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  • THE QUALMS Previews  Jun 7 2015, 10:39:15 AM

    Saw the matinee yesterday.

    Does every Bruce Norris play eventually devolve into a the cast getting in a semi-circle and just berating each other? That seemed the case in CLYBOURNE PARK and DOMESTICATED, and that's what comprises a good chuck on the last half of THE QUALMS. It didn't entirely work for me -- I imagine Norris was going for the whole "holding up a mirror" trick, and that worked to a degree, but sometimes it just felt like people being mean for mean's sake. Still, there

  • Shows for Days Previews @ LCT  Jun 7 2015, 10:32:44 AM

    I found it a rather boring evening. Beane relies on broad stereotypes -- the "bulldyke" stagehand, the highly-strung diva, the flamboyant leading man -- rather than character development, and the performances rarely rise above that level. I'm a huge Patti LuPone fan, but she felt ill at ease in the role of Irene, which, like the rest of the roles, isn't particularly well-drawn. I thought Dale Soules was awful, barking her lines and clodhopping around the stage. Michael Urie gives a nice, nuan

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 02:44:27 PM

    "I'm not doubting his ability- but, I think this gonna be a case of Hollywood nerdy at its finest."

    Perhaps, but there's plenty of film evidence that Gyllenhaal can also be made to look other than traditionally attractive (Nightcrawler, Donnie Darko, Prisoners, Bubble Boy etc).

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 02:14:53 PM

    "What's more distracting is that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing a nebbishy, meek schlemiel."

    He can do it. All one needs to do is glance at his CV to see that he's played a wide, disparate range of characters, and succeeded most of the time.

  • 13 Shows in 14 Days  Apr 12 2015, 11:01:30 AM

    This production of THE KING AND I is hardly "sparse".

  • Will Swenson Last Show May 10th  Apr 12 2015, 07:35:36 AM

    "What is Will going to do now? 
    The chances of Bull Durham making to Broadway are slim."

     Him and Audra McDonald are doing A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN at Williamstown this summer.

  • Which show took out their intermission?  Apr 10 2015, 12:28:14 PM

    THE MOTHERFUCKER WITH THE HAT removed its intermission during previews and ended up opening to raves after a rocky start.

  • Casting for Zorba at Encores  Apr 7 2015, 01:26:46 PM

    Looks like we'll get Marin Mazzie as The Leader and Adam Chanler-Berat as Mimiko, in addition to the aforementioned actors.


  • Casting for Zorba at Encores  Apr 7 2015, 08:36:02 AM

    Zoe Wanamaker on stage is many things, but unexciting isn't one of them. Goldenboy, did your friend happen to mention who's playing The Leader?

  • Bethenny Frankel in  Apr 6 2015, 01:36:27 PM

    "I would have loved to see Ramona Singer as Cinderella."

     Only if she played it opposite Simon van Kampen's Madame.

  • Rest in Peace, Julie Wilson  Apr 6 2015, 09:13:43 AM

    Sad to see her go, but it's wonderful that she remained active and in demand right up to the end. We should all hope for such vibrancy.

    Ann Hampton Callaway posted a lovely remembrance on Facebook, part of which is quoted on Playbill:

    "When I came to NY to pursue my dreams, Julie was one of the first people who welcomed, encouraged and inspired me. I loved her contrasts- she was pure glamour when she stepped on a stage and sang great songs with wry wisdom and humor and w

  • GHOSTS at BAM  Apr 6 2015, 08:40:14 AM

    I caught the matinee yesterday, as well. It's a stunning production, and Manville is giving what might be the single best performance I've seen in a year. If you're interested I'd recommend buying your tickets now. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they became hard to come by after the raves are published.

  • Living on Love Previews  Apr 4 2015, 09:20:39 PM

    It's clear based on this and other threads that you're obsessed with what people pay for theater. It's neither snotty nor sarcastic to point that out.

  • Living on Love Previews  Apr 4 2015, 08:08:32 PM

    <i>A number of people in our row never returned after intermission. Would they have stayed if the seats were not uber cheap? Who knows.</i>

    I would have left at intermission regardless of what I paid. Not everything is about money, though you seem to think it is.

    Re: amplification. I had no trouble hearing anyone. I was in the rear orchestra, as well.

  • Living on Love Previews  Apr 4 2015, 08:26:57 AM

    I saw the first act last night. It was more than enough.

  • 2 shows in 1 night? (Fun Home & Hedwig)  Apr 2 2015, 11:30:31 AM

    Last Saturday's 8PM performance of FUN HOME didn't get out until 9:45 or so, just for context. Not to advocate tardiness, but HEDWIG never starts on time, though.

  • AIRLINE HIGHWAY Previews  Apr 2 2015, 10:40:14 AM

    I will question your opinion, because it's ridiculous. A play's value has nothing to do with its length. 

  • AIRLINE HIGHWAY Previews  Apr 2 2015, 10:25:11 AM

    Do you believe that a play's "worth" is connected to its length? Seriously?

  • Is Rita Wilson out of Fish in the Dark?  Apr 2 2015, 09:35:43 AM

    Glenne Headly is listed on the play's website, though she must have just taken over this week. Going by Rita Wilson's twitter page, it appears that she was performing as of this past weekend. Personally, I like Wilson, but I'd have rather seen Headley.

  • AIRLINE HIGHWAY Previews  Apr 2 2015, 09:22:09 AM

    Two hours and twenty-five minutes is "too long" and "just not acceptable"? Jesus, is this what's become of the human attention span?