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Member Name: uncageg
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Gender: Male
Location: Jersey City
Profile: Live in NJ

Favorite Show(s): Altar Boyz
August: Osage County
Bombastes Furioso
Caroline, or Change
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The History Boys
The Homecoming
The Pillowman
The Wiz

Favorite Performer(s): Samuel Barnett
Michael Cerveris
Joanna Gleason
Gideon Glick
Celia Keenan-Bolger
Frances de la Tour
Audra McDonald
Dennis O'Hare

Currently Listening To: What's Inside (Waitress)

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • shuffle along cast cd  Jul 23 2016, 08:51:24 PM

    bear88 said: "If the show hadn't already started, and I wasn't on the West Coast, and I hadn't already seen it, I would definitely go too.

    I saw the show in previews with McDonald, and she was wonderful, but it's an ensemble piece. People who skip it because she's not there are making a mistake."


    I totally agree.It was nice to see her onstage but there was more to this show than just seeing her. It is killing me t

  • Box Office Problems - Holla!  Jul 22 2016, 01:00:18 AM

    There is a drawing board you need to go back to.....

  • Box Office Problems - Holla!  Jul 22 2016, 01:00:12 AM

    There is a drawing board you need to go back to.....

  • Hamilton Cancellation Line  Jul 20 2016, 09:54:44 AM

    I pass the theater a lot very early in the morning sometimes (between 5:30am and 7:00am and there has alway been a line of about 20 people or more. Especially when they had those people camping out.  This morning at 5:30am there were only 2 people sitting on the steps. Appeared to be a father and daughter. 

  • Spamilton  Jul 18 2016, 09:34:35 PM

    According to the latest news article here, the first performance is tomorrow night, the 19th.

  • The Humans Transfer- NYT ad says 'The Cort'  Jul 15 2016, 08:45:03 PM

    Mezz. center or to the right would be perfect. I saw it from the next to the last row, house right second seat off the aisle and had a perfect view of everything. I was told if you sit downstairs house left you will miss things that happen in the hall.

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 12 2016, 12:11:31 PM

    He is one of my favorites. Still upset that I was unable to defend "Company". I did see him twice in "Leap of Faith". (LOVED that show) and sat onstage for Cymbeline. My first time seeing him onstage was in "The Homecoming", which was stellar all the way around.

  • Javier Muñoz Love Thread  Jul 12 2016, 10:21:36 AM

    I am not a big Lin fan. Have wanted to see Javier in the role. Hopefully I will.

  • The OFFICIAL Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Preview Thread  Jul 10 2016, 10:40:17 AM

    Was just reading the production credits and see that Imogene Heap composed the music.  I love her music.

  • Shuffle Along is Finally Getting a Poster  Jul 8 2016, 02:07:31 PM

    maxkko said: "I saw the show last night (it was amazing), and the merchandise lady said they won't be getting any in at the theater. I just picked one up at Triton and hour ago and they look stunning."

    Haven't seen an answer to this so I will ask you maxkko, what merch do they have at the theater? I collect magnets.


  • Karen Olivo as Anjelica?  Jul 7 2016, 08:35:26 PM

    Something tells me Mr. Seller can afford it and it is not like Olivo is a household name or superstar. I don't even know who Chance the rapper is!

  • Broadway Before & After  Jul 6 2016, 09:47:54 PM

    Bright Starmites

  • Broadway Before & After  Jul 6 2016, 09:41:43 PM

    Bernadette Peters and the Starcatcher

  • New World Stages  Jul 6 2016, 04:26:26 PM

    Betty, they do have the Ken Fallin sketches on the walls. I also like the big lit screen that they have. They put the rainbow flag colors on it for Pride month and the colors look cool in the venue. 

    Also, has anyone found the cherubs in there? I have.

  • New World Stages  Jul 6 2016, 03:36:06 PM

    They actually stopped programming at the end of last summer. They have started bringing it back with open mic night again. It is now once a month on a Friday. I think the last Friday of each month.

  • New World Stages  Jul 6 2016, 01:22:05 PM

    AC, I saw Radiant Vermin there with a friend who is friends with one of the cast members. The 3 of us had drinks after by the bar. I agree, very nice atmosphere for after a show. I actually hope to stop by for the jazz band on Thursday nights. I was told they set up right at the top of the stairs. 

  • Broadway Before & After  Jul 6 2016, 01:04:10 PM

    The Secret Grey Gardens

  • New World Stages  Jul 6 2016, 12:58:07 PM

    I went to 59E59 for the first time a few weeks ago. It actually reminded me a bit of NWS but much smaller. Love the vibe there and the bar area is cool.

  • Broadway Before & After  Jul 6 2016, 11:44:17 AM

    Oh My God You Guys and Dolls

  • New World Stages  Jul 6 2016, 10:35:48 AM

    Kad said: "Although I like the actual theatre spaces themselves, that complex feels like I'm about to queue up for a ride at a theme park. It's such a strange venue, especially for theatre."

    Well remember, it used to be a multiplex movie theater.