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Location: Jersey City
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Favorite Show(s): Altar Boyz
August: Osage County
Bombastes Furioso
Caroline, or Change
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The History Boys
The Homecoming
The Pillowman
The Wiz

Favorite Performer(s): Samuel Barnett
Michael Cerveris
Joanna Gleason
Gideon Glick
Celia Keenan-Bolger
Frances de la Tour
Audra McDonald
Dennis O'Hare

Currently Listening To: What's Inside (Waitress)

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  • Jennifer Holliday's decision/backlash- her response on the View  Jan 19 2017, 09:10:33 PM

    newintown said: ""Not surprised doing 8 shows a week and maybe not being a big social media person that she wasn't aware of the strong backlash."

    Yes, Broadway actors, particularly one like Holliday, at the theatre for at least 24 hours a week, really aren't able to keep up with current events, like knowing that a significant percentage (possibly the majority) of their fan base, the LGBT community, feels that Donald Trump represents a t

  • Jennifer Holliday's decision/backlash- her response on the View  Jan 19 2017, 03:06:09 PM

    I feel the social media backlash blindsided her. She said something to the effect that she didn't know everything that was going on. At first I thought, "Really?". I then realized that she was probably preparing to go into Color Purple around election time and was in the show after up until closing. Not surprised doing 8 shows a week and maybe not being a big social media person that she wasn't aware of the strong backlash. She quickly did though and pulled out. JMO

  • Avenue Q For Now Lyric Change?  Jan 19 2017, 02:53:29 PM

    Yeah, they started using his name shortly after he announced that he was running. He announced in June of 2015.

  • Avenue Q For Now Lyric Change?  Jan 19 2017, 11:56:08 AM

    I was there recently and the audience went nuts over it. I suspect it will stay in for a long while.

  • Effie, I'm tired. It's all over. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going  Jan 17 2017, 05:07:46 PM

    perfectlymarvelous said: "Huss417 said: "Jennifer Holliday on The View today.

    Did she just...casually drop the n word on national television? "


    Yup. I think she said it twice. Glad she said it instead of saying "the n word".


  • Up on the Marquee: Sunset Blvd.  Jan 13 2017, 12:50:29 AM

    Plan to see this. More excited for this than Hello Dolly.

  • R.I.P. Martha Swope...  Jan 13 2017, 12:36:48 AM

    Always looked to see if she was the photographer when I bought programs. The NYPL exhibition was wonderful. I spent almost 2 hours in that room. May she rest in peace.

  • Finally! A Documentary About The WORST Kind Of People on the Planet!  Jan 11 2017, 08:57:10 PM

    Still not sure if that was her at Book of Morman but since then I have run into her twice. She's a handful.

  • Significant Other on Broadway  Jan 11 2017, 03:16:28 PM

    10086sunset said: "Uncageg, Neon, Kad - Thank you for the running time information...


    Most welcome!


    Those last moments were emotionally devastating and not sure the impact will be the same the second time around. Will most likely see it as it is a very good play.




  • Significant Other on Broadway  Jan 11 2017, 01:18:13 PM

    I want to say a little over 2 hours. 

  • What are your favourite opening numbers?  Jan 10 2017, 02:22:42 PM

    Totally forgot Ragtime! That was breathtaking.

  • Cynthia Erivo  Jan 10 2017, 02:20:19 PM

    What Queen Alice said.

    Also, I enjoyed the original and LaChanz's performance. Erivo is a force, no question about it. I too want to see what she does next. I also think this scaled down production pulled you more into the story than the original and being done in a more intimate theater is what made Erivo's performance, and the entire show, so electrifying. JMO

  • What are your favourite opening numbers?  Jan 10 2017, 01:51:26 PM

    Mister Matt said: "Most of mine have already been mentioned, but one that I found extremely effective and memorable was Oh the Thinks You Can Think from Seussical (the Broadway production, not the WTF national tour opening that looked like the citizens of THX 113.  It was so joyous and catchy, I couldn't get the song out of my head after I left the theatre, a couple of months before the recording was

  • What are your favourite opening numbers?  Jan 10 2017, 01:34:22 PM

    My all time favorite is "Walk Him Up the Stairs" from PURLIE.  Pippin and A Chorus Line's opening numbers are my other favorites.

  • Broadway at the Kennedy Center Honors  Dec 27 2016, 11:25:58 PM

    MinnieFay said: "I can't wait until NEXT year's Kennedy Center Honors --- when the honorees will be Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin and the Duck Dynasty people!"



    Made. My. Night.


  • Breaking News: Who Will Get Christian Borle's Golden Tickets? Full Cast Announced for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY  Dec 19 2016, 09:22:39 AM

    Was it cast  like this in London?

  • Gyllenhaal and Ashford to open SUNDAY at The Hudson  Dec 13 2016, 02:23:57 PM

    I attended the sneak peek of "On The Town" at the Hudson. A pretty intimate theater. From what I remember the stage wasn't really high up. I sat a few rows back from it on the side. Also, from what I remember, balcony seats should have a fine view.

  • IN TRANSIT Previews  Dec 11 2016, 01:00:36 AM

    I had no idea Telly, James and Justin were in this. None.

  • re: Stephen Schwartz: Love Him or Hate Him?  Dec 9 2016, 09:03:29 AM

    Since I posted my comments, years ago, a few things have changed! I got to sing in the large chorus for "Just No Time At  All" on the PIPPIN revival recording. He was there and was so much fun and was so excited that he re-wrote the ending a bit, on the spot, out of excitement. I have also had the chance to meet him and be around him on a few occasions. Very nice man. Also, after posting my comments I came to my own conclusion as to why he may have walked out of the Tony's

  • Should WICKED Have Won Best Musical Over AVENUE Q?  Dec 9 2016, 08:39:27 AM

    yankeefan7 said: "Wicked is still running strong and Avenue Q closed on Broadway a long time ago. The musical score  of Wicked is superior IMO  and then add the combination of the great performances by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith."


    Avenue Q is still running off-Broadway, is in good shape, and doing very well.

    I like both shows but feel "Caroline or Change" was far superior. It should also have won the Pulitzer. I think it was a crime that t