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  • The Fantasticks Staying Open  Apr 25 2015, 03:16:08 PM

    I adore this show. I hate the thought of it not playing in New York. I'm glad it's staying open for now. Hopefully they can maybe roll out a new marketing plan and get some butts in seats.

  • FREE James and the Giant Peach Cast Album Download!  Apr 24 2015, 02:21:39 PM

    I highly recommend Dogfight if you'd like to familiarize yourself a bit more with Pasek and Paul. I think it's their best score.

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 24 2015, 12:43:11 PM

    You just did.

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 23 2015, 02:29:07 PM

    Still no official announcement for a cast album? cry

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 22 2015, 01:16:26 AM
    I was merely noting the fact that Isherwood's review seemed contradictory to me and sighted examples from his review to support my observation. I'm sorry my comment was such a waste of your time. It didn't seem to bother anyone else so venomously.
  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 11:52:48 PM

    That's the first I've heard of it. I hope it's true.

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 11:15:33 PM

    The New York Times review isn't as bad as I thought it would be. He flat out says that if you like Les Miz and Miss Saigon you might like Doctor Zhivago but that it's not as good as either. He calls the score "melodic and skillful" but then says the songs are "indistinguishable." He compliments Mr. Weller with a "reasonable" job keeping the book "comprehensible" but calls out some of the less admirable romantic dialogue. He says Ms. Barrett "looks lovely and sings beautifully" but radiates bl

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 08:17:18 PM

    They could pull some positive comments from the Talkin' Broadway review with creative editing.

    "...explodes with a cautious passion and sensual triumph..."

    "...a genuine jolt to the heart..."


  • Mamma Mia!  Apr 21 2015, 07:44:31 PM

    It's not the first time this has happened. I say give them a call and see what happens. It's possible that they may have extended to free up seats for invited guests for the final performance and that there won't be many tickets available to the public.

  • Mamma Mia!  Apr 21 2015, 06:06:17 PM

    Maybe they'll just keep extending it week by week. I'd be okay with that.

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 02:04:07 PM

    I also sense the lack of buzz. Their advertising and social media presence has been fairly minimal. Whoever runs their Twitter page keeps telling those who ask to stay tuned for any updates about a cast album but that's probably just the standard line. 

  • FREE James and the Giant Peach Cast Album Download!  Apr 21 2015, 02:00:52 PM

    I love Jackie Hoffman and Mary Testa together again as the crazy aunts. Their songs are great. Makes me miss Xanadu.

  • FREE James and the Giant Peach Cast Album Download!  Apr 21 2015, 12:53:45 PM

    I'm also confused. They could have put this on iTunes. I would have paid for it. It's fantastic. But with this cast and a free download I imagine this will really help get the score out there and lead to more licensed productions.

  • Finding Neverland Concept Album update  Apr 21 2015, 11:55:10 AM
    So Weinstein is waiting to release the concept album closer to the Tony Awards? Interesting. If he plans on paying for a performance regardless of a best musical nomination it might be better to have the album already up on itunes the night of the broadcast.
  • FREE James and the Giant Peach Cast Album Download!  Apr 21 2015, 11:04:50 AM
    From MTI:

    Tony-nominated songwriters Justin Paul and Benj Pasek and playwright Timothy Allen McDonald are releasing the highly-anticipated ultimate cast recording of the new musical Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach as a permanently-free download* at

    The album features performances by stars from the stage and screen: Megan Hilty as Ladybug (“Smash,” Wicked) ; Christian Borle as Grasshopper (“Peter Pan Live!,” Peter and the Starcatcher); Brian d’Arcy James as
  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Reviews  Apr 21 2015, 01:00:21 AM

    I adore the score for this. It's been a long time coming and I'm glad the show finally made it to Broadway. I'm hoping the critics will be kind and find some things to like but I'm not holding my breath.


  • THE VISIT Recording Cast Album Next Week  Apr 20 2015, 04:13:26 PM

    I don't think so. Personally I think it would have been better if they had recorded before opening. They may have difficulty finding a label after the reviews come out. The same thing happened with Des and Dracula. No one wanted to touch it.

  • THE VISIT Recording Cast Album Next Week  Apr 20 2015, 03:40:53 PM

    Yay! I hope it's PSClassics and not Jay.

    Still crossing my fingers for a Zhivago cast album too.

  • Team Madonna vs. Team Lin-Manuel  Apr 20 2015, 01:19:01 PM

    A LuPone Madonna showdown would have been epic actually. laughing

  • DOCTOR ZHIVAGO Previews  Apr 20 2015, 09:27:20 AM

    It was probably easier than working in "cow."