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Member Name: Phantom of London
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Birthday: 9 - 26
Gender: Male
Location: London
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
A Little Night Music
Aspects of Love
Billy Elliot: The Musical
In the Heights
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
La Cage aux Folles
Les Misérables
Love Story
Martin Guerre
Merrily We Roll Along
Miss Saigon
next to normal
Sister Act
South Pacific
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunset Boulevard
The Producers
West Side Story
Whistle Down The Wind
Young Frankenstein

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  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 07:56:49 PM

    If this was in the financial industry, this would be akin to inside trading, then to gloat on your employers corporate email and to boot call your superior and boss a wanker, New York Times had no choice what's so ever.

    This also could make it hard for Brantley reviewing a Rudin show negatively from now on.

  • Theater turnover  Feb 17 2017, 06:52:24 PM

    Why do theatres on Broadway stay dark for so long?

    in London, a show moves in swiftly once a show is dark, they pull something in from tour or the fringe, theatre is never dark here.

    Look at Lincoln Centre, that was dark nearly a year until Oslo comes in for a limited run.

  • Riedel on the response to his column from  Feb 15 2017, 03:26:29 PM

    GhostXmasPast said: "10086sunset said: "



    Last week I heard things were really heating up at the Lyceum - this show could really catch fire!

    Seriously - often plays are a "second or third show" for out-of-towners -

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/12/17  Feb 13 2017, 04:06:14 PM

    newintown said: "Is Glass Menagerie nonprofit? Scott Rudin and other commercial producers are involved with Lincoln Center (who is listed 3rd among producers).



    Also according to Riedel Menagrie has the biggest advance for all the plays, doesn't bode well for the others then?

    Also Wicked took a big hit this week, I wonder why?

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD Reviews  Feb 10 2017, 05:59:50 PM

    The same Lloyd Webber bashers join the line every time. The seem to be kind of bitter about something, maybe that the popular opinion goes and buys tickets to his show. Despite a sustained hatchet show by the New York Times.

    As Jesse Green I am sure he has moved up in peoples' estimations now, after that one of a kind review, it must feel great to be second bottom at last. Who are anyway, I think the .com is a bit of a clue.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD Previews  Feb 8 2017, 07:34:08 PM

    She could win the Tony again.

  • Unconfirmed ATC rumor: Isherwood gone from NYT?  Feb 8 2017, 07:19:19 PM

    macnyc said: "I hope Trump doesn't get wind of this story! He'll be tweeting about a New York Times instigated coverup.

    ^Shame on BWW you cannot like posts, that was very funny. Oh wait you were being serious?

    Isherwood has been gone 2/3 days and nothing has really come why, so no major smoking gun then?

    Obviously he was a second stringer, but for all other publications he would be a first stringer, if the New York Post decided

  • Unconfirmed ATC rumor: Isherwood gone from NYT?  Feb 7 2017, 07:50:52 PM

    Strange timing, especially as shows have seemingly been equally shared out between Ben and Charles, also to let him go on the beginning of a very congested season.

    The Arts Editor is no doubt still seething from that Tuck Everlasting review!

  • Unconfirmed ATC rumor: Isherwood gone from NYT?  Feb 7 2017, 07:50:51 PM

    Strange timing, especially as shows have seemingly been equally shared out between Ben and Charles, also to let him go on the beginning of a very congested season.

    The Arts Editor is no doubt still seething from that Tuck Everlasting review!

  • Ben or Charles  Feb 7 2017, 07:47:45 PM

    'Ish' won't be reviewing Come From Away.

  • Ben or Charles  Feb 5 2017, 07:52:33 AM

    Some excellent calls thee.

    Miss Saigon - Ben did it in London, as he did with the play Goes Wrong.

  • Ben or Charles  Feb 4 2017, 04:22:58 PM

    With another season upon us and so many shows opening on Broadway this Spring, I hope those New York Times Ben Brantley and Charles Isherwood have their pencils real sharp.

    So who do you think will be reviewing which shows?

  • Evening at Talk House  Feb 4 2017, 04:06:02 PM

    Saw this in London.

    It is a waste of a precious theatre spot.

  • SUNDAY IN THE PARK withdraws from Tony Eligibility  Feb 3 2017, 08:59:19 PM

    Understandably that Jake would want a shot at the Tony, who wouldn't?

    This sends another message and that is how bloated the Tony awards are, why do you need a committee of 800 plus to decide if your show is worthy? A lot of these voters are from out of town tour theatres and not interested in the artistic merits of a show, but what will likely make up the next season package.

    This is a good opportunity for the Tony committee to make changes and cut the amount

  • Popular Shows Unlikely for a Broadway Revival  Jan 30 2017, 07:15:14 PM

    Why I say Billy Elliot won't be revived, because you have factor in the following factors.

    • it had a very high cost to put in $17m
    • Weekly operating nut of $850k, which old have included a expensive Billy Academy.
    • The Broadway production, although it made money, didn't really run that long. Just over 3 years.
    • The show died on the road.
  • Telecharge Service Fees?  Jan 28 2017, 08:25:24 PM

    I never understood why something labor intensive as buying a ticket at a box office attracts no fee, but buying online that has minimal labor fees attracts an exorbitant booking fee?

    Also I hardly buy tickets in advance because of the booking fees and wait until I get to New York. Hamilton aside what show do you need to book in advance?

  • Popular Shows Unlikely for a Broadway Revival  Jan 28 2017, 08:12:14 PM

    Billy Elliot will never be revived.

  • Waitress Officially Recoups  Jan 26 2017, 03:35:48 PM

    So Waitress and The Front Page, the only shows of last year to announce they've recouped?

    I don't remember Hamilton announcing that it has recouped? But undoubtly it has? Same for Aladdin must be in the black now? Cannot be long before School of Rock announces?

    Dear Evan Hansen, A Bronx Tale, Cats and Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comets of 1812 are all on course to announce in time? Then Hello Dolly can announce it has recouped before it has opened with $25m i

  • Mark Ballas as Frankie Valli, JERSEY BOYS' Final Months on Broadway  Jan 15 2017, 08:31:40 PM

    Set wise never looked an expensive show to run, so surprise they haven't transferred to off Broadway, such as New World Stages or the Little Shubert.

  • Celebs Who Have Smashed Broadway?  Jan 15 2017, 08:22:02 PM

    All this talk on here of the great Arthur Miller reminds me of Salesman with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfiels that was a very hot ticket.