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Gender: Male
Occupation: Artist
Favorite Show(s): A Man of No Importance
Floyd Collins
Grey Gardens
Pacific Overtures
She Loves Me
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza

Favorite Performer(s): Ramin Karimloo

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Digital Lotteries...the new thing?  Aug 6 2015, 02:44:38 PM

    It now gives a ton more people a chance of winning. Of course that chance has now become the same as a snowball's chance in hell.

  • Sondheim on Broadway: When?  Aug 6 2015, 02:37:03 PM

    I'd love to see Saturday Night done.  It has some great music and is a lot of fun. I saw a production in Boston maybe ten years ago and loved it.

  • Exploring the Theatre before you take your seat (unique things)  Jul 14 2015, 08:06:43 AM

    There used to be a poster here named Jay who would travel around to different theatres.  He created a thread in which he'd post photo essays of all the amazing things he found. Anyone remember that?  I'll try and find it.


    eta: found one of the threads...

    Jaystarr's theatre tour

  • Dream Revivals?  Jun 27 2015, 09:51:41 AM

    "Batboy" with Jeremy Jordan

    "Caroline or Change"

  • Funny male/male duets?  Jun 18 2015, 03:39:00 PM

    "It Would Have been Wonderful" - A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC

  • Victoria Clark  Jun 14 2015, 08:11:50 PM

    Agree, Gaveston.  She has just the right quality for the role...insecure and unsure, yet manipulative and mean all at the same time.  Few actresses manage to capture that.  Most go the weepy route like Bernadette did and I don't find that nearly as effective.

  • FOLLIES Showgirl in Real Life  Jun 14 2015, 07:20:35 AM




    My Grandma was a Follie girl.


  • Favourite theatre district restaurant?  Jun 11 2015, 12:13:43 PM

    Joe Allen's

    Bare Burger

    Five Napkin Burger

    Juniors has really good deli fare and cheesecake if you don't mind the mobs of tourists.

    Rosa Mexicana if you're going to Lincoln Center.

    Cafe Angus.  (great meat pies! Sat next to Michael Musto last time I was there.  He had his shoes wrapped with big wool scarves like he was some kind of muppet.)


  • Ring of keys  Jun 10 2015, 01:47:42 PM

    I think it's probably as simple as that of all the items listed, a ring of keys on a woman is probably the one thing she's never seen before.  Lots of woman have short hair or swagger or wear dungarees when they're gardening.  But for a women to wear a ring of keys, like a man would, is a more blatant expression.  There's no ambivalence to this particular sign.  Here is a woman doing all these questionable things like short hair that may make you wonder what she's about. A

  • Weinstein regrets last year's NEVERLAND Tony performance  Jun 5 2015, 12:53:54 PM

    He's basically found a way to say, "oops, I was naughty.  But the awards are meaningless anyway as demonstrated by the punitive way they shut us out.

  • Worst Hits You Ever Saw  Jun 3 2015, 01:00:06 PM

    Bored to death by Billy Elliot. 

    Have a feeling, based on the clips I've seen, that I'm also going to hate Kinky Boots which I've been talked into seeing next week.

  • Best Animated musical films  Jun 3 2015, 06:29:41 AM

    South Park...

    Gay Pur-ee

    Little Mermaid


  • This is why Brits monopolize broadway....  May 28 2015, 03:51:23 PM

    "Britain is a small island. With Wolf Hall, The Audience, Curious Incident, Skyline, Constellations etc etc I think they do monopolize Broadway drama relative to their size."


    I  don't think monopolize means what you think it means.  A monopoly cannot be relative to anything.  It's either exclusively controlling or it isn't.

  • annoyed, disappointed, bitter about having to see Finding Neverland without Matthew Morrison  May 10 2015, 07:07:28 PM

    I went to Wicked back in its first year.  Idina, Kristen, Norbert, Joel Gray and Carol Shelley were all out.  Some sick, some on planned days off that I wasn't aware of.  So you were saying...

  • Which shows did you really want to like, but...  May 8 2015, 08:29:00 AM

    Book of Mormon.  I really thought I would like it.  And it's not that I didn't like it. It was good. But I was underwhelmed.  Probably my expectations were too high because of all the hype. Hype is a double edged sword.

  • Rant about the 2015 TONY NOMINATIONS here  Apr 28 2015, 08:41:33 AM

  • Carolee Carmello  Apr 28 2015, 06:19:49 AM

    Loved her in Hello Again.  She can really act a song.

  • The Heckler: Why I'm allergic to Stephen Sondheim  Mar 22 2015, 02:43:37 PM
    "And has he ever written a world class song?"

    "Send in the Clowns"
  • Rob Marshall to Bring FOLLIES to the Big Screen?  Mar 19 2015, 09:41:44 AM
    She was overwrought and not in good voice. At the performance I saw, she actually dropped to her knees wringing her hands and wailing during Losing My Mind. And that was one of the more subtle moments in her performance.
  • Songs with layered parts?  Mar 10 2015, 08:45:10 AM
    Poison in My Pocket - Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder