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Birthday: 12 - 10
Gender: Male
Profile: Love the theatre and have worked as a singer and dancer for years inc shows like a chorus line,fame,,Tick Tick Boom,Evita etc
I now own and run a successful production company in Manchester called Vertigo and have had several hits including Dog Sees God (UK premiere), 3sum (original play) the Breakfast Club, 'M', 'Rage and our award nominated original play 'OUT!'
Recently we had the great honour of producing the UK Premiere Productios of Charles Busch Off Broadway camp masterpieces 'Die, Mommie, Die!' and 'Psycho Beach Party'. Both shows were huge hits and sold out. Our original comedy Christmas Sorority Massacre has had 2 productions and we were granted permission to adapt the BAFTA nominated film EXAM to the stage and the play opened to rave reviews. Our original thriller M won Best Fringe Production at the 3MT awards, Mysterious Skin was nominated at the Broadway World UK awards. The original drama Watching Goldfish Suffocate was a huge hit touring the UK and Porno Chic recently opened to rave reviews and will be in 2015

Favorite Show(s):

Favorite Performer(s): Craig Hepworth
Adele Stanhope

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  • A BRONX TALE Reviews  Dec 2 2016, 03:11:10 PM

    I don't hate his reviews, he's certainly less bitchy than Brantley which is good. People might not ageee with all of his reviews but it's still just a singular persons opinion. Honestly it's Brantley I can't stand,  he reminds me of Green, great writing but very dismissive of so much. 

  • A BRONX TALE Reviews  Dec 1 2016, 10:05:38 PM

    NYT - pretty positive 

  • A BRONX TALE Reviews  Dec 1 2016, 09:22:29 PM

    It seems to be a lot of 'meh' reviews.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/27/16  Nov 28 2016, 04:28:33 PM

    I also have to agree with A8, that ticket price is disgusting. 

  • Has a Broadway musical ever been the subject of a national controversy before?  Nov 22 2016, 09:15:38 PM

    Jerry Springer was the last one here in the U.K. It was picketed outside the Cambridge Theatre where it played, even the televised version had 1000s of complaints and a lot of picketers outside the BBC in London and Manchester 


  • Grease--Stage Version  Nov 21 2016, 08:09:24 PM

    The UK has had those songs from the film in etc since the 90s.

  • Dreamgirls West End  Nov 19 2016, 09:33:52 PM

    The West End Board on here died ages ago, it's a shame, I think the person running the West End side of Broadway World had done very little. 

  • West End's Miss Saigon to be released on DVD?  Nov 15 2016, 01:55:54 AM

    Have to say that the performances especially Kim and The Engineer are incredible. Also as someone who saw the original production at Drury Lane in London and this one at The Prince Edward theatre I think the set this time is far better. The original one I found to clunky (it also moved in a very clunky way) where as this one still has an epic feel but doesn't swallow the story up.

    The close ups I think are great, this is a filming of the show, not the show from your point of view i

  • LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES Reviews  Oct 31 2016, 10:23:47 AM

    Jeffrey Karasarides said: "I'm surprised more posters haven't joined this conversation yet.



    It's probably because you always post the link to the Broadway World review round up which takes all the fun out of these review threads 

  • FALSETTOS Reviews  Oct 28 2016, 11:22:05 AM

    I think many including myself loved American Psycho, it was quite simply one of the most exciting new musicals in years.

  • Live Musicals  Oct 27 2016, 11:55:45 PM

    Do we really need another thread about this? 

  • FALSETTOS Reviews  Oct 27 2016, 11:25:07 PM

    Yes Lizzie, let's go back to how it used to be. 

  • FALSETTOS Reviews  Oct 27 2016, 11:08:18 PM

    Is it just me or do people miss the days when we just post individual links to each review rather than clicking that annoying Broadway World Review Round Up link?

  • Story you've always wanted to see become a musical?  Oct 13 2016, 07:01:30 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "Down with love, princess diaries, milk and I'll echo the princess bride. I've also always imagined a play adaption of the boy in striped pajamas. 



    A play version of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas already exists. 

  • Do the English know who JHud is?  Oct 5 2016, 07:11:48 PM

    Well everybody I know knows who she is, especially due to her films and one of her songs.

  • Do the English know who JHud is?  Oct 5 2016, 10:35:22 AM

    Of course we know who she is.

  • Jersey Boys to Close in the West End  Sep 28 2016, 10:37:10 PM

    I wouldn't say Beautiful is going strong in London, it's doing average. 

  • Worst Marketing you've seen.  Sep 27 2016, 12:14:35 PM

    American Psycho for sure could have had more fun with marketing but I did think the design they had was very slick. 

    I don't remember Dance of the Vampires having that on their marquee, I thought it said something using the word 'bite' not 'suck'

    And how can anybody think Something Rotten's advertising was bad? Their marketing team did a great job.  

  • What Do You Want the Next Big Movie Musical to Be?  Sep 25 2016, 04:52:24 PM

    I would love to see them do a cool electric indie movie version of American Psycho the Musical.

  • ON YOUR FEET goes on...without the set  Sep 12 2016, 03:43:18 PM

    10086sunset said: "If the low grosses weren't enough of a sign, perhaps the set is trying to tell the producers it's time to go...

    They made almost 750k this week, im pretty sure they are doing fine




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