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Birthday: 12 - 10
Gender: Male
Profile: Love the theatre and have worked as a singer and dancer for years inc shows like a chorus line,fame,,Tick Tick Boom,Evita etc
I now own and run a successful production company in Manchester called Vertigo and have had several hits including Dog Sees God (UK premiere), 3sum (original play) the Breakfast Club, 'M', 'Rage and our award nominated original play 'OUT!'
Recently we had the great honour of producing the UK Premiere Productios of Charles Busch Off Broadway camp masterpieces 'Die, Mommie, Die!' and 'Psycho Beach Party'. Both shows were huge hits and sold out. Our original comedy Christmas Sorority Massacre has had 2 productions and we were granted permission to adapt the BAFTA nominated film EXAM to the stage and the play opened to rave reviews. Our original thriller M won Best Fringe Production at the 3MT awards, Mysterious Skin was nominated at the Broadway World UK awards. The original drama Watching Goldfish Suffocate was a huge hit touring the UK and Porno Chic recently opened to rave reviews and will be in 2015

Favorite Show(s):

Favorite Performer(s): Craig Hepworth
Adele Stanhope

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  • On Your Feet! Previews  Oct 5 2015, 10:23:03 PM

    So glad to hear positive things about this. Adore Gloria and I'm rooting for this one.

  • Most impressive Stage Effects (SpecialFX?)  Sep 21 2015, 05:22:12 PM

    It made zero sense but I was always impressed by Carrie's hands setting in fire at the end of act 1 of the original production. 

  • Best Turn by a Non-Singer in a Broadway Musical  Sep 6 2015, 04:48:47 PM

    I have to say I really liked Stephen Lynch in The Wedding Singer.

  • Broadway Fall 2015: Which Show Most Excites You  Aug 27 2015, 09:13:32 PM

    Allegiance and On Your Feet. 

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 22 2015, 02:46:26 PM

    How is Headband my friend? I can stand his posts, he's worse than you. 

    I'm not going to enter in to a Madonna discussion with you so stop trying, it's really quite lame. 

    And nope I didn't see Hedwig ( I will be seeing the London one) , and of course you can post on here from anywhere. I just thought you came here to discuss everything other than theatre ( unless you are insulting someone's taste). 

    Im im glad you don't care what anybo

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 22 2015, 01:27:28 PM

    'I believe race affects everything in this country'


    Wow, I just can't. That was such a generic answer, I'm disappointed. Why people side with you is just odd to me. 

    And sorry I didn't see all of what Headband was doing to you (I got the idea), honestly I think it would have been more outrageous if he was doing that to any of the other lovely posters on here rather than somebody who spends his days giving it out to everybody else. Why he was t

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 22 2015, 11:09:10 AM

    So you really believe racism had something to do with the show closing or attitudes on this thread then? You are so full of s**t, you post either what you think will get a reaction (which is just depressing for you) or things to insult. That's who you are, that's what you do. 

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 22 2015, 10:20:23 AM

    Namo I'm concerned, do you have no life outside of this site? Are things really bad for you, maybe people in the real world are mean to you, ignore you, talk behind your back? Do you sit at home and pray for the day that somebody, anybody will love you for who you are? Do you break down when your internet connection goes down and you can't reach for your smart phone to jump on every thread on Broadway World? Namo are you ok? 

    You have gone from mildly irritating to grand level

  • Why Does Michael Riedel hate  Jul 23 2015, 10:04:08 AM

    He also really helped kicked Taboo to death.

  • Will ON YOUR FEET be the next hit?  Jul 17 2015, 06:18:27 PM

    I can't help thinking that many on here seem to be underestimating the popularity of Gloria and her music. Im from the UK where we don't really have a big Latin community yet she was big here and very well loved. I think this could well and honestly I think in terms of an audience in their 30s 40s and even older this would appeal more than say Jersey Boys. It's gonna come down to marketing I think. 

  • WHAT IS ON THE TOWN DOING?  Jul 6 2015, 10:02:58 AM
    I just love how everybody here is an insider in to what the finances are for this show, we actually have no idea as to what it's running costs are now. Also the show is watched by a lot of people, in a smaller house on Broadway this would be selling out, the theatre is killing it.
  • Sheridan Smith has two OLIVIER AWARDS  Jun 23 2015, 02:20:53 PM

    Mister Matt we agree for once, why an earth does it make any difference if she is British or not? Guess what, the Les Mis cast ain't French either. Sheridan is incredible on stage, she was comedy genius and full of heart in Legally Blonde London and transformed the show. She will be superb in this. 

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 18 2015, 09:03:10 AM

    "This REEKS of a flop.

    And a Carnival cruise."

     Don't know what you are looking at. This looks brilliant. 

  • Ratings: Tony Awards Broadcast Flirts With Record Lows  Jun 8 2015, 02:08:27 PM

    Fantod you get used to Namo, he's like that annoying little brother who just keeps repeating everything you say and acting like a brat. For years I thought he was a teenager because of the way he comes here just to bitch or act like an ass, then I found out hes not even close to ten age years. A little sad, but just take it on the chin.

  • Best Flop You Ever Saw  Jun 4 2015, 08:24:03 AM

    Forgot about The Wedding Singer, a lot of fun, very underrated 

  • Best Flop You Ever Saw  Jun 3 2015, 10:30:33 PM

    Taboo (brilliant)

    Dance of the Vampires (so much silly fun)

    Good Vibrations (jaw droppingly bad)

    Carrie (saw it when I was 10 years old in Stratford)

    Gone With the Wind (London, head scratchingly bad)

    Bad Girls (London, loved it) 

    Rent Remixed (London, so so bad)

    American Idiot (brilliant) 




  • Remembering the Morosco Theatre (Through Pictures)  Jun 3 2015, 08:32:13 AM

    Love posts like this, the one from a couple of years ago about lost theatres on Broadway was incredible 

  • Love Never Dies heading to North America!  May 19 2015, 03:01:54 PM

    Sorry but I found this to be awful when it was playing here in the UK, it was a sequel that nobody asked for and didn't need and it showed

  • Carrie lives on in the UK  May 7 2015, 10:22:31 AM


    4 stars

    The Stage - positive

  • Carrie lives on in the UK  May 7 2015, 09:12:28 AM

    The new production of Carrie the Musical has opened in London and so far reviews are very good, far better than off Broadway. Looks like it could have a life here.