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  • Where to find Live from Lincoln Center's South Pacific?  May 24 2015, 11:24:40 PM

    Was it recorded in HD?

  • Preview the new KING & I cast recording  May 24 2015, 11:56:19 AM
    Masterworks Broadway did the same thing with the last South Pacific revival when they only recorded the first portion of "Honey Bun" and left off the rest (and best?) part of the song. At least in that case though they recorded the act one finale and Kelli's "Some Enchanted Evening" reprise in the second act. The Barnes and Noble version even had additional "Bali Ha'i" reprises. This is just downright lazy.
  • Preview the new KING & I cast recording  May 24 2015, 11:41:24 AM
    There's plenty of room on the disc. I'll never understand it.
  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 24 2015, 12:44:41 AM
    That clip of the Overture sounds different too. There are a few bars of music in that 30 second clip that don't get played in the theatre. At least not at the first preview which is my only reference at the moment.
  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 24 2015, 12:30:14 AM
    "No Hello Young Lovers reprise is honestly unforgivable....


    I would have welcomed that or the act one finale over "March of the Siamese Children." But if it's really only 61 minutes there would have been plenty of room for both. I don't get it. It's disappointing.

  • THE KING & I Reviews  May 24 2015, 12:17:24 AM
    Music samples are up on Amazon. No bonus tracks and the recording is only 61 minutes. What a shame.
  • THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Will Record a Cast Album!  May 21 2015, 03:19:16 PM

    James Snyder vlogged about recording a reference recording. It's not like it hasn't happened.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 21 2015, 01:30:04 PM

    If they're doing it I hope they do it right. I'll be bummed if they leave out the Prologue and just open the album with "Two Worlds." Hopefully two days in the studio will allow them to record as much as they can.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 21 2015, 12:14:29 PM

    I want it to be true but if it's fact why hasn't there been a press release?

  • THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Will Record a Cast Album!  May 20 2015, 11:25:04 PM

    I imagine they'll take their time releasing this since there's no rush to get it to the merch booth at the theatre. That's if they even release it. MTI has lots of reference recordings that are not commercially available. 

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 20 2015, 10:59:11 PM

    Scandalous closed in early December and recorded about two months later in February. That's about as long as anyone should be holding on to hope.

  • Eliza Doolittle Day 2015  May 20 2015, 10:58:45 AM

    Happy Eliza Doolittle day everyone! I hope you eat lots of chocolates and take rides in taxis on this special day.

  • Love Never Dies heading to North America!  May 20 2015, 09:30:57 AM

    There's a website. How is that not official?

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 19 2015, 06:45:51 PM

    Demos are usually recorded in a studio. The La Jolla audience bootleg is not a demo that's why the audio quality isn't that great.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 19 2015, 06:29:08 PM

    Since when is there a 2 CD demo? If you mean the La Jolla bootleg that's hardly a demo.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 18 2015, 09:40:23 PM

    I mentioned Follies.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 18 2015, 08:00:22 PM

    I agree but I also feel like their silence is enough of an announcement for me.

  • Steffanie Leigh  May 18 2015, 04:25:51 PM

    I don't remember the exact details. It may have been that movie or one that she did under a different name that isn't listed on her IMDb page. The thread was deleted and she's a girl so I wasn't super interested. embarassed

  • Steffanie Leigh  May 18 2015, 04:12:32 PM

    She did some soft core adult work on one of the cable channels. HBO? Cinemax? I can't remember. It was a bit of a scandal at the time since she was playing Mary Poppins.

  • THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Will Record a Cast Album!  May 18 2015, 01:31:02 AM

    I bet the cover artwork will be something new that matches the logo they'll use for the MTI logo pack.