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Favorite Show(s): Follies
Kiss of the Spider Woman
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Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Marin Mazzie
Donna Murphy
Bernadette Peters

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • BRIGHT STAR to reunite for Town Hall Concert  Dec 7 2016, 01:29:04 AM

    Do we know if this is a video or audio live stream?

  • WAR PAINT on Broadway  Nov 30 2016, 09:02:43 PM

    It's true. I can't wait to see her perform "Pink", which from what I have gathered seems like by far the best song in the show and I can't imagine anyone doing too much better than her. And her work in Grey Gardens speaks for itself. 

    But it is a bit comical that behind this talent lies an anti-vaccination, 9/11 conspiracy theorizing, (at one stage) registered republican, 'child of God' who believes she is close to the truth. 

    I'm glad

  • WAR PAINT on Broadway  Nov 30 2016, 05:46:46 PM

    Ebersole is clearly a fool, but I can put up with it if she doesn't start advocating during curtain call. 

    Love this quote from her "Ebersole: I've been told this will destroy me. This is my duty as an American citizen and a child of God, to speak truth to power."

    A 'child of God'? Hahahaha. There is no truth to be spoken of here. 

  • WAR PAINT on Broadway  Nov 27 2016, 04:27:04 PM

    Hopefully the show can run for a year, turn a small profit then close. But if we want to entertain replacements:

    'Reopen' with Bernadette Peters/Donna Murphy (in the Lupone role) or replace Ebersole with Bernadette and Lupone stay on.



  • Sunset Boulevard cast  Nov 25 2016, 06:01:55 PM

    This show is just not selling, and with only 2.5 months to the first preview the clock is starting to count down. It's hard to know exactly what the issue is - do enough people know that it is happening? Is Glenn Close's performance perhaps not as legendary as it is made out to be? (she does seem to have a reputation of not being able to deliver well on the vocals and it was from a season without much competition). It could be ticket cost - but it seems like the tickets that are selli

  • There should be a Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson revival and or concert  Nov 23 2016, 03:57:12 AM

    Well you did say 'or concert' :p. With the right cast, marketing, buzz, venue etc. I think a one-night concert could work. But anyone that would invest money into a full scale revival would probably have been able to hold onto their money longer if they put it threw a paper shredder. 

  • An Officer and a Gentleman musical  Nov 22 2016, 11:24:02 PM

    I saw it and thought it was terrible (think very generic pop romantic musical - nothing particularly interesting). The sales were also dismal so I'm guessing it has been laid to rest. 

    Australia was penned in media as a great new place to 'try out' new musicals but after Dr Zhivago and An Officer and a Gentlemen it seems that not many are willing to take the risk again. The issue though is and has always been the shows. If you get it right, we are a lucrative market. 

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/20/16  Nov 21 2016, 04:08:29 PM

    Yay, nice job Evan! I had heard they were doing well last week but I didn't think it was doing that well. 

  • Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 07:28:19 PM

    That would be funny. I bet almost none of them would be able to even describe what actually happened/what Dixon said (accurately, at least). 

  • Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 06:13:53 PM

    BeadleDeedle said: "Also, he was in no way HARRASSED. Watch the video. My God, some people just insist on living their lives fact-free




    Exactly. If people were a bit more honest about the truth and reality of the world, it would be a much better place. 


  • Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 05:05:11 PM

    You have to love the right wing Trump fans who 'hate political correctness', then as soon as someone decides to stand up and (very politely actually) express some concern they get 'offended' and think it's 'offensive'. 


  • Who got bumped?  Nov 19 2016, 08:43:24 PM

    Mike Pence's ideas, and the religious institutions his ideas come from, are monstrous and intellectually ridiculous. Anything we can do to help people wake up to the reality/truth of the world and realise the needless negative impact they are causing, the better.

    The actual words spoken by the Hamilton cast were very friendly and and welcoming - of course, the media and Trump in particular (along with his supporters) have blown this out of proportion. 

    We must remov

  • Carolee Carmello & Norm Lewis Join Off-Broadway SWEENEY TODD April 11th  Nov 16 2016, 02:58:10 AM

    Valentina3 said: "qolbinau said: "YES!!!!!"

    Glad you're excited. I thought you were #BernieorBust for Mrs. Lovett?  :)




    Hahaha I find this incredibly funny and topical given the election. Of course I am dying to see my favourite performer star in my favourite show (and imo the best show ever written- sorry a8. I know you probably wish you were in one of the pies rather than watching it).

  • Sunset Boulevard cast  Nov 15 2016, 06:53:41 PM

    Is Hugh's accent good or bad? To the non-American, his accent is so close it's hard to believe he isn't even American lol.

  • Carolee Carmello & Norm Lewis Join Off-Broadway SWEENEY TODD April 11th  Nov 15 2016, 02:16:10 PM

    Wow,  on sale till August now too. 

  • Carolee Carmello & Norm Lewis Join Off-Broadway SWEENEY TODD April 11th  Nov 15 2016, 02:12:30 PM



  • Sunset Boulevard cast  Nov 13 2016, 10:05:42 PM

    indytallguy said: "Wait. USA is a race now?"

    Sorry. Not prejudice; xenophobic etc.* is perhaps a better word. I think you get the point though.


    It's funny how I can completely agree with the views of others yet still can't win or avoid the slimy personal attacks (re: above being described dehumanisingly as a 'thing'. I don't care too much on this anonymous forum of course,

  • Sunset Boulevard cast  Nov 13 2016, 08:17:47 PM

    This is getting a bit ridiculous. I can understand importing casts or creatives when they are a big star or pivotal to the production. But these are forgettable throwaway roles that I believe a US cast could have performed equally well. It doesn't seem fair that they come and are essentially taking the jobs of Americans that could do the same or better job. 

    USA, USA, USA. 

    And I say this not as a racist - I am a British citizen too. But the Broadway t

  • Hamilton: The Mixtape (Remixes, Covers & Others)  Nov 12 2016, 06:40:57 PM

    Exactly. How good is 3:33 to 4:15,  particularly from 4:02 - "Forgiveness, can you imagineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...forgiveness" with just the piano and some sincere vocals. Then the beat has to drop and kill the song haha. 

  • Something Just Broke  Nov 11 2016, 11:55:29 PM

    I do find myself appreciating this song more and more. Though it has attracted crtiticism here for seeming out of place in the show. Do we still think so?


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