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  • Who will replace Ben Platt  Mar 24 2017, 06:20:08 PM

    I enjoyed Austin P. McKenzie in Spring Awakening, but I don't remember his voice being particularly strong. This is a role that requires solid technique and vocal stamina--McKenzie strikes me more as an actor who sings.

  • Academy of Music Partial View  Mar 24 2017, 08:44:29 AM

    As others have said, avoid the "limited comfort" (no comfort is more accurate) and obstructed column seats at all costs. The regular obstructed view seats are definitely obstructed, but you still have a view of the stage. That said, unless you're shooting for a weekend performance, I would recommend trying rush or using the FUNSAVERS code. I have also seen performances for this engagement on Goldstar. I don't think it is selling as well as they thought it would, so you shoul

  • Get to Princeton, NJ in the next ten days if you want to see MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS  Mar 23 2017, 01:55:44 PM

    wonkit said: "Yikes! Screwball comedy? This belongs on the thread about Broadway productions missing the point of the original cinema source!



    To say nothing of Agatha Christie's novel, which is deeply infused with the existential dread that permeated Europe when she wrote it.

  • Get to Princeton, NJ in the next ten days if you want to see MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS  Mar 23 2017, 10:58:43 AM

    I saw this last night. Ludwig has turned it into a screwball comedy, and a rather dull one at that. It was more Pink Panther than Hercule Poirot. The physical production is stunning, but I'd be shocked if those Broadway rumors came to fruition. So yes, get to Princeton if you want to see this--because that's likely the last stop for this particular train.

  • Who will replace Ben Platt  Mar 23 2017, 10:33:10 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "I'd love to see Anthony Rosenthal as Evan at some point. 



    I highly doubt the production will run long enough for Rosenthal to become age-appropriate for the role.

  • Jesse Green - new NYT critic  Mar 22 2017, 03:51:41 PM

    That "co-chief critic" title must be a slap right to Isherwood's face.

    I'm a little surprised--I expected them to hire from within. But Green is a solid choice.

  • Announced Replacements That Never Happened  Mar 22 2017, 03:30:06 PM

    Diana Rigg was supposed to play opposite Stacy Keach, and Anjelica Huston was supposed to play opposite Martin Sheen.

  • Announced Replacements That Never Happened  Mar 22 2017, 02:56:39 PM

    I can't find any evidence that Rosie O'Donnell was announced to be joining Taboo

  • Bad Theater Behavior  Mar 22 2017, 02:08:23 PM

    dramamama611 said: "Not everyone KNOWS appropriate behavior. 



    Walnut Street Theatre is a subscription house. The people doing this were subscribers, so obviously people who attend the theatre regularly. They should know better.


  • Bad Theater Behavior  Mar 22 2017, 12:56:55 PM

    I saw The Importance of Being Earnest at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia over the weekend. I was given the ticket and it ended up being in the front row. I was shocked at how many other people in the front row walked in and started putting stuff on the stage: playbills, drinks, purses, etc. These people basically treated the stage like it was their end table, and never once did I see an usher come up and say anything. 

    The people all removed their belo

  • OSLO Previews  Mar 22 2017, 12:45:26 PM

    Yeah, Shuffle Along is what came to mind immediately--but I doubt the producers of Indecent will try to petition for revival status as Rudin did.

  • OSLO Previews  Mar 22 2017, 12:40:32 PM

    Indecent will definitely be considered a new play, right? I think it is definitely likely to be nominated, but I would be surprised if it upset Oslo or Sweat.

  • OSLO Previews  Mar 22 2017, 12:31:02 PM

    Right now I would say Jitney and The Price are the only locks for Best Revival. The remaining 2-3 nominees will probably depend on how The Little Foxes, Present Laughter, and Six Degrees of Separation are received.

    Oslo and Sweat are definitely the frontrunners for Best Play--in addition to what Kad said, both plays are fairly traditional, narrative-wise, which older voters seem to l

  • Who will replace Ben Platt  Mar 22 2017, 12:14:17 PM

    Laura Dreyfuss is 28 and Kristolyn Lloyd is 31, so they don't see averse to casting older actors, so long as they can convincingly read as teens.

  • The Official TDF Thread  Mar 22 2017, 12:13:01 PM

    A Doll's House Part 2 is up for the first weekend of previews.

  • Announced Replacements That Never Happened  Mar 22 2017, 09:58:12 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "Jeffrey Karasarides said: "Rhiannon Giddens in Shuffle Along...



    Still can't believe she never got to go on, or even rehearse for that matter. I hope she plays the role at some point.



    Giddens was well into rehearsals when the plug was pulled.

  • Announced Replacements That Never Happened  Mar 22 2017, 09:27:30 AM

    Judy Kuhn in The Woman in White

  • Best Leading Actress in a Musical 2017  Mar 21 2017, 03:48:57 PM

    Glenn Close is ineligible. Stephanie J. Block is Featured. The award will probably be Bette's to lose, and my guesses on the other 4 nominees are: LuPone, Ebersole, Noblezada, and either Dreyfuss or Osnes.

  • OSLO Previews  Mar 21 2017, 03:47:24 PM

    This is one of the best things I saw last year. I haven't fit a return into my schedule yet, but I'll definitely be seeing it again.

  • Box Office Representatives  Mar 21 2017, 01:56:44 PM

    I've had nothing but good experiences at both the Golden and the Lyceum. 

    The one recent experience I had at the Nederlander (during the run of Newsies) certainly has me in agreement with PThespian. The person working at the box office could not have been ruder.