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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Box Office Staff Appreciation Thread  Aug 21 2016, 09:34:41 PM

    I had a good experience with staff from the Belasco. My ticket for Hedwig was a computer print out and I guess water or something spilled in my bag on it. I went to the box office and explained and showed them what happened.  They had no problems reprinting it for me.

    And I have no idea who I was dealing with with the Manhattan Theater Club back when Murder Ballad was playing,  but they were good too. I had requested tickets through 30 Under 30 I guess it was random assigning

  • Todrick Hall joining KINKY BOOTS  Aug 16 2016, 07:03:58 PM

    Maybe he can do a Dance Moms performance where all the girls and Abby Lee Miller appear on stage. That's honestly how I know of him. 

  • Hiptix Gold  Aug 16 2016, 10:24:03 AM

    I got an email from Roundabout.  You can pay the $75 through the end of the month.  After that, it's $100 for Gold. I'm on the fence about renewing.  I mostly did it this past year because of Noises Off and She Loves Me.  I also got tickets to Holiday Inn.  I'm not insanely picky about where I sit, so if the Gold offerings end up what the free program is, it may not be worth it anymore. 

  • Spamilton  Aug 11 2016, 11:53:48 AM

    Managed to get a ticket for this on Flea Market day. It says it is general admission, so does that mean that seating is based on the order in which people come and where people want to sit? And I also noticed tables in some pictures and that is making me nervous now because I'm going by myself and get really anxious around people I don't know. Or is it not as bad as my brain is making it out to be?

  • Worst ALW show (besides Love Never Dies)  Aug 4 2016, 11:25:04 PM

    BroadwayConcierge said: "Marianne2 said: "I'll also admit to almost laughing at an inappropriate moment."

    I'm a massive Phantom fan, but I kind of want to know what moment, Marianne...



    It was the end of act 1 with All I Ask Of You. Christine and Raoul leave the stage and the Phantom pops up. It's been a few years since I

  • Worst ALW show (besides Love Never Dies)  Aug 4 2016, 08:29:09 PM

    Not knowing every single one of his shows, I would go with Phantom of the Opera. I do like some of the music, but the story line just seems like a really bad Lifetime movie.  I'll also admit to almost laughing at an inappropriate moment.

  • Most Demanding Role  Jul 31 2016, 01:28:36 AM

    I just thought of something. Does anyone know why there was an alternate for Tony in West Side Story in the 2009 revival like late into it? I know there was no alternate when Matt Cavenaugh started. But, when I went a second time, I thought I was getting Jeremy Jordan as an understudy when in the Playbill it said he did at least 2 performances a week as an alternate. I didn't think Tony was a really demanding role. Or was this just a contract thing that was worked out?

  • SOR Alex Brightman missing ALOT of performances  Jul 30 2016, 10:15:27 PM

    But does the cast of Rock of Ages have to do all of the jumping around that Dewey does? And are they on stage as much as he is? I've only seen the movie, so I can't comment on the stage show. 

  • Most Demanding Role  Jul 30 2016, 12:11:21 PM

    A.Ham2 said: "I'd definitely put Jason/Tyrone in Hand To God up there



    I agree with this.




    The scene in his bedroom was interesting.  Like I actually forgot that whoever plays that role is speaking for both. So, that scene was like having an entire conversation with yourself.  I realize there were other scenes where they were alone as well.


    End spoiler

  • SOR Alex Brightman missing ALOT of performances  Jul 30 2016, 01:18:45 AM

    Went again tonight and Alex was in. I am so glad I made the decision to see it a second time.  I saw Jonathan Wagner on my first viewing. And Mamie Parris was out. But, it definitely is a good show with both casts I saw. 

  • Most Demanding Role  Jul 29 2016, 12:07:42 PM

    I think Dewy in School of Rock. You have to have a lot of energy and be able to sing the rock score. 

  • Has Pokemon Go worked its way into theaters yet?  Jul 22 2016, 01:37:19 AM

    The funny thing about this game now is that I came to the conclusion last night that I essentially play it at work without the technology. While looking for merchandise to put signs up at and take down the old sale signs, I was thinking how an app like that would come in handy so I can find everything so much easier. Not saying everyone has to like the game, but my job definitely put a new perspective on it. 

  • Your First Broadway Show  Jul 17 2016, 08:36:23 PM

    Mamma Mia in 2007. 

  • Has Pokemon Go worked its way into theaters yet?  Jul 15 2016, 06:13:33 PM

    hork said: "My roommate had been sitting on the couch for six months. Pokemon Go comes out, and suddenly he's out getting exercise (he's walked 50 km in the past week) and sunlight and meeting people and making friends. But no, this game is a terrible thing!



    This is why I wish it worked better where I live. I do get out of the house for work regularly. However, I don't have much of a social life except for going to theater related s

  • Has Pokemon Go worked its way into theaters yet?  Jul 15 2016, 07:50:16 AM

    That is until you get someone so entitled who demands to be let in the theater during the show to get the Pokemon.  But, I realize the likelihood of them actually getting in is very slim. 

    I tried the app out of curiosity mostly.  I have a feeling it isn't good if you live in a rural area. 

  • Sarah Ramirez Return To Broadway?  Jul 13 2016, 09:04:16 PM

    I don't want her to go to Hamilton because tickets are hard to get and expensive if you can. I can't drop down whatever I feel like, unfortunately. Plus, as I mentioned, I want to see her originate a role whether it's a new show or revival because I don't want to see her become a replacement. 

  • Sarah Ramirez Return To Broadway?  Jul 13 2016, 12:21:22 AM

    Thanks for sharing,  LizzieCurry.  I was actually wondering because I have seen so many different rumors over the years.  I never believe anything until it gets announced now. 

  • Sarah Ramirez Return To Broadway?  Jul 12 2016, 11:30:43 PM

    CarlosAlberto said: "Sara is pronounced SA-RA not SA-DA! How would u ever think an r would ever be pronounced like a d....WTF?!?!?!



    In all fairness, she was the one who said this. In interviews she has used Tostada as an example on how to say it.  I'm not making this up.

    Here is 1:

  • Sarah Ramirez Return To Broadway?  Jul 12 2016, 10:52:08 PM

    ^ That would actually get me to see it. However, after originating roles on Broadway, I would rather she keep doing that or starting in a revival than becoming a replacement. I'm honestly not sure how much of a name she is. I mean, I obviously love her and I do know she has fans. But, there are still so many people who I mention her to and they have no clue who she is. 

  • Bad Theater Behavior  Jul 9 2016, 08:33:55 AM

    ^ That is odd.

    Last Sunday I went to see a community theater production of Into the Woods.  Was an odd experience because there ended up only being 25 of us in the audience. The theater can seat about 300. There was also no usher as we could sit wherever we wanted. Of course an announcement was made of no phones or recordings. And some guy not sitting close to me did it anyway.  Actually,  he only recorded the parts with Cinderella because he must have been there for tha