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Birthday: 12 - 10
Gender: Male
Profile: Love the theatre and have worked as a singer and dancer for years inc shows like a chorus line,fame,,Tick Tick Boom,Evita etc
I now own and run a successful production company in Manchester called Vertigo and have had several hits including Dog Sees God (UK premiere), 3sum (original play) the Breakfast Club, 'M', 'Rage and our award nominated original play 'OUT!'
Recently we had the great honour of producing the UK Premiere Productios of Charles Busch Off Broadway camp masterpieces 'Die, Mommie, Die!' and 'Psycho Beach Party'. Both shows were huge hits and sold out. Our original comedy Christmas Sorority Massacre has had 2 productions and we were granted permission to adapt the BAFTA nominated film EXAM to the stage and the play opened to rave reviews. Our original thriller M won Best Fringe Production at the 3MT awards, Mysterious Skin was nominated at the Broadway World UK awards. The original drama Watching Goldfish Suffocate was a huge hit touring the UK and Porno Chic recently opened to rave reviews and will be in 2015

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Favorite Performer(s): Craig Hepworth
Adele Stanhope

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  • AMERICAN PSYCHO is more than you may think  May 30 2016, 02:40:53 PM

    It is 100 percent a travesty that this is closing, this show is something truly unique and deserved to be seen for longer. 

  • Thank you, from American Psycho  May 28 2016, 05:43:09 PM

    I would give money towards a cast recording as well.

  • Thank you, from American Psycho  May 28 2016, 12:45:28 PM

    In my opinion this was a modern masterpiece, it was the jolt that was needed in the theatre and it's heartbreaking it had to close. Everybody on this show should be very proud and I would not be surprised if we see this show Off Broadway one day. Never has a show gotten me so excited and that's coming from a writer/director here in the UK who prides himself on taking big risks. Thank you.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 28 2016, 12:41:21 PM

    As a big fan of the novel and movie I would say the musical is a masterpiece in bringing this subject to the stage. 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 08:35:19 PM

    I agree, though I do think the marketing their did do was pretty slick but they needed much more and needed to show the spectacle of it as well as the humour.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 08:26:10 PM

    It does still seem crazy they have thrown in the towel so quick, they really were not doing that bad and should have known that something as different as this would have taken some time to catch on. 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 09:32:23 AM

    That's your opinion, I don't think it was incompetently written at all.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 09:22:02 AM

    Sorry but it's design, sound, lighting, video, set etc stood head and shoulders above any Disney or kids film turned show I've ever seen. 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 09:14:25 AM

    I don't think that is what he's saying. He's saying it's just sticking with the easy shoving these animated films on stage where in most cases the artistic endeavour is much less than how much money it can make. American Psycho obviously wanted to make money but it's creative stood head and shoulders above, the show was original and unique in presentation, music and direction. 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 08:58:14 AM

    I agree the producers should have let it run Off Broadway at first, it would have done great. Im hoping that this rapid announcement when the show was still showing signs of life means they are either planning on moving it Off Broadway, doing a cast album or filming the show. 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 27 2016, 08:17:14 AM

    KathyNYC that has to be the most ridiculous comment I've read on here. 


    As as for the gross and capacity, it was stuck around the mid way in gross though still doing ok. To the person who said its capacity was always under 60 percent that's simply not true, it's average capacity was around 85 to 90 percent. 


    This week also saw the show have its second best week in terms of gross. I know sales can be looked at for upcoming weeks a

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 26 2016, 10:26:19 PM

    I'm shocked the producers are throwing in the towel already. They needed a new more trashy marketing campaign and waited till the summer was over. This show made close to 600k this week, to close on that this soon is nuts. Bad producing on this show.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 26 2016, 08:18:41 PM

    The fact some of the critics didn't embrace this boggles my mind.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 26 2016, 07:36:09 PM

    They know 

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO CLOSING  May 26 2016, 07:28:18 PM

    I'm horrified that such a unique and fantastic show has been allowed to close so early. I think this will be a show that is appreciated much more in the future. Devastated 

  • Leona Lewis OFFICIALLY cast as Grizabella  May 26 2016, 11:33:11 AM

    She's not really a thing here in the UK anymore, she seems to do better in the states. 

  • Note to SF visitors...  May 24 2016, 05:43:47 PM

    'NOT refer to our fine city as "San Fran." It's almost as grating as hearing "Frisco!"

    I never call NY "The Big Apple" [and would never call SF "The City" while in NY - the ultimate "The City"] nor call Boston, "Beantown."

    San Francisco, SF, The City, even Bagdad-by-the-Bay - all OK. '



  • Songs that were cut from musicals  May 24 2016, 05:13:26 PM

    I really like the original Killing Time from American Psycho but I do prefer the new version.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/22/16  May 23 2016, 07:57:13 PM

    No need to be mean 

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/22/16  May 23 2016, 05:35:26 PM

    American Psycho is rising steady each week and maintaining. Happy for them.