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  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 27 2015, 08:11:45 PM


    Curious... how have they handled Tevye's Dream?  Fruma Sarah?


    Brilliantly. Thrillingly.Gorgeously.


  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 26 2015, 12:13:08 PM


    I agree with everything Whizzer said. The show left me glowing for days, which is something only the rare production of the rare show can do.


    I adored Danny Burstein's Tevye--and, yes! the progression of his reponses from Tzeitel to Chava was probably the finest I have ever seen. (I did NOT like Alfred Molina's performance. Not one moment of it. I did like Harvey's but it was definitely along the lines of seeing a Zero Mostel--a larger-than-lif

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 26 2015, 01:07:49 AM


    I was told that about his accent.


    I found Danny's accent to be be a little more Minsk than Pinsk, and a little less Omsk than Tomsk.


    But at least it was not Vitebsk, like so many lazy Tevyes you see.


    Am I right?


  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 23 2015, 12:53:18 PM


    My understanding of it was that this man, a descendent of the family, has arrived in Anatevka (the train station set) because he is retracing his roots.


    I thought that too. I have often thought of visiting Russia, and taking a tri (a pilgrimage?) to the town of Bobruysk in Belorussia, where my grandparents lived. It is now an industrial suburb of Minsk, and I'm sure there is little if anything left of the shtetl that was their Anatevka. B

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 23 2015, 08:48:20 AM


    A very powerful production, the highlights of which are Danny Burstein's soulful Tevye, the absolutely flawless script and score and Hofesh Schecter's elaboration on the spirit of Jerome Robbins's choreography. The idea always was that it would NOT look like Broadway razzmatazz and it would also NOT look like folk dancing. Schecter creates gestures and stomps that borrow from the joyousness of Hasidic dance and create something that helps Bartlett Sher move&

  • Fiddler on the Roof Previews  Nov 22 2015, 11:21:21 AM


    I was going to see it in December, but after hearing so much good stuff about it, I couldn't bear to go away for Thanksgiving without having seen it.


    I'm seeing it this afternoon and I'm SO excited I'm like Fruma-Sarah hearing her ex-husband is about to remarry.


  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 21 2015, 02:09:03 PM


    Let's veto Tony Danza in favor of Tony Yazbeck.


  • Met Opera  Nov 20 2015, 12:35:29 PM


    I go frequently! You will have a great time.


    You picked a perfect first opera. Not my favorite production, but you'll be seeing a Ukrainian soprano named Liudmyla Monastyrska, and I hear her voice is gorgeous.


    There are two half-hour intermissions. I recommend having a glass of (overpriced) Champagne and strolling and people-watching. We like to prepay our drinks with the bartender before the first act begins. That way they are waiti

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 20 2015, 10:56:12 AM


    I believe it was PalJoey (who else COULD it have been?) who eloquently stated that the key to a good production of Follies is that the director has to know what the ghosts represent.


    Yes, the lack of a truly original ghostlike atmosphere was my overall disappointment with Schaefer and Carlyle's work. (That and the horrendous blunder of putting Sally in red initially and forcing Elaine Paige to sing to the chorus boys and a criminal failur

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 19 2015, 01:05:37 PM


    Surry but no. Nothing beats Flossie Klotz's sense of character and what she did with those ghosts.




    ALW calls Lion King Copycats!  Nov 18 2015, 02:39:39 PM


    This thread is a kitty litter box of crazy.



  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 18 2015, 02:13:27 PM


    There have always been people who feel about Follies the way that Fantod does. It's just odd to hear someone so young express that opinion in those words.


    It make me feel like I'm back as a teenager in 1971, obsessed by Follies and feeling like I'm the only one in the world who likes it.


    I haven't heard someone grouse about the show like that in decades!



  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 17 2015, 10:26:31 PM


    Hal Prince has talked about the fights he and Michael Bennett had over bringing Neil Simon in. Simon and Bennett had become friends when they worked on Promises Promises together, and Bennett later would direct Simon's play God's Favorite and bring Simon in to write additional uncredited material for A Chorus Line.


    The way Prince describes the fights with Bennett over Follies is that Prince agreed that the book of Follies needed fixing and he even

  • re: Michael Bennett and Jimmy Webb's Scandal! (With Swoozie Kurtz)  Nov 15 2015, 10:18:25 PM


    Yeah. That last paragraph on page 27 is what it was like: Michael doing coke, Michael getting hepatitis, Michael not doing coke, Treva saying oh-by-the-way-Michael-hired-me-to-write-additional-dialogue-for-Dreamgirls...


    He WHAT?


  • Jerome Robbins' original choreography and how much can be changed or not  Nov 15 2015, 12:42:03 AM


    I have a feeling this Fiddler will be epic.


  • Jerome Robbins' original choreography and how much can be changed or not  Nov 14 2015, 04:49:42 PM

    Watch that same moment with Yul Brynner and Patricia Morrison in the original staging, then Brynner and Deborah Kerr in the movie staging and Ken Watanabe and Kelli O'Hara in Christopher Gattelli's Lincoln Center restaging: