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Member Name: Phantom of London
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Birthday: 9 - 26
Gender: Male
Location: London
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
A Little Night Music
Aspects of Love
Billy Elliot: The Musical
In the Heights
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
La Cage aux Folles
Les Misérables
Love Story
Martin Guerre
Merrily We Roll Along
Miss Saigon
next to normal
Sister Act
South Pacific
Spring Awakening
Sunset Boulevard
The Producers
West Side Story
Whistle Down The Wind
Young Frankenstein

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  • Crucible Revival for Early 2016?  May 21 2015, 06:11:04 PM

    As mentioned earlier in the thread they should bring the critically acclaimed and non more so than Ben Brantley Old Vic production over. If the new production doesn't live up to the Old Vic standard it could easily get trashed by the New York Times.

  • Rant about the 2015 TONY NOMINATIONS here  Apr 28 2015, 11:48:26 AM

    "If Honeymoon in Vegas just stayed open 3 more weeks, these nominations would have been completely different
    You're the biggest f*cking idiot I've ever encountered on the internet.... And that is saying a lot. "

    Actually it is impossible for this poster to clam 'the biggest f*cking Idiot I've ever encountered on the internet".

    Surely this dubious honour be

  • Its Official, Second Stage has closed on the Helen Hayes  Apr 19 2015, 07:27:34 AM

    Aren't The British/American ATG buying real estate to turn back into a theatre?

    Surprised that Rock of Ages never went back to off Broadway.

  • Its Official, Second Stage has closed on the Helen Hayes  Apr 18 2015, 04:48:56 PM

    ""Small musicals have a venue in NWS
    The Honeymooners is looking for Broadway & Not Off."


     Coming from the chief idiot, who cannot post anything unless it's with some puerile video clip.

  • THE KING & I Reviews  Apr 17 2015, 02:20:00 PM

    I thought that Ben Brantley is gay?

  • Mamma Mia!  Apr 10 2015, 02:00:04 PM

    Well not really, there isn't much if you are a theatre fan, Chicago or Monday night only The Phantom of the Opera.

  • Mamma Mia!  Apr 10 2015, 12:09:08 PM

    This is terrible news for any theatre fan that visits New York and I tell you why.

    Just like Rock of Ages both shows were light hearted fluff shows and enjoyable both in there own way, but both shows performed on a Sunday Night/Monday Night when seeing a Broadway show is challenging.

    So going to make those Sunday/Monday evenings very difficult now.

  • Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexual Misconduct  Mar 30 2015, 07:41:03 PM
    Weinstein ain't going to win America's best dressed man.
  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Mar 30 2015, 07:35:30 PM
    Didn't Michael Riedel allude to a re-working of a Classic Broadway musical, with the Cirque Du Soleil involved to be done in the Lyric Theatre?

    Cirque Du Soleil are no doubt kings of the strip in Vegas, but have been desperate to break New York and so far have seemed to have failed.
  • Billy vs. Matilda Tony  Mar 22 2015, 01:30:05 PM
    In the UK it is against there is child protection laws preventing a child working over so many hours, therefore one child cannot perform in a role for eight performances.

    It is important that a child doesn't fall behind in their studies and also needs to socialites through play with their peers and rest, so I am surprised that a child is allowed to perform for 8 performances a week in the US, I think this is professional child abuse.
  • Best Mark Rylance Role  Feb 9 2015, 03:49:08 PM
    If you can guys can get BBC I player. In the States, he is starring in Wolf Hall with Tony winner Jonathan Pryce.

    This is the televised Hilary Mantel adaption, which is opening at the Winter Gardens, next month.

    Mark got excellent reviews.
  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/8/15  Feb 9 2015, 03:39:05 PM
    Wicked had a terrible week, they must be under $500k profit.
  • Whistle Down The Wind??  Feb 8 2015, 09:06:34 AM
    Was this all set to go with the marquee up at the Martin Beck theatre (Al Hirschfeld)? It was originally planned to open on Broadway before the West End?

    Unsettled scores is one of the best songs ever written for musical theatre. I urge people to listen, who have not heard this song.
  • Terry Teachout : Is he still doing reviews  Jan 14 2015, 08:43:01 PM
    Maybe after his fellow oped journalist did that hyperbole of admitting skipping in the interval, maybe he has been blackballed too.
  • Gigi coming to Broadway  Jan 14 2015, 08:40:13 PM
    The reviews exactly didn't have people rushing out to buy tickets either.

    That Riedel sticks his neck out and makes bold predictions, you mean 'what's that rut tut tut sound, bullets coming from the St James, the only volley of gun fire was someone shooting themselves in the foot.

    Anyway my point was never second guess the Tony predictions, as everyone who did last year got it wrong and wrong by a country mile.
  • Gigi coming to Broadway  Jan 14 2015, 07:08:58 PM
    As they say don't count your chickens before they've hatched.

    The King andI could get horrendous reviews, the same On the 20th Century and Gigi.

    Who would of thought last year that Bridges of Madison County, Rocky and Bullets to get poor reviews and not get nominated, no one on here saw that coming, me included.
  • Aladdin vs. Matilda  Jan 13 2015, 08:48:46 PM
    Book of Mormon.
  • Jennifer Hudson in Upcoming  Jan 9 2015, 06:07:55 PM
    Or Cort, Belasco and Lycumn.
  • Theater vs. Theatre  Jan 8 2015, 07:02:00 AM
    The great William Shakespeare didn't bring you 'theater', he gave us that most excellent art form of 'theatre'.
  • Rent is Cuba's First Broadway Musical in 50 Years  Dec 25 2014, 09:04:04 PM
    Does Roger have to wear a Che Guevara Shirt?