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Birthday: 9 - 16
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Location: NYC
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  • auditions  Oct 6 2015, 02:21:58 PM

    it could be good in that they want to hear even more from you.


    it could be bad if they want to see if you might sound better in a different song.


    I personally found that it's almost impossible to gauge how well you did in an audition!

  • Adam Driver Talks ANGELS IN AMERICA  Oct 6 2015, 11:37:47 AM

    Adam D. played a better Louis than Schenkman, I thought. Also, Jeffrey Wright's Belize is something that will forever stay with me.

  • Adam Driver Talks ANGELS IN AMERICA  Oct 5 2015, 07:13:59 PM

    thanks for posting that link, playlover. I saw that version of the play and enjoyed it almost as much as the original. Being a big fan of both Driver and Urie, I was in heaven! I hope they have a video with Urie.

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 06:11:34 PM

    I once took a look at telecharge to possibly get a ticket. Every date I selected was  sold out. And when there was finally a date with available seats, they were $254.

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:53:40 PM

    "I don't get your point."


    That's ok hon.





  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:51:16 PM

    "That's a separate issue from what show can someone fit in before an 11pm bus."


    And when so many of you suggested Fun Home, it piqued my interest. Sorry I asked, After Eight


    ".But the OP didn't ask us to manage their finances, only suggest which shows fit their schedule..."


    Ooooooh, call the message board police! Don't bother, they're here.

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:40:33 PM

    Front row -  $250

    back - $160


    If that's ok with you, enjoy the show!

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:34:48 PM

    "here's this nifty little website called Telecharge, where you can purchase tickets to shows in advance!"


    Oh really, I had no idea!

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:33:59 PM

    "You go to Telecharge, select the November 7 performance, click any orange or blue seat, and buy it?!"


    And have you tried that?

  • NYC for One Day  Oct 5 2015, 05:12:08 PM

    I would love to know how one can get tickets to Fun Home just like that! Please explain.

  • Wicked at 5,000 Performances-What Do YOU Love Most About Wicked?  Oct 2 2015, 12:15:55 PM

    That I only saw it once.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO to the Schoenfeld  Sep 30 2015, 07:55:37 PM

    I like the artwork, the color and the font, which is so very appropriate, being "chopped up."


    get it?

  • AMAZING GRACE struggling on Broadway  Sep 30 2015, 05:59:41 PM

    Went to the matinee today because a friend is in it. Snooze fest. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't really good. Boring in parts. oh well.

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 30 2015, 10:15:16 AM

    Among said - "As for the poster who worked with Linda Hunt, the key word is WORK. She was working. It might be fun to be an extra and hang out on set, but Miss Hunt, I can assure was thinking about her character, her lines, not wasting production time, continuity etc. She might have also been in character when she replied."


    Oy, here we go again. Yes-it was work. We were BOTH working. However, if  you know anything about working on a film, you stand around doi

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 29 2015, 01:28:02 PM

    And there are more than 8.5 K views already. I guess plenty of us are interested in it.

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 29 2015, 01:23:15 PM

    ^ you're entitled to your opinion about the thread but don't make general judgments about what most of us love or care about. You don't know that.

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 29 2015, 01:20:05 PM

    To those who stated that it  only takes a smile, or that how hard is it to say thank you, it only takes a second.


    It's not a case of "it only" when you have to do it hundreds of times. I completely understand if Bette made it her choice that day to not acknowledge fans. Big deal. Her job is on the stage and on film - to entertain. And she does it well.

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 28 2015, 11:00:58 PM

    " She was very open and nice. Sylvia Miles."


    oy, lol. Sylvia is all around. As they used to say, she would go to the opening a letter. She was a frequent guest at my friend's parties. She's friendly. But she would not sit down in her seat at the Jane St. Theater. She only wanted to stand in the aisle of everyone could see her. My ushers were complaining because she made it hard for them to seat people. I had to go tell her to take her seat.

  • Met and was ignored by Bette Midler yesterday  Sep 28 2015, 04:28:09 PM

    As someone here said, we all have different moods on different days. It's nice that some of you met Bette and she was nice. She was in a different mood on the OP's day.


    Linda Hunt wasn't in a good mood on my day, but others may have met her and liked her.


    I stood in for Bette Midler for one day on Beaches. She was nice.

  • Gross Stage Door Behavior  Sep 28 2015, 01:54:20 PM



     Anyway, don't go on a crowded subway. All kinds of perverted stuff going on there. Really scary-I've had a few incidents myself.