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Favorite Show(s): August: Osage County
Into the Woods
Les Misérables
Let the Right One In
Miss Saigon
Passing Strange
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Phantom of the Opera
The Pillowman
War Horse
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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  • Per Daniel Craig, BW crowds age is...  Aug 28 2015, 10:33:09 AM
    "The number of young people at straight plays is appalling."

    The chance I'll enjoy a play is just so much higher than the chance I'll enjoy a musical.

    I was so hyped when I heard Betrayal was coming, but alas, I couldn't afford a seat. There were no student discounts or any offereings. Kind of htpocritical of him to say.
  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 25 2015, 09:41:06 AM



  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 25 2015, 09:33:02 AM

    WhizzerMarvin, here's that speech:


    Mertis: A year or two ago I ran into one of the doctors. And he wasn’t always the nicest man when I worked there. I’m sure he was very busy and had a lot on his mind, but I think he wasn’t as kind to me as he could have been. Anyway, he recognized me and he said: “What are you up to now, Mertis?” And I said: “Well, sir, I’m running a B. and B. with my husband and I’m doing quite well.&rdq

  • Shows that deserved tonys  Aug 25 2015, 09:31:58 AM

    It was one of the most original pieces I have ever seen. What a great biography piece told in such an interesting way. Memphis was a blend of many things we've seen before. American Idiot was so contrived it upset me.
  • A View From the Bridge to Broadway  Aug 24 2015, 10:35:05 AM
    LincTix has a good deal for this. Got row E in the mezz, seats 2-4, I believe.

    I tried to get tickets for a range of dates, but it kept just offering me the very first date in my "range" and tried to give me row G, all the way to the extreme side. When I decided to only look at a specific performance later on (Dec 5) I was able to get the better seats.
  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 10:29:47 AM
    "Georgia Engel's speech about meeting the brusque doctor later in life and telling him that she had a B&B with her husband ("That was a very nice moment in my life" was one of the nicest moments I've had in some time." <----this almost brought me to tears.

    And I definitely thought the number over the door was the address, not the year built.
  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 24 2015, 08:28:05 AM
    It's interesting to note that, counting the number of posters who actually have seen the show so far, 7 have given it a positive review, and 8 have given it a negative one. Pretty mixed bag. Also interesting to note, the posters who have not enjoyed it have written far more posts than the ones who did enjoy it.
  • Spring Awakening Ticket Offer  Aug 23 2015, 08:21:02 AM

    I wonder if there will be a rush like 8 years ago?

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Aug 22 2015, 11:00:56 AM

    Saw this last night and think I will be haunted by it for a while.  All three in my party enjoyed the show thoroughly.  This was our first Annie Baker play and I warned them about what I read on this thread at dinner before the show.  We were all prepared, but none of us thought there was anything over the top about the "pauses."  And I loved the off-stage dialogue in the first act.  

    Everyone has been saying how Georgia Engel stole the

  • Do They ID People at Bars on Broadway?  Aug 14 2015, 09:45:46 AM
    At the Biltmore, the bartender offered me a drink. I said, sorry, I'm not 21 yet. He said, "I wasn't asking."
  • 2015-16 Plays  Aug 14 2015, 09:31:33 AM
    frogs_fan, Is it "The Hard Problem" LCT is talking about bringing over?? I'd love for that to transfer.
  • 2015-16 Plays  Aug 14 2015, 09:29:45 AM
    Gin Game won't be open in the spring.

    I'm pumped for Streetcar at St. Ann's, and Mark Rylance's new play there as well.

    As said previously, The Crucible, Long Day's Journey, and The Father look like the ones to catch this apring.
  • Most Anticipated Broadway Shows Opening This Fall  Aug 11 2015, 09:38:38 AM
    Spring Awakening

    Gin Game

    Fool For Love

    A View From The Bridge

  • Why Doesn't Broadway Sell Ice Cream At Intermission  Aug 11 2015, 09:35:54 AM
    The little cups of ice cream and wooden spoons is much classier than the candies in wrappers, drinks with ice clinking around, etc. I'm all for the ice cream during interval, er, intermission.
  • JOHN at Signature Theatre  Jul 23 2015, 08:28:27 AM
    Not going 'til Aug 21st, but it's already been extended a week through Sept 6th.
  • School of Rock marquee goes up  Jul 8 2015, 10:43:01 AM

     I guess Demeter has been living there since 2001.

  • Its Official, Second Stage has closed on the Helen Hayes  May 12 2015, 10:45:14 AM

  • Its Official, Second Stage has closed on the Helen Hayes  May 12 2015, 10:15:17 AM

    Went past yesterday and saw a marquee up, advertising 2nd Stage. (Still trying to get the pictures up to some site so I can transfer them onto here)

  • The Bodyguard to tour with Deborah Cox?  May 12 2015, 07:33:22 AM 

    The Asolo Rep website still claims Deborah is playing Josephine April 27 - May 5 2016.

  • The Nether vs Let The Right One In  May 6 2015, 06:53:37 PM

    Wow.  Thanks for all the info, everyone.