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  • Dido and Aeneas tonight....  Apr 29 2016, 10:50:42 PM

    What a rare opportunity to see something like this staged and performed with so much panache.

    Those two women are goddesses.


  • Michael McGrath to exit She Loves Me  Apr 28 2016, 01:08:09 PM

    I hope everything is okay. He was one of my favorite things about the production. The actor who most embodied "the Lubitsch touch."

  • Joe Mantello To Play Tom In Sally Field's MENAGERIE?  Apr 28 2016, 01:07:08 PM

    I was going to tell you to check out who the very first Tom was, but BakerWilliams beat me to it.

  • The Five Enemies of Broadway Musicals  Apr 26 2016, 01:41:46 PM

    Which one is the author? All, I imagine.

  • Roundabout to bring in Stauntons GYPSY?  Apr 26 2016, 11:31:33 AM

    Maybe Lincoln Center Theatre could pick it up.


    No. It wouldn't increase the prestige of Lincoln Center Theater to do this production.

  • RIP Madeleine Sherwood  Apr 25 2016, 04:07:03 PM

    From the Actors Studio to Sister Woman to The Crucible to Do I Hear a Waltz to the Mother Superior.

    From the backlist to Martin Luther King to women's consciousness raising.

    What a life!


  • Shuffle Along previews  Apr 25 2016, 03:56:29 PM

    RogerMoore--thank you for that report of the changes to Act Two.

    Sounds like George and his colleagues have been doing everything right.

    I look forward to seeing it again.

  • Fierstein, Hudson Stars in HAIRSPRAY LIVE!  Apr 25 2016, 02:45:40 PM


    This is WONDERFUL news!


  • Your ticket does not cover the stagedoor  Apr 25 2016, 09:44:32 AM

    God bless you, Cynthia Erivo, as you have blessed us with your performance.

  • Riedel on Hamilton $995 premium tickets  Apr 24 2016, 07:37:14 AM

    I think we are at a point where buying Hamilton tickets is a better investment than real estate or the stock market.

  • Kelli O'Hara to depart King and I April 17, Marin Mazzie joins cast May 3  Apr 23 2016, 11:04:39 PM

    In the ensuing 25+ years, science has made no significant progress in fighting the disease, despite the supposed expenditure of billions of dollars in research


    I'm sorry for your sister. But you are wrong about the science.

    It cannot help your sister and it could not help my mother, who died of ovarian in 1994, but new treatments with increased efficacy are helping more and more women like Marin.

    Your experience is sad, as is mine, but our past

  • Prince Remembered at The Color Purple Tonight  Apr 21 2016, 09:39:27 PM

    A friend just posted:




  • The HAMILTOME  Apr 20 2016, 05:26:46 PM

    Congrats, Lin.

    The NY Times just announced that the Hamiltome will be #1 on the hardcover nonfiction bestseller list for May 1st.


  • Going to previews versus after opening  Apr 20 2016, 03:12:17 PM


    I like to go the last week of previews or the first week after opening. If you go before that, the show may not have jelled yet. So a performance you don't like or a problem in the pace or the dynamics frequently turns out to be something like like or love after the show is frozen.

    I believe you should only go to an early preview if you intend to go back.


  • Will Hamilton Win the Nobel Prize for Literature?  Apr 18 2016, 05:27:34 PM

    Oh, I know, but still...

  • Another Hamilton seating question  Apr 18 2016, 05:14:47 PM


  • Hamilton Lottery  Apr 18 2016, 05:13:43 PM


  • Will Hamilton Win the Nobel Prize for Literature?  Apr 18 2016, 04:49:46 PM

    These are the playwrights who have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. (Some of them wrote in genres other than drama.)

    1903 Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Norway 
    1904 (shared) José Echegaray y Eizaguirre Spain 
    1911 Maurice Maeterlinck Belgium 
    1912 Gerhart Hauptmann Germany 
    1913 Rabindranath Tagore India 
    1915 Romain Rolland France 
    1921 Anatole France France 
    1922 Jacinto Benavente Spain&nbs

  • Eubie! - cd release  Apr 18 2016, 04:06:12 PM

    I loved this show--and Eubie too,

  • How to Succeed Wins the Pulitzer  Apr 18 2016, 03:22:52 PM

    This happened too.