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  • Carousel Stratford Festival cast album  Jul 6 2015, 09:09:28 PM
    It sounds great. I'm glad they made it available for digital download so quickly. Shipping from Canada would have cost me almost as much as the CD. They really didn't leave too much music off the recording this time around either like they did with "Crazy For You" which bizarrely ended with "Nice Work if You Can Get it" and didn't include the finale. This includes just about all of the songs in the show as well as the prologue and ballet music. Jonathan Winsby sounds wonderful and the recording
  • 1776  Jul 4 2015, 07:40:30 PM

    The songs are often a little hokey and the book isn't entirely historically accurate but it's often amusing and riveting which is an accomplishment given the fact that we all know how it ends. The movie is also very faithful to the Broadway version. Maybe one of the most faithful movie musicals since they made so few changes. It's the perfect movie to watch on Independence Day.

  • David Shiner/Seussical?  Jul 4 2015, 01:02:10 PM

    I loved the tour with Rigby. I don't have too many issues with the version of the show they ended up with. "Alone in the Universe" is still a highlight.

    It seems like Shiner was hired because the role was originally conceived a bit differently and as the show evolved, in hindsight, the creative team should have probably recast the part for Broadway. It's not so much that he was bad it's just that the role no longer suited his strengths as a performer.

  • NEW TEEN PRODUCTION COMPANY  Jul 3 2015, 04:26:14 PM

    I applaud your effort but I think a lot of people would have some reservations investing money into a project like this. Are you planning on directing the show? What qualifications do you have? Who is your creative team? Are they teenagers too? Does this budget include some kind of cushion should you run into any unexpected expenses? What's your advertising budget? How are you going to get the word out about your production? Is anyone getting paid? Do you have a non profit license? How d

  • The Bodyguard to receive a cast recording  Jul 3 2015, 03:46:47 PM

    It's dumb that they didn't record it with Heather Headley but whatever.

  • Pinnochio is the next Disney musical!  Jul 2 2015, 07:44:12 PM

    I assume Bob Crowley will be designing and not choreographing? He's not a choreographer. 

  • Carousel Stratford Festival cast album  Jul 1 2015, 02:48:42 PM

    The Stratford Festival cast recording of Carousel seems to be available to purchase on their website now. They want almost $15 to ship it to me in the US so I think I'll wait for a digital release. Their Crazy For You cast album was released digitally so I'm assuming this one will be too.

    Track List:

    1. Prologue - Carousel Waltz (Orchestra)
    2. Mister Snow (Julie and Carrie)
    3. If I Loved You (Billy and Julie)
    4. June is Bustin' Out All Over (Nettie,

  • THE VISIT cast recording out digitally today  Jun 30 2015, 10:01:02 PM
    Is this just one of those cast albums where you had to have seen the show to get it? I love Chita but I'm lost. Maybe this is one that will grow on me after repeated listenings.
  • If FOLLIES could sell a souvenir pillow why can't 20th CENTURY?  Jun 30 2015, 02:19:24 PM
    What a great idea! That was a total missed opportunity. I would have bought one.
  • Cry Baby Cast Recording?  Jun 29 2015, 04:02:16 PM
    Might the album be out by mid September? It seems silly to do the 54 Below show and not have the actual CD available to purchase at the concert.
  • Cry Baby Cast Recording?  Jun 28 2015, 03:41:27 PM

    Cool. I wouldn't mind a cast album. 

  • Tony Yazbeck  Jun 27 2015, 05:07:23 PM

    I adore Tony and I'm bummed to hear that the announced tour with him isn't actually definite but hopefully everything works out.

  • Clueless Coming To Broadway?  Jun 26 2015, 09:49:29 PM

    I wonder if they'll incorporate the theme song from the Clueless TV show. laughing

  • Favorite Bway Cast Albums of the 2014/15 Season  Jun 26 2015, 06:13:08 PM
    On the Town is hands down the best cast album of the season for me. The obvious love and care that went into preserving this production is very much appreciated. The recording is flawless and the packaging is georgeous. PSClassics outdid themselves and showed everyone how to make a proper Broadway cast album.
  • MISS SAIGON headed back to Broadway?  Jun 26 2015, 01:21:13 PM

    I thought there was a union rule that didn't allow scenery being transferred to Broadway if it wasn't built by the local union builders.

    Have there not been instances in the past where transferred productions had to rebuild their sets for Broadway to meet union requirements? Isn't this why most shows trying out of town with intentions of transferring still have their scenery built in New York? Did I make that up?

  • Clueless Coming To Broadway?  Jun 25 2015, 05:50:58 PM

    I'd rather see the actual Emma musical on Broadway over Clueless.

  • Shows You Are Looking Forward To  Jun 24 2015, 08:39:12 PM

    Amazing Grace and American Psycho. 

  • Has your opinion of Kristin Chenoweth changed after this season?  Jun 24 2015, 11:14:52 AM

    My opinion has certainly changed. Now I think the only roles she's suitable for are characters who's faces don't move.

  • Lyric Opera of Chicago's  Jun 20 2015, 11:34:17 PM

    Their Crazy For You recording seemed more like a highlights album since they left out the finale. Hopefully their Carousel doesn't disappoint.

  • The Producers love affair with Gershwin  Jun 20 2015, 11:21:20 PM

    I don't have a problem with Gershwin jukebox musicals but I do wish they'd dig deeper and find some lesser known gems. Some of the best songs in Nice Work if You Can Get It and An American in Paris were already used in Crazy For You/Girl Crazy. It pulls me out of the story a little bit but I did appreciate the new orchestrations in An American in Paris which made "But Not For Me" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" seem new in spite of my familiarity with them from Crazy For You.