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  • Kinky Boots maybe has a year left?  Jun 22 2015, 03:43:29 PM

    Easily.  It is just doing ok.  Not gangbusters.  Glad to see so many of you think it will run more than a year.  It's summer and it is not selling out ( even if it is doing well) and who knows what winter months will bring.   I guess I am more interested in what they do now to keep going..  Well see next year.

  • Kinky Boots maybe has a year left?  Jun 22 2015, 03:39:15 PM

    Good.   Just ran a season but it recouped.  And came back!

  • Kinky Boots maybe has a year left?  Jun 22 2015, 03:35:57 PM

     "the last two productions to play the house -- HOW TO SUCCEED and HAIR -- enjoyed healthy runs and recouped."


    That is true.  Not sure about Hair recouping.. but it did have a sort of healthy run.  I lived in that area in the 80's and nothing really ran.  Or if it did it would still loose money.   


    @Margo   It has been a very succesful show and has done well. Not sure what that has to do with it lasti

  • Kinky Boots maybe has a year left?  Jun 22 2015, 03:20:44 PM

    It is still doing ok.. but it has been on a slow attendance and gross decline.  And with the tour playing everywhere and the London run about to begin... has it lost a little of the must see status?  The business side of this particular show fascinates me.  Especially since the theater it is at was such a flop house for a while. 

  • Matilda Tour?  Jun 6 2015, 07:32:23 PM

    The comments on the gold star site have also been mixed . With everyone complaining about the sound and not being able to understand.   

  • Matilda Tour?  Jun 5 2015, 07:06:17 PM

    I had a very similar reaction.  The show is flat and I couldn't understand a lot of the dialog. I have never been a fan of the show.  But thought this touring production was very pale in comparison.

  • Pippin Tour?  Jun 5 2015, 04:53:58 PM

    Got it.  We were going on the same info.. Just got wires crossed. 

  • Pippin Tour?  Jun 5 2015, 02:57:46 PM

    It is definitely going to Japan and coming back.   If you follow Callan's instagram you can see that they did press for it.   I imagine that there will be new cast members and contracts.

  • Pippin Tour?  Jun 5 2015, 02:33:09 PM

    "Finally, if there aren't any dates publicly accounted post-Philly (which there aren't), it's pretty much a sure thing that the tour ends then."


    It is not ending.  It is going on to Japan.

  • Pippin Tour?  Jun 2 2015, 10:05:28 PM

    He is playing Lewis.  Sam is back as Pippin.  Callan Bergman played his last performance on Sunday.  

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 2 2015, 08:39:22 PM

    I've been bored with Gloria and her hubbie for years. 

  • DAMES AT SEA to set sail  Jun 2 2015, 02:03:51 PM

    WHY?  Why revive this?   And what happened to the Whorehouse revival?

  • HAMILTON on Broadway  May 15 2015, 11:36:27 PM

    If you are tall the mezz seats might not be for you.  No leg space .  First thing I ever saw in this theater was Best Little Whorehouse.  I love the feel of this house. 

  • ZORBA @ CITY CENTER/ENCORES  May 6 2015, 12:19:42 AM

    I love the score.   I have fond memories of the Anthony Quinn revival.  

  • Pippin Tour?  May 3 2015, 03:58:42 PM

    Yes.  3 weeks.  But there must be a story there.  Sam Lipps had been out a lot.  

  • Message Board Update!  Apr 29 2015, 03:21:10 PM

    "Rob, I'm not saying this only because your pic is super cute (what's your sign?), but you could seriously teach much bigger organizations a thing or two about customer service and responsiveness.  
    Imagine if Rob ran the customer experience at Time Warner or Comcast.  "


    You'd be listening to show tunes while you continue to hold.  

  • FINDING NEVERLAND Reviews  Apr 15 2015, 11:36:17 PM

    Yikes.  These are really awful reviews.  Even in the trades.  

  • Palace Theatre-extreme sides orchestra? How's the view.  Apr 15 2015, 07:15:53 PM

    The extreme sides of the Palace Orchestra is elevated.  Almost like box seats.  I like them..just stay towards the front.  I prefer them to the mid orchestra because I don't like the rake in the Palace and if someone tall sits in front of you.. you are f***'d.

  • IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU Reviews  Apr 14 2015, 09:52:06 PM

    "He's refering to DHP's husband having written the book and lyrics."


    Thanks for clearing that up.  I didn't know.  I thought that he was insinuating that NPH had put money into the show to get the hubby a job.  

  • IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU Reviews  Apr 14 2015, 09:22:14 PM

    "It’s terrible. And it shoulda been left in turnaround after years of kicking around agency offices, instead of being offered up for sacrifice in this $7 million vanity production. Oh, the things we do for love…"


    This quote is pretty nasty.  Is he referring to NPH?