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  • Lee Remick in televised Damn Yankees  Feb 6 2016, 11:06:31 AM

    While on the subject of televised musicals....



    She is a horrible actress.  She is all shtick. 

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 3 2016, 02:52:41 PM

    Yes.  That is it.   I love how her head bops towards the end.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 3 2016, 02:03:04 PM

    Last night on one of the fluff shows ( Xtra or ET.. one of those)  they were showing backstage footage of the control booth.  Anyone have a link?  

  • Bette Midler will be raking in the $$  Jan 26 2016, 02:59:15 PM

    I might be willing to sleep with Bruce Villanch for access to house seats. 

  • Broadway Boobs ?  Jan 25 2016, 06:34:43 PM

    He is fine.

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 23 2016, 07:06:13 PM

    I am enjoying the creations.  More please.

  • Great Scenes for 2 Male  Jan 22 2016, 02:30:32 PM

    Check out some Sam Shepard.  True West or Curse Of The Starving Class both have great material.

  • Ideas for Horace Vandergelder opposite Bette Midler  Jan 21 2016, 12:03:53 PM

    Alec Baldwin.   

  • High bar for Dolly. Pearl vs Ginger  Jan 19 2016, 03:59:13 PM

    Love Pearl Bailey.  Lets be clear on this.  When I go and pay to see this I will be going to go and pay to see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly.  Not Hello Dolly starring Bette Midler.  I hope she owns the role and has a blast.  Walls or no walls. 

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Jan 13 2016, 12:55:59 PM

    Cool.  I am happy for this.  They need to right the wrong of that awful movie they did with the gummy bear as Edna.

  • Sound Systems  Jan 8 2016, 03:58:59 PM

    Matilda.  I don't know if it is the sound sytem or design... but it is horrid.   IF/THEN is just amplification.  Also horrid.  

  • Liz Swados has died  Jan 5 2016, 10:16:49 PM

    I saw Runaways as a kid.  I remember not understanding it but enjoying the experience..   Years later I dealt with Liz Swados when I was a student at NYU.    I didn't understand her.  But I enjoyed the experience.  R.I.P.

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Jan 4 2016, 01:47:27 PM

    And I am beautiful..  DAMMIT!

  • In The Heights revival?  Jan 4 2016, 12:53:37 PM

    Heights needs to lie professionally dormant for a long while.  There was even a time when I thought Lin Manuel would do nothing else but rest on the laurels of this show.  He took the tour to Puerto Rico.  He returned to the tour in Los Angeles.  He returned to the role to close the show in New York.  He then did a benefit concert of it.  He was beginning to look a lot to me like a one hit wonder.  Boy was I wrong.  And boy am I glad I was.  

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Jan 4 2016, 12:47:52 PM

    Yup.  First Tulsa that just didn't do it for me.

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Dec 31 2015, 11:10:15 AM

    imeldasturn said: "I don't think anyone can call LuPone's acting exceptional...


    I saw Imelda three times in London and it's the greatest performance I've ever seen on stage, so nuanced and original. However, I agree that the BBC version didn't make her justice at all and in the video her performance is OTT at times... Still, it needs more consideration especially since Sondheim praised it as one of the finest performances he has ever se

  • Kennedy Center Honors  Dec 31 2015, 11:03:16 AM

    I loved this broadcast except for some minor quibbles.  Tyler Perrys narration during the Cicely Tyson package was horrid.  He was just reading and had no connection to the material.   It was like he just wanted to get through.  Some of the music they played on the presenters introductions were straight out of the 70''s elevator music collection.  Other than that I loved the show and I am glad there is a new production team involved.  @Carlos..

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Dec 30 2015, 08:50:35 AM

    Well what a shame.  I wish we can all go back in time to see Tyne Daly's version again.  The few times I saw her do it there was never a false note.  There was never a performance. Her Rose was so grounded.  So mother earth. When Tyne's Rose sang Some People you could feel her want. Her manipulation of the girls and her father would be established.  Imelda just stood there and did a number.. badly.  I know it is unfair to compare.  And

  • Gypsy Live At Savoy-Link to Watch Replay Here  Dec 28 2015, 02:32:56 PM

    I will say this;   In my opinion her performance borrows heavily from Tyne Daly's exquisite interpretation..