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  • Favourite reasonably priced pre-theatre dinner spot?  Feb 23 2017, 11:33:23 AM

    Are you looking for restaurants in the theater district? What do you consider reasonably priced (it's different for everyone)? Does type of cuisine matters? Knowing these things is helpful when questions like this are asked.

  • Sweeney Todd/ Matt Doyle  Feb 23 2017, 10:24:01 AM

    Barrow Street doesn't have a stage door. The actors enter and exit via the main entrance. 

  • CAROUSEL Revival?  Feb 23 2017, 09:55:43 AM

    I'd happily take Joshua Henry as Billy. Or the aforementioned James Snyder, who was astonishing at Goodspeed. Pasquale has a gorgeous voice, but as a complete package, I've long felt there's no there there.

  • Man From Nebraska (Second Stage)  Feb 23 2017, 08:53:25 AM

    Even after the good reviews came out, the show's still been up at TKTS for most performances. With a 50% discount, the cost is around $40-45 a ticket. It's definitely worth it at that price.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 23 2017, 08:10:35 AM

    RippedMan said: "I think the Humans transferring was just a smart choice by Rudin w/o the insider trading. There were no strong play competitors, and look how it turned out. 



    Yeah, exactly. Rudin goes to the theater to fall in love, and when he does, he will go out of his way to deploy the considerable resources he has at his disposal in service of the show. By all accounts that is what happened here. I'm sure he was happy when the sho

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 03:56:12 PM

    I think Whizzer is posting with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. Obviously the story of two catty, middle-aged theater critics doesn't begin to reach the level of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 03:50:02 PM

    Feud: "a mutual enmity or quarrel that is often prolonged or inveterate"

    There's nothing mutual about this. Isherwood has a pathological hatred of Brantley that he's manufactured almost entirely himself. Brantley may not like Isherwood as a person, but from a professional standpoint, he would not feel threatened by Isherwood at all.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 03:40:21 PM

    Yeah, it's not a feud because Brantley could give a crap about Isherwood. 

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 03:12:21 PM

    Sunny11 said: "neonlightsxo said: "The firing is going to "hold."


    That's highly likely, I was just being hesitant since I am assuming it's not official until Isherwood exhausts all of his  employment rights included hearings and appeals ects. 



    It's official. Isherwood was fired and is no longer an employee of the New York Times. It's certainly his right t

  • SIGNIFICANT OTHER Previews  Feb 22 2017, 02:30:39 PM

    Is Barbara Barrie doing all performances? At some point during the Off Broadway run, she stopped doing matinees on two-show days. I don't begrudge her, but I also don't want to see the show without her. 

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 02:24:36 PM

    Isherwood will be employed again, but never in a position that even begins to approach where he was. And that's his own damn fault.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 01:30:21 PM

    Isherwood's hatred of Brantley borders on the pathological, and one could argue that he allowed it to influence his work by going out of his way to bash shows that Brantley reviewed favorably. I feel like that's something that hasn't gotten enough focus in the airing out of this situation.


  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 22 2017, 12:56:35 PM

    "When Isherwood arrived in 2004, he was under the impression that Brantley would soon retire."

    Brantley wasn't even fifty years old when Isherwood joined the paper--I can't imagine what on earth would have given him the impression that Brantley was planning to retire.

    I hadn't previously heard of Isherwood feeling that he should be allowed to review HAMILTON because he reviewed IN THE HEIGHTS, but that's equally ridiculous.

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 12:19:09 PM

    No idea if these people are current smokers, but at one point or another they all smoked:

    Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Alice Ripley, Billy Porter, Tammy Blanchard, Michael Ball, Euan Morton, Alix Korey, Jarrod Emick (who was a really heavy smoker at one point--I used to see him around the stage door of BOY FROM OZ smoking in costume during the show), Chuck Cooper, Leah Hocking, Raul Esparza.

    Patti LuPone was a heavy smoker for years, quitting when she became pregnant with

  • THE PENITENT (previews)  Feb 22 2017, 09:31:00 AM


    The Penitent is another in the long line of boring and pointless treatises we've come to expect from this author. It is a character study of a psychiatrist, Charles (played by Chris Bauer), whose career and life are derailed after he refuses to testify on behalf of a former patient who committed a massacre. The patient claims that Charles will not testify because the patient is gay, and Charles, having recently become religious, is prejudiced. Most of the plo

  • CAROUSEL Revival?  Feb 22 2017, 09:09:11 AM

    If Mueller is involved, I hope she's once again playing Carrie, not moving on to Julie. Her soprano singing has never been her glory, and her personality is more suited to Carrie. 

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 08:59:42 AM

    Actors don't work for you. And when you meet them at the stage door, they're off the clock. That they even stop to sign an autograph or snap a photo is purely a courtesy on their part. You may personally find smoking distasteful, as I do, but it's ridiculous to expect someone who's essentially doing you a favor to act in a manner that you deem appropriate.

  • Rants! (And Other Ways to Un-Twist the Tongue)  Feb 21 2017, 03:34:46 PM

    Simon Stimson's "ignorance and blindness" speech from Our Town. It's not a rant in the sense that the character is hemming and hawing, but when done correctly, the anger and pain that comes across in those sentences can be absolutely chilling.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/19/17  Feb 21 2017, 03:27:04 PM

    quizking101 said: "Not going to lie, I totally though Cate Blanchett would've had the Barrymore sold out with the snap of her fingers...



    The show is still on track to recoup, but the reviews definitely hurt it. The advance was strong, but the word of mouth and reviews quashed that a bit. But even with Blanchett, a three-hour play about sad Russians--based on an obscure, rarely produced work of Chekhov--was always going to be a hard sell. Ha

  • Criterion Theatre Stage Right?  Feb 20 2017, 09:16:08 AM

    I saw a number of shows there in the mid/late 90s. It was always a really odd space. The description of it as a black box with a Broadway designation is apt. As newintown already mentioned, the acoustics were famously terrible. It was only operational as a theater for about a decade--I believe the Stockard Channing/Larry Fishburne LION IN WINTER was the last show that played there--and I don't think its loss was as much of a tragedy as some people make it out to be.