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  • If Hello Dolly could extend its run?  Mar 27 2017, 12:55:58 PM

    Latifah saw the show this weekend.  Now there is a idea!  But I wouldn't be surprised if what they do in January is close it for the winter and re open it in April again with Bette.  Kind of what Helen Mirren did.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 26 2017, 08:41:13 PM

    Thanks DP!   One of the treasures for me in the Florida one is the inclusion of the curtain speech which she did every single time I caught the last tour on the road.  But I don't like the Vandergelder on this one and I preferred the previous Cornelious to Lee Roy .

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 26 2017, 08:27:46 PM

    @Poison  I enjoyed reading that.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 26 2017, 06:59:23 PM

    Dollypop said: "The leaps over the orchestra are and were only in the title number. In this production, they're also done during the Grand Finale.

    If you must, you can check this out on Youtube. There are two complete videos of the Channing production available there.



    DP:  I know the Florida one.  Which other one are you referring too?

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 25 2017, 01:57:06 PM

    10086sunset said: 

    IF it continued, it would need be a short run, as the show is likely headed for LA.

    IF Glenn lets anyone else near this, Buckley has a chance. 


    What is your source on this information?


  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 24 2017, 03:08:24 PM

    It wasn't my thing.  I did kind of enjoy the second act.  But this won't last.

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 24 2017, 02:37:25 AM

    muscle23ftl said: "DAME said: "muscle23ftl said: "I haven't seen Amelie, and maybe I will just skip it. After seeing Comet, Groundhog and Bronx Tale...I don't know if I like musical theater anymore...haha. Ugh.



    Go to see Dolly.  You'll fall in love with musical theater again .

    I will in July...but I fall in love with musical theater every time I see the glorious Glenn Close and that

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 24 2017, 02:27:23 AM

    muscle23ftl said: "I haven't seen Amelie, and maybe I will just skip it. After seeing Comet, Groundhog and Bronx Tale...I don't know if I like musical theater anymore...haha. Ugh.



    Go to see Dolly.  You'll fall in love with musical theater again .

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 23 2017, 05:33:34 PM

     "With that said, back to War Paint...I just came back from Groundhound Day and let me say...War Paint was a master piece compared to that crap! "


    War Paint, Amelie, and Groundhog were ALL borderline  crap.  


  • Dolly, Hello! Publicity Money Can't Buy [But True?]  Mar 22 2017, 09:48:40 PM

    bk said: "What is with Page Six and Dolly?  Seriously, it's embarrassing.



    They even say they are making it "their beat".    

  • Dolly, Hello! Publicity Money Can't Buy [But True?]  Mar 22 2017, 06:45:41 PM

    This is the same bit of news from last week with  page 6 dramatics colored in.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 22 2017, 03:51:44 PM

    @Sally  I am so sorry they weren't much help to you.  I have been taking my recently disabled mom to lots of theater in the last few months and everyone has been very accommodating.  Especially the Shubert owned theaters.  We usually get there early.  They let her stand inside the box-office lobby.  She rests on her walker.   They walk her in as soon as the doors are opened so she can take her time getting to the seats.   I am not sure about the Shu

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 21 2017, 11:57:46 PM

    They are very nice and accommodating.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/19/17  Mar 20 2017, 04:40:53 PM

    Kinky Boy said: "I'm always impressed with how well Chicago does. It is the biggest roach on Broadway, and is still making a lot of money. Who's buying tickets to that??

    Also, what in the world is In Transit doing. Such a waste of money, and a theatre.



    Chicago these days is in great shape.   Broadway gets people from all over the world.  For many it is still their first show.  I get its appeal

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 20 2017, 04:14:43 PM

    I don't mind them.. in fact I love them.. if they come from a honest place.  Sometimes on Broadway early in the run.. when the locals and fanatics come out. the audience is a little overhyped.  But from what I hear from very trustworthy sources... this show will just elate you to it.  But why don't you just wait till you see it?

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 19 2017, 11:51:38 PM

    The Instagram picture of Cole Escola in his show t-shirt is giving me life.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 18 2017, 10:30:33 PM

    I would love to see a picture of the opening number dress.   Dollypop's earlier post has me intrigued.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 18 2017, 10:22:00 PM

    I have been obsessing with the pictures on Instagram.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 18 2017, 08:57:59 PM

    Thank you for the pics Robbie.  

  • An open letter to HELLO, DOLLY!  Mar 18 2017, 07:37:25 PM

    Thank you for this.