, in my opinion, overanalysing the show and trying to make it work when it just doesn't.

    Sondheim: "The audience would not buy the idea that this good looking guy would fall in love with this obsessive, grasping, difficult, unpleasant woman. So I wrote a song called Loving You". 

  • The RInk  Apr 22 2015, 07:22:23 AM

    I love "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer". 

  • More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical  Apr 22 2015, 07:20:01 AM

    It MIGHT be on the DVD commentary, if I recall correctly too. 

    I also don't know if I agree with the interpretation that the point of the story is that Giorgio is on 'the rebound' (cf. "No One Has Ever Loved Me"). I really think that we are meant to believe he genuinely falls in love with her, and I don't buy it for a second. Some great songs in the show though, but I don't think it 'works'.