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  • Fun Home Contracts  May 4 2016, 08:50:16 AM

    Anyone catch Maya in her debut last night?

  • Theater in LA  Apr 25 2016, 08:37:38 AM

    jbm2 said: "Is anyone familiar with the Hudson Theater? Considering seeing Gruesome Playground Injuries in June?



    I saw Dodgers and Tigers the Musical there (in two different theatres within the Hudson) and it's a good venue. Theatres are small, but seats are mostly comfortable and not too cramped.

  • Lesbians on Broadway  Apr 23 2016, 06:58:16 PM

    I think Waitress ensemble Molly Hager and Beautiful's Jessica Keenan Wynn are a couple.

  • She Loves Me reviews  Apr 12 2016, 04:15:57 PM

    Thanks guys!

  • She Loves Me reviews  Apr 12 2016, 04:08:24 PM

    Hi all, I won the lotto for tonight's performance of SHE LOVES ME and I know Laura's been sick so was wondering if she's scheduled to perform tonight. I don't see a mention on Understudies, but wanted to be sure before I confirm and head into the city. Thanks!

  • Waitress Previews  Apr 3 2016, 09:27:32 PM

    KathyNYC2 said: "Kind of off topic but is anyone else watching ABC's new series, The Family? Jessie Mueller has had a small part in the last two weeks where she is playing a waitress (owner?) of a bakery...



    "See message #114.


  • Waitress Previews  Mar 30 2016, 09:41:45 PM

    suzycat said: "At tonight's preview, there were technical difficulties with the automation following the scene at the doctors office about 30 mins into the show. Show has been stopped for about 45 minutes now, but they just said it should resume shortly so fingers crossed! Sara Bareilles came out and sang "Part of Your World" for us along with a cut song for the show. She said this is the first tech difficulty they've had. "

    That's the best case

  • Where is this bit of Hamilton news?  Mar 30 2016, 04:00:27 PM

    "I agree completely.  I love Hamilton, I think it's a perfect show with one of the best Broadway casts in history.  The issue was the casting notice, which will soon be rectified because it is, in fact, discriminatory.  It's interesting that even the most die hard fans of the show cannot admit that. "

    It's because diversity is such the buzzword now, that "transgressions" against white people are being overlooked. If the casting notice

  • ACT OF GOD BACK TO BWAY  Mar 30 2016, 10:03:25 AM

    I saw one of the first previews of this with him at the Ahmanson. He was divine.

  • $19.75 tickets for Tuck  Mar 29 2016, 05:19:07 PM

    Went to the box office and was able to get three tickets, row H center mezz for Saturday night about 15 minutes ago.

  • $19.75 tickets for Tuck  Mar 29 2016, 10:31:34 AM

    For those who purchased at the box office this morning, there's no fees, right? Tickets are $19.75?

  • Blackbird Rush  Mar 28 2016, 10:52:36 PM

    Just an update. Got to the box office tonight (Monday, 3/2 at 6:15 pm asking about rush for the 8 pm show and was given two tickets, second to last row dead center orchestra.

  • Waitress Previews  Mar 28 2016, 03:14:08 PM

    IdinaBellFoster said: "Seems to be selling well! I really hope this is a hit.

    Does this mean our chances of a rush policy just got even smaller?


  • TUCK EVERLASTING Previews  Mar 28 2016, 11:38:41 AM

    Do we know if Sarah Charles Lewis is scheduled to do all 8 performances a week? Any chance Brooklyn will take the matinees on two-show days?

  • Fun Home Contracts  Mar 21 2016, 08:29:19 PM

    Here's what Emily's been

  • Fun Home Contracts  Mar 13 2016, 12:38:51 AM

    The boy's name is Cole Januzzi.

  • Fun Home Contracts  Feb 24 2016, 11:25:55 AM

    Probably won't be Plimpton as she is starring in a ABC comedy that is about to premiere.

  • Hamilton at the Grammy Awards  Feb 15 2016, 08:40:31 PM

  • Act Of God - Los Angeles  Feb 11 2016, 02:57:17 AM

    I had no interest when it was on Broadway, but as soon as Sean Hayes was announced, I grabbed tickets. I saw it two nights ago and found it very enjoyable. He was in top form. The set was oddly beautiful in its simplicity. The subject matter was interesting, funny and thought provoking and only dragged a little. I assume they updated some of the material to include relevant topics (Donald Trump among them). Grab tickets.

  • TUCK EVERLASTING musical opening on Broadway, April 2016  Jan 15 2016, 04:50:28 PM

    The full cast has been announced. Does this mean Brooklyn will alternate with Sarah Charles Lewis? I can't imagine she'd sign on as a standby/understudy?