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Favorite Show(s): A View From the Bridge
August: Osage County
Into the Woods
Les Misérables
Let the Right One In
Miss Saigon
Passing Strange
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Lieutenant of Inishmore
The Phantom of the Opera
The Pillowman
War Horse
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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  • Privacy Extends through August 14  May 25 2016, 10:47:06 PM

    I love Daniel Radcliffe, but I'd be fine to see this show with anyone in the cast.  It sounds like such a cool premise.  I keep looking at the website and tickets are going fast.  I guess my hesitation means I can't really afford the $95 tix...

  • Privacy Extends through August 14  May 25 2016, 04:18:53 PM

    Any chance of another extension or a transfer???


    This looks so cool!

  • frustration with the Public theatre  May 25 2016, 12:08:56 PM

    Could Privacy potentially transfer for a longer run?

  • frustration with the Public theatre  May 25 2016, 08:38:03 AM

    Tons of tickets are now available that week.  But holy moly, $95??  Were the tickets that pricey for the beginning of the run?

  • WAR @LCT3  May 24 2016, 08:22:25 AM


  • Compilation of reviews for Ms. Lange and the production  May 23 2016, 11:13:27 AM

    I enjoyed the show thoroughly and have nothing more to add that others haven't already said.

    To me the 4th act was the only one that seemed to drag.  

    Question:  Did the show start startlingly on-time??  I was rushing to use the restroom, but thought to myself, "well the show won't begin until 7:07/7:08 anyway.  Well darn it if they didn't start right at 7:02.  I wish all shows began on time, but I've never seen a show start so close

  • Theater Tempertures  May 23 2016, 10:35:45 AM


    SAME!  Being too hot, especially in those small seats, makes for a claustrophobic nightmare.  I'd much rather be too cold.  



    I was at Long Day's Journey in the mezz on Friday evening and did think it was unusually chilly, but I enjoy cooler temperatures.


    I also find it fascinating how different people have such extremely different comfort zones when it comes to temperature.  

  • Brits Off-Broadway @ 59E59  May 14 2016, 08:11:04 AM

    A8 - Thanks for the thoughtful response.  I think I'm gonna have to go check it out.  And thanks for what you said re: 59E59.  I need to keep up more with what their putting on.  I don't have too much $$ for theatre, so I try to choose my shows wisely.  I've done well the past 2 years only being disappointed with LCT3's Her Requiem.  

  • Brits Off-Broadway @ 59E59  May 13 2016, 05:33:05 PM

    Has anyone been to one of the first 3 shows here?  Toast is a NY Critic's Pick.  The only thing I've seen at 59E59 was A.R. Gurney's Black Tie, which I enjoyed.  Just wanted to hear others' opinions.


  • Any thoughts on 'The Total Bent' ?  May 13 2016, 05:03:14 PM

    Bumping this.  I absolutely loved Passing Strange.  Is this worth splurging on?

  • She Loves Me vs The Color Purple - Who will take the Tony?  May 13 2016, 03:06:29 PM

    ChiTheaterFan: Does anyone know when (if ever) a show that had a limited run ending before the nominations took the top award for which it was eligible?


    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf won best revival after it's limited run had ended.

  • Riedel on Color Purple being better without Hudson  May 13 2016, 02:33:05 PM

    Her tweet was nasty, though.  Not a team player.  Seemed she just wanted to be there for the award.  I'm more excited to see Heather anyway and now that she's being reviewed so well, I think I'm just gonna have to go ahead and splurge on tix

  • The Best Playhouses on Broadway  May 11 2016, 09:13:05 AM

    The Friedman!  So comfy.  It went from 948 seats to under 700 after the renovation.  

  • JESSICA LANGE is so winning the TONY for LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT  May 5 2016, 09:12:28 AM


  • JESSICA LANGE is so winning the TONY for LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT  May 5 2016, 09:10:59 AM

    Jessica Lange is such a great actress.  Why is every gif from Coven?

  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 4 2016, 11:15:59 AM

    Didn't read all of the thread, but I totally agree, King Charles III was the most superbly written play to come around in a long time. It deserves to win over The Humans.


  • Cell Phone Nightmare: Laura Benanti Stops the Show  May 3 2016, 10:36:18 AM

    Wow.  I didn't think there'd be so many people on both sides.  To me, a phone ringing is much more distracting than the actor calmly addressing it, then moving on.  

  • Favourite Scene Transitions?  May 3 2016, 10:23:38 AM

    Yes to the LesMiz final barracade scene when we are slowly revealed the death on the other side.

    Yes to that goose bump inducing Chorus Line opening from blackout to headshot.

    Still can't forget when the tank filled up in Let the Right One In going into the pool scene.

    The scene change during Disgraced, when the apt became unfurnished.  

    The 3 minute long scene change/song down to the lair in POTO

    Arriving in Amsterdam in Passing Strange


  • Best and Worst Theater Experiences  Apr 22 2016, 08:19:54 AM


    -First time seeing Van Hove's View From The Bridge

    -Let The Right One In at St. Ann's

    -John, at the Signature


    -Curious Incident

    -1st time seeing War Horse

    -both times at August: Osage

    -Company 2006 Revival



    -Women on the Verge

    -Roundabout's Hedda Gabler 

    -2nd time seeing View From the Bridge (partial view, and the entire theatre coughed throughout the who

  • Doubt  Apr 20 2016, 10:20:41 AM

    They play is a masterpiece. 


    The movie, although great, suffered from having a portrayal of Donald.  It works much better without seeing Donald at all.