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Member Name: Phantom of London
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Birthday: 9 - 26
Gender: Male
Location: London
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
A Little Night Music
Aspects of Love
Billy Elliot: The Musical
In the Heights
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
La Cage aux Folles
Les Misérables
Love Story
Martin Guerre
Merrily We Roll Along
Miss Saigon
next to normal
Sister Act
South Pacific
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunset Boulevard
The Producers
West Side Story
Whistle Down The Wind
Young Frankenstein

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  • The Encounter at The Golden  Aug 23 2016, 08:14:07 PM

    Don't think this ever played London, it played Edinburgh festival.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/21/16  Aug 22 2016, 08:26:04 PM

    The producers of the Jersey Boys, must have a decision to make soon, it is also taking up a prime theatre. This show could easily transfer to off Broadway.

  • Sunset to the Palace in January  Aug 5 2016, 06:20:10 AM

    Tickets in London cost for a premium stalls ticket £155. However I snagged a good seat on the side for £75.

  • Are You Ready For Your Close Up?  Aug 4 2016, 08:36:23 PM

    Sunset is coming back to Broadway.



  • Worst ALW show (besides Love Never Dies)  Aug 4 2016, 08:14:36 PM

    Alex Kulak said: "@jo

    Not only is Aspects Of Love the worst show. It's the biggest missed opportunity. The idea (various permutations of romantic relationships over many years) is so profound, and he wastes it on 34 year old Michael Ball trying to bone his pubescent cousin. And this is set in like 1960s England. It's not cool, man.

    You have seen a poor directed version of the show, because you clearly don't understand the story.

    Alex doesn

  • People Are Dressing Like Slobs: Elizabeth Vincentelli  Aug 3 2016, 04:32:03 PM

    So now we are in a day and age where people don't care what they wear to the theatre, so is it fine for me to go in my Spiderman suit, that has the arse cut out?

  • OSLO Confirmed for Spring 2017 Broadway Bow - Vivian Beaumont Theater  Jul 28 2016, 03:24:43 PM

    I guess nothing is going in for this fall then? If so are they refurbing?

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway 2017?  Jul 26 2016, 03:22:52 PM

    Ben Brantley on it:


  • Parade Revival?  Jul 22 2016, 07:35:38 PM

    Just as they don't replicate the bloated original and do the Donmar Warehouse version instead.

    Anyway it is doomed to failure, as Americans don't like self analyst and criticism, which Parade does.



  • Broadway Real Estate  Jul 22 2016, 05:45:19 AM

    Sadly it looks like we may have 5 empty theatres this fall, with shows waiting to the spring to load their new show in.

    Looks like we are going to have the:

    Helen Hayes


    Music Box





    Any chance these might have a show this year?




  • MOTOWN Will Conclude Broadway Run Early on July 31  Jul 22 2016, 05:33:17 AM

    qolbinau said: "I hope that War Paint doesn't transfer before the spring, mainly because I'm not confident that this is the best time of year to open a show. They will miss the summer rush and could open in a slower period (e.g. September/October), then will have make it past the winter till when I can see it haha (in the Spring). That said, with this particular cast and opening at a time where there isn't much competition, maybe it will be fine.

    Grief has Dear

  • List of Shows in Southern California  Jul 21 2016, 06:38:53 AM

    Hi-five Tripelite from London

    Looking to come out to California in November.I couldn't find a decent website for theatre in the Los Angeles area, you do get the Los Angles Theatre website, which is replicated fo every city in America, but with a different city name, however this website is very very limited. I have put a link below, so everyone is on the same page as me.

    Would be very handy if someone did something similar for San

  • Fiddler Closing  Jul 21 2016, 06:29:04 AM

    HogansHero said: "carnzee said: "Why is this? I mean I can guess why it might be foolish to revive Fiddler, but I wondered if you could elaborate. Also I really appreciate your posts, Hogan."

    I think that large scale revivals are, in general, the stuff of non-profits (which essentially means LCT by default). I don't think there is enough interest to sustain a long enough run to make the lines cross (meaning break even). In this particu

  • Fiddler Closing  Jul 20 2016, 03:58:09 AM

    I think this has had a decent run in a very big theatre, with no real names.

    I don't suspect the producers envisaged it to run any longer.

    This will always pull in musical aficinardos and a big vibrant Jewish population in New York.

  • Cats Previews  Jul 15 2016, 07:04:41 PM

    D91 said: "Sat is the first row of the Mezz last night. I have seen the show more times than I can count from the time I was 9 years old. I am 25 now!  I was extremely excited to see it again, but was ready to be disappointed. I WAS NOT!!! and trust me I find something wrong every time I go to see it because I always felt there was nothing that could live up to the times I saw it on Broadway!

    The band was great it was rocking all night! Rum Tum Tugger was rockin.

  • What theatre will  Jul 10 2016, 08:31:10 PM

    The Palace in London, was originally built as an opera house.

  • What theatre will  Jul 10 2016, 03:24:21 PM

    Be sure that the Shuberts, Nederlander and Jujamcun are all in line vying to get this in one of their theatres, my feeling this will go into the August Wilson, with Jersey Boys running out of steam.

    Nothing will be reported until after the London press night and assuming the critic are good, Michael Riedel will be all over this.

  • How long will Paramour last?  Jul 8 2016, 06:55:45 PM

    HogansHero said: "Phantom of London said: "I wasn't aware they passed on the Lyric before?"

    Well I am not "aware" either but the theatre has been vacant for long stretches, and has been sold several times, with nary a peep out of Disney even though they are undoubtedly not unaware of the albatross that sits opposite their crown jewel. So it does seem pretty clear to me they have no interest in it. 

    This could be ju

  • How long will Paramour last?  Jul 7 2016, 08:05:38 PM

    I wasn't aware they passed on the Lyric before?

  • How long will Paramour last?  Jul 7 2016, 05:26:29 PM

    In time it will run out of steam, it's obvious that tourists are keeping this going, but once it starts to show it cannot make any money, it will simply decamp and move to Vegas, the Venetian hasn't got a big show and other hotel franchises would snap it up.

    Thought the Lyric would be the ideal Broadway house for Frozen, rather than the St James, onviously I expect Frozen to sell out, so would of assumed that Disney would have been all over the lyric, those 300 - 400 extra seat