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Member Name: qolbinau
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Gender: Male
Location: Australia
Profile: I'm Australian (24-Male), but travel to NYC and catch shows occasionally.

Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
next to normal
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • King Lear in Sydney  Nov 24 2015, 05:30:40 AM

    Yes, I am. 

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 20 2015, 04:01:29 PM

    I am so grateful for the FOLLIES revival, even the red dress incident was hilariously satisfying to follow here, if only for what felt like (but was probably not) a gasp when Bernadette walked out on the Marquis stage for the first time in her new pink dress.

    Get what you want from Follies. For me, I value most the story telling (mainly one of exploring extremely interesting, troubled characters given there is no real plot) and with that cast and that creative team I thought they d

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 20 2015, 04:01:28 PM


  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 18 2015, 01:49:32 AM

    "Sally's suicide lines"

    Which lines are these?



  • Patti LuPone & Christine Ebersole to star in WAR PAINT at Chicago's Goodman Theatre!  Nov 12 2015, 08:50:53 PM

    I said a few years ago that they should have cast Bernadette and Patti. With those two names surely it'll be an easier road to Broadway, and what a hilarious novelty it would be.

    Still, everything about this show is so exciting: director, cast, book writer, composer/lyricist, content. 

  • Patti LuPone & Christine Ebersole to star in WAR PAINT at Chicago's Goodman Theatre!  Nov 12 2015, 04:31:53 PM

    This sounds great!!

  • THE COLOR PURPLE Previews  Nov 11 2015, 01:14:31 AM

    Besides "I'm Here", is there anything in this score worth listening to? I love this song but haven't found anything else on the OBC that captures much of my attention - besides occasionally giving "Celie's Curse" a whirl. 

  • Controversial musicals  Nov 10 2015, 10:39:01 PM

    Those protests at the Scottsboro Boys were just sad - the show was helping the cause, not hurting it.

  • Shows That Were More Successful Out of Town  Nov 10 2015, 10:35:14 PM

    Dr Zhivago was by no means financially successful in Australia, as far as I know (or at least, it didn't meet expectations). It might have received slightly better reviews than Broadway, but we are notorious for being overly positive.

    The FOLLIES revival was not a disaster on Broadway (in addition to great reviews, it did very well financially for about half the run, and I think probably still holds the record for highest grossing Sondheim show in a single week on Bro

  • Ghost "successful" Broadway Season - marketing spin or blatant lying?  Nov 5 2015, 05:14:55 AM

    In what world did Ghost have a successful Broadway season? It's hard to find a single criterion for successful: Financial performance, reviews or awards.


    But that's what they're telling Australian audiences to convince them to buy tickets to the official Australian production (which I must admit I am looking forward to).

    Still, marketing spin (or blatant lying) is annoying to see. I suppose it's ripe in this industry though (how many times has a b

  • Best Cast Recording of Gypsy?  Nov 5 2015, 02:06:14 AM

    On "Watch what happens live" recently Bernadette Peters was asked what her favourite role is, and she said Rose (Gypsy). I find it interesting that despite having several iconic performances (Sunday and Into the Woods in particular), she would pick a role that she is perhaps less well known for. But I can understand it because the role truly is one of the great musical theatre roles.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/1/15  Nov 2 2015, 03:10:55 PM


  • What is it like to have mild success (only) on Broadway?  Oct 31 2015, 06:52:15 PM

    I understand, I suppose I have assumed that it's Broadway or nothing when it's likely not that simple. Happy for people to take a broader interpretation about performing in general...

  • What is it like to have mild success (only) on Broadway?  Oct 31 2015, 06:47:48 PM

    Creative industries are tough to work in. For those that don't get any work at all, however - it can be pretty easy to know when to cut your losses and move to a different career. For those that are constantly getting work, it's also an easy decision to continue and enjoy a successful career. However, what about those who get a taste of success but then can't repeat it? E.g., a one-time supporting tony nomination/role, or a couple of ensemble roles  - it's a bit more diff

  • Megan Hilty Will Star in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Gala Concert at City Center  Oct 28 2015, 04:00:23 AM

    I really think Merman is awfully miscast in this role, I don't find much value in her performance (but like her GYPSY recording the quality of such an old recording is surprisingly high). I would love to hear Hilty in the role.

  • Kate Winslet wants to do Broadway  Oct 28 2015, 03:53:14 AM

    I wish she opened NIGHT MUSIC instead of CZJ (but I enjoyed the glamour of the CZJ/Lansbury pairing).

    Can someone who is actually good at writing (e.g., JRB etc.) write her a show? kthx

  • Annie Get Your Gun 1999 revival  Oct 26 2015, 06:53:45 AM

    With the upcoming production I've found myself spending a lot of time listening to the recording of this show recently. Yes, Bernadette is 'miscast' and her accent is pretty bad. However, her casting is no where near as ridiculous or miscast as Ethel Merman, who does not attempt an accent and has zero vulnerability, making songs like "They Say It's Wonderful" or "I Got Lost In His Arms" pretty pointless. It doesn't seem like this show att

  • What about Sylvia?  Oct 14 2015, 03:45:39 AM

    Oh yes, great example. Any examples that didn't win Best Musical?

  • What about Sylvia?  Oct 14 2015, 02:23:25 AM

    Can anyone think of the last time a musical struggled open opening but then went on to turn a profit? The only example I can think of in recent times is next to normal. However, there was a lot of abnormality about that musical (no pun intended). 

  • Defying Gravity Concert in Sydney  Oct 14 2015, 02:21:45 AM

    What's the relationship between the Sydney concert and the cruise ship revue? (it seems odd this thread is trying to service both topics).

    The Sydney concerts are selling very well. Both will be sold out for sure before the performance date. Exciting!


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