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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

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  • HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Viewing Thread  Dec 8 2016, 02:27:18 PM

    I thought it was really great.  I didn't get to watch last night,  but watched it on NBC's website earlier.  They showed the Darren Criss stuff, but there were no ad interruptions at all. That probably helped with the flow. 

    I liked most of the cast. Garrett Clayton is pretty forgettable though.  And Dove Cameron had to grow on me. I have no clue what they were doing with Ariana Grande. She did look too sexy to be Penny through the entire thing. At

  • Favorite Broadway Overtures!  Dec 8 2016, 09:36:34 AM


    Finian's Rainbow 

    Promises, promises


    I know there are more, but my mind is drawing a blank.

  • Finian's rainbow at Irish Repertory Theatre ticket for sale 12/3 at 8pm  Nov 22 2016, 04:38:14 PM

    Bumping this up. I know this performance is sold out now.

  • SWEET CHARITY Revival  Nov 19 2016, 12:13:25 AM

    BrodyFosse123 said: "Yes, they are trapped on the Coney Island Ferris wheel in this production.  

    Also, the set design is stellar - not low-budget at all.  Vittorio Vitale's luxurious apartment is very well presented in its minimal design.  The brick wall and its doorways are cleverly used throughout the show.  



    I agree with this. I did not feel cheated at all by the lack of set. It's why I think it would

  • SWEET CHARITY Revival  Nov 16 2016, 06:15:08 PM

    I caught the matinee today. It was so good.  I do hope this does transfer to Broadway.  It would be a real shame if it didn't. 

  • Lloyd Webber's Best Work?  Nov 10 2016, 04:16:16 PM

    I personally like Evita and School of Rock.

  • what is the OFF BROADWAY show to see?  Nov 10 2016, 09:57:04 AM

    Finian's Rainbow at Irish Repertory. 

  • Finian's rainbow at Irish Rep.  Nov 7 2016, 09:23:54 AM

    Broadway box now has 1. Tickets are $40-$60 with the code bwaybox. Expires on December 18th. 

    Mark Evans as Og was really good. Actually,  the whole cast was fantastic. I do recommend the show if you want to see a stripped down version. 

    I wonder if seating makes a difference with the music. I was all the way in the back corner of the orchestra by the wall. There was a weird beam that stuck out too. It did sound lovely.  I guess my initial post made it sound

  • Finian's rainbow at Irish Rep.  Nov 6 2016, 08:28:41 AM

    Has anyone seen this yet or planning to? I saw it last night and really enjoyed it. Melissa Errico was wonderful as was the rest of the cast. I just wish they had a bigger space to get a fuller  orchestra. The score sadly does lack with just a piano, harp, violin, and cello. But, I get there is no space there for that. 

    And because of space again,  they cut the big dance parts. Like in "If This Isn't Love," they cut the instrumental part. Actually,  mo

  • Kristin Chenoweth's MY LOVE LETTER TO BROADWAY Thread  Nov 5 2016, 04:39:01 PM

    Was there this afternoon.  There were no special celebrity guests, but that's okay.  I agree that a lot of what she performed I saw her do last year in Morristown.  But, it was still an excellent show. I am so bad at remembering titles of songs I am not 100% familiar with, so I'm not sure what was different today versus the list from the 1st.  Her special group was from the New Paradigm Theater in Connecticut though. 

  • Kristin Chenoweth's MY LOVE LETTER TO BROADWAY Thread  Nov 5 2016, 01:06:43 PM

    Haven't heard anything myself, but does anyone know if anyone is appearing at the matinee concert today? Just curious. Lea DeLaria said she is going to be in tomorrow night's show.

  • Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Julliard On Thursday Morning  Nov 3 2016, 11:48:32 AM

    LizzieCurry said: "



    I just love how church is in quotation marks when talking about the hate group.  

  • Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Julliard On Thursday Morning  Nov 3 2016, 10:26:21 AM

    I honestly wonder how they decide where they are going to go and why. Then again, I probably don't want to know what motivates them or how they live away from these protests. 

  • Kristin Chenoweth's MY LOVE LETTER TO BROADWAY Thread  Oct 30 2016, 08:37:33 PM

    I'll be at the 2pm show on Saturday.  I'll try to post what I can remember.  

    I went to her concert that was in Morristown,  Nj last September.  She had a few guys from On the 20th Century show up on stage at 1 point.  No singing from them. And then she did a little bit with the teen choir from the venue it was playing at. Nothing else.

  • Finian's rainbow at Irish Repertory Theatre ticket for sale 12/3 at 8pm  Oct 24 2016, 08:14:43 PM

    Bumping up as I changed the listing.

  • Finian's rainbow at Irish Repertory Theatre ticket for sale 12/3 at 8pm  Oct 24 2016, 06:13:00 PM
    I have 1 ticket for the 8pm performance of Finian's Rainbow at the Irish Repertory Theatre on December 3rd for sale. The seat is E3 and it is $25. I have the physical ticket as I bought it from the box office. I can either mail it to you or meet you somewhere in the city either that day as I will still be going for a matinee. Just Pm me.

  • Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street  Oct 23 2016, 02:21:45 PM

    I got some tickets for February. I picked the 2nd level. Should be interesting. I'm also curious to how the pre show pie and mash is going to work. Like are they going to serve people who have ordered and then take everything away before the show starts? That could be annoying if people are allowed to eat and drink throughout the show.

  • Anyone purchased tickets from Goldstar?  Oct 23 2016, 10:45:08 AM

    No issues here either. I actually ended up with 5th row center on the aisle when I saw Dames At Sea last year.

  • TodayTix NYC price rise  Oct 19 2016, 10:08:47 AM

    neonlightsxo said: "The Telecharge fees are what, $10 per ticket? Is that right? Because $12.50 seems like it's more than that.



    You are right. Never have done more than $10.25 on Telecharge.  

  • Recommendations for shows for early December?  Oct 18 2016, 11:31:53 PM

    Of you don't mind off-Broadway, I think Sweet Charity will still be playing through The New Group.  Not sure about ticket availability right now though.  

    And Finian's Rainbow will be playing at the Irish Repertory Theatre through December 18th.