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Favorite Show(s): August: Osage County
Into the Woods
Les Misérables
Miss Saigon
Passing Strange
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical
Spring Awakening
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Phantom of the Opera
The Pillowman
War Horse
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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  • Today Tix Lottery  Apr 10 2015, 10:29:18 AM
    Thanks for the info dramamama & macnyc!
  • Today Tix Lottery  Apr 10 2015, 09:13:54 AM
    I have a different lottery question:

    Can you enter the lottery for more than one show per night? I want to see Grounded and Fun Home, but I know the chances are slim, so I want to enter both.

    If not, say a friend enters Grounded and I enter Fun Home and we both somehow win, is it easy to opt out of one of the lotteries?

  • Hand to God's Targeted Ads in Playbills  Apr 9 2015, 05:44:33 PM

    Ya.  When the next month's edition of Playbill gets shipped to the theatre, they will continue to finish passing out the old issues until they run out.  Some areas of the theatre run out before others, so those areas might begin passing out new issues before others do.  Once my friends in the mezz got color playbills while I received b&w in the orch.  Mine was the new issue, but I went upstairs to grab myself one in color.  


  • NYC TRIP SUGGESTIONS  Apr 7 2015, 12:10:43 PM
    Oh, and choose Hand to God.
  • NYC TRIP SUGGESTIONS  Apr 7 2015, 12:10:16 PM

    Skip Shake Shack this trip. (And all other trips.) Try any restaurant on 46th St. between 8th & 9th Ave, or walk up and down 9th Ave until you find something that looks good.

    Also, it's a 3 mile walk from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to the Promenade.

    Sakura Matsuri (the cherry blossom festival) gets EXTREMELY crowded.  Get to the Gardens in the morning when the festival begins.  The website says 10am.

  • Actress in a Play Tony predictions ?  Apr 6 2015, 02:58:40 PM
    Please stop using "there's," when you mean to use "there're."
  • Off-(and Off-Off-)Broadway listing for interested theatergoers...  Mar 30 2015, 06:36:11 PM
    Growl, I often have the exact same thoughts.

    Thanks so much for this awesome list.
  • Hand to God Previews  Mar 30 2015, 06:31:39 PM


    I really enjoyed Tyrone bookending the show with his opening and closing monologues.

    During the end of Act 2, two girls behind me were laughing at the gruesome hammer scene. It was quite distracting. I felt everyone else on the edge of their seats or with their hands over their eyes. It's a brutal moment and these girls were really immature. They obviously don't understand the turmoil the character is going through.

  • Hand to God Previews  Mar 30 2015, 06:21:35 PM
    I agree with most posters that the performances were superior to the script itself. Boyer has cemented a nomination and although I think Sharp will take it, Boyer is well deserving also.

    MegInManhattan, your description was spot-on. As vulgar as it is, it brings up a lot of important themes and at times is quite poignant, if not slightly amateur.

    The set was MARVELOUS. (What happened to the turn-table the other night??) Fits perfectly in the Booth. Have they re-paint
  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Mar 30 2015, 04:34:50 PM
    We heard about Cirque wanting a NY presence. Will this be it?

    The Lyric seems like a perfect size for a Cirque-type show, but now that the London Ambassador Theatre Group has taken it over, will they want to host this show?

    Also, do you think they will film it at the theatre they plan to bring it to in NY, or do it on some soundstage, then translate it onto a proscenium?

    Kind of exciting.

  • Theatre Interiors/Architecture  Mar 23 2015, 10:00:11 AM
    I also forgot how wonderful the Friedman is until I was back to see Constellations. The theatre is so cozy and the seats are so comfy!
  • Theatre Interiors/Architecture  Mar 23 2015, 09:58:22 AM
    I'm anxious to hear what happens with the report that Howard Panter from London may be in talks to bring the Hudson theatre and maybe the Times Square theatre back to legit use.
  • The Nether  Mar 20 2015, 08:25:16 AM
    The production at MCC is not the same production that played the Royal Court and is currently @ the Duke of York's.

    The Royal Court Production is directed by Jeremy Herrin.

    The MCC production is directed by Anne Kauffman.

    From the production stills and youtube trailers, the London production looks superior.

  • The Nether vs Let The Right One In  Mar 4 2015, 08:12:33 AM
    Thanks to all for recommending LTROI. Saw it last night and will remember it for a long time. It really struck a lot of different chords. Of all the elements, the music may have been my favorite part.

    There are 8 more chances to see this show. I highly suggest it, as do the above posts. It's on TodayTix, also! (1st time users, discount code: LCYUU)

  • Getting from theater to theater and suggestions for Saturday shows  Mar 1 2015, 08:18:28 AM
    Don't let Sienna keep you from Cabaret.
  • The Nether vs Let The Right One In  Feb 28 2015, 09:59:58 AM
    Both are closing very soon and both are supposed to be quite a scary time in the theatre.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on which to see without giving away too many spoilers? I only have time/money to see one.
  • Why don't the Shubert's take care of their theaters?  Feb 28 2015, 09:55:22 AM
    Call_me_jorge was joking....right?

  • Why don't the Shubert's take care of their theaters?  Feb 27 2015, 02:13:28 PM
    Generally, they couldn't. But I know a lot of people who do care. They're such gorgeously designed buildings and it could make for a much more beautiful stroll through the theatre district.

    Maybe the general theatregoers never notice it, but I think to myself everytime I walk through, "boy would it look nice if they cleaned up the outside of some of these theatres."

  • Why don't the Shubert's take care of their theaters?  Feb 27 2015, 01:50:43 PM
    I'd like to bump this.

    Some of the brickwork on these buildings is exquisite. The grime that has built up on them just makes them look sad and dying.

    Luckily, the interiors of most HAVE been restored beautifully. I know when we buy a ticket we are spending time in the inside of the building, but more often than not, I find myself walking through the district saddened by the state of the theatres.

  • is Hunchback coming to Broadway after it's NJ playhouse run?  Feb 27 2015, 01:28:03 PM
    I think it could fit quite nicely into the Brooks Atkinson. It could keep demand up too.