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Birthday: 7 - 6
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Chicago

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  • Best Show for an almost 9 year old girl  Sep 26 2016, 03:34:18 PM

    Call_me_jorge said: "I would still say Matilda even if the tour was going by you. The staging on tour does not compare to the Broadway staging. "


    It is garbage both on broadway and on tour.


  • Hello, Dolly  Sep 22 2016, 08:01:57 PM

    I HATE, HATE, HATE, the balcony of that theater.  If that's my choice I would rather not go.  

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Aug 28 2016, 07:29:45 PM

    Is there any known footage out there of Marilu Henners stint?

  • Barbra Streisand's  Aug 18 2016, 01:15:09 PM

    RippedMan said: "Wilson sounded fantastic live. I think it's just the vocal line. It's not usually a duet, right? 

    I do find it odd that she'd release her album after her tour? Why not before?



    Each concert ticket comes with a copy of the album.. which counts towards sales. 

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 17 2016, 12:44:41 PM

    Love Liz Smith.  Has there been any mention of this being filmed?

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 16 2016, 01:05:52 PM

    Has this been filmed like her previous shows?

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 12 2016, 01:28:19 PM

    A rave from the New York Times.

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 10 2016, 02:28:53 PM

    Glad they at least moved him to intermission.   

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 10 2016, 12:47:28 PM

    Great review in Chicago.  No mention of the magician.  Is he finally cut from the show?

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 8 2016, 12:52:39 AM

    Did someone misinform you and tell you Streisand was doing a play?  

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 7 2016, 12:08:48 PM

    @Popular,  knowing you enjoyed makes me happy.  

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 6 2016, 05:46:42 PM

    She is in her 70's.  She has a different style of show than those other people you mentioned.  And she is a much bigger legend than any of those people you mentioned . And for a lot of people that go to her concerts it's more of a bucket list thing .

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 6 2016, 04:41:04 PM

    They would have dropped by now.  I would go ahead .  

  • Gypsy on DVD  Aug 6 2016, 12:55:07 PM

    I didn't say I didn't enjoy Bette's.

  • Gypsy on DVD  Aug 6 2016, 12:28:36 PM

    I thought she was phonier than Bette.

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 6 2016, 12:27:41 PM

    That arena is huge.  But I bet they sell those tickets in one day the day off.  Have fun!

  • Gypsy on DVD  Aug 6 2016, 02:35:24 AM

    Hated it.

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 5 2016, 05:08:06 PM

    I agree.  

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 5 2016, 05:01:12 PM

    There were definitely some lyric mishaps this past Tuesday night.  Even with the teleprompter.  But nothing to noticeable .. and I probably wouldn't have known except for the teleprompter. 

  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 5 2016, 01:05:54 PM

    From what I have read so far from San Jose... no duet partners at that stop .  Also people are still complaining about the mind reader. 


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