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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Fox's next live musical  Feb 1 2016, 07:41:52 PM

    Xanadu! They could do a hologram of Gene Kelly to keep up with appearances from people who actually were in it.

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 11:35:39 PM

    best12bars- That was exactly what I was thinking about Vanessa. Wasn't too sure in the beginning, but she grew on me.


    I think Carly Rae Jepsen and Kether Donohue were the best out of all the ladies. The guys unfortunately did not leave much of an impact. I did like Aaron Tveit, but do agree with those who said he got lost in some of the musical numbers. I guess I would put myself in the mixed to positive group. 

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 11:15:59 PM

    The thing I wonder for NBC though is if it is even possible for them to do a production as huge as Grease, if they keep the production in NY? I'm talking about the different sets and driving between them. Granted, I have only ever been to Kaufman Astoria Studios for a couple of different shows I was an extra for. But, at least that one seemed more compact than what was seen tonight. 

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 10:23:07 PM

    I feel like I'm in the minority here. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't fantastic.  Like the musical numbers were great.  I will give them that. I hated Julianne Hough though.  I didn't care for her acting or singing.  And I personally don't think the live audience was necessary.  I actually found that aspect a little distracting at times. I also think the new song for Frenchy wasn't necessary since it went straight into Beauty School Dropout. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 31 2016, 12:04:38 PM

    I get being disappointed by having to go to a shorter day for the convention, but that's how most of these conventions work. Most people had to go back to work or school the next day, so that's probably why it didn't run as late as the other days. Actually, it looks to me like they did have less options for activities after 5pm on Friday and Saturday. I'm not saying you don't have the right to be upset, but I'm not really sure what you are looking for. And at least the

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 29 2016, 01:26:26 PM

    There were a couple of people at the marketplace selling stuff from their Etsy shops. Those were Broadway related.  So, I didn't care that they were there. I actually did purchase stuff from both. 


    I went to the autograph line 3 times. Only long line that I could see being a problem was for Anthony Rapp.  Unless I just happened to get in the other 2 at good times and was actually in the sections near the beginning.I'm not sure what else people are loo

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 28 2016, 12:21:59 PM

    I was wondering why the closing didn't seem to be as big of a deal than the opening.  It was supposed to be like 50 minutes to an hour and it was certainly shorter. I think I was surprised that it was only about 5:30 when it was over. Especially since it did start late. I knew Anthony Rapp had to leave to catch a flight back to If/Then on tour. But, it was not anything I was expecting.  Was still a fun experience.  Will definitely consider going next year. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 25 2016, 08:51:04 PM

    I actually saw first hand that a volunteer moved a lady in a wheelchair to the front of the main stage area so she could see better. She was sitting behind me in the area right behind the front section. Or is that okay because she wasn't going to take a chair? 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 25 2016, 12:40:35 PM

    I definitely saw the check in line for Vips when I came on Friday.  And they did try to get everyone with a VIP badge to the front for at least the Rent Panel. I heard them tell people they would have to move if they had a general or day pass. Anyway,  I will stop talking now because I know you can't please everyone. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 25 2016, 09:27:40 AM

    Yeah, I was not putting positive spins on what I thought was the worst event ever. I really enjoyed everything that I did. I think my only complaints were about the crowd control a couple of times, but they did have that fixed by Saturday. 


    Don't recall seeing it mentioned here, but Lesli Margherita sang the Overture from Gypsy in the variety show yesterday morning. That was hysterical. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 24 2016, 10:40:59 PM

    Yeah, there was a panel on new musicals today. It was really good.  It actually got me more interested in shows that didn't seem that interesting at first. And Found had the best advertising.  They put some of their notes around the room and you had to find them,  if you were interested.  I did find one and they did advertise their Facebook and Twitter on the back. It also sounds like a cool show.

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 24 2016, 08:18:20 PM

    I am in the 30 and over crowd and probably got mistaken for younger because I can still pass for 18-25. I saw a few younger kids, which I thought was so weird. Like I couldn't see most children under 10 being very interested in most of the programming. Some was also not appropriate. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 24 2016, 07:23:29 PM

    I agree with everything you said, Lizzie.  I did a mix of informative and entertaining things and that was good for me.  I didn't end up really talking to many people either. You really need to make the experience what you want.  I have no problems with people getting preferred seating and other things if you paid more. But, the rest is up to you.

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 24 2016, 03:00:36 PM

    In all fairness to last night's events, they were last minute backup plans. They easily could have given up and sent everyone away until today.

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 24 2016, 07:53:30 AM

    I also am having a good time, though I am not a VIP pass holder. Then again, My expectations are probably lower so my opinion is invalid. At least I have been told that in the past about other things. 


    I am a little bummed about missing what happened after 4, but after falling twice in snow banks,  it was a right call for me. I was going to leave at 5 originally anyway due to wanting to get ready to go to 54 Below. It's just the improvised panels seemed c

  • mayor deblaisio shuts down NYC-tells broadway to go home today  Jan 23 2016, 09:10:25 PM

    Wow, that is bad. And I was feeling bad for Garen Scribner because he thought he was going to have to leave the siblings panel early to get over to An American in Paris to end up with it cancelled.  The Met situation sounds so much worse. 


    It's odd. A lot of places closed for obvious reasons.  But, I went to go see if a restaurant by my hotel was open and was expecting to end up eating cheese and potato chips for dinner instead.  It was open along wi

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 23 2016, 05:09:20 PM

    I am back at my hotel now. I fell twice in snow banks, so it is the real thing. Please be careful if you are going to go outside.  


    It was fun today. Crowds were definitely better controlled except by the panel rooms. I got accused of cutting in line once because it was a huge mob. I went to the Stage to Screen,  Broadway Siblings,  PA's Who Made It Big, and the funny ladies panels. All were really good.  I had a pass for the Fiddler on the Roof auto

  • Hamilton in the Blizzard  Jan 23 2016, 03:23:40 PM

    I was supposed to go to 54 Below tonight.  Will have to get a refund since I don't know when I'll be able to go next. Oh well. Will see what is on the limited channels on my hotel room TV.

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 23 2016, 01:57:45 PM

    Only came from 3Rd and 51st street, but I think I will leave around 3:30 or 4. I want to make sure I can get back to my hotel safely. Bummer, but it has been awesome so far. At least if it isn't snowing tomorrow I will walk. 

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 23 2016, 10:11:41 AM

    I made it. Figures I am sweating so badly right now. I am the girl with the huge Duane Reade bag if you see me. I just couldn't spend $25 on a salad, soda, & chips today. So I spent that on a ton more food.