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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 14 2015, 11:07:33 AM

    ^ I agree. I got the Bombshell cast recording a few days ago and I didn't realize that 17 out of the 22 songs have Marilyn in them. That is a lot for 1 person. Granted, I know they probably could do some editing and maybe flesh out songs for others. But, that is a lot to edit. 

  • Any news on Encores! WILD PARTY?  Jun 11 2015, 10:31:04 AM

    I know they are selling the extreme sides of the mezzanine and balcony for $25. And I got a discount from Goldstar. It was $27 for balcony rows A-G. Unfortunately there, you do not find out your exact seat until you get there. And I am hoping it was $27 for the $50 seats because otherwise that was not a discount at all if it's the $25 ones. 

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 9 2015, 09:50:45 AM

    They could not have done a second show because last night Christian, Debra, and Brian were all at the Tony Awards. I think that trumps this concert, despite how great it was. The Lion King also needed the theater back for tonight.

     And despite popular belief, it does cost a lot of money to film shows. You also have to have a lot of equipment set up. And to make it look good they would need to do run throughs of the entire show, which apparently they only got into the theater y

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 8 2015, 10:58:17 PM

    I loved it! It really made me wish they had a book written to make it a full show. 

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:38:53 PM

    I hate when they don't have a separate video feed for the memorial section. It was far away & distracting to try and watch.

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 09:56:38 PM

    The Visit actually surprised me. I liked it more than I thought I would. But, it definitely is one of the weaker performances for me.

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 08:51:03 PM

    Yes, I have enjoyed all of the performances so far. 

    I don't completely hate Kristin and Alan. Though I will admit some of it isn't that great.

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 08:21:58 PM

    I actually was impressed with Something Rotten. So, it definitely sold me to go see it.

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 3 2015, 10:30:09 AM

    I can't wait either. 

    While Ellis was an awful character, I definitely will not complain if anyone from the cast wanted to participate. I mean, Jimmy was an awful character, but I do like Jeremy Jordan as a performer. 

    I want to know what Brian d'Arcy James is doing. I want him to sing so badly.

  • Times Square Scams  May 29 2015, 09:18:55 PM

    I think the costume characters used to hang out on 6th ave. Close to Radio City Music Hall. That's where I recall seeing them years ago. I guess they moved to Times Square when it became more pedestrian friendly. 

    Los Angeles also has these characters on Hollywood Blvd. I didn't stop for any of them, being used to them in NY. But, it was a little creepier because a guy dressed up as Jason from Friday the 13th came up to me and touched my shoulder while I was photographing some

  • The Tony Awards Pop-Up Shop  May 27 2015, 06:42:56 PM

    Honestly, it wasn't that interesting. Just a bunch of stuff with Tony logos on them. I think they had On the Town and another cast recording and an overpriced DVD. 

    And I can't lie, it was a little creepy being in there with the 2 employees because there was nobody else in there and it is a small space. Then again, I get very self conscious if I know I am just browsing and not going to buy. Like I feel guilty for walking in and being the only customer and walking out. That's p

  • THE LAST FIVE YEARS BluRay- $7.99  May 5 2015, 03:16:11 PM

    Thanks for informing us. Was going to wait, but now I'm not.

  • Rant about the 2015 TONY NOMINATIONS here  Apr 28 2015, 11:48:45 AM

    I knew it was a long shot for Side Show, but I was hoping it would get something. Like I was thrilled when Finian's Rainbow was remembered a few years ago. But, I do think Side Show was better, so that's why I wish it did get something despite closing.

  • SOOO VERY VERY SAD  Apr 27 2015, 12:10:13 PM

    Are Broadway actors their own special cult then? Who's the leader and is it able to compete with Scientology? 

  • If you could pick one 2015 Tony nominee, who/what would you choose?  Apr 27 2015, 12:09:26 AM

    Side Show for Best Revival of a Musical. Even if it does get nominated, I know it has no chance of winning, unfortunately. 

  • Team Madonna vs. Team Lin-Manuel  Apr 20 2015, 11:23:22 AM

    I was wondering who the culprit of his social media posts on Saturday was. Totally not on Madonna's side. I bet she doesn't even care because to her, Lin-Manuel Miranda is nothing compared to her. Not that I agree. 

  • Switching to better seats?  Apr 17 2015, 01:07:02 AM

    If the ushers tell you that you can before the show starts, that's fine. It would be best to wait until intermission otherwise. It is distracting to see people move and you also never know if the people who belong to the empty ones will show up. 

  • homosexual relationships  Apr 16 2015, 12:32:34 AM

    Agree that AVEN has been a good source for me in rresearching asexuality. I too am asexual and trying to figure out what it means to me. Like I am 30 and have never been in any relationship or have any interest in having sex. Now I fall where I don't need to see sex in the media to please me, but I'm not repulsed by the act or seeing some. I also am aware when people are attractive, but that's as far as it goes for me. For me, I guess that would put me as biromantic. At least that seems close

  • Bombshell Pre-Sale  Apr 13 2015, 08:05:39 PM

    I'll admit, I did basically pledge some money because I didn't want to be shut out. Obviously that could have not been the case today. I guess it's great that they didn't need to have a general sale, but it's also a little insane. Like basically anyone going now either pledged $25 or more or are that person's guest. 




  • Bombshell Pre-Sale  Apr 13 2015, 11:43:31 AM

    After the code disaster, feel fortunate to have gotten through and quickly on my first attempt to choose. Will be in the last row of the mezzanine because that was the only place I could see that were $100. Just glad I will be going.