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  • Best Broadway Ad Campaigns/Designs of All Time  Aug 30 2016, 01:23:46 PM

    Whether or not these are the best logos of all time can certainly be debated, but I have to give it up to Cameron Mackintosh and Dewynters who gave us the designs for Cats, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon. Maybe even their 90s Oliver logo as well. All of the designs became relatively synonymous with the title of the show to the point where the ad didn't need to feature the title of the show at all to be effective. If you saw the yellow eyes with the danc

  • Holiday Inn Press Preview  Aug 29 2016, 03:38:47 PM

    I think "White Christmas" is in the movie version but I don't think it's used in this stage adaptation. At least, I don't think it was used in the pre-Broadway productions.

  • Glenn Casale's The Hunchback of Notre Dame  Aug 29 2016, 03:29:28 PM

    Are there any preview videos or photos from Tuacahn yet? I haven't seen any.

  • Charlie to the Lunt-Fontanne  Aug 22 2016, 08:14:06 PM

    I'll be fine if they reduce the introduction of the kids to a single song/montage rather than giving them all individual songs like they have on the cast album. I'll also echo the sentiment above about not wanting to sit through endless reprises of the Oompa-Loompa song from the movie. I won't mind if they incorporate more songs from the movie but honestly I'd be fine never hearing the Oompa-Loompa song ever again. I like "Pure Imagination" for the glass elevato

  • Smokey Joe's Cafe Revival Coming  Aug 22 2016, 03:21:18 PM

    Why do they need a developmental lab for a show that's already been successfully staged? What's the purpose? Are they making a lot of changes?

  • Rebecca back on?  Aug 19 2016, 02:02:12 PM

    Are you saying audiences can't accept a period piece with an anachronistic score because that little show playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre proves otherwise. The audiences don't seem to mind that.

  • Rebecca back on?  Aug 19 2016, 09:59:28 AM

    Just use the money to record the score in English and save us all the heartache of a three month run.

  • Any word on Robber Bridegroom Recording?  Aug 19 2016, 09:54:41 AM

    It sounds great.

  • Todrick Hall joining KINKY BOOTS  Aug 16 2016, 08:51:28 PM

    I saw him in Straight Outta Oz at the theatre I work at and while the production values were nothing to write home about the cast was great and Todrick does have quite a bit of stage presence as mentioned above. His persona is appropriate for Lola. I don't see why his casting would be a problem.

  • Lin-Manuel and The Little Mermaid  Aug 16 2016, 03:07:04 PM
    This will be mostly shot on a green screen no doubt. Does that even count as "live action?"
  • Wonderland UK tour cast announced  Aug 16 2016, 02:25:57 PM
    I really hope this does well. The score deserves a good book.
  • THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Event Soundtrack  Aug 15 2016, 01:02:59 PM
    I've never seen that listed as its own song.
  • THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Event Soundtrack  Aug 15 2016, 12:56:47 PM

    What the hell is Planet Hot Dog?

  • ALW'S Wizard of Oz  Aug 14 2016, 08:20:47 PM

    I couldn't get past the new songs. I didn't like any of them.

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Aug 14 2016, 03:33:38 PM

    I don't think Swenson is a box office draw but a limited run in a small theatre with great performances and rave reviews the title should sell itself.

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Aug 14 2016, 11:34:21 AM

    I'm also curious to know what the artwork and marketing would look like if they bring this production to New York. Whoever did the art for On the Town really did a great job. I think they'll benefit from a title treatment and artwork that emphasizes how fun this staging is, maybe incorporating the whimsical cloud illustrations, lighthouse and circular tree cut outs from the scenic design.

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Paper Mill  Aug 14 2016, 10:47:21 AM

    I don't really understand the need for the chorus. An ensemble of 20 singers, with the addition of vocal sweetening if they really wanted a bigger sound, would have worked just fine but now if they do that they'll be criticized.

  • Glenn Casale's The Hunchback of Notre Dame  Aug 14 2016, 10:37:22 AM

    I don't think anyone was expecting originality from Ogunquit. Casale's production will likely differ a great deal from the original stagings at La Jolla and Papermill.

  • Shows where you prefer a different recording from the original?  Aug 13 2016, 10:27:21 PM

    I agree but only because I don't like the show that much and I love Jeremy Jordan so his vocals kind of make it tolerable.

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Aug 13 2016, 10:25:40 PM

    I hope so! Let's just hope they pick an appropriate theatre this time.


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