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  • Jennifer Holliday Hasn’t Committed Performing At Trump Inauguration??  Jan 13 2017, 05:50:49 PM

    "I am sincerely curious as to why you voted for him."

    Well, I did have one friend who was pro Trump. We had some arguments about him, and I had to stop being friends with her but it sounded to me like the two major points that she was voting for were 1. the wall and 2. Lower taxes.


  • As it is in Heaven  Jan 9 2017, 10:35:29 PM

    mc, check your messages. I think you'll be happy with what I've arranged.

  • Favorite Act One Finale?  Jan 9 2017, 09:38:51 PM

    Rock of Ages

  • As it is in Heaven  Jan 9 2017, 04:42:35 PM

    well, there you go.

  • As it is in Heaven  Jan 9 2017, 01:50:00 PM

    My friend wrote that play. I saw it and enjoyed it, a mellow piece.

    I'll ask her where you can get info.

  • The rockettes to perform at the Dons inauguration  Dec 23 2016, 05:34:37 PM

    This issue is about to air on CBS news, as I watch. Anyone who wants to, can bow out.

  • The rockettes to perform at the Dons inauguration  Dec 23 2016, 01:44:43 PM

    "hat probably wasn't Ivanka. It was probably just another fake news story."

    I didn't think the woman in the video which aired on tv looked the slightest bit like Ivanka. Also, I heard a report on the incident that mentioned Ivanka being in full makeup. The woman in the video didn't have any noticeable makeup on.

  • The rockettes to perform at the Dons inauguration  Dec 23 2016, 01:35:45 PM

    " it may be for their benefit to just bite the bullet and just do it rather than loose their gig."

    "loose" their gig? It's "lose."

  • The rockettes to perform at the Dons inauguration  Dec 23 2016, 11:27:28 AM

    "I'm trying to understand why it's okay for an employer to force an employee to take part in a political event."

    The Rockettes is a brand that contracts to perform at events other than Radio City. Not too hard to understand, as it's their prerogative to do so. I don't know if you're employed, but if you decide you don't want to do your job one day because you do't like what you're supposed to do, then your employer should have no problem with t

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 19 2016, 01:10:52 PM

    Striking probably isn't the answer, but the fact remains that in the USA, Arts are not priority. There are countries that include arts departments in their cabinets. We don't have that and may never have one. The only difference in art appreciation I can see is through which party we have in power. And that's only a slight difference at that.

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 19 2016, 11:36:00 AM

    Kad said "This reads more as an exercise in theory than anything with practical effect"

    I concur. I think the article's purpose is a sounding board, something like my thread. It's to garner opinions. 

    ." And I'm not sure I see how a strike that day accomplishes the closest thing to a stated goal in that post, which is questioning the relationship between art and institutional backing- which is indeed a valid concern."


  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 19 2016, 10:54:31 AM

    adamgreer said: "I think a better response would be to create art that provokes and challenges this new "president" rather than shutting everything down."

    That's what art does and has been doing since the beginning of time. It's all around. And because of provocation and challenge, some art is banned by the wrong administration.

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 03:19:20 PM

    The fact is that most people don't realize just how much art plays a role in their every day lives. Of course they're interested in art. It has to be pointed out to them. Let's start with:

    The clothes you are wearing - designed by artists.

    The  house you live in - designed by artists (architects, for anyone who doesn't know)

    Your furniture - you selected the shape and color, designed and made by artisans.

    The packaging of everything you buy - d

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 02:32:03 PM

    That's good to know, trpguyy, thanks for posting.

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 02:20:56 PM

    Drama, there's the National Endowment of the Arts, for one.

    The points you and others make might make sense on paper, but I, as an artist, and former art teacher, feel very strongly about the lack of interest and support of the arts in this country. As I said, it's in our blood.

    And Drama, I don't take offense at anything you have said. I enjoy a sensible debate. What I deplore are people coming out of their holes to be nasty in a post.

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 02:01:24 PM

    Broadway Joe said "I don't think the Ofili situation is a great comparison because Rudy didn't want to support that singular project because of the controversy around that one not the arts in general. "

    It's a perfect example. It was all about Guiliani deciding what is art and what isn't.

    Also-it doesn't matter if Wicked or any show is about politics or not. That is entirely NOT the point. The point is support for the arts in general.

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 11:56:30 AM

    It's legend that the GOP is not in favor of supporting the arts in general. I keep remembering Giuliani's campaign to ban the art of Ifili.

    And so what if it is political? Should the anti Trump rallies not have taken place? Should we just stand by and stifle ourselves?

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 18 2016, 10:43:39 AM

    Thanks so much for your replies! I can understand your reasons, but if you read the piece, it mentions that closing down of all arts for one day would point out  how important they are, and how much of life is affected by art. This is not a political statement as much as a wakeup call for some people. 

    Do  you know that the first thing that's cut out of an educational curriculum is art?

    As for the complaint that artists would lose one day's mo

  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 17 2016, 09:56:32 PM

    I'm surprised there are no comments from those for whom the art of theater is of utmost importance. And from those who are so vehemently against the president elect and all he stands for.

    There are no opinions of the closing  of theater and all other art on Jan. 20? No one cares? I guess you'd all rather post what the worst musical you ever saw was, than what could happen to the arts under this president to be.


  • A strike by Arts on Jan. 20?  Dec 17 2016, 06:40:05 PM

    Very interesting article on a possible arts strike on Jan. 20. I'm certainly for it. This takes in all arts including theater.