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  • Way too early 2016 Tony predictions  Aug 27 2015, 07:20:35 PM

    "If only we could get zero pinto things, that'd be fvcking perfect.

    Erin Dilly millie  Aug 18 2015, 02:11:19 PM

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there are original promotional photos with Erin Dilly as Millie and Tonya Pinkins as Muzzy. The costume and wig for Millie are pretty bad lol! 


  • Erin Dilly millie  Aug 18 2015, 02:05:18 PM

    "I remember Sutton being on The View recently and Whoopi talking about how she was a producer on Millie. She said the original girl in the role wasn't good (Sutton looked embarrassed that Whoopi would publicly state that), and when they saw Sutton do it, everything just clicked."

    Here is that interview on The View it starts at 2:45

  • Erin Dilly millie  Aug 18 2015, 01:58:09 PM

    "What second TV show are you talking about? Wikipedia doesn't say anything about any recurring roles on television between Kristin and the West Wing, and there were 3 years in between the two."


     I am sure after her 1st TV show was canceled she probably stayed in Hollywood to film several TV pilots  that never got pick up by the networks. That is way you dont see anything listed on her Wikipedia about it. 

  • Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel) sings  Aug 17 2015, 11:04:48 PM

    YASSSSS!!!!!!! She sings the sh!!t out of this song!!!!!!


  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 07:42:57 PM

    It might just me, but after looking at all those beautiful production images of the original production of The Wiz the look of the production kinda reminded me of what the original production of what Jesus Christ Super Star looked like as far as the sets and costumes are concerned.  I am not saying that its a bad thing or that they look exactly alike, and I know they are two totally different shows, I just feel they have some similarities.  Did anyone else think this?

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 05:54:19 PM

    Is anyone going to The Wiz concert tonight in Central Park? 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 04:27:38 PM

    sadly I dont think they could get away with doing that watermelon moon today people are so sensitive and politically correct about everything nowadays that I am afraid that they would not find the humor in it and raise a stink about it. I am black and i can see the humor in it,but sadly not everyone is not as openminded. 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 04:22:16 PM

    Sadly I dont think they could never do that watermelon moon today people are so sensitive and all about being politically correct.  I am afraid people would just get an uproar and be offended. I am black and I can find the humor in the watermelon moon, but sadly not everyone is as opened minded. 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 04:17:01 PM

    Well the lady standing with Dorothy is Adapearl and I am assuming the lady on the moon is Glinda

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 04:10:46 PM

    What is the significance of the eyes on  Evilene's costumes? I remember seeing one of the original commercials for the broadway production and the two eyes Eviline's costume where blinking. 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 11 2015, 03:51:33 PM

    Thank you for posting all of these beautiful images!!! where are you finding them??? 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 10 2015, 09:49:39 PM

    sorry lol that was a typo i meant 1984

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 10 2015, 09:11:02 PM

    does anyone know anything about the song "Wonder wonder why " that was included in the 1984 revival that Dorothy sings? 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 10 2015, 12:20:07 AM

    Thanks for answering about the closing number!

     Other than the song " A rested body is rested Mind" what other songs are in the show that were not included on the original cast recording? 


    So on wikapieda the only other two songs that I see are 

    "Wonder Wonder Why" sung by Dorthy and it was only in the 1984 revial . The other song is "Who do you think you are" sung by dorthy, scacrow, tin man, and lion.  Is there a recordi

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 9 2015, 09:11:28 PM

    In the stage production of the Wiz what song closes act one? Is it "Be a Lion" or "So you wanted to meet the Wizard" ?   Thanks :)

  • All black production of Sweeney Todd with Lillias White  Aug 6 2015, 06:56:43 PM

    Is anyone going this next week?

    On a side not Chuck Cooper said he dropped out of the production because the producers did not get permission to do the show? Who does the producers have to get permission from to the show? And if they didn't get permission couldn't the show be shut down? 

    This the article were he talks about this

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 6 2015, 02:02:28 PM

    Agreed, I wish they would just pre tape it and make it 100% perfect filming wise and just air that. 

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Aug 6 2015, 01:54:10 PM

    I was also hoping for Raven Symone or Whoopi Goldberg, but I hope Amber proves us wrong. I am sure she will be good, although I see her more as a Dorothy. 


    I wonder if Audra McDonald was even asked to be apart of this? Does anyone have the inside scoop? I mean she got the best reviews for The Sound of Music Live, so out all shows  with an all black cast I would think she would be one the first people to ask to be in this. If she was I wonder why she turn

  • Muny Theatre question  Aug 3 2015, 10:28:56 PM

    KJisgroovy, I understand why the sets look the way they look, but I every right to think that the sets and costumes still look like crap! 

    Don't worry, I don't have planes to attend anytime in the near future wink Thanks, but no thanks!