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  • NETworks BatB  May 1 2016, 07:08:47 PM

    It's a mixed bag. I can't speak for the current cast and I disliked the cuts and some of the new costumes and scenery but I did enjoy how bright, colorful and silly it all was. I thought "Be Our Guest" was well done. I imagine it plays better to children and people who did not see the original staging. I missed the pyrotechnic effects most of all, but the heart of the show for me is the music and even the reduced orchestrations couldn't keep me from enjoying th

  • Miss Saigon Supporting Cast?  May 1 2016, 03:12:45 PM

    Supergirl has been renewed for a second season. Jeremy Jordan won't be playing Chris.

  • Bright Star Cast Recording  Apr 30 2016, 09:57:36 AM

    Does the digital booklet have a synopsis?

  • ON YOUR FEET Cast Recording  Apr 29 2016, 10:29:38 PM

    ebontoyan, the digital album is already up on Amazon. They're just hard to find sometimes.

  • awards  Apr 29 2016, 06:38:39 PM

    They should change the name of the favorite song category to favorite song from Hamilton. 


    And nothing for American Psycho? Wow.

  • GREY GARDENS off-broadway vs obc cast album?  Apr 29 2016, 01:52:33 PM

    I also listen to the Broadway album more often. Most of the tracks are the same but similar to the Fun Home Broadway cast album they did make a few changes and the updated recording reflects that.

  • ON YOUR FEET Cast Recording  Apr 29 2016, 01:44:13 PM

    I like when cast albums include lots of dialogue and with this being recorded live I bet it would have probably been difficult to cut some of that dialogue out without it being an obvious edit. I'm enjoying the novelty of a live Broadway cast recording but I will agree that the sound quality is lacking in places. The recent Miss Saigon revival cast album is an example of how to make a live recording sound near studio quality. However they did that everyone should be striving for

  • Tony Awards Make Final Rulings of the Season on SHUFFLE ALONG & More!  Apr 29 2016, 01:25:47 PM

    If Crazy For You and Nice Work if You Can Get it were considered new musicals, new books with ineligible scores, Shuffle Along should be considered a new musical as well. I think they made the right decision.

  • What Disney Movie is Next in Line for Broadway?  Apr 28 2016, 01:18:55 PM

    I'd still like to see them do something with Pocahontas. Even if it's just for regionals and licensing. Something that tells her story more accurately maybe aimed at adult and teen audience that uses a mostly new score with "Colors of the Wind" and "Just Around the Riverbend" incorporated somehow.

  • Recommendations for Cast Albums to workout to  Apr 27 2016, 08:43:02 PM

    It's never too late to start Roxy!

  • Recommendations for Cast Albums to workout to  Apr 27 2016, 02:29:13 PM

    I hate that I'm admitting this but "Pumping Iron" from Starlight Express is a frequent choice if not an obvious one.

  • TUCK EVERLASTING Reviews  Apr 26 2016, 10:37:04 PM

    Okay, I'm a little disappointed that American Psycho was mostly panned by the New York Times and Tuck Everlasting is a critic's pick, but I'm thrilled for the cast and team and am now anxiously awaiting that cast album.

  • New Color Purple Playbill  Apr 25 2016, 10:30:04 AM

    Didn't this go up a while ago? 

  • She Loves Me Recording?  Apr 25 2016, 10:03:57 AM

    I'm so happy I'm not even going to bitch that they made it official on Instagram of all places.

  • Could American Psycho sweep the Tony's that Hamilton doesn't take  Apr 25 2016, 10:02:42 AM

    I think it will be another year like The Producers where Hamilton will simply win in every category it's nominated for. American Psycho may very well deserve best lighting, scenery or costumes but it won't get them.

  • Can Lin Miranda write in other musical styles?  Apr 25 2016, 01:17:15 AM

    I think "You'll Be Back" is basically Hamilton's "King Herod's Song." It's a more traditional sounding song perhaps designed as an intentional comedic departure from the rest of the score. I'd be curious to know what a non rap Lin-Manuel Miranda musical would sound like. Something where all the songs sound more like "You'll Be Back." I don't know that it would be any good or if people would be lining up to see it but I&#

  • Evita vs Hamilton  Apr 24 2016, 02:12:57 PM

    I agree but I fail to see the point in comparing the two. If we are going to compare, honestly, I fee like Hamilton is most like Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson in concept and I think Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson did it better but I still enjoy Hamilton.

  • What book/movie would make a great musical?  Apr 24 2016, 10:33:29 AM

    Is a Gone With the Wind musical being workshopped? I haven't read anything about that. Who's composing it?

  • The HAMILTOME  Apr 23 2016, 08:33:24 PM

    Is anyone else having issues with the rough page edges shedding? I'm finding myself having to clean up after this book.

  • If they had another week  Apr 23 2016, 06:59:08 PM

    None. Generally the changes that need to be made during previews don't get made anymore. Another week wouldn't make a difference if nothing is done.