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Birthday: 1 - 8
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Grey Gardens
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza
The Little Dog Laughed
The Mikado
The Producers
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Laura Benanti
Kelly Bishop
Kristin Chenoweth
Christine Ebersole
Manoel Felciano
Barrett Foa
Sutton Foster
Tyler Hanes
David Hyde-Pierce
Cheyenne Jackson
Jane Krakowski
Leslie Kritzer
Angela Lansbury
Beth Leavel
Spencer Liff
Donna McKechnie
Bebe Neuwirth
Kelli O'Hara
Bernadette Peters
Chita Rivera
Gwen Verdon
Julie White
Patrick Wilson

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Sweet Charity - New Group, tix on sale.  Aug 30 2016, 12:42:15 PM

    Liza's Headband said: "Except that you're forgetting a commercial producer is already attached to this production of SWEET CHARITY, which probably would mean LCT rents out the Beaumont (rather than become a co-producer) provided they have the ability to do so. I'd be surprised if New Group and McCollum wanted to bring in an entity as large as LCT. What would be the point?"

    I completely agree the space is too large for this production (site unseen). I

  • Sweet Charity - New Group, tix on sale.  Aug 30 2016, 11:18:15 AM

    A show that starts at a nonprofit can easily transfer to another nonprofit. It would just depend on if The New Group wants to share money/producing credit with Lincoln Center and if Lincoln Center would want to give up its space for a year or more. LCT transferring War Horse from the National Theatre is a good example. 

    Venus in Fur transferred from Classic Stage Company to MTC to a commercial production as well.

  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 04:01:03 PM

    adamgreer said: "Push 'Da Button will now be 19 minutes long."

    And even less subtle.

  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 03:11:21 PM

    I wonder if John Doyle had any decision in this casting. I'd hate for this production to turn into a Chicago-style rotation. Wendy Williams IS Sophia!

  • Riedel on Sondheim being halfway done with a new musical  Aug 23 2016, 09:20:18 PM

    icecreambenjamin said: "I'm happy that Laura Benanti is pregnant and all, but I do really wish that she had gotten the opportunity to originate a Sondheim role.  I also agree that Marc Kudisch is fantastic. "

    She's due in January so it's possible, but I doubt she'd want to jump into work, even something like this, mere weeks after giving birth/

  • Could the Miss Saigon revival extend?  Aug 23 2016, 09:11:25 PM

    From what I understand it's open-ended in mentality with the "limited run" used to safe face if ticket sales are abysmal. If they're sturdy they'll get press by "extending."

  • Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street  Aug 23 2016, 12:06:21 PM

    I saw this in London and it was certainly a fun experience. The actors and staging added nothing new for me, but It was definitely worth the atmosphere created with using candles to light the show and having all the actors mere inches away from you at all times.

  • Charlie to the Lunt-Fontanne  Aug 22 2016, 08:57:45 PM

    Wildcard said: "They can totally do away with "If Your Mother Were Here." It just stops the momentum of the show."

    Really? That was the only song in the show I actually liked. It's a simply beautiful melody with a very touching meaning. I can understand how it stops the action a bit, but it shows Charlie comes from a loving home and his parents are trying their best to provide. 

    I may be biased since it replaces the on

  • In The Heights revival?  Aug 16 2016, 11:35:21 AM

    Based on the cell phones used in the show it was most definitely the year it was produced, maybe a year or two earlier.

    I still think it would have been a lot easier to believe this "life-changing" amount of money was a bit higher. He mentions moving a sipping cocktails by a beach, not opening a new business or something. It's not a huge flaw, but it's always been unclear to me. I feel the same way about a lot of weird things in Nina's storyline too, her paren

  • In The Heights revival?  Aug 16 2016, 10:50:05 AM

    I still NEED to know why they kept the lotto at $96,000. Yes, it's a large sum but taking almost half for taxes, splitting it into thirds isn't enough for a man in his 30s to retire on, even with selling the bodega.

  • Mufti will return with Milk & Honey and DEAR WORLD  Aug 12 2016, 09:39:31 AM

    I know Mufti is much smaller-scale and less "big/showy" than Encores but I wonder why Herman granted them the rights when Encores has been trying for YEARS to do those shows and Mack and Mabel, but Jerry insistent they all deserve full-scale first class revivals.

  • Redesigning Costumes for Running Shows?  Aug 3 2016, 11:49:40 AM

    William Ivy Long is constantly changing Chicago. There are basic "ideas" for each character and dancer but he tends to alter them from actor to actor. I've heard him talk about this several times. 

  • Riedel on Cats creating theater merchandise  Aug 3 2016, 08:21:18 AM

    As a former merch seller I rarely got flustered or upset at a long line. 99.9% of the time people would wait patiently. I only grew impatient at what taboo mentioned when they would wait 10 minutes and then have to think about it, but it was tolerable. Sometimes if someone just wanted a cd or program they'd hold out a $20 and mouth "cd?" and I'd try to help them while others were "just looking/deciding," but occasionally that person would get upset I helped someone

  • And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???  Jul 29 2016, 01:23:51 PM

    He wore a very tight brown polo when I saw the show, not a tank. I can't say anything about backstage drama, but i saw him from standing room go make calls in the lobby/box office area, text from his Zach mic seat, and do situps and push ups on the stairs.

  • And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???  Jul 29 2016, 01:02:29 PM

    I remember they put him visible standing in front of the stage in the aisle and ON stage for part of the Cassie scene. Completely took away from the feeling of Cassie being alone, isolated, and vulnerable. She was now just having a spat with an ex.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 25 2016, 11:34:11 AM

    I mean financially it may not be worth it or if she'd even consider it, but Andrews as Mrs. Higgins would be a nice piece of casting.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 21 2016, 03:35:59 PM

    I hope Benanti is pulling every favor she's owed and is making call after call.

  • The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?  Jul 5 2016, 04:14:17 PM

    I heard someone on a podcast years ago from the original cast (I believe it was the Theatre Guilds podcast Downstage Center) talking about how when


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    the dead goat is brought out they first showed a realistic goat covered in blood. Then they tried covering it in a bloody sheet, then a clean sheet, etc until t

  • Bright Star Tour  Jun 22 2016, 02:22:26 PM

    I wouldn't think a tour would be financially smart, but I think this show will be done by every regional theatre in the next two years.

  • A Tony Kushner/Steven Spielberg West Side Story?  Jun 16 2016, 11:29:12 AM

    hork said: "I've always wondered why Spielberg has never made or expressed interest in making a musical. I guess he's had his sights set on one particular musical.

    He's said for years that it's the one genre he's never tackled and he's been trying to do WSS for 15 years. 


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