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Birthday: 2 - 28
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Favorite Show(s): Little Me

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  • Line-Up of Tony Performances 2015  May 27 2015, 12:48:32 PM

    "If this is true it's hard to imagine Emily or Judy getting the award.  Thought they were equally amazing."

    Why? The voting is over before the performances at the telecast.

  • An American in Paris film  May 26 2015, 05:20:43 PM

    "Both the movie and show are mediocre."

    Oh, for crap's sake. 

  • What do you think of this casting listing?  May 26 2015, 04:25:56 PM


    "A few years ago the had cast a black guy as Javert in les Miserables in London. His acting and singing wasn't good to say the least."

    Neither is your grammar.



  • Official JCM as Hedwig (2015 Edition) Thread  May 25 2015, 07:34:47 PM

    This is for you, Jane.


  • ANOTHER  May 25 2015, 06:15:42 PM

    Did anyone REALLY think for a moment that television star Kelsey Grammer and television star Matthew Morrison were somehow NOT going to perform on the telecast?


  • Meryl takes on Callas in MASTER CLASS  May 23 2015, 05:56:13 AM

    If all you can see when you see Meryl is Meryl, then I think the fault is either in your eyes or in your heart, or possibly in your soul, wherever it is that the imagination resides.

    Sadly, there is no cure for it, because cynicism is an addiction. But sometimes it begins as just an affectation and, in those cases, it can be overcome.

  • Ladies and Gentleman....Taye Diggs is your next Hedwig  May 21 2015, 08:25:52 PM

    I think he's great.

  • Wicked Movie Casting  May 21 2015, 04:18:49 PM

     Did Marc Platt really post that?

  • Will Lincoln Center Theater return to doing shows downtown ?  May 21 2015, 03:58:34 PM



  • Do 54 Below shows start on time?  May 21 2015, 10:54:36 AM

    They do. Unless RobbieJ is being a diva.

  • She Loves Me  May 21 2015, 10:53:19 AM

    Kelli O'Hara as Amalia

    Josh Radnor as Georg

    Victor Garber as Mr. Maraczek

    Gavin Creel as Kodaly

    Jane Krakowski as Ilona

    Michael McGrath as Sipos

    Rory O'Malley as Arpad

    Peter Bartlett as the Headwaiter


  • She Loves Me  May 21 2015, 10:49:15 AM

    The 1993 revival was perfection. The show is a confection. The original cast is flawless.

    I believe I memorized the entire show when I was young, simply by listening to the 2-LP set over and over.

    And then there's this:

  • Ladies and Gentleman....Taye Diggs is your next Hedwig  May 18 2015, 03:21:14 PM

    Thrilling to have this rumor confirmed as news.

  • What's your favorite show with sailors?  May 17 2015, 08:44:35 AM

    Harvey Evans and Ann-Marget in Dames at Sea: