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  • Rocky horror picture show screenings  Mar 20 2017, 12:06:37 AM

    . The NYC RHPS cast performs every Friday and Saturday night at Midnight at: clearview. Cinepolis Chelsea Cinemas. 260 W. 23rd St.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 13 2017, 10:43:09 AM

    thanks Lot. When I worked at New World, that was basically our routine - let someone in as long as there was staff at the merch booth.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 12 2017, 06:46:26 PM

    I want to mention that I went and watched Betty sing With One Look on one of the you tube vids. I heard the vibrato and I realized that I heard it all along, but didn't think anything of it. I like it - it lets me hear her vocal chords at work. Without it, when the notes are just plain, they aren't as interesting to me.

    btw - has anyone tried to go back to the theater at an off hour to purchase some merch?

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 12 2017, 10:32:46 AM

    That would be great! I can't help but think that maybe the orchestra's being on the stage had something to do with the quality this time.

  • Betty Buckley's Voice - Technical Help  Mar 12 2017, 10:30:30 AM

    Parrot? I have to look into this. My baby is my profile pic!

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 11 2017, 08:58:53 AM

    Muscle said "don't agree...the score is not just "OK" I think "glorious" or "heavenly" work better for me :)"

    Totally agree. This was one of the best scores I ever heard. Rarely do I love a score on first hearing.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 9 2017, 11:26:37 PM

    Yes Muscle, it certainly is subjective, and it also is art. Art takes in the visuals as in painting, etc., but it's also the written word, dance, music, and all that stuff!

    There are people who are actually affected by other peoples' opinions, as we see so often on this board. Who cares what someone else likes?

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 9 2017, 09:32:03 PM

    I have to listen for it next time I hear her.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 9 2017, 07:09:11 PM

    "I have to agree with muscle on Buckley's vibrato. I watched her performance one time and couldn't bring myself to go back."

    Vibrato? Does she have a strong vibrato, like Raul's (which I love), or is it subtle, because I'm not aware of it.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD (Rush Reports)  Mar 8 2017, 04:50:08 PM

    I'm afraid I won't be seeing the show again, as the seats that are front mezz and most of the orchestra are $300.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 7 2017, 05:58:40 PM

    I agree about Glenn Close inhabiting the role. She is the one reason I loved the show so much. Her grace and stage presence were extraordinary. If only she had the voice of Betty! Oh well, you can't have everything!

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 7 2017, 05:20:34 PM

    I watched a few Betty vids on you tube, from Sunset Blvd. Corny as this sounds, when I hear her sing powerful songs like With One Look and yes, Memories, I'm so glad I am alive and able to hear such a gift as hers.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 7 2017, 04:51:54 PM

    "Also, in my opinion, no other Norma comes close to Betty Buckley in regard to vocal talent. Her voice is in a league of its own."

    I couldn't agree more. Betty Buckley's voice proves there is a god.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 7 2017, 04:42:27 PM

    I paid $135 for this show in mid mezzanine. It was well worth every penny, because of the quality of the actors, musicians, set design, wardrobe, makeup and everything else involved.

    If you think $55 is too much to see this show, let someone else have that opportunity who probably will be grateful for it.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 6 2017, 08:41:20 AM

    There were two spots that I don't think were supposed to be funny, but were, and had people laughing.


    The mannequin of Joe drowned in the pool, and when Joe starts to leave Norma, and she's lying on the couch, crying.


  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 5 2017, 10:44:50 PM

    I'd like to, muscle!

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 5 2017, 09:53:49 PM

    I was there today, 3 pm show, in mid-mezzanine, row H. Not bad, but I usually like better seats.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 5 2017, 08:29:55 PM

    Just saw the show and absolutely loved it. For me, this is a winner, and so is Glenn Close. And I didn't even have good seats!

    First, the set. Having that huge orchestra on stage was no problem at all. It worked beautifully with the set, which is enchanted. The show is enchanted. Close is enchanting.

    Don't even start me on the costumes. Spectacular isn't even close (pun intended).

    What they did with the lighting gave me chills a couple times during the show bu

  • need help for 1-2 week visit  Feb 27 2017, 12:04:45 PM

    I posted this on both boards, not sure which is right. Although I live in the city, I need help with this.

    My cousin, late 20's needs to stay near midtown for 1-2 weeks. I thought some of you may have come for a visit and know of a decent hotel for that long a stay.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Worst Theatre Audience of my life  Feb 24 2017, 05:32:51 PM

    Idk why but the crowd (mostly filled with Elderly and rude people) was horrible.

    How would you know the crowd was mostly rude and elderly people? You must have had altercations with most of the crowd.