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Birthday: 8 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Philadelphia
Occupation: Journalist
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Favorite Performer(s): Cherry Jones

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  • Danny Burstein out this week  Aug 24 2016, 11:45:26 AM

    I saw Grupper earlier this month. I was initially disappointed that Burstein was out, but Grupper didn't disappoint. The overall production leaves a lot to be desired, though.

  • off broadway suggestions for the fall  Aug 24 2016, 08:32:48 AM

    I would suggest seeing SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS if you can. It's running now through 9/25.

    In addition to what's already been suggested:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (Roundabout)

    A LIFE (Playwrights)

    PLENTY (Public)



  • Signature Theatre Subscription  Aug 23 2016, 08:40:00 AM

    Your subscription entitles you to one ticket for each production. You get to book your ticket before tickets go on sale to the general public, and you can exchange your tickets up to 2 days before a performance. I'm not sure what you mean by perks, but Signature offers a discount at their bar and their bookstore to subscribers.

    I've been a Signature subscriber for 10+ years (since before they moved to their new complex) and I think it's definitely worth it, especially if yo

  • Fun Home tour casting ?  Aug 16 2016, 12:23:44 PM

    DontTellPaul2 said: "Is anyone else consistently underwhelmed by Kate Shindle's acting? The voice is stellar, yes. But the acting choices...? I just can't seem to forget her dreadful pseudo-psychotic performance in Wonderland.



    I mean, it's not like WONDERLAND is the vehicle for one to show off her optimal range...

    I've seen Shindle in a bunch of shows and a few industry readings. I've always found her very wi

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Aug 15 2016, 10:11:14 AM

    I was told by a cast member that this production definitely has its sights set on New York. That doesn't mean it's definitely coming at all, but they want to bring it to New York and are actively seeking opportunities to do so.

  • Which Regional Theatres Do You Think are Overdue for a Tony?  Aug 15 2016, 08:46:35 AM

    The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia is long overdue.

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 02:26:18 PM

    The first revival of A Delicate Balance ran 53 more performances than the original; the second revival, however, ran 24 fewer performances.

    Actually, we are both wrong. The original production and the Glenn Close revival both ran exactly 144 performance (including previews and regular performances). I agree with you on principle that it's exceedingly rare to change a flop to a hit, though it's certainly not impossible. But it seems to happen mo

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 01:47:35 PM

    In fact, I think that there are only two revivals that have run longer than their original productions: Mornings At Seven and Chicago (whose original production was not, despite popular opinion, a flop).

    This, on its face, just sounds wrong. Off the top of my head, Boeing Boeing, both revivals of A Delicate Balance, and the LaPaglia A View From the Bridge all ran far longer than their originals; I'm su

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 01:18:57 PM

    Privacy is playing a limited run at a small theater with a membership base. (It's also playing in the summer when there are fewer theater options). It's not the same as a commercial Broadway run of a musical.

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 12:53:47 PM

    There was talk of transferring the Donmar/Taper Forum production, but I don't think it ever seriously got off the ground. The show is a tough sell for a commercial run, even with a star.

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 12:28:24 PM

    I agree with givesmevoice. Leo Frank is a long and difficult role musically. Radcliffe is a passable singer with a real winning stage presence, but I don't think he could do this role justice (vocally at least) 8-times a week.

  • Falsettos Tickets  Aug 6 2016, 10:25:59 AM

    I used the Ticketmaster app as well. Perhaps that's why I was able to get in and out with tickets in less than 5 minutes. 

  • Falsettos Tickets  Aug 6 2016, 10:12:43 AM

    I just got my tickets for the first Saturday evening. Ironically, I'm in the same exact seats I saw The Crucible from (H13-15). They were perfectly fine for The Crucible so I'm hoping the same is true here. 

    For those wondering, the ordering process was completely painless. 

  • Is A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC coming back?  Aug 5 2016, 10:08:45 AM

    gypsy101 said: "AC126748 said: "Nothing about Annie Golden suggests world-weary former courtesan to me."

    ...and Hermione Gingold seems like that?



    Far more so than Annie Golden, absolutely. 

    As to Glynis Johns as Mme. Armfeldt, I believe she played the role at one point in California. But she is not in good health and I can't imagine she'd be able to do a full run of anything today.


  • A Vew from the Bridge tour cast  Aug 5 2016, 09:27:11 AM

    Weller has the intensity needed for this production. Catherine Combs is a promising young actress and should do well as Catherine. Beatrice is being played by Andrus Nichols, who is one of the founders of Bedlam and is a dynamic performer. I assume Thomas Jay Ryan will play Alfieri. Looks like a great cast overall.

  • Is A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC coming back?  Aug 4 2016, 12:04:41 PM

    Nothing about Annie Golden suggests world-weary former courtesan to me.

  • Is A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC coming back?  Aug 4 2016, 08:32:26 AM

    Fiddler is a show that I can understand them non casting POC (although I hear the show was hugely popular in Japan) because the story has to do with their Jewishness.

    Fiddler on the Roof is hugely popular around the world and has been performed by casts of all ethnic make-ups. The themes of family, faith and tradition transcend specific races and cultures.

  • Is A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC coming back?  Aug 4 2016, 07:30:19 AM

    Leslie Uggams played Desiree at Michigan Opera Theatre in 2009, opposite Ron Raines as Fredrik. Here's a clip:

  • Redesigning Costumes for Running Shows?  Aug 3 2016, 09:12:28 AM

    Costumes may be redesigned to reflect differences as the cast changes. For example, if a replacement in a certain role is significantly taller (or shorter), or heavier (or thinner), than the original, it might be decided that the style of the original outfit is no longer flattering. That's just one example. Sometimes the production team just decides to go in a different direction.

  • Very sad news: James Houghton has died  Aug 3 2016, 07:24:54 AM

    Jim Houghton, the founder and, until just last month, artistic director of Signature Theatre Company, has died of cancer at 57. Jim was truly one of the most visionary artists and administrators of the last half-century, responsible for resurrecting careers, introducing exciting new playwrights, and making top-quality theater widely available at an affordable price point. I interned at Signature while in college, and he was also one of the nicest and most genuine people I've ever wor


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