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  • West End's Miss Saigon to be released on DVD?  Oct 23 2016, 10:05:37 PM

    When they released the musical of From Here to Eternity only on region 2 DVD I bought it from and used DVDShrink to convert it to a disc that would be playable on my region 1 DVD player. It's free and it worked like a charm.

  • New Cast Recordings  Oct 23 2016, 08:17:41 PM

    I hope we get recordings of all three. Great Comet has already been mentioned by the producers during the Ars Nova debacle. 

  • Oy  Oct 23 2016, 12:31:56 PM

    I thought the documentary was fantastic and that's coming from someone definitely fatigued by Hamilton mania. I appreciated the historical anecdotes from Ron Chernow and the female historian, who's name escapes me, quite a bit more than the footage from the show.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 21 2016, 07:46:18 PM

    They did but it looks like it will be included with the DVD.

  • Tommy the Musical - any talks of a revival?  Oct 21 2016, 06:36:41 PM

    I'd love a revival with Reeve Carney. I'd buy tickets to that.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 21 2016, 12:44:19 AM

    I didn't hate it but it felt completely unnecessary. Couldn't they have just shown the actual movie? This version couldn't decide if it wanted to be a tribute to the movie or a reimagination. It tried to be both and failed. I thought the cast was mostly fine though. Had this cast performed live on stage on Broadway or elsewhere it might have been enjoyable but on film it was joyless.

  • Tommy the Musical - any talks of a revival?  Oct 20 2016, 06:28:25 PM

    Here are some videos of Tommy from the Tony Awards and also highlights from the Stratford Festival revival.

  • Tommy the Musical - any talks of a revival?  Oct 20 2016, 02:38:52 PM

    Des McAnuff recently restaged his production at the Stratford Festival and I think there was some talk that it might transfer to New York but I think that was just wishful thinking.

  • Donna Murphy is DOLLY alternate  Oct 20 2016, 12:31:38 PM

    Do you think Bette would allow some bonus tracks with Donna on her cast album or maybe a separate EP for sale at Donna's performances?

  • Miss Saigon helicopter question  Oct 19 2016, 03:39:51 PM

    They used both.

  • Miss Saigon helicopter question  Oct 19 2016, 03:19:23 PM

    It may be simple by today's standards, but it's so much more effective in my opinion than the projection or 25th anniversary version.

  • WAR PAINT on Broadway  Oct 14 2016, 03:00:31 AM

    I'm just not sure it has the commercial appeal but I'd love to be proven wrong. I love Patti. Whatever happens it will be an epic cast album.

  • WAR PAINT on Broadway  Oct 14 2016, 02:05:39 AM
    It may have been wiser to do this at Lincoln Center as a limited run, but bravo to the producers for taking a chance.
  • Top Hat Coming to Broadway?  Oct 12 2016, 09:36:28 PM

    I didn't see it in London but the score does seem a little uneven on the cast album. Maybe it could use a revision. The first six or seven songs are all sung by the male lead. Let the girl sing something!

  • Clue movie being turned into a stage production  Oct 11 2016, 11:40:39 AM

    I'd rather see a Clue musical. Not the one that exists. Maybe with a score from David Yazbeck.

  • Aladdin - Live Action Remake  Oct 10 2016, 09:44:07 PM

    Another live action Peter Pan? I liked the Jeremy Sumpter one. I realize that wasn't Disney and neither was Pan as far as I know but you'd think they'd be cautious with that title given that Pan didn't perform so well at the box office. I don't believe the other one did either, did it?

  • Bronx Tale Windows PC Commercial  Oct 9 2016, 09:33:56 PM

    I'm sure there have been more designs that are similar. I know the original London production of Martin Guerre had three moving tower platforms similar to the ones in Newsies and what it seems A Bronx Tale is utilizing.

  • Bronx Tale Windows PC Commercial  Oct 9 2016, 08:00:30 PM

    My first thought was Newsies.

  • Questions for Southern California/San Diego posters  Oct 9 2016, 01:48:24 PM

    The Sound of Music tour will be in town November 15th - 20th. There won't be any tours in town in October because San Diego Opera has the theatre for their production of Cinderella. October Sky will still be playing at the Old Globe through October 23rd and then their annual production of The Grinch opens on November 5th. Miss You Like Hell with Daphne Rubin-Vega will be at the La Jolla Playhouse October 25th - December 4th, though I don't know much about that musical yet. The Old Glo

  • Finding neverland tour  Oct 8 2016, 08:05:48 PM

    I hate when new songs get written and then never recorded. Hopefully this means we'll get a London cast album. Is that even still happening?


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