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Birthday: 12 - 10
Gender: Male
Profile: Love the theatre and have worked as a singer and dancer for years inc shows like a chorus line,fame,,Tick Tick Boom,Evita etc
I now own and run a successful production company in Manchester called Vertigo and have had several hits including Dog Sees God (UK premiere), 3sum (original play) the Breakfast Club, 'M', 'Rage and our award nominated original play 'OUT!'
Recently we had the great honour of producing the UK Premiere Productios of Charles Busch Off Broadway camp masterpieces 'Die, Mommie, Die!' and 'Psycho Beach Party'. Both shows were huge hits and sold out. Our original comedy Christmas Sorority Massacre has had 2 productions and we were granted permission to adapt the BAFTA nominated film EXAM to the stage and the play opened to rave reviews. Our original thriller M won Best Fringe Production at the 3MT awards, Mysterious Skin was nominated at the Broadway World UK awards. The original drama Watching Goldfish Suffocate was a huge hit touring the UK and Porno Chic recently opened to rave reviews and will be in 2015

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Favorite Performer(s): Craig Hepworth
Adele Stanhope

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • London Attack  Mar 22 2017, 08:49:27 PM

    RIP to the victims who died today here in the UK, and to the 40 plus injured, some catastrophically, 

  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 22 2017, 08:36:10 PM

    Theatregoer3 I agree 100 percent about solid the American Psycho adaptation was. It sure as hell is one original exciting unique and daring musicals in years.. I also agree that it was crazy to see the way Hamilton and Psycho book ended the season, to go from hope to horror just like the political climate.

  • GROUNDHOG DAY Previews  Mar 21 2017, 11:01:28 PM

    So strange to read some negatives, this show got raves here in the U.K and picked up countless awards and nominations. If they haven't changed much it confuses me as to how it could be 'bad'? Maybe it's just very different tastes (UK/US) 

  • Spongebob the Musical  Mar 15 2017, 02:37:43 PM

    Well count me as someone who is not rooting for OYF to close, this is a fun show that does exactly what it sets out to do. The cast are great. Why would anyone root for it to fail? 

  • Dreams Do Come True: Rachael Lily Rosenbloom...and dont' you ever forget it!  Mar 13 2017, 10:59:58 PM


  • Scenery that should of got nominated for a Tony.  Mar 9 2017, 11:49:49 PM

    American Psycho

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Mar 1 2017, 11:37:05 PM

    Cassie is a great belter and a solid actress, she's perfect for this.


    As for all the ones saying 'I've lost all interest now' well let's see if you post again on here when the next lot of info/pics are released. 


    so dramatic. 

  • Report from Broadway Journal: Charles Isherwood has left the NYTimes  Feb 7 2017, 12:47:34 PM

    Honestly I rather liked him. Brantley' s reviews have become more and more annoying to read.

  • Non-Equity RENT  Feb 2 2017, 12:27:09 AM

    The trailer is on here for the UK production featuring clips from the show.

  • Non-Equity RENT  Feb 2 2017, 12:23:28 AM

    Yes it's a stunning production (the UK one), it feels fresh energetic and full of emotion, I've seen many productions inc Broadway and West End but this is by far one of the best. 

  • Hamilton London Casting  Jan 26 2017, 10:34:15 PM

    Have to say I was really hoping Victoria Hamilton Barritt would get Anjeleca. 

  • Barnum Revival fast tracked?  Jan 16 2017, 03:41:10 PM

    My review from a couple of years back during the recent UK Tour based on the Chichester production.


  • Favorite Act One Finale?  Jan 11 2017, 11:11:52 PM

    American Psycho had a brilliant act 1 (Hip to be Square) with the pretty brutal but brilliant staging of Bateman killing Paul Owen with the axe 

  • American Psycho  Jan 4 2017, 11:14:33 AM

    They aren't releasing performance rights yet as they are not done with it yet. 


    And aaaaaa15 maybe we just remember differently but I remember lots of people talking about this show, not just theatrical press either before he was announced. The show would have easily sold out its run without him, they just wouldn't have sold out at the speed they did. 

  • American Psycho  Jan 3 2017, 11:08:38 PM

    People who don't live here don't seem to realise that before Smith was announced it was already getting talked about and had many intrigued and excited. 

  • American Psycho  Jan 1 2017, 04:19:31 PM

    NY1 have picked it as one of the top shows of 2016 as well. 

  • American Psycho  Dec 31 2016, 10:09:13 PM

    It's happening

  • American Psycho  Dec 31 2016, 09:49:23 PM

    It didn't transfer because they were hoping the original lead would transfer with it but scheduling didn't allow. The step was always looking towards Broadway (hence Ben's involvement for so long). Also I know one of the producers and it was made clear on a FB post today that the show will be back. 


    Again, Broadway is not the end, def not anymore. 

  • American Psycho  Dec 31 2016, 09:27:35 PM

    God you are a bundle of misery ain't you? You forget it was a hit here. Just because it didn't find an audience on Broadway it doesn't mean it just stops. This migh shock you (brace yourself) but other places exist outside of America, like whole other countries (I know, crazy). 

  • American Psycho  Dec 31 2016, 08:57:22 PM

    I'm pretty sure this will be heading to London and I personally can't wait.