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Location: Philadelphia
Occupation: Journalist
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  • GLASS MENAGERIE revival this fall, starring Sally Field - Directed by Sam Gold?  May 4 2016, 01:30:38 PM

    Eddie Dowling was 55...

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 4 2016, 01:07:46 PM

    Patti continues to be the ultimate hypocrite. She whines on Twitter about the "mean things" people are saying about her, yet refuses to apologize for the hurtful and hateful things she's said about us. 

  • Jennifer Hudson tweets saltiness  May 3 2016, 02:15:04 PM

    Let's be real: Hudson's acting skills have never been her glory. Bill Condon and Virginia Katz should have their names engraved on her Oscar.

  • Jennifer Hudson tweets saltiness  May 3 2016, 01:56:08 PM

    backwoodsbarbie said: "She's right. She was cast for her celebrity and she is selling the tickets. Shug Avery isn't a particularly well written role.

    Of course she was cast for her celebrity. High-profile roles rarely go to unknowns. But that doesn't mean she doesn't also have recognizable talent. I guess she hasn't learned yet that awards aren't everything.


  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 3 2016, 10:54:54 AM

    Benanti is my personal choice, as well. But I think the tide has been in Erivo's favor all season. I won't mind a bit if she wins, though -- it's a stunning performance.

  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 3 2016, 10:46:41 AM

    mc1227 said:  I also do not think Laura Benanti  or Zach Levi or Jane K. should even have been nominated

    I would venture to say that you are in the extreme minority on that one, at least regarding Benanti and Krakowski


  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 3 2016, 10:33:52 AM

    Someone had to start it. Post them here:

    Best Play

    Eclipsed Author: Danai Gurira
    The Father Author: Florian Zeller
    The Humans Author: Stephen Karam (WILL WIN)
    King Charles III Author: Mike Bartlett (SHOULD WIN)

    Best Musical

    Bright Star
    Hamilton (WILL/SHOULD WIN)
    School of Rock-The Musical
    Shuffle Along, Or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All

  • Long Day's Journey seating - which side?  May 3 2016, 10:27:34 AM

    You want to sit center or house left/stage right. She is faced away from house right/stage left for most of her performance.

  • Roundabout seating- rows M and back?  May 3 2016, 10:18:12 AM

    The leg room in the mezzanine at Studio 54 is dreadful. In the orchestra, it's not bad (mostly because the rows were just added recently).

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 3 2016, 10:02:22 AM

    I guess the Nerds experience and our hurtful treatment didn't cripple her for life. I'm so glad she's found the strength to work again, though I fear it will cut into her delightful Twitter posts about National Fart in a Bottle Day or whatever.

  • Roundabout seating- rows M and back?  May 3 2016, 10:00:41 AM

    The second time I saw She Loves Me, I sat in Row M of the orchestra, on the aisle, and it was a great view. You really get to take in the entire stage picture, and there are no obstructions at all. Also, because several entrances and exits are made through the orchestra section, you get a full view of those, as well.

  • The 2016 Tony NOMINATIONS Thread  May 3 2016, 08:58:56 AM

    Kind of shocked that Metcalf was nominated. I love her work, but she wasn't at her best in Misery. Nicola Walker deserved it more, but it wasn't meant to be, apparently.

    An almost total shut-out for American Psycho is still a bit of a surprise, even with the lukewarm reviews -- if I was betting, I'd put it as most likely to post a closing notice (along with Tuck Everlasting).

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 3 2016, 08:02:50 AM

    Apparently, the mere mention of Dame Patti's name in any less than glowing context is verboten now. If she ever does another musical and she ends up with a bad review, would we even be allowed to post it?

    And as PalJoey said, we're still waiting on that apology.

  • Cell Phone Nightmare: Laura Benanti Stops the Show  May 1 2016, 08:34:06 AM

    I'm kind of sick of people who act like Christlike patience is the only "professional" response to this BS. See how you react when you're in a similar situation.

  • Joe Mantello To Play Tom In Sally Field's MENAGERIE?  Apr 28 2016, 12:34:13 PM

    He's too old, but IDGAF -- after his amazing performance in The Normal Heart, I'd be first in line to buy full price tickets.

  • LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT Reviews  Apr 28 2016, 09:13:06 AM

    Neon, no disrespect meant, but it seems clear from your comments here and on the other thread that you can't process how anyone could feel differently about this production than you do. Many of us do, though, and it's not because we didn't understand it or made up our minds in advance. Brantley's review aligns almost completely with my feelings on this production -- except I think he overpraised Byrne. And for the record I saw the production for the first time just a few days

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theatre  Apr 27 2016, 03:29:01 PM

    JM226 said: "LarryD2 said: "According to Second Stage's website, all non-premium tickets are sold out for the remainder of the run. I imagine an extension is inevitable.




    as i said weeks ago, my understanding from those connected to 2ST is that they cannot accommodate an extension. this will be it. this is the run. was also told that a month ago, so who knows? maybe they found a way to rework the calend

  • Favorite Song From The 2015-2016 Season  Apr 19 2016, 09:04:30 AM

    "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen, or pretty much all of Pat Nixon's music from First Daughter Suite.

  • LES LLIASONS DANGERUSES will open on broadway next season  Apr 18 2016, 01:00:36 PM

    The leaden performance by Laura Linney (so terribly miscast) sank that production. I don't think that will be the case here. McTeer is supposed to be sensational. Schreiber is an intriguing choice for Valmont. On paper he seems all wrong, but I've never seen him be anything less than fascinating on stage.

  • Actors who were fired from/left roles  Apr 17 2016, 06:42:31 PM

    Broderick did one very early reading of PARADE. He was never attached to the Broadway production.