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  • American Psycho OBCR released 3/25  Feb 10 2016, 05:51:20 PM
    The track list is available. It looks like they didn't include the "Hip to Be Square" act one finale which is unfortunate.

    Track Listing:
    1. Opening (Morning Routine)
    2. Cards
    3. You Are What You Wear
    4. Oh Sri Lanka
    5. True Faith
    6. Killing Time
    7. In The Air Tonight
    8. Hardbody / Hardbody Luis
    9. If We Get Married
    10. Not A Common Man
    11. Mistletoe Alert
    12. Clean
    13. Killing Spree
    14. Nice Thought
    15. At The End
  • American Psycho OBCR released 3/25  Feb 10 2016, 11:28:07 AM

    Maybe they'll record the Broadway cast album and wait two years to release it to coincide with the opening of a different production.

  • American Psycho OBCR released 3/25  Feb 10 2016, 11:21:17 AM

    The Broadway artwork is a major improvement over the original London artwork but I guess it's a good sign that they're not using the Broadway artwork for the London cast album. Let's be real though. If the Broadway production under performs and closes early we're not getting two cast albums. I'm still confused as to why they recorded the London cast and waited until now to release it if they're also recording the Broadway cast. It's similar to Finding Neverlan

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Feb 9 2016, 08:22:14 PM

    Personally I wouldn't mind if they leave out those trolls all together and cut "Fixer Upper." There's also a few songs written for the film that they might be able to work back in and a lovely song called "You're You" which could easily be reworked as a duet for Anna and Kristoff.

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Feb 9 2016, 06:24:11 PM

    I love Bob Crowley's stuff. I'm excited to see his designs. I hope he has something very imaginative dreamed up for Olaf and for the ice palace reveal.

  • Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond?  Feb 8 2016, 06:36:37 PM
    At least she's got the crazy part down.
  • And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???  Feb 8 2016, 05:20:22 PM

    I don't like the tone of the article and it seems like the Hollywood Bowl isn't ready to announce yet. Wouldn't it have been better to wait for the official press release?

  • Cats allegedly headed for big screen  Feb 8 2016, 04:19:06 PM

    T.S. Eliot actually turned down Disney because he didn't want his cats turned into animated cartoon cats. I would hope no one would ever be that disrespectful and adapt the musical as an animated movie. He never wanted that.

  • American Psycho OBCR released 3/25  Feb 8 2016, 12:27:10 PM
    I loved Matt Smith in the role but this is kind of disappointing if it means there won't be a Broadway cast album.
  • Lee Remick in televised Damn Yankees  Feb 6 2016, 11:59:30 AM

    This looks similar to the bizarre Superman television musical in '75. 

  • Encores! A New Brain to get recording!  Feb 6 2016, 03:25:43 AM

    I'm not a huge fan of William Finn and I've only listened to the original album once quite a while ago but I'm really enjoying this new recording with Groff. I love pretty much everything PS Classics does. Their passion for the shows they choose to preserve is evident in just about every album they release and it's hard not to revel in it.

  • products that MUST be invented for the theatre  Feb 5 2016, 07:57:19 PM

    I want real wireless microphones that don't have to be connected to a mic pack with a cord that snakes down the body or hides under a wig.

  • Follies at the Roxy  Feb 5 2016, 06:08:21 PM

    I don't understand what I just watched. 

  • Any word on the new Fiddler being recorded?  Feb 5 2016, 04:36:19 PM
    Hamilton on vinyl makes sense. Those will sell. Using Fiddler as an example, I don't understand what the record label is gaining by releasing another revival recording of Fiddler on the Roof for an already niche market of people who buy cast albums, and then producing an alternate form of the same product for an even smaller subsection of that niche market. What's the incentive?
  • Any word on the new Fiddler being recorded?  Feb 5 2016, 04:17:01 PM

    I don't really understand it. I understand why some people prefer vinyl to CD or mp3s but I don't understand what the record labels are getting out of it. They're likely spending more money to produce the LP cast albums than they spend to manufacture a CD and most cast albums never actually turn a profit or take years and years to do so. Why are they spending more money than they need to? What am I missing?

  • American Psycho OBCR released 3/25  Feb 5 2016, 01:24:16 PM

    Could it just be a mistake on Amazon's part? It doesn't make any sense and as far as I know the London cast never recorded an album.


  • Steve Pasquale in Robber Bridegroom!  Feb 5 2016, 01:13:42 PM

    I so hope they record this. If it's possible for a show to cry out for an updated cast album it's this one. The existing recording is charming but very difficult to listen to. I can't speak for the quality of the actual CD release but the iTunes version sounds like someone just ripped an old LP to mp3. It doesn't sound like a proper remaster.

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 4 2016, 09:58:10 PM

    Yes. Blu-Ray would be nice for Grease.

  • Any word on the new Fiddler being recorded?  Feb 2 2016, 11:53:06 AM
    I'm excited and glad that this is being recorded but March 18th is a little optimistic for Broadway Records and their notorious delays. Should I mark my calendar for April instead?
  • Fox's next live musical  Feb 1 2016, 02:38:23 PM

    I'd like to see a musical that doesn't already have a hugely successful film adaptation or at least one in which they will stick to the stage script and not just do a live tribute to the movie like Grease was. I know they want title recognition and so shows that already have movie adaptations are the most likely candidates  but perhaps they could choose something like Footloose or The Full Monty which have movie versions but don't have filmed versions of their musical adaptat