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Member Name: Jane2
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Birthday: 9 - 16
Gender: Male
Location: NYC
Occupation: yes
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  • I miss Sherie Rene Scott  May 26 2016, 05:55:55 PM

    I'm a fan and she was a pleasure to work with in Debbie Does Dallas.

  • How Broadway Contributed to Its Own Cell Phone Problem  May 23 2016, 10:47:05 AM

    "I try not to judge others here, because I have no clue what they are like in real life." 

    But why do we have to know what they're like in real life? What they post here is what they care to let us know about them.

  • How Broadway Contributed to Its Own Cell Phone Problem  May 23 2016, 10:43:12 AM

    "That's just his default setting. He condescends to everyone."

    BINGO! that's why I have him on ignore.

  • 6:15 dinner okay for pre-show meal?  May 22 2016, 11:06:32 PM

    I can't go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating because of hypoglycemia, so that's my reason for eating pre-theater.

    But I never feel rushed or worried about making the show on time. I select a restaurant very close to the theater, first of all. Second, I make my reservation for 6 pm. I'm always finished eating by 7:30 ish and then casually walk to the theater. It has never taken us more than 1.5  hours to eat.

  • 6:15 dinner okay for pre-show meal?  May 22 2016, 10:21:12 PM

    I have a hard time sitting through a show hungry. It ruins the experience. Plus, I don't like eating a meal late at night for health reasons.

  • When charisma > talent  May 22 2016, 07:16:30 PM

    "I think Madonna got pretty good reviews for her turn in "Speed-the-Plow", although that was straight acting."

    But this thread is about having more charisma than talent. IMO, no one on the face of the earth has as much charisma vs. talent as Ms. Ciccone. She's been criticized from day one for having little talent, yet no one could take their eyes off her. I say good for her!

  • When charisma > talent  May 22 2016, 03:35:03 PM

    I  have to say Madonna holds the title.

  • 6:15 dinner okay for pre-show meal?  May 22 2016, 10:56:40 AM

    Most, if not all, restaurants in the theater district, ask if you're going to a show. They always get you out on time, in my experience. They specialize in that! I think you'll be fine.

  • Favorite line/part of a musical that isn't the lyrics of a song?  May 21 2016, 08:43:58 AM

    Actors are not animals! They're human beings! 

    They are? Have you ever eaten with one?

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  May 17 2016, 04:19:00 PM

    I must be missing some footage. All I saw were a couple of one liners, in closeup. I wasn't aware of a cheap set, because I didn't really see one. The few inches of set that showed looked like the movie, which had the cheapest and trashiest set (on purpose) you could imagine.

    How can anyone judge a film from a 30 second clip. I'll judge when I see the entire film.

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 17 2016, 10:17:16 AM

    The moderation on this board is indeed strange.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  May 16 2016, 06:48:07 PM

    "It wasn't all that bad, was it?"smiley

  • Doubt - an answer (spoiler)  May 16 2016, 02:22:18 PM

    I only saw the film, but I think the director did a flawless job of leaving the possible guilt up in the air. In no way did I detect any hints to lead me to one side or the other. Bravo!

  • Anyone remember Times Square and 42nd St in the 80s?  May 15 2016, 08:56:52 PM

    ok. But do you live in the city?

  • Anyone remember Times Square and 42nd St in the 80s?  May 15 2016, 07:53:56 PM

    "If you truly honestly wish that the 1970's era Times Square would return, then you should do something about it. Go find a garbage can and dump it out. Proposition someone for sex. Rob a tourist"

    I can do that anywhere in NYC, or anywhere not in NYC. 

    "And for the record, you can have grit and rough-around-the-edges, New York City toughness WITHOUT pimps, drug dealers, and crime.

    Really? Where is that to be found amongst all those movi

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 15 2016, 04:00:27 PM

     there are new snarkers  rising to the top, now that the main ones are gone.  That's what happens even in school. When the students at the top graduate, a new group will rise to the top. Only in school it's a good thing.

  • Police Called at Fiddler Last Night  May 15 2016, 12:33:41 PM

    Since some of the actors didn't hear it, or heard it slightly, they were wise to keep the show going.

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 15 2016, 11:10:35 AM

    That's so strange- I never see anything like that on Facebook. It leads me to believe there is strict censorship there.

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 15 2016, 10:53:47 AM

    Artman - SO hypocritical. 

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 15 2016, 10:29:04 AM
    • Have you all noticed that when there's a thread with bickering and snark the number of views skyrockets? People here will complain about it, but they just love to read it.