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  • Date with Ben Brantley or Michael Riedel  Oct 7 2015, 09:57:17 PM
    Maybe they should just date each other...
  • Hot Patootey! UK Rocky Horror Revival to Air on BBC America October 18  Oct 7 2015, 07:51:54 PM
    I don't get BBC America. I hope there's a DVD!
  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Oct 6 2015, 09:31:33 PM



    I like the subtle homage to the original artwork with the girl and the flowing dress as a kind of nod to the girl with the flowing hair but the rest of it is too busy.

  • Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release a Cast Album?  Oct 6 2015, 01:56:16 PM

    I didn't say that. I'll ask again, what is gained?

  • Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release a Cast Album?  Oct 6 2015, 01:18:59 PM

    I'm not arguing the inclusion of the Doctor Zhivago cast album on the list. What I don't understand is what this man gains from continuing to lambaste a show that is no longer running. To me his criticism comes off more like a hunter aiming his rifle at a carcass.


  • Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release a Cast Album?  Oct 6 2015, 12:57:51 PM
  • Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release a Cast Album?  Oct 6 2015, 12:19:56 PM

    I guess I just see this a bit differently than the author of this article. The fact that nearly every musical from last season was recorded is something to celebrate. In spite of reviews and profits every show will have its group of fans, no matter how small, that will cherish some of these cast albums. This author is acting as if they've been somehow personally slighted by the mere existence of a Doctor Zhivago cast album. If they didn't like the show then don't buy the cast

  • Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release a Cast Album?  Oct 6 2015, 11:52:43 AM

    The title question is answered in the article. Not a lot of new information here.


    "A show that might ordinarily raise $10 million for its Broadway capitalization might now, without much more effort, raise $10.4 million, that extra fraction letting the producers pay for (and thus own) the OCR outright."


    "The upside for the producers (and for the artists as well) is that they have a permanent record of work they may love, or at any rate hope

  • amazing grace cast cd  Oct 5 2015, 11:47:48 PM

    I'm not convinced that it will actually tour but if they plan on releasing the rights to regionals they'll need a reference recording. Cry-Baby finally has one. It's a strange world we're living in.


    Cupid Boy2 said: "In Motown, race is a pivotal component of the show. We're talking about a real person in that instance."


    I wonder what George Washington and Aaron Burr would have to say about this.



  • If/Then Tour Changes  Oct 4 2015, 11:32:45 PM

    Agreed. I won't miss the mirror.

  • Sense and Sensibility cast album stream  Oct 4 2015, 09:49:20 PM

    The cast album of Paul Gordon's Sense and Sensibility is available to stream on the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre soundcloud page if anyone is interested. Megan McGinnis and Sharon Rietkerk star.


  • WAS BBAJ a really bad musical?  Oct 4 2015, 01:15:05 AM

    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson had essentially the same concept as Hamilton. American political biography with a modern score. It just didn't maintain its momentum and hype after it transferred. 

  • Sound Of Music National Tour  Oct 3 2015, 11:25:06 AM
    Supposedly it's the original orchestrations but it sounds like there are some new arrangements. The ending to Do-Re-Mi, for example, is completely different than I've ever heard it before. I think the Entr'acte is a new arrangement, "Something Good" has new lyrics and they added a reprise of "Something Good" to the wedding song. Those are the big changes that I noticed.

  • Sound Of Music National Tour  Oct 2 2015, 02:07:35 PM

    bk, how do they work the "Something Good" reprise into the wedding scene? That seems like a neat idea. I'm curious to know how they integrate it.

  • THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Will Record a Cast Album!  Oct 1 2015, 10:14:50 PM

    They should really try and start shipping before Christmas though.

  • question about grouping songs from a cast recording together on iPhone  Oct 1 2015, 08:49:32 PM

    Unless you're like me and have to create a playlist for over 300 albums. No thanks.

  • Sound Of Music National Tour  Oct 1 2015, 07:56:45 PM

    Am I the only one who kind of hopes Ted Chapin puts up the money for a cast album? How it's staged won't matter on a cast album. I haven't heard Kerstin Anderson sing yet but Ben Davis and Ashley Brown?!? Come on...

  • question about grouping songs from a cast recording together on iPhone  Oct 1 2015, 07:40:49 PM

    I do that too! Recently I've been thinking about going back and putting in the name of the vocalists but I have so many albums it would take a very long time. Plus what would I put for demos and stuff that I don't have names of the singers for? I keep going back and forth. I don't know what to do.

  • question about grouping songs from a cast recording together on iPhone  Oct 1 2015, 07:27:45 PM

    iTunes can be very fussy sometimes. It's hard to know exactly what the problem is without more information. Provided each song has the same album title the songs should group together automatically. They'll also group together if you mark each song as part of a compilation though when I do that the album appears on my iPhone only under the compilation section and doesn't display in the list of albums which wasn't a problem prior to the release of the updated music ap