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Gender: Male
Location: Jersey City
Profile: Live in NJ

Favorite Show(s): Altar Boyz
August: Osage County
Bombastes Furioso
Caroline, or Change
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The History Boys
The Homecoming
The Pillowman
The Wiz

Favorite Performer(s): Samuel Barnett
Michael Cerveris
Joanna Gleason
Gideon Glick
Celia Keenan-Bolger
Frances de la Tour
Audra McDonald
Dennis O'Hare

Currently Listening To: What's Inside (Waitress)

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Dressing for the theater  May 27 2017, 08:43:16 PM

    Just posted on Theatermania. A point counterpoint on dressing for the theater....


  • Triton Gallery closed during relocation  May 27 2017, 12:22:46 AM

    I have always wanted to drop in and see it. Recently I decided to buy a window card there and found out they were moving. Sorry now that I never went. Will be at the new place when it opems to get that wimdow card.

  • The Boy Who Danced On Air  May 26 2017, 03:18:34 PM

    I plan to see this. A friend raved about it and it. 

    Just read a few other reviews that were very positive.

  • Triton Gallery closed during relocation  May 26 2017, 02:43:24 PM

    They are moving to 690 8th Ave. (6th floor) between 43rd and 44th. Re-opening on June 1st.

    Wonder why they are moving. First thought is to be closer to the theater district.

  • Well, hello, Patti (LaBelle)!  May 26 2017, 02:10:52 PM

    bdn223 said: "Rudin would pay Lupone 3x whatever Labelle is currently asking for before settling for Labelle.

    The only way i see Rudin recasting the entire production alla when Pearl  Bailey, would be if he could get someone the caliber or Queen Latifah, Mary J Blige, Octavia Spencer, or Viola Davis, where their current income comes mostly from their Artistic works and not Pies. In other words, so it is seen as an Honor and not a marketing gimmic.

  • Irish Rep's The Emperor Jones to return  May 25 2017, 01:48:43 AM

    Saw it 2 weeks ago. Enjoyed it overall but found Abil's performance to be exhausting, and not always in a good way., after his character is in the woods. He was literally dripping sweat.

  • WAR PAINT - The Original Broadway Cast Recording  May 25 2017, 12:24:14 AM

    Then only song I didn't care for was the overly long Fire & Ice. 

    I am so torn. I want to see Sunset Blvd. but I really want to go back to WAR PAINT just to see them sing Face to Face again. That song left me breathless.

  • Building The Wall with Tuni and Badge Dale  May 23 2017, 10:53:30 PM

    She is more cautious in this production.


    I don't know how to do the spoiler toggle but I will just say that I disagree with a part of your spoiler deltTee.

    Also delta, was trying to pm you about something but you don't accept Tom's. It was about Denver theatre.

  • La LuPone gives her unvarnished opinion of Donald Trump  May 21 2017, 05:59:39 PM

    theaterguy11 said: "wonderfulwizard11 said: "Lol @ "unvetted Barack"- remind me, when did Trump show us his tax returns? Remind me, when did Trump serve in literally any level of government? 

    It would be so much easier to take Republicans seriously if they didn't operate in a fantasy world. There are fair critiques to be made of Obama, but stuff like that is ridiculous. 

    I simply disagree. Barack was not even well know

  • So if/ then never recouped?  May 19 2017, 03:47:39 PM

    If/Then was my favorite score of the shows nominated. I don't judge by "hummable" songs but I was humming it at intermission and at the end of the show. I listened to it a lot for about 6 months after the recording was released and this thread is making me put it back into rotation!

  • Has anyone brought a printed BroadwayBox discount to the actual box office?  May 19 2017, 12:50:05 PM

    I always either print it out or save it on my tablet. I have actually been asked for the printout a few times.

  • Estate of Edward Albee Yanks Rights to Production Over Casting of Black Actor  May 19 2017, 01:26:53 AM

    Very well put Ziva56.

  • BE SAFE ALERT: Vehicle Rams into Pedestrians in Times Square  May 18 2017, 04:05:59 PM

    They suspect he had been smoking synthetic marijuana. He tested positive for drugs and was yelling something about the world coming to an end. They are still trying to find out of it was intentional.

  • BE SAFE ALERT: Vehicle Rams into Pedestrians in Times Square  May 18 2017, 03:31:03 PM

    Yes, I think witnessing a large number of people being hit by a car and 1 killed would shake one up. I know I would be quite shaken.

  • KING KONG Set for Fall 2018 Bow at the Broadway Theatre  May 17 2017, 11:10:06 AM

    Wasn't Jason Robert Brown attached to this at one point?

  • Humans of New York - Broadway post  May 16 2017, 02:21:46 PM

    Well sorry to offend, but she is an adult. She made choices. She stayed with him and let him abuse her. I am not blaming her for "what" he did to her I am just saying that she made the choices she did. Yes, he was TOTALLY wrong. Totally.

    I was very close to a relationship exactly like this. For a long time. He had anger issues and she stayed. She had chances to just leave but didn't. There are reasons a lot of us may not understand as to why a person will stay in

  • Humans of New York - Broadway post  May 16 2017, 12:32:12 PM

    Her first mistake was saying yes to him attending the party with her. In my opinion, the price of the tickets would not matter had I endured what she said she had. She could have gotten someone else to go. She evidentally had the tickets in her possesion. As drunk as she says she was, she was also evidentally coherent enough to decide to go back to his place and remember the details.

    With that said, we have all made bad decisions. JMO

  • The View Upstairs?  May 16 2017, 09:34:40 AM

    It was pretty packed on Sunday evening. I got a discount ticket about 4 days before. The only seats left were the ones in the upper left corner of the theater. My seat was last row center left aisle seat. I moved to the end seat in the front row of the empty section. There were also 5 seats available in the back two center rows.

    Only obstruction was when they were leaninig against the pole during a few scenes. No big deal. The actors come into the audience several times.

    An asid

  • Building The Wall with Tuni and Badge Dale  May 16 2017, 12:00:47 AM

    Got a chance to see it this evening. Pretty powerful.

    It is in previews and is in good shape. Once they settle in I can only imagine how much more of an impact it will have.

    For those who do not know, this show has had multiple productions playing, I thin two, simultaniosly around the country as part of the National New Play Network.

    I knew who Ms. Tuni was and have always wanted to see her onstage. Most of her character's (Gloria) dialouge is asking Dale's c

  • The View Upstairs?  May 15 2017, 11:31:19 PM

    Vintage, I kind of understood Patrick's upset. Back then there were nowhere near as many gay bars asnthere are now. They were a special place. I suppose he was thinking more about legacy and having a place for gay people to comgregate.Even though Wes tells them about some things to come, Patrick was still in the 70's. Back then we were not that optimistic that things would advance the way they have in the gay community.