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Birthday: 1 - 8
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Grey Gardens
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza
The Little Dog Laughed
The Mikado
The Producers
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Laura Benanti
Kelly Bishop
Kristin Chenoweth
Christine Ebersole
Manoel Felciano
Barrett Foa
Sutton Foster
Tyler Hanes
David Hyde-Pierce
Cheyenne Jackson
Jane Krakowski
Leslie Kritzer
Angela Lansbury
Beth Leavel
Spencer Liff
Donna McKechnie
Bebe Neuwirth
Kelli O'Hara
Bernadette Peters
Chita Rivera
Gwen Verdon
Julie White
Patrick Wilson

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • What are good examples of shows written for a specific star?  Jan 13 2017, 08:57:04 PM

    tomwsjr said: "Actually the role of Ms. Lovett in Sweeney Todd was written for Patricia Routledge. When she turned it down (didn't like the subject matter) it was then offered to Angela Lansbury.  "

    Actually, Sondheim wrote it for Angela, it was Hal Prince who kept trying to get Routledge. She turned it down, and Hal let Sondheim cast Angela.

  • DAMN YANKEES Revival  Jan 11 2017, 12:20:36 PM

    Cranston sang on Corden in a "man band" and was definitely up to the Applegate songs, they're not exactly Sweeney Todd.

  • THE GLASS MENAGERIE LincTix Now Available  Jan 9 2017, 03:09:17 PM

    I too noticed that it only seemed to be the same two seats for every performance. I was nervous they'd sell out too fast so I grabbed one on the 5th date I looked for. I mean, they're offering a lot in the first few previews and they don't have to offer any at all, but it seems strange it's just two per performance.

  • ALW Shows Break Records  Jan 2 2017, 07:14:52 PM

    I get it's all marketing. It's a way to get a press release and brag about being a hit without buying an ad, but with prices going up constantly, it's not breaking a box office record. I'd like to see these records adjusted for inflation of ticket prices. Like did Funny Girl (or whatever) have a week that sold more full-price tickets? 

  • Different interpretations of CHICAGO?  Jan 2 2017, 05:41:40 PM

    When this production closes (whenever that will be) some director out of town at a regional theatre will do a big colorful production similar to Fosse's and everyone will be amazed at how "such a small dark show works so big and bright!"

  • Mean Girls Musical: Washington DC Fall 2017  Dec 30 2016, 03:38:10 PM

    I hope Fey and her husband stuck to their guns about not just making funny lines into their own songs. I think too many movie-to-musicals make this mistake and in a way it kills the joke. Like, sure make the candy gram a whole patter song of names and responses but don't make me listen to 3 minutes of "Glenn Coco, you go-go Glenn Coco!" and "Other moms are such a drool moms, but me? I'm a cool mom!" 


  • Is The Al Hirschfeld Theatre Unsafe?  Dec 30 2016, 12:44:46 PM

    There are also exits that are used only during emergencies. 

    The Savoy in London has the worst space problem. It's almost impossible to get from the restrooms to the bar to the theatre without having to push past people just standing and chatting and the various queues. 

  • Hello Dolly Commercial  Dec 28 2016, 11:26:42 AM

    I think they're trying to avoid the typical campaign and are just doing build-up buzz. They'll probably be a big splashy commercial/print ads with Bette's face soon enough, but for a teaser commercial they're being ultra minimal and are saying they don't need to say anything because "Bette Middler. Hello, Dolly! Duh!"

  • Breaking News: Who Will Get Christian Borle's Golden Tickets? Full Cast Announced for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY  Dec 19 2016, 01:06:29 PM

    Kad said: "People won't be seeing this because it was a hit in London.

    They'll be seeing it because they want to hear "Pure Imagination" and see oompa loompas.


    Also, Jackie must be ecstatic to not have to work with more than two kids. I wonder if she'll get the same dressing room she had in Addams Family.

  • Drastic Setting Changes in a Revival  Dec 15 2016, 02:15:12 PM

    One of my best friends was in an actor/musician production of The Mikado that took place by circus performers. No one played anything Asian and any time the word "Japan" was supposed to be used they simply said "This Land." It was a clever way to do a show that on the surface is very silly without bringing any race or nationality into it at all. 

  • ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Returning to Broadway  Dec 15 2016, 09:51:50 AM

    Wow, I like this idea on paper, but there's going to be a "found" piano, guitar, and violin, right?

  • Rush tickets are not affordable anymore  Dec 14 2016, 09:21:40 AM

    I get what the poster is saying. When I first visited and rushed shows my senior year of college in 06/07 almost every rush was under $30. Now most rushes are $45/50. Yes, tickets have gone up across the board but I think that much inflation for a rush ticket defeats the original objective of them. Yes, producers don't have to offer them at all and they're still a privilege, but they seem to have morphed from let's get young college students into theatres to "well, we can'

  • Drastic Setting Changes in a Revival  Dec 14 2016, 09:12:13 AM

    Auggie27 said: "Who recalls the famous cancelled "South Pacific" set in a psychiatric hospital?  Has to be some kind of ultimate.  But in general, moving any story to a hospital - particularly one for the mentally ill -- has become its own hoary cliche. If that's any director's fresh idea, he or she might reconsider. "Sweeney" fit, but most others strain. "

    I remember hearing I believe Ted Chapain talking about getting the r

  • Drastic Setting Changes in a Revival  Dec 13 2016, 10:51:46 PM

    icecreambenjamin said: "John Doyle's production of Company was set in a funeral home..."

    What evidence of this is there? I saw that production a few times and have read/listened to many interviews with Doyle and the cast of none of them ever mentioned that. Doyle has mentioned the Sweeney assylum so he's not vague about his ideas.

  • Sweeney Todd  Dec 13 2016, 09:03:31 PM

    I saw it in London and basically all the seats were the same. It was tiny tiny tiny.

  • TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras, Play By Play  Dec 9 2016, 04:03:35 PM

    Theatre Extras hasn't been much better than GC lately. A friend and I compare what's posted on each.

  • Remembering NICK & NORA 25 Years Later  Dec 8 2016, 03:55:57 PM

    I once heard Joanna Gleason basically say their main issueswere they needed an out of town and they shouldn't have been Nick & Nora, but just in the style of or even spoofing the style. 

  • PRINCE OF BROADWAY Set for Summer 2017 Bow at the Friedman Theatre  Dec 7 2016, 01:07:00 PM

    "Is there a precedent for a show going from one non-profit to another? Would Sweat have been allowed to be picked up by MTC after being with the Public?"

    MTC picked up "Venus in Fur" that was first produced by Classic Stage Company.

  • Ives and Sondheim at the public theater  Dec 3 2016, 03:13:24 PM

    Sondheim has been notorious for being lazy and slow in getting projects done (by his own admission). I think they need to announce dates so he's forced to finish it instead of a 4 year period of doing labs every 6 months. We need this!!! lol

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Nov 30 2016, 06:11:19 PM

    I mean, he gives off the exact same vibe as young Zack Effron.