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Birthday: 12 - 10
Gender: Male
Profile: Love the theatre and have worked as a singer and dancer for years inc shows like a chorus line,fame,,Tick Tick Boom,Evita etc
I now own and run a successful production company in Manchester called Vertigo and have had several hits including Dog Sees God (UK premiere), 3sum (original play) the Breakfast Club, 'M', 'Rage and our award nominated original play 'OUT!'
Recently we had the great honour of producing the UK Premiere Productios of Charles Busch Off Broadway camp masterpieces 'Die, Mommie, Die!' and 'Psycho Beach Party'. Both shows were huge hits and sold out. Our original comedy Christmas Sorority Massacre has had 2 productions and we were granted permission to adapt the BAFTA nominated film EXAM to the stage and the play opened to rave reviews. Our original thriller M won Best Fringe Production at the 3MT awards, Mysterious Skin was nominated at the Broadway World UK awards. The original drama Watching Goldfish Suffocate was a huge hit touring the UK and Porno Chic recently opened to rave reviews and will be in 2015

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Favorite Performer(s): Craig Hepworth
Adele Stanhope

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  • Cats Previews  Jul 16 2016, 09:36:14 AM

    Honestly I can't stand this show, it's like Panto with a bigger budget. I know people find all these dark meanings, messages and characters back stories in this show but I'm pretty sure that all involved the first time round including Webber weren't really thinking about any of this stuff. They saw a cute idea to get families and kids through the door to see the cats dance (very very well).


    it always amazes me when I see things like this


  • Palace Theatre to be raised  Jul 13 2016, 03:11:29 PM

    It should be interesting to see how all this pans out.

  • Palace Theatre to be raised  Jul 12 2016, 11:23:40 AM

    Liza shut up, god why do you come here? To insult others and try to be the big man? ite pathetic. The spelling theatre is how it's spelt in the UK and many other places. 

  • American Psycho sheet music available  Jul 9 2016, 08:03:39 AM

    I wouldn't be too sure about some kind of cast recording not happening

  • Riedel on HBO developing True Blood the Musical  Jul 1 2016, 09:28:44 AM

    I think this could work actually, though not on Broadway, Vampire musicals, edgy musicals etc just can't find a place.

  • Shows That Should Receive a BroadwayHD Livestream  Jul 1 2016, 09:21:22 AM

    I wish they had done this with American Psycho, other than some great bootlegs there is no public capture of this jaw dropping production. 

  • Elizabeth Vincentelli Has Been Let Go From the NY Post!  Jun 23 2016, 05:41:48 PM

    Such a shame, have to say I quite enjoyed her reviews.

  • Anatomy Of A Broadway Flop: What Sank These Four Shows?  Jun 23 2016, 12:04:17 PM

    Sorry but I thought the score for American Psycho was brilliant, I enjoyed it far more than Hamiltons and wrapped every sound, instrument, beat, dialogue in to a superb mood setting character defining moment. It pains me to see this show on this list. 

  • FUN HOME Will Close on September 10th  Jun 22 2016, 04:18:23 AM

    After Eight how old are you? I get the feeling the musicals you enjoy are the incredibly dated flouncy tits and teeth shows. 

  • Tony Award Snubs!  Jun 13 2016, 09:39:28 AM

    American Psycho was snubbed, first getting hardly an nominations and then losing Lighting

  • OFFICIAL 2016 TONY AWARDS VIEWING THREAD  Jun 13 2016, 09:37:06 AM

    People can say what the hell they want about a show, it's a theatre message board. Hamilton don't need a bunch of teens criticising people for not wanting to see, hear or have any interest in Hamilton.

  • OFFICIAL 2016 TONY AWARDS VIEWING THREAD  Jun 13 2016, 09:24:51 AM

    Enjoyed the Tony show a lot, best in years. Corden did great and I was thrilled with the performances. I liked On Your Feet's performance, I don't know wh it's getting so much hate, it was fun and it was great to see Gloria (also Emilio's papers joke made me giggle) 

    Best performances of the night were Color Purple, Waiteess and the opening number but honestly everyone did great.

    it was a bit too Hamilton overload for me, nothing against the show before

  • OFFICIAL 2016 TONY AWARDS VIEWING THREAD  Jun 12 2016, 10:30:49 PM

    Hamilton gave a good performance but why was it just showcasing Lin? None of the women were represented and neither was you know, the other nominee. This whole night has been a Lin J**k fest. 

  • Profiles Theatre - Chicago: Abuse Allegations  Jun 11 2016, 02:51:38 PM

    Bitter Lemons article wherer the notorious assh**e of a writer pretty much blames the victims. 


  • Profiles Theatre - Chicago: Abuse Allegations  Jun 11 2016, 02:25:07 PM

    The Bitter Lemons article about this has rubbed people the wrong way and everyone is kicking off.

  • American Psycho tour?  Jun 8 2016, 05:46:15 PM

    It will get a couple of large regional productions by the more edgy theatre's and I'm guessing it will come back to the UK. I think small regional companies around the world will do this. I honestly think it will have a pretty good future. 

  • ALW'S 4 LOST YEARS  Jun 7 2016, 08:12:14 PM

    Stephen Ward was so so bad. 

  • Benjamin Walker is going to be a dad!  Jun 7 2016, 12:53:08 PM

    No, come on guys you have to learn, it's message board rules apparently.

  • It's been 8 years since a GYPSY revival  Jun 7 2016, 12:51:40 PM

    Really? Another revival.


    lets keep the new interesting work coming.

  • Benjamin Walker is going to be a dad!  Jun 7 2016, 12:49:58 PM

    'People need to learn'

    wow, no words.