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  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 17 2015, 09:42:43 AM

    CurtainPullDowner said: "Boy, are you missing the point about Durant and his character.  He is an outsider, a disrupter, a "dummy" to the other students.  It has NOTHING to do with "looks".  If you don't get that, you are not really understanding the play."

    I certainly understand the play -- I'm complaining about more than looks, but I can see how it might seem that way.  I always saw Moritz as being the absolute bottom

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 17 2015, 09:29:07 AM

    LimelightMike said: "Can you elaborate on the projections needing work/not being seen by everyone? Why sit as close to the middle of center orchestra? What's the difference between that vantage point and say, the mezzanine?"


    Not so much orchestra vs. mezzanine, more a matter of not being off to the side in the orchestra: I'm sure someone in the front or rear mezz would have a clearer view than I did of certain events.  I had side orchestra se

  • Deaf West's Spring Awakening Broadway Previews  Sep 16 2015, 09:07:52 AM

    Saw this last night and enjoyed it pretty thoroughly.  I'm sure they're still ironing out some rough spots, and those projections need to be handled in such a way that EVERYBODY IN THE THEATER CAN SEE THEM, GODDAMMIT.  The cast is able, the musical itself works (or not as you like, but it has always blown me away) and there's no reason not to go see this.  Just make VERY SURE INDEED that you get seats as close to the middle of the auditorium as you can.  Seriou

  • PRELUDES cast album is happening  Sep 16 2015, 08:43:28 AM

    Excellent news!  I've been wanting to listen to that mountain section...

  • Disney doing new live action Mary Poppins musical film  Sep 14 2015, 04:42:30 PM

    After not quite entirely screwing up INTO THE WOODS, Marshall will, I am sure, return to his vile ways with this sure-to-suck travesty.  To be avoided at all costs.  By me, at least.

  • Fitzgerald and the Theatre  Sep 8 2015, 01:37:11 PM

    GATZ was a production of The Elevator Repair Company.  It involved the entire text of the novel being read out loud by one actor, playing a man sitting at his desk one morning, waiting for his computer to boot up.  As he waits, he starts reading the book, and the people in the office around him assumed the characters in the novel.  

    A good deal of the impact depends on your tolerance for GATSBY in general.  I liked some of the innovations, particularly the casting of

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 26 2015, 11:49:29 AM

    The old lady sitting next to me kept sighing audibly throughout the third act, and one woman found Kitty's offer of Vienna fingers hilariously funny for some reason, but folks seemed quite attentive overall at the performance I saw.  

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 25 2015, 10:46:04 AM

    And the little touch that she still calls him "sir."

  • Nine -- Why?  Aug 24 2015, 11:55:47 AM

    ^^^ Guido is also likable -- he's just plain likable, even as his less admirable qualities are spilled all over the screen.  I always suspected that the late unlamented Anthony Minghella had a big hand in the gloomification of the script.  Day-Lewis doesn't help matters -- he's so busy being so very tortured it's hard to work up any sympathy or interest in the guy, he's got none, and I mean NONE, of the charm that animated Mastroianni's Guido in Fellini's

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 11:33:28 AM

    JOHN the play does set up some questions, and it only answers some of them.  The ambiguities strike me as being very rigorously worked out, I'm not seeing any laziness going on here.  At all. Things are said, and then contradicted.  One character says that they don't drink, and we are later led to doubt that.  And as I recall, there's more than one John.  Ms. Baker offers us what a certain character in THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAX

  • Nine -- Why?  Aug 24 2015, 11:29:22 AM

    The film's rampant miscasting is a matter of public record -- only Marion Cotillard rises above the sewage.  For me the film's most grotesque miscalculation was the utter GLOOMINESS of the proceedings -- everybody's suffering all over the place is amped to such a level that the movie just winds up being a colossal downer, rather than the joyful comedy that Fellini's original film is.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:49:15 AM

    Different plays for different folks, it seems.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:31:08 AM

    "Oh thanks Roscoe. I thought you were saying that she was reciting something to Jenny about the sunset since she obviously wasn't reading what she wrote down. I'm not familiar with The Call of Cthulhu, but just googled and it sounds fascinating. Is it worth tracking down and reading?"

    Kitty might have been reciting something to Jenny about the sunset, it might be a quote or something.  Hard to say.  The extreme vocabulary she uses was surprising, but it later

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:24:11 AM

    mamaleh said: "While I didn't find the play entirely satisfying, I did find myself smiling every time Georgia Engel spoke. She's like a walking endorphin.  POSSIBLE SPOILER:  Speaking of  her movement, does anyone know whether her limp was totally restricted to her character, or does she have some mobility issues?  Even if so, she negotiates those long stairs well.  "

    Ms. Engel's performance is a marvel, a fascinating und

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:10:25 AM

    Whizzer -- I meant the scene where Kitty is reading to Genevieve.  She's reading a passage from "The Call Of C'thulhu" by H.P. Lovecraft of all things.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:08:25 AM

    "It's either the year the house was built or it was the address."

    I didn't spot the number on the transom.  I remember the detail about the arms and legs piling up outside the hospital appearing in Ken Burns' CIVIL WAR TV series.  Maybe Kitty's exagerrating...

    I did spot Eli mouthing the words "She's creepy" to Jenny when they first meet Kitty.  

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 09:55:08 AM

    "That assumes that what you're watching, listening to, and seeing is actually worth watching, listening to, and seeing, and not just a lot of hooey"

    Completely missing the point of a fascinating and complex piece of theater and dismissing it as "hooey" -- it happens round here, too.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 09:38:36 AM

    "That assumes that what you're watching, listening to, and seeing is actually worth watching, listening to, and seeing, and not just a lot of hooey."

    One person's intriguing piece of fascinating theater is another person's load of hooey.  Difference of opinion -- it happens round here.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 09:19:36 AM

    I saw the play over the weekend and was most impressed with it.  The three hours went by most agreeably, I never felt that my time was being wasted.  I can certainly see that the play won't be everybody's cup of tea, but it sure was mine.


    I appreciated the restraint of the play, the mystery and obscurity, the noises and bumps and flickering lights.  The narrative, such as it is, raises some questions, and I enjoyed waiting to see which would get answe

  • The One Cast Album Never Recorded You Want  Aug 13 2015, 04:24:16 PM

    I'd buy the cast album to Dave Malloy's PRELUDES -- that trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro was marvelous.