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  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 02:28:46 PM

    Gay has nothing to do with it.

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 01:54:30 PM

    I obviously missed something.  I am sorry you are all turning on each other.. as I enjoy you all.  

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 24 2015, 02:02:14 PM

     There is another one that was a little more pretentious.  But it wasn't just that.  It was a culmination of things. But this is a non issue.  Both very talented and I hope I get to see them in more ( or less) stuff. 

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 24 2015, 01:48:02 PM

    Tazber: don't be ridiculous.  That is just the public persona I have of him.  I don't know him.




  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 24 2015, 01:42:06 PM




    "But back to Neil - there are a lot of people, especially gay men who are jealous of his success and the family he has built with his husband David Burtka. They just cannot stand that he is happy and successful. Too bad for them."


    I see your point Carlos.  For me it kind of all crossed the line when there was a huge billboard here in LA with the two of them which was touting David as some celebrity

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 24 2015, 01:33:09 PM

    tazber said: "I'm more curious why you're so defensive about this non-issue that you think it requires a new thread."


    Probably one of the  same reasons you choose to answer.  

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 24 2015, 01:21:17 PM

    He and his sugar boy are just overexposed. That is all. 

  • Utah Shakespeare Festival  Aug 23 2015, 06:02:42 PM

    My friend David those tons of their scenic design. 

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 04:47:00 PM

    If I remember correctly . during the time of her run the NY Post's page 6 had stories about her shenanigans all the time.  

    @Jane  I would buy your book in a heartbeat.  

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 12:49:34 PM

    Thanks Lizzie.  I just didn't see your post.  So sorry.  I don't block people.  I think that is silly.  

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 12:46:06 PM

    Oh I would love to hear some Sheedy shenanigans.  How about the most memorable one?

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 12:40:42 PM

    You must have some great stories.   How were the Ally Sheedy days?

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 12:29:34 PM

    Very cool.  @Jane  Did you work with the show during the LA run?

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 23 2015, 12:07:03 PM

    There is a theater in San Francisco ( I believe called The Post?)  which is part of a hotel and would be so perfect.  I remember seeing Dame Edna there about  16 tears ago and thinking the place had the same vibe as the Jane.


    @Jane  Was it Michael Cerveris I saw in the LA production of Hedwig? I know I loved whoever it was. 

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 22 2015, 12:32:34 PM

    FindingNamo said: "It's how I felt when the New David Cinema closed."


    This is why I feel so bonded with some of you.  And PJ mentioned the Adonis the other day.  I feel as we have all met in the 80's.  But I probably didn't see your faces then either. 


  • Idina Menzel World Tour  Aug 21 2015, 02:13:13 PM

    @JoseLee  If you are going on your own then do this.  Buy the cheapest seat possible at the Bowl. The day of the show check the interactive seating chart  before 5 pm ( they remove it 3 hours before showtime) .  You will probably see chunks of sections that are empty.  Move up without ever going to your original seat.   Idina is far from sold out.  One thing with the Bowl is that unless you are at the very front you will be watching the show on a screen. &nb

  • BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS Coming to Broadway; Rob Ashford to Direct!  Aug 21 2015, 01:44:55 PM

    So what happened?  Is this happening or what?

  • Fabulous Felons Comimg to Broadway  Aug 19 2015, 07:21:23 PM

    Is this about James Barbour?

  • Dames @ Sea On TDF  Aug 18 2015, 06:42:47 PM

    I saw the revival at the Lambs theater.  Eh.

  • Judy Kuhn  Aug 17 2015, 06:18:32 PM

    @Morosco  She was very upset after that performance.  She messed up the lyrics.  If you notice she repeats. 


    "First time I ever heard her glorious voice is when she sang "Rags" from the musical RAGS on the 1987 Tony Awards broadcast.  Her performance made my jaw drop.  (I've linked to that performance.  If you don't want to watch the whole thing just skip to the 3 minute mark.  The last note she sings is stu