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Member Name: Marianne2
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Birthday: 6 - 21
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Favorite Show(s): In the Heights
Mamma Mia!

Favorite Performer(s): Tom Deckman
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Karen Olivo
Sara Ramirez

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  • Sleep No More is AMAZING  Aug 27 2015, 03:37:42 PM

    Does anyone know why they are only selling tickets through November 1st? Or is that when the block of tickets ends and there will be more soon? I want to go, but it never works out because I always have to get home.  Will finally have an opportunity in January, but am hoping it isn't closing. 

  • Jersey Boys Playbill?  Aug 22 2015, 05:32:55 PM

    You could write to the stage manager, I think, for these requests. Remember to include a self addressed stamped envelope for them to send it back to you. They probably wont't with just a letter.

    The address is:

    August Wilson Theater

    245 W. 52nd St.

    New York, NY 10019


  • NYC In Nov: TOFT Question.  Aug 5 2015, 10:22:29 AM

    I think you can get one when you go. My sister got one when she went to view something for her grad school thesis and she went to school in Ohio.

  • New Online Investment Platform Will Let Theatre Fans Invest in Broadway Shows  Aug 5 2015, 12:10:25 AM

    And you don't know anything on so many different topics here. I bet if you went to an investment broker with your ideas, you'd probably be laughed right out of their office.

  • Should There Be A Push for Recordings of Shows?  Aug 3 2015, 06:00:09 PM

    There is a huge difference between Phantom,  which has been on Broadway for 27 years now, and a show that closed quickly.  Like if I offered most people to see something like Phantom or a show like Glory Days,  I highly doubt they would choose Glory Day. 

    I get the desire to want to see certain shows or performers. But, a recording cannot usually match the magic of seeing something  live. 

  • Help us spend our money? :)  Jul 29 2015, 10:44:08 PM

    Times Square is full of touristy restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood or chain restaurants.  They're okay, but you can certainly do better away price and quality wise. 9th Ave, which is only 2 blocks out of the theater district has some good places. If you just want a casual meal, I like the Westway Diner between 43rd & 44th on 9th. I forget what else there is. But, you can find all sorts of good food over there.

  • Fiddler.. more security for audiences?  Jul 28 2015, 11:30:48 AM

    So we now should tell everyone adult that worrying about uncertainty 24/7 is the way to live? And not worrying is juvenile? OK. 

  • Fiddler.. more security for audiences?  Jul 28 2015, 10:44:01 AM

    Honestly,  if something like a shooting or a bomb in the theater happened,  security people are probably not going to 100% able to make that stuff not happen. They can certainly prevent it, but nothing is certain in life. Anything bad could happen anywhere. Are we just going to give up life to worry about everything that could happen and live in a security driven world?

  • BroadwayCon:  Jul 19 2015, 10:26:14 AM

    I like a mix of panels and meeting people.  But, I probably would choose a can't miss panel over the meet and greets. 

    I wish they had a time listed for the start. I realize I have plenty of time still,  but I keep worrying about a hotel. Unfortunately the $229 is not a bargain at all for the Hilton.  I guess I keep worrying if I don't book now, I will be out of luck.  But, I know that will not be the case.  

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 18 2015, 05:12:55 PM

    Saw the matinee. Usually I am the lone opinion on things that were not well received by most. However,  I agree with most opinions here. I love the music and Joaquina Kalukango and Steven Pasquale were the best parts of the show. That said, I have never seen this show, so I figured being ignorant would help, but it didn't.  The book certainly left me confused.  Didn't get what was so crazy about the party. Or better yet, why Kate and Burrs were the only ones who seemed to be ha

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 7 2015, 12:18:47 PM

    I mentioned in my original post that I found the dancing to be a bit sharper on my 2nd viewing. This was in May 2010, which was 11 months after my 1st. The whole production as a whole was better. That is actually sad because you think they would want to open with the best show possible. Not improve it after they lost most of the Tony Awards they were nominated for.

  • Broadway street fair question  Jul 7 2015, 11:45:15 AM

    Sometimes you can get the frames for a cheaper price at random tables. I think I got one for $10 one year. They will be used and you will have to do the framing yourself. But, you won't have to pay $25-$30 for a frame then. But, there is no guarantee you will get the number of frames you want by doing that.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/5/15  Jul 6 2015, 04:13:54 PM

    Agree with the holiday being on Saturday making things not so great for most shows. I was able to get a ticket through Hiptix for On the Twentieth Century a week in advance. I really thought that was a lost cause by now with it closing in a couple of weeks. 

  • West Side Story Revival 2009  Jul 5 2015, 10:22:05 AM

    I had to go back a 2nd time to appreciate it. The 1st time had horrible understudies and cast members who should have never been given the role to begin with. My 2nd time, the dancing seemed a little sharper. And Jeremy Jordan was on as Tony. It's such a shame we had to suffer through Matter Cavanaugh at all. I know Jeremy was the alternate for whoever took over for Matt. But, he was so much better. Finally got to see Karen Olivo and why she got the Tony Award. And Josefina Scaglione was alwa

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 14 2015, 11:07:33 AM

    ^ I agree. I got the Bombshell cast recording a few days ago and I didn't realize that 17 out of the 22 songs have Marilyn in them. That is a lot for 1 person. Granted, I know they probably could do some editing and maybe flesh out songs for others. But, that is a lot to edit. 

  • Any news on Encores! WILD PARTY?  Jun 11 2015, 10:31:04 AM

    I know they are selling the extreme sides of the mezzanine and balcony for $25. And I got a discount from Goldstar. It was $27 for balcony rows A-G. Unfortunately there, you do not find out your exact seat until you get there. And I am hoping it was $27 for the $50 seats because otherwise that was not a discount at all if it's the $25 ones. 

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 9 2015, 09:50:45 AM

    They could not have done a second show because last night Christian, Debra, and Brian were all at the Tony Awards. I think that trumps this concert, despite how great it was. The Lion King also needed the theater back for tonight.

     And despite popular belief, it does cost a lot of money to film shows. You also have to have a lot of equipment set up. And to make it look good they would need to do run throughs of the entire show, which apparently they only got into the theater y

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 8 2015, 10:58:17 PM

    I loved it! It really made me wish they had a book written to make it a full show. 

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 10:38:53 PM

    I hate when they don't have a separate video feed for the memorial section. It was far away & distracting to try and watch.

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 7 2015, 09:56:38 PM

    The Visit actually surprised me. I liked it more than I thought I would. But, it definitely is one of the weaker performances for me.