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Birthday: 1 - 8
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Grey Gardens
Into the Woods
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza
The Little Dog Laughed
The Mikado
The Producers
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Laura Benanti
Kelly Bishop
Kristin Chenoweth
Christine Ebersole
Manoel Felciano
Barrett Foa
Sutton Foster
Tyler Hanes
David Hyde-Pierce
Cheyenne Jackson
Jane Krakowski
Leslie Kritzer
Angela Lansbury
Beth Leavel
Spencer Liff
Donna McKechnie
Bebe Neuwirth
Kelli O'Hara
Bernadette Peters
Chita Rivera
Gwen Verdon
Julie White
Patrick Wilson

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Spring Awakening: Triggering?  Oct 1 2015, 03:10:54 PM

    I could be remembering wrong, but I seem to remember Lea Michelle talking about the scene at the time. She said off-broadway had a stronger rape interpretation they were never fully comfortable with, but when they were rehearsing for broadway (or maybe at the end of the run at the Atlantic) that she would give Melchoir a very clear head nod yes.

    In the same interview she mentioned that the director asked her to be topless offbroadway via a post it note. They talked about it an

  • 54 Below Question  Oct 1 2015, 02:41:08 PM

    I recommend calling them. They often have wait/cancellation lists. Ask if they think it would be wise to show up day of for any cancellation or stand by line.

  • Cry Baby Cast Recording?  Sep 29 2015, 04:01:04 PM

    I believe he was around more during Crybaby. I was sad it performed so poorly (I actually rather liked it and saw it three times) mostly because I hoped it's success would inspire John Waters to write/collaborate on a brand new musical.

  • Beggar Woman musical clues?  Sep 29 2015, 03:57:38 PM

    Off the top of my head I think there are some strains of the music that plays during the party section of "Poor Thing" is used in some Beggar Woman music.

  • The Rise & Fall of Little Voice: Bway Next Season  Sep 25 2015, 04:34:40 PM

    Yes, it's considered a play but there's quite a bit of music and singing.

  • Most impressive Stage Effects (SpecialFX?)  Sep 22 2015, 09:29:25 AM

    In Let The Right One In, there was a tiny air tube on one of the pool ladder steps right by his mouth. But still, he holds his breath for 60 seconds first, which is still impressive.

  • The Mikado controversy  Sep 20 2015, 02:13:53 PM

    drewboy, my best friend has been involved with many of the Hypocrites productions and when I went to see her at ACT last spring we had a long talk about this very issue. She said Sean worked VERY hard to cut out things that were flat out references to Japan or Japanese culture. They even changed lines to "Citizens of this land" instead of Japan. It was a very fun production, as is their Pirates and HMS Pinnafore. 

  • The Rise & Fall of Little Voice: Bway Next Season  Sep 19 2015, 09:43:42 PM

    Any idea who will be playing her mother? That's a real powerhouse of a role in the right hands.

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Extends  Sep 18 2015, 11:10:47 AM

    I generally don't mind extensions unless you could only get a terrible seat and they announce two more weeks and you could have gotten a better one.

    I did grow frustrated when I bought my $30 balcony Little Shop with Ellen Greene seat for a "one night only" event and they announced two more shows and I could have sat much closer for the same price. 

  • Kathleen Turner & Deborah Cox To Star In New Off-Broadway Play  Sep 18 2015, 10:26:54 AM

    I already want to see the play about what's happening in development and backstage!

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 16 2015, 09:52:42 AM

    Roscoe, sure Audra was so so so...plain, but the one that really got me was sitting through 3 hours of people constantly saying how dull and plain Jessica Chastain was.

  • Disney doing new live action Mary Poppins musical film  Sep 14 2015, 04:19:07 PM

    Blunt even favors Andrews's look in that movie, especially with the wig and makeup. Not that they'll use the same look.

  • School of Rock cast album announced  Sep 14 2015, 12:47:22 PM

    It's still pretty much the norm for things to change in previews, especially since there's no out of town. Numbers often are great in workshops but thud in front of audiences. Lyrics are tweaked and changed constantly at least! 

    ALW has a history of releasing tracks from shows to promote them, but this just seems strange and I'm sure things will be different. 

  • School of Rock cast album announced  Sep 14 2015, 12:38:51 PM

    Are they THAT confident that zero changes will be made to the score? I'd also want the actors to have played the roles for a bit to better preserve a more accurate record of what they're doing 8 times a week.

  • Cry Baby Cast Recording?  Sep 14 2015, 11:35:11 AM

    Tazber, that was Lenora and Baldwin's duet "It's All in My Head" where they talk about marrying Crybaby and Allison. It was a highlight, honestly.

  • MOTOWN -- Back on Broadway?  Sep 14 2015, 10:25:00 AM

    What makes it so expensive? Just the number of actors and costume changes? I thought Barry Gordy/Motown famously owned all the music copywrites for every Motown song so therefore this production didn't have to pay crazy fees to the stable of original writers and artists. 

  • Hamilton's ticket price jump  Sep 12 2015, 12:14:52 PM

    It's absurd that my last row Mezz seat cost $100 with fees.

    I understand the logic that created premium tickets starting with the Producers. If scalpers and ticket agencies are buying them and reselling them for 3-4 times their original price, why shouldn't the production get the money? I just wish producers would commit more to making tickets more affordable. The ways I can think of to control scalping and reselling would be too much to handle though. Things like having AL

  • Tony (Best Musical) Race Over ?  Sep 11 2015, 02:58:21 PM

    The only way it would lose (at this point) would be if enough voters think "Oh everyone is voting for Hamilton so I'll vote for (whatever) instead!"

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 10 2015, 09:25:59 AM

    You still see Melchior's butt in the act 1 finale, I'm not sure if Wendla's breast is exposed (my view was obstructed).

    You also see Andy Mientus's butt a bit during "My Junk" and he moons the audience during "Totally F*cked." He is rather...gifted there.

  • Move Theaters instead of Close  Sep 1 2015, 11:00:12 AM

    August was only scheduled to run for a certain time period and they wanted to make it an open run, but Billy Elliot was already scheduled to start MAJOR renovation work on the subbasement of the Imperial because of the two-leveled set that needed to rise up from the stage. August was doing very well at the time and it was economically wise to switch theatres.