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  • HEDWIG TOUR  Dec 5 2016, 01:02:09 AM

    They had a tour windowcard with Euan but it's the backlit image of Hedwig they're using on the website home page and Euan's name is only in small print at the bottom with the rest of the production credits.

  • We Really Do Need a CAMELOT Revival  Dec 3 2016, 03:37:35 PM

    I really enjoyed the tour with Lou Diamond Phillips but I think I was in the minority on that one. I wish they would have recorded a cast album though. The new arrangement of "Lusty Month of May" was a lot of fun. I can't imagine why Bartlett Sher hasn't gotten around to this one yet.

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Dec 2 2016, 06:52:27 PM

    Poor Ariana being singled out as the weakest singer on an album that includes Harvey Fierstein.

    I agree.


  • HEDWIG TOUR  Dec 2 2016, 12:51:19 PM
    I saw them, but I don't really have anything to compare them to except the cast album. I thought they both sounded great but it wasn't always easy to tell because the sound at the Civic in San Diego is always a problem. Most of the time the music was a lot louder than the vocalists. I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing I already knew the lyrics otherwise I'm sure I would have been totally lost. Euan rocked the score but hasn't quite mastered the musical staging yet. He didn't always
  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 2 2016, 08:56:02 AM

    This is it. The Menken/Ahrens musical played, I believe, nine years consecutively at the theatre at Madison Square Garden. F. Murray Abraham was the final Scrooge. And I agree, "A Place Called Home" is probably my favorite Christmas song of all time. I just adore it.

  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 2 2016, 03:27:06 AM

    It bugs me that they never recorded the updated stage version with "You Mean More to Me" and "Jolly Good Time" in place of "Jolly Rich and Fat." The two songs are included on the television soundtrack but the stage orchestrations are far superior. It would have been nice if they'd recorded the final company or a new studio cast but maybe one day they will. I do enjoy the original cast album quite a bit.

  • HEDWIG TOUR  Nov 30 2016, 02:24:03 PM

    This has probably been asked somewhere in the last 10 pages but are they still doing the Hurt Locker jokes on tour and is there a Hurt Locker playbill?

  • Gypsy transferring  Nov 25 2016, 09:56:42 PM

    To be fair he had harsh words for almost any production he didn't direct. And not just Gypsy.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO using GoFundMe to fund cast recording  Nov 24 2016, 10:58:53 PM

    If Glory Days and Cry Baby can get cast albums however many years after closing there's always hope. In this case though I assume they'll figure the London cast is good enough for licensing.

  • 2016 Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade  Nov 24 2016, 02:44:05 PM

    I thought Holliday Inn and Paramour faired the best because their numbers were the most appropriate for a parade. Cats would have been better without Memory. As much as I'd love to have seen Dear Evan Hansen I just can't imagine a song that would have been appropriate.

  • Falsettos revival cast album  Nov 23 2016, 09:56:01 PM

    Sh-K-Boom used to release their albums digitally almost a month in advance of the physical release and then ship pre-orders a week prior to the street date. She Loves Me was unique if I recall correctly because there was an issue with the CDs and some people who pre-ordered were given some kind of code for a digital download because of the delay.

  • Dear Evan Hansen Previews  Nov 23 2016, 06:30:16 PM

    Wasn't the score written for him? I'm not understanding the criticism.

  • Holiday Gifts for Theater Lovers - what would you like to get?  Nov 22 2016, 11:07:25 PM

    How do I get the Dear Evan Hansen cast album before Christmas? Can the elves make that?

  • Grease--Stage Version  Nov 22 2016, 11:02:09 AM
    They only offer one version publically. Exceptions have been made in the past. I just saw a high school production about two weeks ago and I'm pretty sure they used the 2007 Broadway libretto and orchestrations. That doesn't mean they got permission to use them as they are readily available through other means but they very well may have received permission. You'll never know unless you ask.

  • Grease--Stage Version  Nov 21 2016, 05:19:13 PM

    Do you mean the 2007 revival version? I don't believe it's officially licensed but you could certainly contact Samuel French and ask about it. Most likely any high schools that used that version just made the changes on their own.

  • Dear Evan Hansen Merchandise Question  Nov 20 2016, 02:10:25 AM

    Are they selling a polo shirt like the one on the poster? I want one. 

  • Jack O'Brien Sound of Music to B'way?  Nov 16 2016, 04:07:22 PM

    FYI, Kerstin Anderson is out for the entire week of performances in San Diego. I haven't heard anything about an illness and she's still listed in the playbill but her understudies are printed on the cast page for the nights they are going on so I assume Kerstin is on a scheduled vacation.

  • Should Cabaret come back?  Nov 13 2016, 11:57:01 PM

    Randy and the rest of the cast are spectacular but I don't think the revival faired as well as they're hoped in New York so I can't see them bringing it back. I do wish they would have filmed Cabaret for BroadwayHD maybe even more so than She Loves Me even though I adore it. If they had to pick one production to represent Roundabout it should have been Cabaret.

  • Jack O'Brien Sound of Music to B'way?  Nov 11 2016, 11:02:23 PM

    I still want to know who wrote the new lyrics for "Something Good." Is it hiding in the playbill somewhere and I just don't see it?

  • Lloyd Webber's Best Work?  Nov 10 2016, 02:44:35 PM

    I think his best score is a toss up between Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. The best overall production with book, score, direction, costumes and scenery is probably The Phantom of the Opera but in my opinion Hal Prince and Maria Björnson deserve most of the credit for making Phantom as good as it is.


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