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Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
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Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

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  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 15 2017, 04:18:31 PM

    Now I certainly would not want to see a non-black cast in the Colour Purple, Dreamgirls etc. but are we really that consistent when it comes to attitudes towards cross-racial casting? For example, we can accept and celebrate a black Valjean (I certainly have no issue here). We can also accept an Asian Aladdin (if it were a white Aladdin I can just imagine the protests now).

    What is it about race that we are so protective in certain situations? I'm thinking that perhaps because

  • Sweeney Todd Off Broadway Performances  Feb 15 2017, 02:16:19 AM

    Does anyone feel like the current leads are just filler until Carmello and Lewis show up? Perhaps it's just me. 

  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 15 2017, 02:15:18 AM

    perfectlymarvelous said: "But did you really just use the phrase "colored people," qolbinau? More than once? 



    Yes. Apologies, as I am not American I am not aware of some of the culturally sensitivities around language. 


    "So why is your assumption that the woman of color they (hopefully) cast will automatically not be as talented as Marin Mazzie?"


  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 14 2017, 04:28:06 PM

    wonderfulwizard11 said: "Ahh, you can always count on this place to have outrage over a show not casting white people. 

    Marin Mazzie is a treasure, but it's absurd to say that no one else could do what she does. Especially because no one here saw her do it. How do you know she's irreplaceable? 



    RE: your first comment, what are you talking about? The only thing we can count on here is people to h

  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 14 2017, 04:07:10 PM

    Marin is so talented that they are probably not going to easily cast someone with her skills and abilities. But of course, that doesn't seem to matter anymore. 

    The others can be easily replaced. 

  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 14 2017, 03:57:03 PM

    Hope everyone is ready to start counting the exact proportion of the cast ethnicities this time when they announce it. I expect nothing less than the percentage to 2 decimal places. 

    Rest assured we have probably already lost on the great talent that is Marin Mazzie who was cast last time - I hope everyone is happy with themselves.

  • Can Bette's voice handle it?  Feb 11 2017, 08:44:33 PM

    I do find this to be an absurd question - she could just speak the words and probably be more musical than Carol. I agree with HogansHero that fatigue is probably a more relevant factor. 

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD Reviews  Feb 11 2017, 04:39:33 PM

    I have to agree with some others that the musical is awful, but it has its moments and even Brantley acknowledges it has "one great song" in his review (a song I love). This revival has certainly gained a lot of steam very quickly in terms of buzz, sales and critical praise. I am so much more excited to see it now - hope that Glenn manages to be resilient in the show because I can just feel if there is any show that is at risk for attendance issues it's this one (based on d

  • Sunset Boulevard officially coming back to Broadway  Feb 2 2017, 03:24:57 PM

    Well they've managed to sell a decent amount of tickets for the first preview. If they can maintain that momentum throughout the entire run I doubt there would be any chance of closing early. 

  • La La Land  Jan 27 2017, 05:49:10 PM

    I should have seen this before the hype because it's hard not to be a little disappointed. I enjoyed the acting performances (particularly Emma Stone) and it was a cute/sad/honest story (I found the extended montage of her replaying her life with Gosling's character particularly moving) - even if it felt a bit like Once at times - but I don't quite 'get' why it was even a musical. I realise it is probably exactly what they were going for, but it feels like a pre-R&

  • Gyllenhaal and Ashford to open SUNDAY at The Hudson  Jan 23 2017, 06:01:23 PM

    It has been far too long since the last Sondheim revival on Broadway. I feel a sense of excitement I haven't felt in a long time. 

  • Death takes a holiday  Jan 21 2017, 05:36:24 PM

    Very boring, particularly as time went on. Death Takes a Holiday = Good Writing Takes a Holiday.

  • Jennifer Holliday's decision/backlash- her response on the View  Jan 20 2017, 02:16:07 AM

    The woman voted for Hillary and she definitely did not have ill intentions. I wish we could forget and move on.

    Lily Allen should sing this at the inauguration:

  • Effie, I'm tired. It's all over. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going  Jan 14 2017, 06:18:02 PM

    I do find that this board is sometimes consistent with the stereotypes that right-wing people hold of left-wing people (emotions over facts; silencing or trying to silence any differences of opinions; calling sexism/racism/bigotry for behaviours that may not be as black and white as they suggest it to be). I do think this thread was an overreaction (it would have been different had Holliday said she actually supported and voted for Trump - we know that she doesn't). 

    But w

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/8/17  Jan 13 2017, 06:18:19 PM

    Yes I suppose when I look at the overall numbers and the shows that continue to churn through - it does seem to be 'working'.

    I just ask myself sometimes how and wonder how long it can go on for.....if I think about some of my favourite shows in recent times (e.g., Follies, A Little Night Music, Grey Gardens, The Scottsboro Boys, The Visit, Bridges of Madison County, next to normal, Matilda, Bright Star, Caroline, or Change), it is crazy how so many of them failed to turn a

  • Jennifer Holliday Hasn’t Committed Performing At Trump Inauguration??  Jan 13 2017, 06:03:48 PM

    In the NYTimes Holliday was clear that she voted for Clinton. I would certainly cringe if any performer I was a fan of performed at this inauguration, but I see this as a far different situation than if a performer actually held crazy views (see: Christine Ebersole). This is a desperate career move on Holliday's part - I'm personally not sending her to gas chamber for that. 

    I was thinking the other day how cool it would be if a performer sang something that was subtle

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/8/17  Jan 12 2017, 08:09:07 PM

    "if you isolate the frames during which JHud was in the show and extrapolate it to the full run, the show still would not have recouped. "

    Can you show that calculation? I'm not sure my quick calculation is consistent with that claim. Though of course such an extrapolation would probably be an overestimation anyway of the revenue as the Jhudd fans may have started drying up over time.

    In any case, I do think this is yet another example showing how unsustai

  • GROUNDHOG DAY to Take the August Wilson, Spring 2017  Jan 10 2017, 03:08:55 AM

    Well for the most part, shows are financial failures - so they don't. But for the successful ones, the sale of more expensive tickets makes it possible - particularly when we are talking about heavily, heavily discounted tickets such as rush seats etc. or lottery tickets etc. 

    Of course, that doesn't mean smart producers shouldn't set or adjust the pricing appropriately to account for supply/demand, within reason. But I just feel we need to keep in mind that this i

  • GROUNDHOG DAY to Take the August Wilson, Spring 2017  Jan 9 2017, 04:29:56 PM

    theatregoer3 said: "Adding to what others have said, I cannot believe the cheapest seat at this show is $98.75 with fees. This is ridiculous.

    I paid $60 to see Hamilton when it opened - before all of the hype and before it was hard to get tickets...before there was such a demand. Why are they charging so much for Groundhog?! My seats to Sunday in the Park are cheaper as well and that has Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford headlining not to mention a well-proven book and

  • The Color Purple closing Jan 8  Jan 8 2017, 05:41:21 PM

    I never understand why people feel the need to scream over the top of a performance they are apparently enjoying. For example, the last note was completely drowned out in praise. Do they want to hear themselves screaming over it or the actual final note of the performance? 

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