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  • 42nd Street Non-Equity Tour  Jan 21 2017, 11:52:03 AM

    It is the same physically.  But it is a entire different company than what played at the Pantages last year.

  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 18 2017, 03:52:54 PM

    Kathy Griffin those a bit in her act about her and Liza doing that event for Trump.  She says he was a asshole to Liza. 

  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 18 2017, 11:54:17 AM

    I enjoyed this years show.  But there was no real representation of the "performer" genre that Liza represents.  I hope it happens.

  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 16 2017, 12:20:27 PM

    This isn't the interview I was looking for..


  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 16 2017, 12:16:02 PM

    Thanks for the link.  There was a news segment right before this years broadcast where they interviewed I don't know who from the honors and they said the president is not required to attend and that the honors go on with our without him.  I will try to find a link.  

  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 16 2017, 02:32:05 AM

    From what I understand;  the honor and ceremony have nothing to do with the president.  And not all presidents have chosen to attend.  Certainly the presence of the cheeto  dims the light on these beautiful events. 

  • re: Liza Minnelli - Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 15 2017, 07:19:43 PM

    I bumped this because I could and I want to put it out there again,

  • Carol Channing Deserves The Kennedy Center Honors  Jan 15 2017, 07:17:05 PM

    Liza as well. 

  • Rick Mckay's  Jan 14 2017, 01:07:27 PM

    As a Broadway fan I am so looking forward to this.. and wish him nothing but the best in bringing this to fruition.  However;  I do feel mislead by the endless coming soon trailers and funding campaigns. He has said on Facebook he still needs more money.  There has to be a reason some angel with deep pockets hasn't given it to him.  And Jordan.. I appreciate your positive words and excitement..  but I find it odd that it has already screened in at least 2 festival

  • Jennifer Holliday Is Performing At tRump's Inauguration??  Jan 13 2017, 02:03:24 PM

    She is not confirmed yet.


  • Rick Mckay's  Jan 12 2017, 12:14:41 PM

    I imagine labors of love are not cheap.   Usually this kind of work requires a lot of permissions and music clearances.   I hope we get to  see it soon. 

  • HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Viewing Thread  Dec 8 2016, 09:23:32 PM

    Maybe they could do some color correction in the dvd or maybe use some alternate pre taped takes.  The lighting and camera work were awful.  A embarrassment.  

  • Any Yul Brynner Fans?  Dec 8 2016, 09:20:59 PM

    WOSQ said: "Brynner also toured in The King and I in the early 80s in a production that played one and two week stands, but had no intention of coming in to NY. You may have seen that tour. It was referred to as a 'barn tour' because they only played huge 3 and 4 thousand seat theatres.

    A friend was an electrician on it and said the first pipe had 32 instruments and 20 were either soft pink or bastard amber. The second pipe had fewer instruments, but about the same

  • HEDWIG TOUR  Nov 24 2016, 12:44:15 PM

    Skimbleshanks2 said: "So Jealous to all who saw LENA "ROCKER" HALL play HEDWIG in LA...  I was literally just crying to my husband because he made us go to Albany for Thanksgiving dinner with his parents instead of flying out to LA to see LENA at the gorgeous PANTAGES THEATER this Friday... I'm so upset... I LOVE LENA AND HEDWIG.. Ugh... What a missed opportunity...

    LENA IS A TALENT! Hope she wins another Tony soon...



  • HEDWIG TOUR  Nov 23 2016, 12:00:43 PM

    There are some wonderful discounts out there.  Including $39.00 side orchestra seats..

  • Chicago Revival 20 Years: Favorite Replacements  Nov 22 2016, 07:47:42 PM

    Charlotte will always be my favorite.  And Jasmine Guy will always be my least favorite Velma replacement.  

  • GYPSY on PBS  Nov 13 2016, 05:33:19 PM

    The acting from all was atrocious.  None of the performances were grounded .  The amount of "indicating" brought it down at times to community theater level.  

  • GYPSY on PBS  Nov 12 2016, 05:33:22 PM

    HATED IT.  She is awful in this.  

  • Hedwig in LA offering $29.00 tickets for voters.  Nov 8 2016, 05:18:47 PM

    I wish one could do it for another performance.  But supposively more offers going out Thanksgiving week. 

  • Hedwig in LA offering $29.00 tickets for voters.  Nov 8 2016, 04:35:53 PM

    Tonights performance.  Show up with your "I Voted" sticker at the box office.