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Member Name: Phantom of London
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Birthday: 9 - 26
Gender: Male
Location: London
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
A Little Night Music
Aspects of Love
Billy Elliot: The Musical
In the Heights
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
La Cage aux Folles
Les Misérables
Love Story
Martin Guerre
Merrily We Roll Along
Miss Saigon
next to normal
Sister Act
South Pacific
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunset Boulevard
The Producers
West Side Story
Whistle Down The Wind
Young Frankenstein

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  • Mark Ballas as Frankie Valli, JERSEY BOYS' Final Months on Broadway  Jan 15 2017, 08:31:40 PM

    Set wise never looked an expensive show to run, so surprise they haven't transferred to off Broadway, such as New World Stages or the Little Shubert.

  • Celebs Who Have Smashed Broadway?  Jan 15 2017, 08:22:02 PM

    All this talk on here of the great Arthur Miller reminds me of Salesman with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfiels that was a very hot ticket.

  • Celebs Who Have Smashed Broadway?  Jan 14 2017, 01:20:28 PM

    Daniel Craig just popped into my head and Al Pacino in Merchant of Venice, but sales for Glenglarry Glen Ross and China Doll were nearly not as strong.

  • Those A List Celebs  Jan 13 2017, 07:34:53 PM

    moderators please delete duplicate thread.

  • Celebs Who Have Smashed Broadway?  Jan 13 2017, 07:15:03 PM

    I am interested in finding out those stars who can sell out a whole run on Broadway? Who are/were those Broadway A list celebs?

    Good examples are;

    Denzel Washington

    Helen Mirren

    Tom Hanks

    But I also love to hear those celebs who pack a house from years ago?

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/8/17  Jan 11 2017, 04:17:21 PM

    You could hit the 50% the main and hardest role has been developed and ready. You need to train the lesser roles to work with Cynthia.

    When new principal casts come in they don't shut the show for 8 weeks, to re-develop the roles for the show and start over again.

    So if a show goes in rehearsal for 8 weeks + rehearsal whilst in previews ordinarily, then with the main role developed you can half it to 4 weeks + rehearsal time whilst in preview,

    So this is wha

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/8/17  Jan 11 2017, 03:24:43 PM

    I don't understand how this show cost as much as $8m capitalisation, but accept the figure is correct, as it was released by the producers.

    if you look at the staging of this, no way did it come anywhere near $8m, but does this figure represent the tech process at the Menier? If so the Menier Didn't know this was gong to Broadway and could have easily folded in that South Bank venue. I understand that some of the set up costs has to go into the rehearsal period before the show

  • Matilda closing question?  Jan 2 2017, 03:51:34 PM

    It made money up until the end.

    but with the high running costs it was uncertain it would make money before April again.

  • re: Interesting Musicals That Never Made It To Broadway  Dec 21 2016, 05:57:24 PM



    Love Never Dies

  • Will WICKED Get FROZEN Out  Dec 11 2016, 04:32:36 PM

    just wondering how this will hit Wicked when this opens in 16 months? But wait there is a double whammy with Harry Potter opening too, will this whack their grosses?

    I am not saying Wicked will close anytime soon. But will their grosses get hammered enough to either start stunt casting or start selling on TKT's or move to a small theatre like the Neil Simon?

  • Shows that are successful out of town but flop on Broadway?  Dec 11 2016, 04:26:12 PM

    Not sure it did recoup, but came very close?

  • Shows that are successful out of town but flop on Broadway?  Dec 10 2016, 07:32:42 PM

    Young Frankenstein?

    Little Mermaid?


    Didn't The Addams Family have a successful try out in Chicago?

  • Will WICKED get FROZEN out.  Dec 9 2016, 08:31:48 PM

    Just wondering when frozen opens in 16 months time whether it will hit Wicked grosses?

    With that you also have the double whammy of Harry Potter opening at the same time, will this also hit their grosses.

    I am not suggesting by this thread that Wicked will close, any time soon. I don't think it will, they still can go down the route of stunt casting and/or moving to a smaller theatre such as the Neil Simon and they can discount on TKT's if need be so plenty of options.


  • Should WICKED Have Won Best Musical Over AVENUE Q?  Dec 8 2016, 08:46:54 PM

    I agree with what hogan said, or going on that premises Mamma Mia would've walked away with a sackful.

    Also Avenue Q was better received by the critics.

  • Playbill ( How Inappropiate)  Dec 7 2016, 07:41:47 PM

    I agree that the stamp at the bottom of the Playbill article to tak you to the Paramour page, which will invite you to buy tickets, wasn't done intentionally and agree it went on automatically as MaddieBB12 implies, but this does still seem rash and the moderators need to look carefully at their articles before posting.

  • Playbill ( How Inappropiate)  Dec 6 2016, 07:45:06 PM

     I was saddened to read on Playbill of an artist sadly lost their life in an occupational accident (Olivier Rochette), it is sad enough when any artist dies, never alone in a workplace accident.

    I couldn't believe my eyes reading Playbill, when at the end of the article it said that Cirque Du Soleil are represented on Broadway by Paramour, which is linked to a place to buy tickets, as if on reading this I want to go and make a purchase, this for me is rash, brash and

  • Theatre In California  Dec 5 2016, 01:48:36 PM

    In the Spring I am thinking of hitting New York to see the new shows, then would like to see something in California, I am aware of the main theatres in Los Angeles (Pantanges and Ahmanson) and San Francisco (Golden Gate, Curran and the Orpheum), but what other theatres are worth checking out please?

  • PARAMOUR Moving Theaters, Future Up in the Air  Dec 1 2016, 06:51:16 PM

    Didn't one of the last tenants (Spider-Man), when closing saying it was going to relocate? What happened there?

    With Potter announced so quickly as soon as Paramour put their closing notice out, ATG invoked the stop clause.

  • Next to Normal- why no west end transfer  Nov 29 2016, 04:23:51 PM

    Also David Stone who owns the rights and also making millions from Wicked, wouldn't be concerned with making a very minute profit in the West End, not really worth his hassle, so he won't release the rights.

    So what I think will happen is in 8-15 years time he will allow somewhere mentioned above perform it in London for the first time, with an eye on a transfer for the first Broadway revival.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/27/16  Nov 29 2016, 04:16:00 PM

    As I said earlier in the thread and didn't get an answer, but has Hamilton recouped? I be surprised if it hasn't, but having read a press release to say it has.