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  • The Humans  Oct 3 2015, 04:30:32 PM

    This is one of the most finely wrought plays in recent memory. Every moment feels necessary and the cast is sublime. I don't imagine the Roundabout crowd will warm to it, but kudos to them for mounting it. 

  • Chris Pine in Finding Neverland?  Oct 2 2015, 12:59:32 PM

    Why would Chris Pine want to make his Broadway debut as a replacement in a terrible show? 

  • Thérèse Raquin Previews  Oct 2 2015, 11:25:47 AM

    Based on photos I saw posted online, it appears she signed autographs after the performance. I guess she brushed off the bit of business that occurred. Good for her. 

  • Fun Home Contracts  Sep 26 2015, 09:02:20 PM

    "She had plenty of leverage."


    Not really. She didn't win the Tony. And when she is out (which is quite often lately), people aren't canceling their tickets.  The show is the star. She's not irreplaceable. Her people overestimated her importance.

  • Fun Home Contracts  Sep 26 2015, 11:56:22 AM

    What, exactly, was Lucas using as leverage to demand a huge raise? The Tony she didn't win?

  • Hamilton absences  Sep 23 2015, 05:13:24 PM

    I highly doubt the LOOKING movie will be filming any time this fall with Groff in HAMILTON and Russell Tovey in A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. 

  • Gin Game Previews  Sep 22 2015, 07:17:31 PM

    Going Sunday. 

  • Fool For Love Previews  Sep 20 2015, 03:25:19 PM

    As good a production of this play as I ever hope to see. Rockwell and Arianda command the stage from the first word. 

  • Fun Home Contracts  Sep 17 2015, 09:46:47 PM

    Is Lucas leaving by choice or has she aged out of the role?

  • Ugly Lies the Bone  Sep 17 2015, 05:44:57 PM

    Gummer is terrific but the play is a grab bag of cliches and half-formed ideas. The narrative conceit is rather lazy. At 80 minutes, it felt twice as long. 

  • Sweeney Todd at San Francisco Opera  Sep 14 2015, 07:36:13 PM

    Stephanie Blythe has made a few spectacular forays into musical theater (Carousel, The Sound of Music). No surprise she's a killer Mrs Lovett. Wish I could see this. 

  • Cheap(er) tickets without the hassle?  Sep 8 2015, 01:40:06 PM

    There were about 10 Broadway shows available at TKTS Sunday night. So, 2/10 were added performances (Beautiful and Kinky Boots). The other shows were regularly scheduled.

  • Cheap(er) tickets without the hassle?  Sep 8 2015, 01:09:36 PM

    It wasn't related to the holiday weekend. The holiday falls on a Monday, which is the day most shows are dark anyway, and even so, Labor Day isn't typically a holiday where performance schedules get revised. Sunday night shows are becoming somewhat common on Broadway -- or at least more common than they've been in the past.

  • Cheap(er) tickets without the hassle?  Sep 8 2015, 10:47:30 AM

    Join TDF if you meet the eligibility requirements. I don't use TKTS very often, but in the last few years, they have really improved the experience. The last two or three times I used it, the line (if there was one) moved quickly and I waited less than 15 minutes.

    With some exceptions (like HAMILTON or WICKED) nearly every show on Broadway releases a discount code. If you live in the city, take the discount code to the box office -- that way you have more agency in choosing your sea

  • New Cast in The Flick starts next week, 9/1  Sep 7 2015, 10:14:20 AM

    I saw the Saturday matinee, after previously seeing it two years ago at Playwrights. Kyle Beltran is perfect. He might even be better than the original actor. Matthew Maher is still terrific. I think Nicole Rodenburg could use a few more performances to fully settle in, but she's fine overall.

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead at 21  Sep 2 2015, 08:50:12 AM

    I think it was an appropriate and touching gesture that the one theater where he actually performed dimmed their lights in his memory. Perhaps the Annoying Actor Friend blog has a point: their should be an annual in memoriam dimming of the lights, to acknowledge all those lost over the course of a year.

  • Kristen Chenoweth's Tony Snubs  Sep 2 2015, 07:57:40 AM

    I agree that Monk should have been nominated in Featured -- it was a featured role, and she won the Drama Desk in that category. I would have nominated Chenoweth over Laura Bell Bundy, personally, but as others have said, it was a very competitive year.

  • SHE LOVES ME Casting  Sep 2 2015, 07:43:09 AM

    However, I maintain my position that the show works MUCH better if Georg and Amalia are not particularly attractive, but are instead relatively average-looking people (i.e. Boyd Gaines and Judy Kuhn in the last offense to them). Levi and Benanti are both just too damn pretty for these roles.


    Have you seen photos of Barbara Cook in her younger years? She was a knockout.

  • Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead at 21  Sep 2 2015, 07:34:42 AM

    Wilmingtom said: "No offense against Park but he hasn't been on Bway since 2001.  Kyle's currency has more resonance at this moment.


    And if we're being brutally honest: neither's passing, however tragic, merits a dimming. Jean-Baptiste's Broadway career spanned two months. We can talk until we're blue in the face about the career he would have had, but dimming the lights on Broadway has never been meant as a gesture of what might h

  • Per Daniel Craig, BW crowds age is...  Aug 27 2015, 06:49:30 PM

    Well, he's not entirely wrong.