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  • Jennifer Hudson  Mar 13 2016, 03:27:11 PM

    I don't know when you saw the show but she was certainly not the weak link on Saturday night..Sae was wonderful, sexy , warm and quite funny....As far as Dreamgirls go..she had never acted in her life..and to give the performance she gave takes more than good editing.....and film acting anyway is basically 1000x takes to get one perfect shot....that is why there are movie stars who couldn't get on a broadway stage and cut it...she is more than proving herself in THE COLOR PURPLE&

  • Jennifer Hudson  Mar 13 2016, 10:33:52 AM

    Wow. Is all I have to say about this production amazing performances and I loved Everyone. Jennifer was in great voice and I loved the way she didn't try to sing her ass off. She sang effortlessly.  All three leading ladies just blew me away. I am here got standing ooo during the song have not seen that since Jennifer Holiday in Boston previews. Ya I am old.   Lol.    Loved loved loved this show!!!

  • Jennifer Hudson  Mar 11 2016, 03:10:57 PM

    Thanks guys/gals for all the info I appreciate it and now feel good...!!!

  • Jennifer Hudson  Mar 11 2016, 02:08:06 PM

    Heading to NYC this weekend was thinking about seeing the Color has Jennifer Hudsons attendance been...I really would like to see her

  • Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond?  Feb 10 2016, 11:38:14 AM

    her voice is so shot...she sounds awful now...I don't see it at all...Her Margaret White was off key and just plain bad

  • Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko  Feb 1 2016, 08:39:55 AM

    To old bland and not Danny Zuko at all...

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 1 2016, 08:39:08 AM

    I thought Aaron looked really old (for a teenager) compared to the rest of the cast. Vanessa was really great ..she was the best part of this show...what is with all the overacting..The girls who played Marty and Patty Simcox really were awful , overacting and amateurish high school production acting at its worst.  The review compared Aaron to John Travolta and gave Aaron the upper edge ...which I cant disagree with more ...Grease was Travoltas best movie...his dancing and singing

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 27 2016, 12:57:43 PM

    Having seen it early in the original run...I got to see the amazing talents of Terrance Mann Cynthia Onrubia Ken Ard ..the amazing Timothy Scott and sit and hear Betty Buckley sing MEMORY like you would never hear it sung again...Was it a great show .no..but amazing performances and visually stunning..I think the music is very underrated...and the talent that came out of that show and kept people working for so many years speaks for itself


  • Seth Rudetsky as an actor  Jan 26 2016, 09:02:54 AM

    Seth is the best...he alone has kept people working and interested...Saw him in the Ritz...he was him !!

  • Spider-Man  Jan 15 2016, 09:45:25 AM

    I saw 1.0 and really liked it. It was visually stunning ...and agree Boy Falls from the Sky was amazing as he went faster and faster...The "flying" was amazing the day I saw it and I wished I had seen it again before it closed....but the critics just wanted to hate this show so much it never had a chance

  • Katharine McPhee duets with Kristin Chenoweth on  Jan 7 2016, 10:14:48 AM

    I was always surprised at all the Katherine bashing during Smash ...even though she was the more likable character (Karen) than Megans character (ivy) seemed that people mixed up the real Megan with Ivy and liked her because she was a Bway gal. being as Ivy was a very jealous and vindictive charachter..(love her also) but Katherine can sing ...she sounds amazing here ...what about Megan and Katherine in Wicked....perfect pairing to me....2 great singers who really have amazing chemistry

  • Gypsy Live at the Savoy  Dec 31 2015, 01:16:34 PM

    Having seen Gypsy with Tyne Daly 5x Linda Lavin, Betty Buckley, Bernadette Peters , and Patti Lupone I can honestly say that the one thing they all had in common was they were not overacting...while I think Tyne was the best...and her singing in the theater was perfectly fine (the recording is not) she was Rose...100pc... Imelda seems to be overacting and angry throughout...just to over the top for me. I don't like her Roses turn at all just to much.....but any version of Gypsy is worth s

  • The WIZ LIVE : post your comments and thoughts live during the show here  Dec 4 2015, 09:10:24 AM






  • West End's Funny Girl opens tonight  Dec 3 2015, 11:12:05 AM

    The Music that Makes me Dance....great song

    Coronet Man   great song

    Funny Girl song in the movie was a nice song

    Id rather be Blue also a great song

    But I will always prefer the OBC







  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Dec 3 2015, 10:58:11 AM

    I am looking forward to this but am really concerned about the updating thing again...

    remember the Diana Ross was a bomb and that was "updated" ....I loved the original ...and seeing the outfit that Dorothy has on in this already has me very skeptical...the need to make things that work "better" always scares me

  • DANCING WITH THE "WHO ARE THEY" STARS  Sep 2 2015, 10:34:58 AM

    When you have to tell people who these "stars" are then it is probably to end the shw

    Chaka and Busey -the rest whoa re they

  • Revised CARRIE on Broadway?  Jul 15 2015, 09:34:32 AM

    The two reasons that this show lives on is the powerhouse performances from Betty Buckley and Linzie Hateley.,replace them and the the show is a bore with no value .   Marin Mazie did it off Broadway -sung well but no fear in her voice Alice Ripley did it and was awful...her voice is really not what it key and screechy - . Betty Buckleys voice struck fear in Carrie and the audience..and her commitment to the role was 1000 percent....she was Margaret White for every per

  • Aaron Tveit to Star as Danny Zuko in Fox's GREASE LIVE!  Jul 9 2015, 12:51:57 PM

    Zuko 17 and Italian.....don't really see it..but he will pull it off because he is very talented...I think Hough is a little too old looking and cant act..hopefully with some pros around her she will rise to the level around her ,..

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 9 2015, 02:25:45 PM

    yes PalJoey I do understand the concept of the show...but the reviewers here talk about them personally not as the characters...that was my point... as characters if we can recall Ivy was not so nice..and who would produce a show with a chorus girl who get fired for being drunk and falling down during a performance...and what girl who gets a lucky break to star in a Broadway show as the lead would depart to go join a off-off broadway show......that's when it jumped the shark for me and lost m

  • Bombshell Benefit Concert  Jun 9 2015, 11:30:05 AM

    Why does this have to be Megan against Katherine...two beautiful talented girls whose voices are amazing...They are friends and appreciate each others should we..LOVE THEM BOTH for very different reasons...