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  • Spontaneous day trip this Sunday! What should I see Sunday evening?  Dec 6 2016, 03:25:09 PM

    I also recommend Oh Hello. If your heart's set on Dear Evan Hansen, though, you could always try for cancellations. That worked for me last weekend.

  • Dave Malloy returns to Great Comet!  Dec 6 2016, 01:15:35 PM

    Eight months should be plenty of time for them to identify a suitable replacement, especially if they're seeking someone of Groban's stature. 

  • Dear Evan Hansen Rush  Dec 6 2016, 11:19:53 AM

    I entered the lottery with no difficulty. It's working.

  • SWEAT on Broadway, Spring 2017 (Studio 54)  Dec 5 2016, 03:45:45 PM

    I don't think the Oslo will suffer at all in the Beaumont. It's a theater that feels far more intimate than it's actual size. And the play itself is really a grand-scale drama.

  • SWEAT on Broadway, Spring 2017 (Studio 54)  Dec 5 2016, 12:38:33 PM

    Before this news, I would have thought Oslo would win Best Play by a mile. Now the category seems much more competitive.

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN Reviews  Dec 5 2016, 09:44:32 AM

    I've already bought tickets for two future performances, as I imagine they will be hard to come by soon enough.

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN Reviews  Dec 4 2016, 12:13:54 PM

    The Times' policy of allowing reviewers to essentially own shows they've previously championed is a poor editorial policy. It should stop. The paper's chief theater critic should be reviewing the opening of a highly anticipated new musical. And God forbid he doesn't fawn over it as Ishy has. 

  • Ride the cyclone MCC  Dec 1 2016, 01:56:46 PM

    The Distinctive Baritone said: "I'm surprised by the mixed to negative reviews (outside of Isherwood's rave). I used to be based in Chicago and still keep up with all the news and reviews of shows over there, and this was a critical and commercial smash at Chicago Shakespeare last season. I'm not sure why the reception is so different in New York.


    Different markets/audiences have different expectations. A show that works in one city won't necessarily work in another.

  • FALSETTOS to be extended?  Dec 1 2016, 10:24:43 AM

    IdinaBellFoster said: "evic said: "It is not doing blockbuster business so there is no point- esp in the grim months of Jan and Feb."


    For a seven person, non-for-profit musical...they're doing pretty well.



    He said they're not doing "blockbuster business"...which they're not. Just because they're doing well enough doesn't mean an extension is necessary.

  • TONY Award for and Actor/Actress when show wasn't a hit  Nov 30 2016, 02:41:30 PM

    The Father was a limited engagement and received a rave review from the Times.

  • Riedel on DeNiro and A Bronx Tale  Nov 30 2016, 02:14:50 PM

    Riedel is truly desperate. This is a total nothingburger of a story. DeNiro is the co-director, and a major financial contributor to the production; nothing Riedel describes is even mildly controversial given that.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Nov 30 2016, 02:08:59 PM

    Long overdue -- it's amazing that no one ever tried to make a studio recording of this, or recorded the 2003 concert version. Better late than never though!

  • TONY Award for and Actor/Actress when show wasn't a hit  Nov 30 2016, 02:05:59 PM

    Ado Annie D'Ysquith said: "My favorite historical example of this is when Patricia Routledge won a Best Actress Tony for a show that closed in under two weeks...



    You don't have your facts straight. Darling of the Day wasn't a hit, but it stayed open for 5 weeks. Perhaps you're thinking of Dolores Gray, who won the Best Actress Tony for Carnival in Flanders, which closed after six performances.

  • Kevin Kline to Return to Broadway in PRESENT LAUGHTER!  Nov 30 2016, 01:35:20 PM

    Did she say which role she'd be playing? I could see her as Liz or Monica.

  • Grand Hotel is Long Overdue For Revival  Nov 30 2016, 11:35:40 AM

    I disagree -- I thought the Donmar production was superb. It was moody and evocative. The score and show are strong on their own and not dependent on a big splashy production to stand out.

  • Les Liasons Dangereuses  Nov 29 2016, 10:13:45 AM

    I agree with Henrik -- the play has never worked for me. It feels tawdry and of its time -- the late 1980s -- like a mashup of Masterpiece Theatre and 9 1/2 Weeks. It has little of the novel's wit or intrigue. This production's casting flaws and inert direction just magnified the problems already there.

  • How is Adam Pascal in Something Rotten  Nov 28 2016, 02:35:32 PM

    I saw the show recently for the first time. Frankly, I hated just about every minute of the show itself, but I thought Pascal was quite good. He was in terrific voice the night I went as well -- sounded as good as he did when I first heard him 20 years ago. 

  • Dear Evan Hansen Previews  Nov 22 2016, 07:50:45 PM

    Just scored an amazing single seat (fifth row center) for Saturday matinee. Can't wait to see this again after falling in love with it at Second Stage. 

  • Songs about suicide  Nov 21 2016, 10:25:22 AM

    "Like It Here" from The Hinterlands (follow link for a performance of the song):

  • The Babylon Line  Nov 20 2016, 04:02:02 PM

    This is, unfortunately, not a very good play. There is no dramatic tension, very little character development, and unfortunately, not a lot to care about. I agree with DramaTeach that Randy Graff steals the show; it helps that she's been given just about the only three-dimensional character in the show. Radnor is fine, if a little dull. Reaser gives a weird performance in a weird part. 


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