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Member Name: Jane2
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Birthday: 9 - 16
Gender: Male
Location: NYC
Occupation: yes
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  • Darren Criss in Hedwig  Jun 27 2015, 05:14:13 PM

    ^ Never heard of that before.

  • Darren Criss in Hedwig  Jun 27 2015, 02:40:14 PM

    " I don't get why there wasn't the usual hormone treatment, top surgery first, THEN lower surgery? And corrections can be made, anyway."

    Because they couldn't wait. They had to make the next bus out of town.

  • Ladies and Gentleman....Taye Diggs is your next Hedwig  Jun 25 2015, 05:33:24 PM

    "I've seen every Hedwig except for Andrew Rannells."

    Who did you like at the Jane? aside from JCM.

  • Ladies and Gentleman....Taye Diggs is your next Hedwig  Jun 25 2015, 08:13:38 AM

    "Honestly don't know how anyone can be both. They seem mutually exclusive."

    I honestly don't see a shred of sense in that statement. Care to explain further?

  • Jose Llna and Hoon Lee are the next Kings  Jun 19 2015, 09:40:07 AM

    I first saw Jose as Chip in Spelling Bee off broadway when I was working at Second Stage, and loved him. I'd like to see him as the king. It's such a wonderful role, and I love the story as written for the stage.

  • Rosie Needs to Come Back to Broadway!!  Jun 18 2015, 12:44:22 PM

    Someone once said that when she steps on stage, she brings the show to a dead halt. I agree with that. 

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 13 2015, 08:53:45 AM

    "There are people who will tell you they prefer someone else."

     Yeah, and..... Thanks for reading my mind, Houdini. 

     A few of you are in bad moods today. But I"m headed for the shore for some fun!

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 13 2015, 08:42:44 AM

    Falling, well, of course I saw Michael and everyone else at my theater. And I always maintained that after JCM, Michael was the best, over-acting and all!

    But to deny JCM isn't closer to the story since he lived it and created it is just silly.

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 13 2015, 07:18:26 AM

    "This isn't Elaine Strich's one woman show going through her life experiences, people".

    Oh no! And I thought it WAS, LOL. tongue-out

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 12 2015, 11:32:29 PM

    "it's not unique or special just to JCM"

    nope, it isn't. It applies to others who have also lived and created a story around their life and brought it to the stage. NO one can feel it as  he does. There have been great Hedwigs but they weren't "there."

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 12 2015, 10:21:48 PM

    ^ no, actually it was some "living" it, too!

  • Adam Lambert turned down Hedwig  Jun 12 2015, 02:22:53 PM

    I see him 100% as Frankenfurter. He probably wouldn't do that role either, if he doesn't want to do drag, but I'd pay to see that if he did.

  • Favourite theatre district restaurant?  Jun 11 2015, 03:16:48 PM

    My default is Thalia, 50th and 8th. Great food, moderate prices, great ambiance.

  • Best Live Performances You've Ever Seen  Jun 9 2015, 04:18:32 PM

    Raul Esparza in Taboo, especially singing Petrified.

  • Favorite 2015 Tony Award Performance  Jun 8 2015, 01:22:42 PM

    Fun Home,but I wish it included Michael doing a number.

  • The King and I or Fun Home?  Jun 8 2015, 01:15:59 PM

    Why would you make a decision based on what a group of strangers liked?

  • congrats Annaleigh Ashford on your tony  Jun 8 2015, 10:18:03 AM

    Happy about this, she deserves it!

  • The Official 2015 Tony Awards Viewing Party Thread  Jun 8 2015, 09:49:18 AM

    Went to bed before the show ended, hoping Michael would win. I actually dreamed about him. So  happy to see that he did win. Such a talented, nice, classy guy!

  • RE:  Jun 5 2015, 03:57:23 PM

    That was very enjoyable. Makes me want to see the show. Especially because I'm a fan of Borle.

  • 6-year-old theater critic meets his idol  Jun 4 2015, 03:36:05 PM

    That was the sweetest thing I've ever seen and heard in a long while. OMG. Such an adorable, sweet, bright, talented, happy boy.