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  • Is Dolly Too Frivolous  Sep 29 2016, 10:24:46 AM

    One might ask the same question of Noel Coward plays or Shakespeare's comedies or Aristophanes or Charlie Chaplin movies. There is a human truth to comedy that your question displays a lack of experience with. Your question is like asking "Is Love's Labour's Lost too frivolous?" or "Is Private Lives too frivolous?" or "Is Mickey Mouse too frivolous?"

    Comedy and tragedy have existed side by side since storytelling first began. Whil

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda to host SNL  Sep 28 2016, 05:33:43 PM

    I don't care whether he's "famous" or not--and there are many levels of famous in 2016, including Internet Famous and Twitter Famous and YouTube Famous--I think this is fabulous.

  • LaChiusa  Sep 28 2016, 04:22:21 PM


    Don't answer that question with the name of a composer. That will only stultify creativity.

    Answer with a mood or a color or a tone...or a painter or an art movement or a historical period...or a kind of food or a season of the year or an emotion.

    Judy Garland once said, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."


  • Vocal Dubbing in the Film Version of INTO THE WOODS  Sep 26 2016, 07:03:39 AM


    That's not Murphy. Streep is a notorious mimic.

    You've been STREEPED.


  • Imelda as Rose coming to NY?  Sep 25 2016, 11:58:20 AM


    I thought she overacted terribly on the video. I'd rather see her as Martha than Rose.


  • Betty Buckley sings Radiohead  Sep 25 2016, 09:40:27 AM


    I feel blessed to have been there last night. So many highlight, including her "September Song," "Chanson" from The Baker's Wife, and a wonderful song by the talented Joe Iconis called "Old Flame."

    But seeing Betty Buckley in the autumn of her life making such beautiful music with such feeling and depth. 

    If you can, go.


  • Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Sep 21 2016, 01:06:38 PM

    Can't wait to see this!

  • Fired from new off-B'way show  Sep 21 2016, 01:01:10 PM

    I don't think your post protects him at all.

  • THE FRONT PAGE Previews  Sep 21 2016, 08:42:58 AM

    I'm really hoping this is good. I was in the play in high school (a star turn as a kvetchy Herman Pincus) and have loved it ever since. But His Girl Friday improves on the play, giving it an unconventional love story and Howard Hawks's screwball energy.

    I'm not sure the play can work as well in 2016.

  • re: Bernadette Peters as 'Dolly' in HELLO, DOLLY  Sep 21 2016, 08:37:56 AM

    As long as she promises not to cry.

  • Hello, Dolly  Sep 20 2016, 04:50:08 PM

    As long as she promises not to cry.

  • What went wrong with  Sep 20 2016, 12:11:47 PM

    The lyrics were great. Lloyd Webber never had a better lyricist than David Zippel.

  • Hello Dolly breaks first day ticket sales record  Sep 20 2016, 12:02:00 PM

    Go Bette!

  • Judy Kuhn to Join FIDDLER as Golde for the Rest of Its Run  Sep 19 2016, 02:20:52 PM




  • Bette's Dolly Cast Uninspired?  Sep 19 2016, 09:55:02 AM


    I suggested Billy Crystal in the earlier thread. His "It Takes a Woman" and "damned exasperating woman!" would have been funny in an original way, totally unlike David Burns or Walter Matthau. 


  • Bette's Dolly Cast Is Just Great  Sep 18 2016, 08:26:40 PM


    Oh, shut up.


  • Explosion Reported in Chelsea, 23rd between 6th and 7th  Sep 18 2016, 01:19:40 PM

    All 29 injured have now been released from the hospital.

  • Hello Dolly... no Bette on Tuesdays!  Sep 17 2016, 10:43:44 AM


    Snagged the last two on the aisle in the orchestra (non-premium) for the night after opening, my favorite night to go because there's so much excitement on the stage and in the house.


  • Edward Albee Has Passed  Sep 17 2016, 12:31:17 AM


    Give a listen. Shed a tear. Marvel at the talent.



    Stritch as Martha. (Audio only.)


  • Holiday Inn Opening Very Soon  Sep 16 2016, 11:12:07 PM

    Louise Beavers, a talented African American actress, played Mamie. Her career consisted, sadly, mainly of playing domestics, but her talent far surpassed the racist constrictions imposed on her and all other African-American actors. She specialized in all-knowing or wisecracking domestics, but could have played so much more.

    There were three highlights of her career: one


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