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  • Phantom US tour-Opinions?  Aug 28 2015, 06:28:26 PM

    I know it's being advertised in my city as having new special effects, scenery and lighting design and direction and choreography but it only says that on the website and in the paragraph description of the show in the season brochure. It doesn't say it that specifically on the poster or television commercial aside from saying that it's Cameron Mackintosh's "spectacular new production" which can be slightly misleading if people just assume it's a new tour of

  • Phantom US tour-Opinions?  Aug 28 2015, 05:39:59 PM

    I'm surprised more general audience members aren't expressing their distaste for the production. Is it just us, the fans, who notice the differences? Do the majority of audiences and subscriber houses just not care or are they not familiar enough with the original to spot the major differences?

  • Flying monkey sues Wicked over fall  Aug 28 2015, 05:21:50 PM

    Do they even know for sure that the cable broke or was it just not connected properly like the Spider-Man incident? How would those cables even break? Aren't they designed to hold more than enough weight? I've always assumed they would be regularly inspected and replaced after any signs of wear. 

  • Pippin Tour?  Aug 28 2015, 01:10:46 PM

    That's what I thought! Now, how did they do that levitation trick with Charlemagne? :)

  • Pippin Tour?  Aug 28 2015, 12:18:04 PM

    I think this cast is pretty solid. I loved seeing Erik Altemus, Priscilla Lopez and John Rubinstein. I found a bit of added authenticity having two cast members from the original run at the Imperial in the show. Brian Flores is a fine Pippin. His voice is lovely, acting is solid and the dancing was adorable. And then when he let lose in "On the Right Track" we got to see how he really moves. Gabrielle McClinton isn't as sinister as I would have preferred but I ack

  • Rent 2015  Aug 25 2015, 04:54:59 PM

    Never mind. It says on the website that Michael Greif is directing the tour. Now the only question is whether it will be his original staging or his more recent Off-Broadway one.


  • Rent 2015  Aug 25 2015, 03:24:36 PM
    Is the 20th anniversary national tour going to be a new production or staged by the original creative team? Now I'm confused.
  • Re: Masquerade  Aug 23 2015, 12:54:08 PM

    Christine's outfit looks like they just recycled Belle's ball gown from last seasons production of Beauty and the Beast, but the scenery certainly looks extravagant for that one scene. I'd be curious to see the design for the rest of the production and find out where they hide that staircase for the rest of the show!

  • Aladdin.. no tour yet?  Aug 21 2015, 06:36:23 PM

    Didn't the first national tour of Wicked have a trap for Elphaba after the melting scene but the second national didn't? Maybe they'll do something like that for Aladdin. As was suggested above, it would probably still look pretty cool if the genie spiraled out of a small rock or some part of the cave that slides on from the wings. If they design it so it appears too small to hide the actor it could still be a neat effect.

  • Aladdin.. no tour yet?  Aug 21 2015, 05:29:23 PM

    Does Disney pay for the seats to be removed or do they require the theatres to cover that cost themselves as part of their agreement to play that city?

  • Aladdin.. no tour yet?  Aug 21 2015, 01:10:24 AM

    I don't see them spending the money to install a trap in every theatre. They don't do it for Pride Rock in the Lion King tour.

  • Cirque du Soleil: Paramour coming to Broadway's Lyric Theatre  Aug 19 2015, 12:49:40 AM

    Broadway musicals tend to struggle to fill that house anyway. Might as well just make it a special event venue.

  • Amazing Grace on Fallon  Aug 18 2015, 11:44:41 PM

    I liked the performance on Fallon. The arrangement seemed different. I sort of wish they would perform that version in the show. Maybe switch it out with the one they do for the curtain call.

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  Aug 18 2015, 01:43:32 PM

    I'm anxious to know what you think of the score, Eurotrash.

  • Your Broadway Crushes  Aug 18 2015, 01:25:51 AM

    This guy. Always.


  • Finding Neverland cast recording  Aug 15 2015, 09:01:33 PM

    Weinstein is probably counting on a lot of people making that mistake. More money.

  • Bend it Like Beckham Cast Recording  Aug 15 2015, 01:13:00 PM

    Just finished listening and I can't say there was anything in the score that really jumped out at me but that may change with repeated listenings. It sounds like they were going for a mash up between Bring it On and Bombay Dreams and they definitely achieved that. I don't mean that in a bad way. I like both of those scores. For me, at least on record, I felt like the parents had too many ballads and I would have liked some more upbeat stuff especially in the second act. It was re

  • Lucky Stiff movie  Aug 15 2015, 11:31:51 AM

    I enjoyed this. I noticed that the film cut about 4 or 5 songs but aside from that and the obvious lip syncing to prerecorded tracks, which was somewhat distracting, I thought the film was funny and well worth 75 minutes of your time to sit back and laugh a little. Dominic Marsh and Niki M. James are very charming and Pamela Shaw steals the show with her craziness. 

  • The One Cast Album Never Recorded You Want  Aug 14 2015, 09:08:34 PM

    I definitely would have loved a Broadway cast recording of Dracula even if I'm the only one who would have bought it. I like Doug Besterman's orchestrations better than the licensed orchestrations, though there isn't an English language recording of the licensed orchestrations either.

    I echo the previous comments regarding a Scarlet Pimpernel recording with the licensed orchestrations and song stack. They made so many changes that you can't really use any of the existing

  • Greatest Cast Recording(s) Ever?  Aug 14 2015, 04:52:26 PM

    The OBC of Camelot is pretty fantastic. The finale track is a little weird compared to the way it's actually performed in the show but the cast is fantastic, the score is lovely and the recording holds up all these years later. It might not be my personal favorite show and score of all time but it was the first cast album that came to mind as an exemplary representation of the genre.