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  • Betsy Wolfe Tapped to play Elsa in Frozen the Musical  Apr 20 2016, 04:11:08 PM

    Ha! Read it as Trapped!


  • Doris Roberts Passes Away at Age 90  Apr 18 2016, 10:18:14 PM

    R.I.P. You will be missed. Thank you for the laughs. 90 is a pretty awesome run!


  • Cats Protest--May 4th  Apr 8 2016, 09:10:23 PM

    Actually it is a BRILLIANT marketing ploy! Congrats!


  • How old is Norma?  Apr 6 2016, 01:10:39 PM

    Diet, smoking, drinking and general life style can age you Roxy. If you don't take care of yourself you can age quite rapidly. Some are however blessed with good genes. Take A RECENT EXAMPLE Doris Day! In the 50s many looked older then their actual age.

  • Patty Duke RIP  Mar 29 2016, 12:51:16 PM

    They are reporting sepsis from a ruptured intestine as cause of death. R.I.P. Sad news indeed.

  • When did Ice Cream become Vanilla Ice Cream  Mar 19 2016, 08:23:32 PM

    I would assume when they added Vanilla bean to it for flavoring. Before that it was sweet  cream ice cream, which you can still buy. They do taste different.


  • when a show dies what happens to everything  Mar 7 2016, 06:13:09 PM

    I know this from having worked on ALL of the WICKED productions world-wide. Our Dragon and Oz head goes into storage if a show closes. There are two different stage designs. One for a sit down, where the dragon is a marionette, one that is adjustable where the dragon is automated. So yes, I am serious. Successful shows like WICKED store and save pretty much everything.


  • when a show dies what happens to everything  Mar 7 2016, 12:20:55 AM

    Yeah for shows that don't tour almost everything gets tossed. Sometimes costumes are donated to costume collections that can be rented. Donating that stuff can be a ta right off. Successful shows like Wicked will put stuff into storage as backup for the other shows running new productions (see Brazil).

  • Need help with an odd request  Mar 2 2016, 02:41:05 PM

    Vintner on the Roof!

  • Questions for Roxy  Feb 27 2016, 07:54:07 PM

    Phantom, Rent, Lion King and Wicked had Hamilton's impact, as did Book of Mormon. There are many other shows in the past, that had similar hysteria. It has gotten more intense in recent years with Social Media and word of mouth.

  • Infants in Broadway shows.  Feb 26 2016, 12:18:15 PM

    Pay them and their handlers. Infants don't tend to take direction well. They usually take focus off what is going on around them.


  • LIVE TV Musicals  Feb 25 2016, 03:51:07 PM

    However with Chicago, which made into a film and shown on National TV, is still going strong. Go figure.


  • American Psycho Preview Video  Feb 18 2016, 08:57:37 PM

    Yeah...this video sort of sold me on not to bother. Yes the card song was crappy, even satirically crappy. To those who questioned why businessmen would be so obsessed with cards, obviously aren't old enough to remember the "Carding Parties" of the early eighties at the Palladium.

  • Finally! A Documentary About The WORST Kind Of People on the Planet!  Feb 17 2016, 07:41:02 PM

    I have a stage manager friend who had her in almost Every performance of his recent Off-Broadway show. She will sit in her seat and unpack a large meal and eat during the show. You see her doing this in the trailer.


  • Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth Only Made $2700 Each To Host The Tonys?  Feb 12 2016, 01:48:13 PM

    The number sounds right to me. When I perform on SNL, I get the standard Sag/Aftra rate for Principal, which is about $1,900. I would assume that their name value would get them more. No, it is not BIG bucks, but it is better then most acting jobs.

  • Ken Watanabe returning to TKAI  Feb 10 2016, 08:16:23 AM

    Here ya go:

  • How to propose at the Hamilton  Feb 8 2016, 02:19:52 PM

    I've often wondered, what if she (or he) wished to decline? It would be really embarrassing to do so in front of a full house.

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 5 2016, 08:49:00 PM

    Petralicious, in the late fifties, Honey Wagon was the term used for the trucks that went around pumping out Port a Potties.

  • products that MUST be invented for the theatre  Feb 5 2016, 08:45:35 PM

    Award Winning Playwright repellent.

  • Fox's next live musical  Feb 1 2016, 05:35:11 PM

    Oh! Calcutta!