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  • Julie Taymor's Midsummer Night's Dream Reviews  Jun 23 2015, 08:41:26 AM

    The language got plenty of attention -- this production wasn't as over-loaded with visual gimmickry as I was expecting it to be.  Taymor even seemed to be working hard to concentrate on the actors at the expense of the settings -- there were actually times when I wanted her to pull back so I could get a fuller view of the set/projections.  This was as much an actor's production as a designer's production.  The big fight between the two couples was handsomely brought off, and Ca

  • Keira Knightley will make Broadway debut in Therese Raquin  Jun 10 2015, 11:18:27 AM

    The story is basically THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, but it's French so it's classy.

  • 2015 Tony complaints  Jun 8 2015, 09:49:08 AM

    They seem to have adjusted Cerveris' wig and glasses so that he looks less like Austin Powers.

    And what's up with GIGI?  They all seemed to have discovered cocaine rather than champagne.

    The need to rush everyone got annoying -- they could have spare us all those annoying pre-commercial break spots where Cumming and Kristin were being all cutesy and allow some people a chance to breathe.



  • Ring of keys  Jun 8 2015, 09:24:50 AM

    A more interesting question is what possessed the TV director to cut away from that little girl in the middle of that song -- TV Stupidity at its most blatant.

  • The Flick returns to New York  May 18 2015, 09:12:43 AM

    Would anyone who has seen this at The Barrow Street Theatre please comment on ideal seating for this staging?

    It couldn't hurt to sit a few rows back.  I was sitting I believe in the fourth row center and had a fine view.

    Interesting the games they seem to be playing about the play's running time.  The website says three hours, one intermission, rather than three hours plus one 15 minute intermission.  The night I saw it, running times for both a

  • Is 39 Steps worth seeing?  May 18 2015, 09:06:24 AM

    In a word -- no.  Rent the Hitchcock classic instead.

  • The Flick returns to New York  May 8 2015, 09:30:57 AM

    TMG -- that's clearly what they're aiming for, and it works about 50% of the time, and it will work the rest of the time when they get their bearings, I think.  But damn, it just got unbearable by the end, and what should have been one of the play's funniest moments fell incredibly flat because I just sat there thinking, "come on already, we know what's going to happen, will you just DO IT ALREADY FOR F*CK SAKE."  Some serious fine-tuning is in order, and I have every confidence tha

  • The Flick returns to New York  May 8 2015, 09:09:04 AM

    I saw this last night -- a fine and moving play populated with really first rate performances that is unfortunately hampered by a really indefensibly prolonged running time of three hours and twenty minutes.  No, really.  THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES.  There's clearly a decision to maintain a slow, deliberate pace, and the benefit of that is some of the best writing and acting you're going to be seeing round these parts, but damn, some of those pauses just go on and on and on

  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 7 2015, 11:14:24 AM

    I saw this the other night and enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, much to my surprise.  The cast is admirable, the orchestra plays beautifully, I was just beside myself with delight more than once.  Seriously, if Ms. O'Hare's "Getting To Know You" doesn't make you happy, you're pretty much beyond reclamation.

    Alas, Mr. Watanabe pretty well botched "A Puzzlement" and that lovely little bit about blossoms and bees -- he was simply unintelligible, his accent got in the way and I

  • Buying tickets to LCT3  Apr 24 2015, 12:31:25 PM

    My husband and I didn't get e-mails, and when we log in, we can't get tickets, it's only for LincTix which seems to be only for people under 35.  What the f*ck?  



  • Something Rotten Previews  Apr 10 2015, 10:16:55 AM

    "Every dance break seems to be pleading "ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET? ISN'T THIS CLEVER AND FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING?""

    This.  This.  Man oh man, this.  I'd expand it to include every line of dialogue, too.  So many able cast members and dancers working so very very very hard to put this over -- I kept worrying that poor old Peter Bartlett was going to flounce himself into a stroke.

    I split at the intermission.  A few too many labored puns on "bottom" a

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 9 2015, 03:59:54 PM

    Is one song still being performed with the actors sitting on a turntable?

  • HAND TO GOD (B'way) Reviews  Apr 8 2015, 11:15:50 AM

    I'm surprised at these reviews -- such overwhelming support for such an adequate play.  The cast and production do the real heavy lifting here.

  • Seeing It's Only A Play again?  Apr 2 2015, 01:00:30 PM

    I saw IT'S ONLY A PLAY the other night and enjoyed myself, mainly.  Lane is in fine form, landing every single laugh, the rest of the cast, with one exception, rises to his level. 

    But I just have to ask: what's up with Matthew Broderick?  Is there some secret that isn't being shared about some traumatic brain injury that he suffered?  

  • The Visit Previews * Spoiler Alert*  Apr 2 2015, 12:52:35 PM

    I saw the show last night and was very impressed overall.  The score was exceptional, the performances excellent, my interest was held throughout.

    I didn't have a problem with the townspeople turning on Anton, it seemed perfectly clear that they'd toss anybody under the bus to get their hands on that money, their desperation seemed very well established to me.  Their dilemmas weren't depicted quite simply because there was no dilemma -- the're all too busy with their new

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Mar 30 2015, 04:13:56 PM
    With Audra McDonald as Glinda, or is that just too easy?
  • Wolf Hall Previews  Mar 27 2015, 08:40:29 AM
    Sat through WOLF HALL Part II: BRING UP THE BODIES last night. The actors knew their lines, and delivered them as if they knew what they meant, and they moved around the stage as if they knew what they were doing. The lights went on and off. The most rock-bottom basic mechanics of Putting On A Play seem to have been mastered by all concerned. Congratulations to all, especially to Ben Miles for having learned so very many lines, so very very many lines, and actually going to the trouble of gettin
  • A STAR IS BORN REMAKE!!!  Mar 26 2015, 03:21:35 PM
    Does THE ARTIST count as a remake of A STAR IS BORN -- the stories are similar, in that rising star/falling star kind of way, and THE ARTIST is as immensely genially charming and entertaining, to me at any rate, as the actual films of the story are not.
  • Wolf Hall Previews  Mar 26 2015, 08:44:03 AM
    Sat through WOLF HALL last night. The actors knew their lines, and delivered them as if they knew what they meant, and they moved around the stage as if they knew what they were doing. The lights went on and off. The most rock-bottom basic mechanics of Putting On A Play seem to have been mastered by all concerned. Congratulations to all!
  • Hand to God Previews  Mar 23 2015, 02:27:45 PM
    Saw it over the weekend -- an entertaining little play with some very good laughs (the line about being so far into the closet that you're in Narnia is kind of brilliant) and expertly performed by an able cast that almost makes the play seem like it actually has more to say than it really does. As entertaining as it is, there's not a lot here. Enjoyable, certainly.