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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Lin-Manuel's departure date from HAMILTON??  May 26 2016, 02:25:14 PM

    Not to mention the 11th & 12th are a Monday and Tuesday. Don't most cast members leave shows on the last 1 of a week & not in the middle or beginning? 

  • Matthew Morrison with special guest Kelli O'Hara @ Feinstein's 54 Below  May 26 2016, 11:20:54 AM

    ren598 said: "At least one of the other shows at Feinstein's 54 Below, Matthew performed Over The Rainbow with Rachel Levy. 

    I found this on Youtube.

    Thanks. That's who was with him in NJ.



  • Matthew Morrison with special guest Kelli O'Hara @ Feinstein's 54 Below  May 25 2016, 11:29:48 PM

    Who did he perform Over the Rainbow with at the shows without Kelli? I was at his concert in Morristown, Nj on Friday and he did it with some girl he met through some master class program thing in DC. 

  • Has anybody seen Laura Shoop in She Loves Me  May 25 2016, 11:14:42 PM

    I know she missed at least 2 or 3 last month when she was sick again.

    I saw Laura Shoop as well.  I thought she was excellent too. I haven't seen Laura Benanti though,  so I can't compare. 

  • Saddest Bway Performances  May 23 2016, 08:01:09 PM

    For me, it is You Should Be Loved and I Will Never Leave You from Side Show.

  • Waitress Without Mueller  May 16 2016, 08:04:32 PM

    I was at the matinee on Saturday.  Since it was my 1st time seeing it, I don't have anything to compare it to. I do agree that Stephanie Torns was good, but definitely the weak link next to the rest of the cast. I will give her a pass though because it was her very 1st time in the role.

  • Broadway Flea Market Fund  May 15 2016, 07:58:02 PM

    Another thing about budgeting,  don't spend more than what you can afford.  I totally get that the expensive stuff is cool and you will be happy when you buy it. But, if having it is going to cost you being able to pay your rent or buy food, you might want to rethink its importance. 

  • Broadway Flea Market Fund  May 15 2016, 05:04:29 PM

    It is hard to say. Sometimes you can get stuff really cheap. Sometimes it can be expensive.  Last year I paid $50 for a Side Show revival window card signed by Erin Davie and Emily Padgett.  A couple of years before I got an invitation from Cinderella signed by the whole cast for $5 near the end of the day. It really varies on the time of day and how many of something a table has. 

  • Best Seats for School of Rock  May 15 2016, 01:44:23 PM

    You should be fine in row K. I actually sat in row U in a side section of the orchestra and I was surprised at how close I still felt to the stage. 

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 15 2016, 01:39:17 PM

    So are you going to stop scolding people, Margo? If you wanted to contribute seriously here, you would contribute more than to these kinds of threads. If you have spoken about anything else, my apologies. But, don't make yourself look better when you may not be "bullying," but everything you post seems to be putting people down for not liking censorship or when others outside of this board have done some not cool things to actors. 

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 12:04:36 PM

    Wow. This makes me appreciate the couple of times of slight bag crinkling I heard at Waitress yesterday afternoon. Why do people behave this way?

  • Waitress Discount?  May 15 2016, 04:03:27 AM

    Isn't it free to have them mailed to you though?   That was a plus for me versus Telecharge,  which charges a $4.25 fee. 

  • Incredible Acoustic/Unplugged Versions of Showtunes  May 8 2016, 08:21:58 PM

    Mine is Sara Ramirez singing How Could I Ever Know from the Secret Garden.

  • Theatre Do and Don'ts Petition!  May 6 2016, 10:07:38 PM

    When I saw South Pacific, there was a slip in there about no cell phones and videos. I remember people looked at it and were laughing. So this will definitely do nothing. 

  • 54 Below Tony Watching Party  May 5 2016, 09:41:02 AM

    I've only gone to regular shows there, but I always dress up a bit because it just seems like that kind of place. I think what you are planning is fine. I think business casual would be fine too.

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 4 2016, 02:21:48 PM

    At least Audra is aware of impolite people and trolls, but chooses to deal with them in an adult way by ignoring. 

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 4 2016, 12:36:32 PM

    I saw that. And she also tweeted this, which is funny because she certainly is not doing any listening when we are telling her to stop and think before she embarrasses herself more:

  • The 2016 Tony NOMINATIONS Thread  May 3 2016, 09:25:21 AM

    Very happy for everything School of Rock, She Loves Me, and Noises Off were nominated for.  As soon as I see Waitress and Shuffle Along,  I will be able to form an opinion on those shows. 

    Kind of glad there wasn't any love for Tuck Everlasting.  

  • Cell Phone Nightmare: Laura Benanti Stops the Show  May 1 2016, 09:24:38 AM

    Harmonium said: "I've work in professional theater 8 times a week on the road at front of house.  If you think this problem is bad in New York (and it is), it's much worse on the road where house staff is mostly volunteer and the number of seats (and phones) in the theater is much larger.  Many of the more modern road houses now are built with materials in such a way that cell service in the house is poor or non-existent.  That's the only reprieve for me.

  • The importance of shutting off your cell phone in a theater  Apr 29 2016, 07:57:45 AM

    Some lady did it at 54 Below 2 weeks ago.  She got up twice to go in the lobby. Someone warned her about it. She may have also been texting.  I overheard her excuse was that she had a sick kid at home. If that was so much more important,  she should have been at home.  I saw it all because I was on the left side of the bar rail seating.