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  • Streisand tickets on Goldstar  Jul 21 2016, 01:47:34 PM

    I suspect all arenas will be full.  I am sure it has sold well enough and they will do whatever they do to fill seats.  Last time around Bette Midlers concert donated seats to Aids Project LA and some environmental charity.  Babs people will do the same.  You will have a fun full crowd.

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Jul 20 2016, 07:34:12 PM


    Let me join the chorus in letting you know how much I appreciate you updating us on all things Chicago.  I always check up on your thread.  I have been a fan of the this musical since I saw the very original.  I love following the revival production and keeping informed of the tours, cast changes, and international productions.  I also love following the instagrams of current and past members, including members of the current tour as they travel the world wi

  • Streisand tickets on Goldstar  Jul 20 2016, 01:07:38 PM

    What a rip off.  They even cross out the prices to make it look like it might be discounted..  If your going to pay these prices you might as well buy directly from the source and get better seats. 


  • Fiddler Closing  Jul 19 2016, 06:35:03 PM

    It's not my favorite production of Fiddler.  But it is defenitly worth seeing.  Go if you haven't !

  • Streisand tickets on Goldstar  Jul 19 2016, 12:08:16 PM

    My pleasure. Let me know how you all make out. 

  • Streisand tickets on Goldstar  Jul 18 2016, 10:55:24 PM

    Cupid Boy2 said: "Did those emails mention what prices would look like? "


    No.  And sometimes you have to be careful with Goldstar.  Sometimes the discount is no discount at all for very sh*ty seats.  And sometimes it is really good.  


  • Streisand tickets on Goldstar  Jul 18 2016, 07:50:21 PM

    Just got a alert from Goldstar that discount tickets go on sale July 20th for her LA stop.  

  • Cabaret Tour  Jul 15 2016, 05:09:16 PM

    I got your opinion on that the very first time you wrote about it and again with your next 3 additional posts.  ( no worries .. that triple posting thing is a hiccup that has happened to all) .  I have a additional 20 years of theater going on top of your 30.    Honestly the whole NYC theater going scene has diminished in unique experience factor for me throughout the years.  And I have found most talent of high qua

  • Cabaret Tour  Jul 14 2016, 02:10:12 PM

    broadwaysfguy said: "hi Dame
    What musicals in the past five years did you see both the OBC and the first tour and found the first tour to be as strong or better (you implied such in your post) than the OBC?


    Kinky Boots, Pippin, Cinderella, Book of Mormon, Bridges of Madison, and many more. These just came to mind right away.  


  • Cabaret Tour  Jul 7 2016, 02:08:10 PM

    "Anyone who says tour casts are as good as broadway with due respect just havent seen enough broadway shows and the accompanying tours  There IS a major difference and I encourage anyone who can afford to to go see the OBCs and original revival casts whenever possible. Occasionally you get lucky like the first book of mormon tour that had gavin creel, but as you go member by member though the cast its just not comparable....."

    I disagree with this

  • Bette Midler Confirms Broadway Return in HELLO DOLLY  Jul 1 2016, 06:27:26 PM

    PalJoey said: " 

    I hope the standby is going to be someone who will give the production some 2016-Broadway multicultural credibility: not a Pearl Bailey/Cab Calloway thing where the whole cast is black, but an African-American or Latino or Asian standby for Bette Midler.

    Hope's hoping for a color-blind Yonkers!





    Olga Merediz ( from In The Heights)  is a formidable

  • Bette Midler Confirms Broadway Return in HELLO DOLLY  Jul 1 2016, 01:42:37 PM

    @PJ .That is brilliant casting.

    @Concierge.  You will have to do the digging if your that interested.  I think someone asked him something and he responded.  

  • Bette Midler Confirms Broadway Return in HELLO DOLLY  Jul 1 2016, 01:33:07 PM

    And Max V tweeted a hint about two weeks ago.

  • She Loves Me streaming  Jul 1 2016, 12:01:21 AM

    It was fabulous.  What a monumental achievement for all involved .  The stream for me worked beautifully .  I watched it on our big screen .  The sound was also,pretty fabulous.  One itzy bitzy criticism.  Zachary Levis nervous laughter has expanded from just specific places to all over the place in his performance.  Just something I have noticed  has developed since the beginning of the run.  It's just a minor thing.  I still find him so

  • Thank you, from American Psycho  May 30 2016, 04:25:06 PM

    Maybe they just didn't like it?  I don't think it requires any more analyzing than that .  I enjoyed it btw.  

  • One night on Bway: Waitress or The Color Purple?  May 24 2016, 12:25:31 PM

    Go see Color Purple.  I don't know about the "save your life" thing.., people can be do dramatic .

  • Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park  May 24 2016, 12:22:47 PM

    Mozart In production.

  • Liza in The Act  May 21 2016, 02:29:43 PM

    I attended a actors fund performance of this . I think I was 12.   Liza was loose and having a blast.  I don't remeber anything about the show. I remember there being a lot of men in the audience. 

  • And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???  May 21 2016, 01:00:42 PM


  • Streisand tix for sale  May 20 2016, 12:16:38 PM

    Yes to the AMEX.  but a lot of venues also have their own pre-sale codes.  Go to the venues site  and register for email alerts or go to their facebook page and click the like button.